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  • The Benefits of Waxman-Markey

    Edward J. Markey, D-Mass. and Henry A. Waxman, D-Calif.

    Nothing. Zip. Zero. Zilch. There are no benefits for the American people in the Waxman-Markey energy tax bill. Whenever defenders of the free market point out how much an energy tax will cost the economy, the enviro-left always tries to change the subject to “the cost of inaction.” But here is the dirty little secret about Waxman-Markey: it does nothing to prevent global warming/climate change whatever you want to call it. And that is before House Democrats gutted the bill.

    Climatologist Chip Knappenberger crunched the numbers and found:

    A full implementation and adherence to the long-run emissions restrictions provisions described by the Waxman-Markey Climate Bill would result only in setting back the projected rise in global temperatures by a few years—a scientifically meaningless prospect.

    And what about the gutted version that Waxman is now trying to force through committee? Even less. Knappenberger again:

    By the year 2050, the “clean” version reduces projected global temperatures by 0.044ºC (or ~3% less than the rise without the legislation), the “dirty” version gets you about half of that, or 0.022ºC (~1.5% less), and the “dirtier” version saves half of that again, or 0.011ºC (<1% less). By century’s end, you don’t do much better–the temperature reduction amounts to, respectively, 0.112ºC (0.20ºF), 0.046ºC (0.08ºF), and 0.013ºC (0.02ºF).

    The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis has not scored the economic cost of either “dirty” or “dirtier” versions of the Waxman-Markey legislation. But they did score the “clean” version and found it would reduce aggregate gross domestic product (GDP) by $7.4 trillion by 2035 and destroy 844,000 jobs annually. On what planet is that worth 0.044ºC lower global temperatures?

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    32 Responses to The Benefits of Waxman-Markey

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    2. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      First of all, the premise of AGW due to Carbon Dioxide is bogus. There is mounting evidence that the surface temperature is cooling since 2002, with almost half of the increase of 0.7C in the last hundred years or so wiped out. That is in spite of no appreciable reduction in the Carbon Dioxide output from man made sources.

      Waxman-Markey Cap and Trade is being pushed for one thing and one thing only- Tax revenues. Those people either don't care or incompetent that their bill will result in American people suffering. Either way, they must be defeated.

    3. Gary Wilson, Toledo, says:

      This is the method the majority party will utilize to raise tax revenue from the middle class. It is a back door method, based upon their version of "science", and will raise billions and cripple business and the economy. We need to make sure that everyone understands this before the next election in two years so the process might begin to be reversed.

    4. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      Taxes must be paid in order for obama to keep the socialist government alive.Oh well that is what the American people voted in favor of, I did not and never will. This should be a free country and the dems and obama are bringing that to a halt.

    5. Jim@Redding,CA says:

      It's important to always keep in mind that

      the "climate change" and CO2 debates are

      ALL scams to extort money from honest tax-

      payers. The fact that Gore, Inc. have many millions of dollars invested to pro-

      mote this UNscientific fraud places them in a desperate situation, when you consid-

      er they might need to actually find some

      honest employment for the first time in

      their otherwise unproductive lives.

    6. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      This entire enviro movement is yet another part of the master plan by the anarchist to shut down

      capitalism and free enterprise in favor of government controled socialism. Their tactics are

      intimidation and extortion and only a strong politation will stand up for the truth. Most certainly not Waxman and Markey.

    7. Step Strzemienski says:

      This would almost be funny if it weren't so sad… Are there enough thinking folks left to defeat these self serving sleazeballs?

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    9. LW, Newport News VA says:

      The whole point of the global warming scam is to cripple industrialized nations. None of these green-loving idiots will be happy until all of us are living in mud huts, transporting ourselves on foot or bicycles, and scratching at the soil for a few grains of food. Then I suppose they'll announce that global warming is over. By then, none of us will have a computer, TV, phone, newspaper, magazine or radio to hear the news.

    10. Ron Thompson says:

      It's time and people like Waxman that there agenda, and regardless of the cost, evidence or truth (which they know)they forge on to fill the pockets of friends. The frustrating part is that these people have a following that just bobbles along with whatever the say, and they will be the victim of the lunacy! And will reelect the individual as they are being stabbed in the back! I didn't believe in term limits, but I'm coming around the idea! weed the trash out, in any party!

    11. CO Defender says:

      I'm optimistic. I don't see this thing being passed in any way shape or form–the obvious costs to the consumer will appear immediately, and even the uninformed will be able to tell what led up to those costs–if "we" bother to educate our neighbors, co-workers, friends, family, etc.

    12. mike baker Dallas C says:

      Man! That headline was irresistible! Got me.

    13. Dennis Logan, Round says:

      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    14. Moose says:

      This whole global warming argument is bogus. It is nothing more then a way to get more taxes out of the American people. Everyone involved in pushing these laws through will be billionaires when this is all over.

    15. GR, GR says:

      Response to Step Strzemienski who wrote:

      "This would almost be funny if it weren’t so sad… Are there enough thinking folks left to defeat these self serving sleazeballs?"

      Don't be stupid. The republicans only lost by less than 5%. There are STILL plenty of us out here to swing the pendulum the other way, and probably many MORE now that they've seen what they got for their money. You're listening to the mainstream media too much which ALWAYS panders to the left. GO RED IN '10!!!

