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  • The Story of Lies: Greenpeace in Your Kid's School

    In case you weren’t reading the New York Times front page today, we wanted to point you to an especially disturbing story. The Times wrote about The Story of Stuff, “a 20-minute video about the effects of human consumption, [which] has become a sleeper hit in classrooms across the nation.” What classrooms? Very likely the school your child attends, since over 7,000 American schools or churches have ordered the DVD.

    The Story of Stuff highlights the very extreme left’s Greenpeace view of America. Essentially it tells the story of how America is not a nation to be proud of, and in fact, your child should be ashamed for living in it. For example: after implying that the radios for sale in Radio Shack are assembled by 15 year olds in Mexico, and by purchasing one, you contribute to the exploitation of the third world and the eventual end of the Earth, the film’s creator and narrator Annie Leonard says:

    So MY country’s response to this limitation is simply to go take somebody else’s. THIS is the third world. Which SOME would say, is another word for our stuff that somehow got on somebody else’s land. So what does that look like? The same thing, trashing the place. (capitalized emphasis ours)

    Surely no child would immediately buy the notion that wanting toys or a radio at Radio Shack is contributing to the end of the Earth, do they? The New York Times reports:

    “And many children who watch it take it to heart: riding in the car one day with his parents in Tacoma, Wash., Rafael de la Torre Batker, 9, was worried about whether it would be bad for the planet if he got a new set of Legos.”

    Now, the million dollar question is how is this video getting into the classroom? While nobody denies liberal Greenpeace activists their point of view, even if factually wrong, surely airing a 20 minute political ad to little kids wouldn’t be supported by mainstream outlets, would it? Well, first, the New York Times won’t even go as far as to call the video’s creator, Greenpeace activist Annie Leonard, extreme. Nor liberal. Nor even left of center. They call her “independent.” That is like calling Hugo Chavez a centrist.

    To make it appear more mainstream, they brag that above the millions that have watched the film on its website, “millions more have seen it on YouTube.” The count as of posting was just over 196,000. But that is just the Times being the Times. Well, Time Magazine called Annie Leonard a 2008 “Hero of the Environment” and said her “provocative truth-telling help[s] us see the profound stupidity of this system.”

    And what “system” are Annie and Time Magazine calling stupid? Capitalism. The left’s war on capitalism or as they call it, the “system, if you don’t own or buy a lot of stuff, you don’t have value” has reached our children’s classrooms.

    As she pits consumer child against consumer child, she even takes a moment to introduce the grandest of conspiracy theories. See, the government and big bad corporations are getting together to change the heels on women’s shoes in order to identify the non-capitalists from the capitalists. Each year, women walk around pointing and judging each other based on their shoe heel. And if your heel doesn’t match that summer’s trend, it means you are un-American. Sound ridiculous? The video tells your kids this. So when they don’t ask for new shoes this summer, it is because they have been scared into this extreme liberal way of thinking.

    But how does she take shots directly at America? A healthy discussion on capitalism vs. the benefits of socialism might be okay, right? Annie Leonard tells us:

    Let’s start with the government. Now my friends tell me I should use a tank to symbolize the government and that’s true in many countries, and increasingly in our own. After all, more than 50% of our federal tax money is now going to our military.

    Aside from throwing in a little jab towards the expense our government spares to its ultimate duty of protecting us, and telling children to resent our armed forces, it is also factually inaccurate. The Congressional Budget Office estimated direct defense outlays to be roughly 20% for FY 2007 and that number has remained largely consistent until President Obama’s proposed defense cuts this year.

    And it isn’t just Americans watching the propaganda film. This film has been heavily promoted, translated and distributed in foreign countries. Thus becoming another liberal apology vehicle, where they can reconcile their disgust with American capitalism with outside observers, i.e. ‘it’s not us, it’s them.’

    So, what now? We have posted the video below so you can judge for yourself. Unfortunately that means that it will draw a larger audience, which we regret. Some school districts have banned the video once parents became enraged, like Missoula, Montana. Unfortunately, this also means that Missoula is now the target of liberal activists. But wouldn’t you rather have a school board be a target than your children?

