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  • National Security Photo-Op Flip-Flop

    It would all make for a great half-hour sitcom. First, they released classified memos on interrogation practices used to grill terrorists. Then, the White House promised the ACLU that they were going to release photos showing detainees being interrogated. Then, White House officials said they were not going to release photos of the Air Force One photo-op that sent New Yorkers screaming into the streets—because they were “classified.” Then they announced they were going to release to release the “classified” Big Apple Air Force One shots. Then they threatened to retaliate against the British for releasing information about enemy detention, after the administration released CIA memos about interrogation. Then they got mad at the CIA for releasing information about Congressional briefings on interrogation.

    Now they are not going to release CIA photos.

    Oh, we forgot, they apparently have no knowledge of the request to release the CIA memos Vice President Cheney asked for.

    It would all make for a great half-hour sitcom if it had nothing to do with national security. It is far from clear what is driving White House policies on these issues—but this much is clear. Campaigning and governing are two different things. In a campaign, “messaging” comes first, in governing doing the right thing comes first. Once you figure out the difference these kinds of decisions are easy—when you can’t see the difference these choices are hard and the results, often disappointing.

    Last week, they found a computer on E-Bay with government secrets. Just today a defense official was indicted for passing intelligence to the Chinese…a reminder that keeping the difference between “need to know” and “compulsion to share” clear is deadly serious business. How can we expect government employees to take this seriously when senior administration officials act like keystone cops in dealing with classified data.

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    22 Responses to National Security Photo-Op Flip-Flop

    1. Steve M, Michigan says:

      Mark my words, this flip-flop is a ruse. Obama now makes the case to keep the photos hidden. He will then tell us that he stood up and sided with conservatives on this issue. Then, he will "lose" the lawsuit with the ACLU and tell us "Hey, I tried to stand up for you."

      More obfuscation and gamesmanship, just watch.

    2. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      It is not a sitcom. It is national security. The Obama Administration is rotting it from inside out just like a termite colony to a house.

      Sandy Berger stuffs highly classified materials in his socks and elsewhere and dumps them in trash. He walks away with a slap on his wrist. John Deutsch, Clinton CIA Director loads classified materials on his personal computer. When that was found out, he simply resigns and nothing happens beyond that. The rules for the ruling class is vastly lenient compared to ordinary employee with a security violation.

      We are going down on a path where the outcome can not be good.

    3. Grace, Florida says:

      Yes, I agree. These photos will show up someplace and Obama will take no blame whatsoever for them. Obama has no idea what he is doing to this country. He is a failure, a liar and a con-man.

    4. Fiore Files, Long Is says:

      There is nothing that the Leftists, dare we say facists, like about this country unless they are in power. Then of course they are in love with it. To that end Obama's new found love, America, that he was sworne to protect and defend, is still creating dangerous precedents with our national security; intelligence gathering is one example, while playing with our capitalistic and free market system, and with force, is nationalizing some of the biggest business's in the nation. He is a radical pure and simple.

      We must educate our people of the nature of this man and quickly.

    5. Michael, Ohio says:

      What does adolescence look like when retained into adulthood? When we tell our children to grow up, strive for a clean conscious. Generally we mean, take responsibility for your actions, learn to plan, think before speaking and doing. Your lies are transparent to adults. Sometimes to drive sometimes your are driven by events. No matter, own your response.

      Why do we often talk about the value of family? Because of what we would look like as a society of BHOs, a generation of adult children with absent fathers (40% out of wedlock as of 2008). In what child do beliefs that government is the ultimate source of transpersonal control, "a surrogate fatherland", a valid vent for anger, reparations against wealth generating predators? The frightened, abandoned child looking for payback.

    6. Frank Florida says:

      Barac MAObama was the best campaigning candidate we have ever seen, he won, now he is the worst President EVER. His only positive is that he will end up making Jimmy Carter look like a strong wise President. Oh, woe is us.

    7. tim - nicholson pa says:



    8. steve says:

      Our citizens have had 60 yo 70 years of deception from the liberal left. this was done intentionaly to conditon the populance to rely on big brother aka us government. It just goes to show that if you tell enough lies long enough people will slowly loose sight of their rights and freedoms. How dose one turn around 70 years of lies .Beats me,but we better find out how FAST

    9. Karen, Texas says:

      Steve M, Michigan writes:

      Mark my words, this flip-flop is a ruse. Obama now makes the case to keep the photos hidden. He will then tell us that he stood up and sided with conservatives on this issue. Then, he will “lose” the lawsuit with the ACLU and tell us “Hey, I tried to stand up for you.”

      More obfuscation and gamesmanship, just watch.

      —-I agree totally!!! This is a game and they are playing us all too well. Even though we know what is going on we cannot stop it. It is disappointing to know the truth and have a large part of the country drinking in all the lies, falling over themselves to get a look at the great transparent unifier as he quickly dimantles our country. How sad that those happy uninformed persons have dragged us into such a devious plot against our freedoms, our country. I pray at some point they will accept the truth and become educated about this administration and Obama.