    16. Karen, Florence, MT says:

      I recently read that when Algore left the VP spot, he was worth about $2M. Now he is worth $100M…. If this GARBAGE bill passes for so-called "global warming", Algore stands to make BILLIONS!!!!


      WHO IS JOHN GALT????

    17. EG in CA says:

      For those that do not understand how the scam works let me explain. EcoNazis claim CO2 must be regulated or the earth will warm. Laws are passed, and if thier predictions do not come true, they claim their POLICY is what prevented it. They can continue to ask for more intervention ($$$) if they can convience the lemmings that temps are still rising. They dismiss evdience of solar activity or rising temps on other planets as denial or distractions from the "truth". Americans beware and fight this one with all our might.

    18. Tom in Colorado says:

      I'm thinking that now's the time to set up my OWN carbon mitigation business. I don't believe in it, but if some loon will pay me good money to plant trees where trees wouldn't normally be planted, then why not?

      Maybe I can even get a federal grant! This is beside the point, of course, that this is all a scam. It's just a chance to get on board a legal scam & use the money for my own means.

    19. nc,alaska says:

      Are we actually talking about controlling the weather?

    20. Barb -mn says:

      Here's an immature question: Why isn't there a bill that states the "government cannot use hypocrisy to the people they serve?" Their dishonesty is uncanny.

    21. james haren says:

      when you talk about public policy in washington, what you are really talking about is private behavior code of conduct, correct? I mean it becomes codified and it is copyrighted ,so it can not be public law, because you can not copyright public law.

      Let ask you this.

      what is Heritage doing to inform the people

      a. the national debit is not their's,

      b. if they file a reliance statement it takes them out of the teeth of the beast, since Title 26 is not law, but contract law see sections 7806 a and b.

      c. explain to the people diffence between ie. Nevada state, the republic and the State of Nevada the Sub Corporation of the federal UNITED STATES.

      d. why are all the department of the federal UNITED STATES listed as C Corportation?

    22. Joe, Greenport, New says:

      What Obama, and his cohorts in Congress are trying to do to this country is staggering. In a few short months they are turning the world's greatest country into one that is worse that a third world nation. At least third world countries would try to create jobs for their people instead of doing all they can to eliminate them. People like Soros, Gore, Pelosi, Reid and Obama need to be stopped. At least is some countries, they could call for a no-confidence vote and start anew.

    23. King, Savannah says:

      I am an environmentalist. I am careful to not litter. I do not want industries dumping harmful waist. I want clean rivers and streams; the fish to swim and the birds to fly. But it is free market capitalism that affords us the ability to enforce enviromental laws. It takes money. The Haitians don't boil the water in the US. There is a balance. No regulation is bad. Too much is bad because it inhibits the market. No thinking person will disagree.

      The Harrys, Nancies, Gores, and Obamas are no more environmentalist than David Koresh was a Christian. They, the Gores, have hijacked environmentalism to accomplish their goal of grabbing power. Environmentalism is a great vehicle to hijack. Who wouldn’t be an environmentalist? I am just trying to find the door handle so I can jump for it.

    24. Mark PA says:

      Yes King, but just like David Koresh, he believed he was a christian, and Al Gore"lioni" believes he is a enviromentalist.

    25. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      These people are into Meaningless!

    26. JD Templeton Ca says:

      Isn't it great soon the Government can Tax us every time we exhale.

    27. David Beaird says:

      I have been following the global warming issues for quite some time. It has become clear to me that it is nothing more than an elaborate scam on the part of the UN and our Democratic Congressmen to take trillions of dollars away from US citizens by taxing all forms of energy on the basis of CO2 emissions. CO2 is to plant life what oxygen is to humans. CO2 is not causing global warming. It is time for the American people to get informed and start emailing there Senators and Congressman, this week, and tell them not to vote YES on any energy taxes. We do not need such a tax and we cannot afford to have our economy further hindered by yet another government controlled scheme. EMAIL YOU CONGRESSMEN AND SENATORS AND TELL THEM TO VOTE “NO” ON HR-2454, the American Energy and Security Act of 2009, when it comes up for a vote. DO IT NOW or FOREVER REGRET IT

    28. Kevin Kary says:

      The only way you can make your carbon footprint "zero" is to kill yourself. Now if Messrs. Waxman and Markey were really serious about saving the planet…

    29. Michelle, New Hampsh says:

      I phoned my congresswoman, Carol shea-Porter to get her position on Cap and Trade (since it will be voted on today)and was told by her office that "there office policy prohibits them from speaking for the congresswomen" "If I wished, they would email me her position AFTER she votes!

    30. Loretta - Michigan says:

      What scares me is that eveyone I ask the question "do you know about the cap & trade tax they are trying to pass (shove down our throat), the overwhelming response I get is "what is that". I know all of you do not need to be convinced this is a very bad thing and that we need to contact all of our local and federal representatives and voice our opinions and then follow-up to see how each one voted on this bill so that anyone who voted "yes" needs our attention to be kicked out next election. My husband is a veteran and he said something that really hit home the other day that I will share with all of you…

      "Break the spirit of the country, and you can control it." We can't let this happen. We must do what we can to fight socialism and that is the direction this government is taking us if we allow it.

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    32. Robbie, Los Angeles says:

      Just wondering… Does everybody that reads this blog uniformly deny the existence of climate change?

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