    It is the responsibility of parents to know what videos are played in their children’s schools, and spending five minutes to call them this afternoon and ask if this video is shown is important. Demanding that it not be shown is equally important. While liberals oppose school choice for children, they also oppose any interference in their agenda being taught in our public schools.

    According to the New York Times, “hundreds of teachers have written Ms. Leonard to say they have assigned students to view it on the Web. It has also won support from independent groups that advise teachers on curriculum choices. Facing the Future, a curriculum developer for schools in all 50 states, is drafting lesson plans based on the video.”

    The good folks at The Story of Stuff have used today’s New York Times article as a call to action themselves posting on their website today: “please help us raise the last $20,000 needed to develop a two-week middle and high school level educational module with the film at its core.”  In other words, they’ve only just begun.

    We leave you with Portola Valley, California teacher Mark Lukach who says: “Compared to ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ it is much shorter and easier to compact into a class segment.”  There is still time to save your children from joining a fringe movement that attacks makeup, shaving cream, batteries, legos, radios, technology, toys, our armed forces and anything else that doesn’t fit into their Greenpeace world view.


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    60 Responses to The Story of Lies: Greenpeace in Your Kid's School

    1. Thomas, USA says:

      It had better not be in the school where my child goes. If it is I will have the left after me, but it is better than going after my child.How do people get away with the lies they tell? One right after another and no one speaks up or will try to denounce it. I denounce it and the idiot that made the video and all the idiots whom believe it. Here we go again, it is the "Ozone Layer Fiasco" that started all of this, only this time it will probably never end.

    2. Barb -mn says:

      It is inconceivable to see the amount of American traitors behind this with this pathetic mind set. So far my child hasn't heard a thing. Boy what an intelligent term, "stuff." If the people are strong and the government is honest the freedom from the government would mean little government. Sorry. I could only have it going for four minutes and that made me ill. This chick should get her "stuff" out of MY country.

      I'd like to reiterate Rush as a perfect example of what this country stood for. A perfect example of an American who achieved his success on his own. And what every American has a right to achieve with their God given talents. The jealousy of Obama is comical. Too bad Obama won't get out of the way of the people to do for themselves or even respect them to think for themselves, and too bad people are so easily manipulated (stykes)into Obama's "hate freedom and personal achievement" mindset… Did Stykes have to have her hand held? I respect all of mankind that uses their ability to do for themselves. You're not one of them, Obama.

    3. Barb -mn says:

      What evidence does this traitor have that a third of natural resources is GONE? NONE. Inducing Guilt using corrupt representation!

      If toxic Breast milk is still best, what's in formula the government hands out? Poison to infants? The government knows nothing but rhetoric. Obviously poisoning infants with their government, "formula."

    4. Lynda, USA says:

      Have you even seen the video? You know, the first letters in CONSERVative look just like CONSERVationist. It is quite possible to want both small government and small business — or at least RESPONSIBLE business, as opposed to corporation. I do not buy stupid plastic items Made in China because they benefit the CORPORATION, not my country. Don't believe me? Ask Detroit. (The cars in my driveway are American.) I buy local foods and materials, whenever I can. I spend locally, and I recycle. I support my country, and I conserve materials, energy and money. That's not "extreme left wing." That's common sense!

    5. amy, USA says:

      This made me sick to my stomach. I can see how kids would be guilted into believing these lies. The genius of this video is its "cool" skewering of the facts, leaving huge pieces of information out of the picture altogether, and making it seem like something that would be shown on Nickelodeon! We may as well all find a bridge and just jump, according to this woman. From skinny heels to bashing Bush, this is one twisted piece of media.

    6. scoleo, ohio says:

      can you help me understand the difference between the "extreme left" and the "very extreme left"?

    7. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      I can see why this video is shown to children – because they are the only ones that will believe it! I would like to see the actual facts used to create this video and more importantly, how much energy and materials were wasted in its creation!!!!

