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  • Outside the Beltway: Providence, RI Mayor Loves Taxes, Hates Students

    Welcome to a new feature of the Foundry, Outside the Beltway, where we will semi-regularly post state and local stories of either conservatism at its best, or liberalism at its worst. Today, we start off with liberalism at its worst.

    Providence, Rhode Island Mayor David Cicilline wants to tax college students $150 every semester to have the privilege of studying in his city. Because the mismanaged city is running a $17 million deficit, they need to find new money, rather than new savings. And the best new money is to shakedown ramen-noodle-eating students whose presence in Providence actually creates a local economy.

    As the AP article points out, cities often float these types of measures in the hope of extorting large sums of money from the actual university, who then indirectly pass it on to the students. But as Tony Pals, spokesman for the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, points out, this move is unprecedented: “The bottom line is, a tax like this has never gone into effect.”

    According to Daniel Egan, president of the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Rhode Island, on top of the jobs the four universities in Providence create, the four schools generate over $1 billion a year in economic activity.

    Apparently, students at Rhode Island College, a state school in the city, and the Providence campus of the University of Rhode Island would be exempt, because this policy is more about fleecing the “rich kids.” As Mayor Cicilline points out: “Everyone should be doing their part and coming to the table.” Except of course whomever Mayor Cicilline chooses is exempt.

    One of those “rich kids,” Susette Holman, a freshman at Johnson & Wales University originally from New York, says her mother works 14 hour days, 7 days a week to make ends meet and send her to college: “I have three sisters at home, so how’s she going to be able to provide an extra tuition fee?”

    Is the city of Providence on your list of school visits with your high school son or daughter this year? Should it be?

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    7 Responses to Outside the Beltway: Providence, RI Mayor Loves Taxes, Hates Students

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    2. toomuchgovernment, C says:

      Totally unbelieveable! This clown of a mayor needs to get appointed to Obama's cabinet as I think he has missed his 'calling.'

      Providence is a lovely, quaint city, but people like this will cause it to 'go down' and schools like Brown and Johnson Wales to have to look at other cities that are a little more receptive of having them. This is really a shame–as my daughter is in school in PRI. Thank heavens she will be finishing before this will begin She is working 2 jobs and carrying a full load while in school as it is! She has no spending money at this point wait until she hears about this!

      Unfortunately people, citizens of this country, there are consequences to the people we vote into 'power' and we are now reaping the 'rewards' aka consequences of our vote for, or our vote 'against' someone else.

      We all may wish to pay a little closer attention to the next people who 'run' for office and look at their entire platform before voting for them!

    3. Maria, NC says:

      Making college students pay taxes might cause them to understand the need for government fiscal responsibility. I would be surprised if free spending liberals would endorse taxing college students; it might cause the students to attend tea parties and start voting conservatively. Everyone living in America needs to understand the consequences of wasteful government spending and high taxes, not just a few.

    4. Truth Hurts, The Rea says:

      Let me guess the mayors a democrat, what do I win for the stupid guess of the day.Has he bothered to ask for pay cuts ,staffing cuts in non life threatening areas or even downsized the city's vehicle fleet ?

    5. Jewelweed, Paris says:

      Hey Super-Liberal Brown University Kiddies- Guess what? If you are upset because you think your taxes are unfair, that makes you a conservative. Sorry!

    6. Moose says:

      If students get hit in their pocketbooks because of an out of control government maybe they will start questioning the liberal education they are getting.

    7. Jeff, Rehoboth says:

      Brown University, and frankly universities all over are cranking out liberals like factories by bombarding their students with a one-sided philosophy.

      Meanwhile, the liberal implementation of socialist utopia in the form of social security, medicare and medicaid is placing a crushing debt on the youth of today that is both grossly unfair and irresponsible. (And they're far from done!!)

      The Democrats are eating their young. Unfortunately they're eating ours too.

      As the saying goes, sometimes people need to be "hit over the head" with a fact in order to realize it. Hopefully this will help young Americans wise up to the full scope of the generational theft that is going on right now.

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