    10. Angel, Ohio says:

      The only sad thing is that the ones that will pay the price for the photos are the military already risking their lives on a daily basis. It will only get more dangerous for them in the near future and more dangerous for our country in the end. As I see it, Obama is not living up to his oath of office to protect and defend this country.

    11. Anita Dailey, Tyler, says:

      Speaking of the oath of office, Was the big flub-up of OB's while taking the oath a real flub or was it on purpose? I've often wondered when I see this again and again on TV.

    12. DANNY, MISSOURI says:

      We are preaching to the choir here. We all know what is happening but our mission is to educate the uninformed. We will never get it done unless we unite and become on big scream that they can't possibly ignore.

    13. Normca says:

      This guy is nothing more than a community organizer [or agitator]. We will find out one day that the change not to release the photos is to his personal benefit; not the brave troopers he claims to protect. Its all about him. He hates the military, just like he hates corporations. The manner he salutes as he enters or deplanes Air Force One and Marine One says it all. He hates corporations as he told everyone at the commencement speech last night. Who will remain to vote for him in 2012 or the democrats in '10. My hope is not enough, as he will have agitated everyone by then. Commander in Chief ?

    14. Ken, Indiana says:

      The Obama bunch either:

      1. does not know what they are doing or

      2. they do know what they are doing.

      1. Either they are dunderheads who are flailing around embarassing our country, or

      2. Throwing out any thing they can to the media as a ruse as a misdirection trick to turn this country into a socialist state while everyone is worring about pictures at a dunk tank at Gitmo.

      I personally think it is a combination of both. It is disgusting.

    15. Bettye Jo Georgia says:

      How do we educate the public when the main stream media is slanting all of the news toward the left with no information about what is really going on? So many of our voters hear only that "the evil rich (translate "producers") will be taxed and the poor (translate "non-producers") will be given handouts. No one explains that jobs are created by the producers. Has a non-producer ever created a single job? The voters are told how evil we are when we use "enhanced" intelligence gathering techniqus; not that lives were saved and attacks against us on our land twarded because of the intelligence gathered this way. That is "top secret" and cannot be reported even when Dick Chaney requested it so that the "rest of the story" be heard. Only what is benefictial to the left is reported. I have not heard of one single detainee being killed or meined for life; what do they think happens to our POWs? Have they fogotten the beheadings? With our news media so skewed, how can we get the truth to the uninformed? And, would they listen when it is not what they want to hear? I would love to hear some ideas and optimism from you guys!

    16. mike baker Dallas C says:

      Steve from Michigan, I think you're right, too. I would add, the timing of the release will depend on the Whitehouse's political need for support from its 'Blame America First' constituency. I wasn't this cynical 50 days ago.

    17. Anita Dailey, Tyler, says:

      Okay, so what are we going to do. I've gone to a "tea party' and a grassroots rally….so what else can one do? If anyone will tell me what else to do………..I'll sure 'get 'er done!!

    18. Moose says:

      Why don't conservatives play the same game that liberals do. I'm sure someone has file copies of these memos requested by Cheney. Why don'they just show up in public. Liberals do it all the time and have no complusion about national security. They claim that they didn't do it and don't know how it happened but we usually know who the culprits are. Let's take a play from the liberal playbook and start exposing all the Democrat secrets.

    19. Luz Ontario, Can says:

      Anita from Texas,since you are asking what else you could do besides attending the "TEA Party"rally. My suggestion is to let all the people that you know to watch, read, and listen only to a "Conservative" media,as a conservative, I don't really watch those bias left wing media. I'm so sick of them. Spread to everyone who are on your side (conservative).

    20. Paul, FL says:

      Anita from Texas, one of the things that I've been doing is sending emails to U.S. Congressmen, State Legislators, Governors and government officials on a variety of issues. Although a lot of U.S. Congressmen don't accept correspondence from non-constituents, some will.

      Some things you can do:

      1. Turn off the tv

      2. Tell your friends to get involved

      3. Call your Congressmen

      4. At congress.org, every Legislator, local, state and federal is listed, as well as Governors and other government officials, along with an email page to send a message. The site also has a page to read current legislation.

      5. If you are interested, go to: orlytaitzesq.com and see what this brave lady lawyer is doing to defend our freedoms. She may inspire you to get involved to help her.

      6. Have a "Tea Party" at your house. Invite friends, friends of friends, relatives, in-laws, outlaws and next door neighbors! Throw some Democrat "wienies" on the BBQ.

    21. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      I shall defer to Grace!

    22. Sam Kendall, Wiscons says:

      Reminds me of one of Katy Perry's songs, those that havent heard it can see the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X75mry1LcFg

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