    8. Brandon, Washington, says:

      Hey, Heritage Foundation – why does everything always boil down to our nation being good or bad? It's like you're saying that you, and only you, are America and someone made a comment about you that you're taking way too personally:

      "Essentially it [Story of Stuff} tells the story of how America is not a nation to be proud of, and in fact, your child should be ashamed for living in it"

      No it doesn't. It's a thinking piece. It very much reflects the realities of our time. It has some opinions, but if you see kids struggling with it that only means their little brains have found something that resonates. If "Story of Stuff" is the first example school-aged kids have that they exist as member of a group and not purely as an individual and that their choices have consequences, then I'd say this animation style is probably the easiest, most approachable way to get that across.

    9. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      I was never a proponent of NAFTA and, just tjink,'Only your entire paycheck can support the basic needs of Congress for one entire month!"


    10. Duke, Ohio says:

      Like fake Steve Jobs having sleepless nights thinking about the workers in the factory in China. Convert the tree huggers in CA to give up their iPods, iPhones, GPS systems, laptops, desptops, fancy cars, etc. Then come talk to the rest of America!

    11. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      As usual, the film is filled with the liberial lies of the left. This is nothing but another indoctrination tool to convert our childern into the childern of the book "1984". It has to be said yet again about the Times, and others; we must stop the left winged, socialist news media. If that's not done, we will sink deeper and deeper into the black hole that is socialism.

    12. Tim AZ says:

      This video uses the very tactics they accuse capitalism of. It's called group think rather than individuals striving to be their best. Capitalism allows ordinary individuals to become extraordinary individuals at what ever they choose. These people only offer communism. If everyone is made to think and believe the same then their is no need for the individual. No need to better ones self. No need to be happy with ones self because its the group that matters. No need for personal responsibility. No need for self satisfaction through achievement. Everyone must be equally miserable. They offer the perfect hell if their ever was one.

    13. Al, The Villages, Fl says:

      Having been born and raised in this country and having experienced the pride as our country ended WWII and rebuilt Europe and Japan, I am at a loss to figure out how and why we have such people as Leonard or greenpeace. Sure there are always that 10% but NY Times, NBC, MSNBC, hollywood – the list goes on. Maybe this particular DVD is not one to worry about because the people, if they don't vote the dems out of congress in 2010, will turn this country into another third world country, or maybe several countries and the great experiment started by our Founding Fathers will have come to an end.

    14. Allan, Washington, D says:

      Of all things to rage against, this is particularly silly. How about tabacco ads instead? Hate speech and intolerance? I say bravo for showing this in the classroom and the encouragement of sane, healthy dialogue. If we can convince today's children to take a moment and think about what their actions do to the planet, maybe they'll do a better job taking care of it than we did.

    15. Steve Souza says:

      It's called the radical middle, not extreme left. What happened to CONSERVatives? What happened to the thinkers of the world. Did they all become middle and left? I think so. Too much Rush and Fox!

      I agree with Lynda above, as it sounds like she thinks about much more than the dittohead mentality that look like afflict most of you on this page.

    16. Frank, Atlanta says:

      Hey Brandon, Washington, DC

      For adults it MIGHT be a thinking "piece". But for children, it's propaganda.

      What irks me most is that these "documentaries" are never balanced with opposing views – THAT would make the discussion a 'thinking piece."

      Algore's movie leaves no option for discussion. We WILL all drown in melted arctic water, according to him.

      Why bother children with that (dubious) reality? instead, everyone agrees that we shouldn't throw trash in the street or the lake. That we should turn lights off when we're not in the room. But the political propaganda with only one viewpoint is not appropriate in the classroom.

      And to Allan, also from DC (I see a pattern here), the only hate speech I've seen lately comes from your intellectual representatives in the form of Jeanine Garafolo and Paris .

      Civil, courteous, opposing viewpoints is not HATE speech.

      This is not a silly thing to scoff at, it is a serious condemnation of the state of education in this country. instead of teaching kids how to really use their minds and explore all sides to a topic, they're fed this crap to become some of the most ignorant electorate in the world.

      It's amazing how many "educated" adults I've spoken with who have no clue, for example, how the electoral college is beneficial to our country, or that separation of church and state only pertained to the Federal governments, not the states.

      My parents, who are naturalized citizens, know more about how this country was founded and how it works than a majority of people who were born here.

    17. Thomas, USA says:

      Wow, I wonder who you Washington DCians really are? Coming from the nations capitol. Did you know the government makes a lot of money off of tobacco? Did you know the government makes more money on oil and gas than the oil companies themselves do? Did you know the government is changing history books so we don't make people feel bad? It is pathetic to think like the masses on government controlling every aspect of our lives. I don't have to see the video, I do my own research and I am not about to let the school system teach my child what is right and wrong with this wonderful country we live in. Constitutional right numero uno will soon be a non-viable piece of history. The history books will probably not be able to even mention it in the near future. Long live capitalism !!! No Barry, not socialism…..

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    19. Keith, Arizona says:

      The funny thing about environmentalists, they always seem to chastise people like me for wasting time on subjects like this. When in reality they know the more we scrutinize this dogma, the more it falls apart at the seams.

      In my many debates with the "Green" people, none of them have answered a question of mine adequately.

      "What is your ultimate goal?"

      As environmentalists, extreme or otherwise, if they got everything they asked for, what would their world be like? Would we live in modified homes consisting of hay and twigs? Would animals have human rights to almost be uber-human? Would there be strict animal to human population control? (This last one was actually proposed to me by a PETA follower…scary!)

      The reason why I pay attention to these stories is this. The "solutions" that are proposed (which this video conveniently sidesteps) are detrimental to our individual freedoms as well as our nation's prosperity.

    20. OPAS says:

      Ozzy6900, CT writes:

      I can see why this video is shown to children – because they are the only ones that will believe it!

      OPAS elaborates: This is shown in schools because THESE CHILDREN WILL BECOME ADULTS AND VOTE AGAINST AMERICA.

      Al, The Villages, Fl writes:

      …, if they don’t vote the dems out of congress in 2010, will turn this country into another third world country, or maybe several countries and the great experiment started by our Founding Fathers will have come to an end.

      Comment: You just stated THE PURPOSE BEHIND this bainwashing of our children in school, IT INCRIMENTALY INCREASES the number of FUTURE VOTERS that WILL VOTE WITH the ANTI-AMERICAN LIBERALS.

    21. Dorothy Gavin, Pas. says:

      If I had children in school, they would be pulled out when this garbage is shown. This woman is a female Al Gore, money raising, America hating, nut! We have our faults and things may not all be as they should and we can raise our environmental standards but not at the expense of our economy and our childrens future. Also I don't think kids should be scared out of their wits, they should be able to have a little innocence left and a little love of country left since everyone on the left now is trying to denigrate everything we believe in. How did this THING get in schools and who sponsors it and them?

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    23. dr_donn says:

      I think any parent that cares about this issue should file a law suit. If I had children in school, I would have already done so.

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    25. Barb -mn says:

      Steve and Lynda, think about this,

      Everything created by mankind is derived from nature. Mankind cannot control nature (or global warming which is controlled by nature), they can only protect themselves from it. Manufacturing does create pollution in every industry. Planes, trains automobiles and government do also.

      This country has taken the means of measures to reduce pollution. It's not possible to reduce it 100%. If it was,our immune systems would weaken to nothing. They achieve pollution control of the businesses. Government won't control theirs.

      As far as plastics and materials that don't degrade or decompose, the government knew this since the 70's or sooner. If it's as bad as the government and both you claim, why hasn't the government done anything before now? Because the government made lots of money off businesses. Now their in position to take them all down. To gain control of the lives of a free people and free country by manipulating the majority. Why has human-life span increased? Please stop drinking the kool-aid it's unbecoming of a true American.

    26. ronathan richardson says:

      It's sad that something so important is presented in such a biased and dishonest way. Yes, it is quite obvious that we're using up the earth's resources much too fast; yes, corporations play too large of a role in our politics and society; yes, some man made goods can be hazardous to our health. But this crap about anything man-made being toxic, about "externalizing" costs so that we can magically make complicated electronics for cheap, about Big Box stores enslaving the employees that work for them at their own will, and about horrible disposal processes (modern landfills take up a tiny fraction of a percent of our space and are very well contained) is just anti-scientific and dishonest rhetoric. There are real problems with the way our society handles "Stuff", and we can't go on doing it forever. But it seems as though the makers of such a video cannot grasp that taking some previously worthless materials and putting them together into something that people value is the basis of our prosperity–I wonder how they think we should make latex gloves that doctors use in surgery, or microchips for computers, or steel for public structures…etc. The point is that we need a moderate solution to the problem that realizes the damage and danger to our quality of life that awaits us on our current path of growth in consumption, but has enough knowledge of science to understand and identify where the failures in our current system our, what parts of it give us prosperity, and how technology can improve on our shortcomings.

    27. Mark Miller - Wiscon says:

      Reading the comments from Brandon and Allan are telling. Frank from Atlanta did a great job with his reply, I do not need to add more.

      I will be contacting the schools my children attend, regarding this particular piece of propaganda. And as a result of this, I will also be requesting a list of material being presented to children in area schools from now on.

      I have seen the light… I will be sure to enlighten others.

    28. Tom says:

      It seems like there's a lot of emotion around this topic. It would be useful for someone to dig deeper from a research and science perspective and clarify which of the video's comments are accurate and which are not. Is anyone aware of such an analysis? It would be helpful so we can know the actual underlying facts of the situation.

    29. Joseph, So. IL says:

      Good response Frank, to Branden and Allan, who it seems are both from DC. Must work for Media Matters, keeping tabs on Heritage. I wish I could sit in my mother's basement, in my bath robe and work for George Soro's like Branden and Allan. Leave the children alone! Let the parents raise them.

    30. Blue, Mass says:

      I don't think Annie has a problem with having stuff. If those who have commented actually saw the video it not about renouncing your possessions and joining a commune, but it's about questioning where your stuff comes from. Maybe the cartoon style makes it too accessible to children but for grown adults like those to have read this article, watching the video is supposed to inspire questioning where your stuff is made and how and what effect it has on the planet. You would have to have the strongest "will to ignorance" ever to think that humans can change drastically change the face of the earth without any kind of side effect. Annie intention is to point out how this present system of consumption is unsustainable. And BTW, building a sustainable economy is the goal of what "green" people are after. We can still have our ipods and sneakers with little lights in them but we should know what we are losing to get them. Any economist or ecologist would say "There is no Free Lunch"

    31. Glen, Texas says:

      It's strange that Leonard has no problem wearing "toxic" clothing or even using a "toxic" media to promote her agenda. She also doesn't mention the fact that most items that are recycled go through some sort of heating or burning process. I guess they have figured out how to prevent the "super toxins" from escaping when recycling. Don't get me wrong I think recycling is good, but it is not a "clean" process. Leonard has so many holes in her thought process you could use it as a shower head.

    32. jjay - Louisville, K says:

      Guess what folks. It's all got a slant to it.

      Any responsible instructor would not just show such a piece to their class, but would take it apart critically with the students.

      The classroom should be a place where your children learn to view this and ANY piece critically. Not with your slant or someone else's, but developing their own ability to look at what is valid points made and what is NOT valid based on facts and proof available.

      The best you can do for your children is not a lawsuit or a ban on what they can see, but assuring them they have the skills to make reasoned decisions as to what to accept as truth and what should be passed over.

    33. Jake, Orlando FL says:

      My wife is an elementary school teacher. A family member of hers mentioned this video and that she might want to show it in class. We sat down and watched all of two minutes of it before we were sickened by the false claims made and turned it off.

      Public schools are indoctrination centers. They teach your children what to think, not how to think. If you value your child's education you must do one of two things right now. Either take them out of school and begin homeschooling, or send them to private school. Public schools either fail so severely, or indoctrinate your kids so much that it should be a crime. Don't allow that to happen to your own children. Step in and stop the abuse.


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    36. Liberal, USA says:

      The simple message here is that humans cannot continue to process raw materials into trash without eventually consuming all raw materials thereby leaving just the trash.

      Such a consumeristic society cannot be maintained indefinitely and you are a part of the problem.

      Perhaps it's this last part which makes people defensive and angry — the knowledge that you are complacent and, therefore, responsible.

      Be honest with yourself before attacking the messenger and rember that there are ways of countering all of these wrongs.

    37. Jerry, Virginia says:

      I did check defense spending data at the CBO, as you suggested (link: http://www.cbo.gov/budget/approps/approps.pdf). I calculated that the total outlays for defense spending as of 15 May 2009 is 50.04% of discretionary spending. Pretty close to 50%.

      Furthermore, I request that you first correct your own factual errors before seeking to do the same to others; namely, your inaccurate reference to Obama's defense "cuts." Defense spending–not including Iraq and Afghanistan–is budgeted at 527B in fy2010, which would be an 8% increase from the $487.7B allocated for fy2009, and it would match what the Bush administration estimated last year for the Pentagon in fy2010. Just because the Defense Department didn't get what it requested does NOT make it a "defense cut."

      In any case, we should all consider the total cost to our world of the products we purchase and use. As pointed out above more eloquently that I can attempt to achieve, there is a cost associated with everything we buy. Why wouldn’t we, as responsible consumers and shepherds of this planet, choose to buy those things which have the least negative impact on our world? To that end, I encourage you to read "Ecological Intelligence" by Daniel Goleman, to visit websites such as GoodGuide and Skin Deep (http://www.goodguide.com/ and http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/), and to “vote with your dollars” to reward those companies that work towards minimizing that life cycle impact. That’s healthy capitalism, isn’t it?

    38. kidgurus says:

      I can see why this video is shown to children – because they are the only ones that will believe it!

      This Blog will be very much used for kids. The stories are interesting. Thanks

      To view more kids stories visit http://www.kidgurus.com

    39. James, TX says:

      Sounds like the sky is falling and many folks here are just now hearing about it. I'm alarmed at how many people are offended by this video. It's science! I understand that this may be inconvienent and new for you. Read some books, take a look around at the plastic bottles, trash, litter, and debris that collects in our waterways. Open your eyes and ask yourself why there is so much trash in your environment. You can do it! You can create your own learning experience and help ensure that future generations are able to enjoy a reasonable quality of life.

    40. cynthiakellam, wilmington, NC says:

      This scenario is but one of many, woven in to public school curriculum specifically to indoctrinate children. And do not think that the indoctrination is and has not been very intentional and methodical; following even, socialist precepts established for the purpose of destroying Western Society.
      The ‘New World Order’ is well on its’ way to establishment. Never have I been more appalled or concerned about the leadership of our country. So many who I speak with feel the same way; and worse, I am seeing hopelessness among them. The idea that so many of the American public are sitting by and passively accepting the possibility of sub-standard health-care; the indoctrination in public schools increasing exponentially in intensity; of redistribution of wealth; an economy, in fact, built on a hoax designed for the ultimate redistribution of wealth under the auspices of environmental protection; the nationalization of banks and industry; of socialism,plain and simple and pure socialism is, however, no surprise. The Left has dominated the US school systems and mainstream media for forty years plus. They have successfully indoctrinated masses of people with socialist ideas that include: entitlement theology, perverted compassion, relaxed morals and academics (a Russian technique called dehumanization/(see my blog politicparent.com)and the inciting of minority group anger. These masses,many of them blindly,s cast their votes during the 2008 election.
      Most do not even understand the ramifications of socialism.
      Western Civilization hangs in the balance, and our adversaries know it; as does the American left. I do not know how we will recover; but we must. Please visit and share my blog-site (politicparent.com) with anyone who has been on the fence and really does not know the history of socialism, or the specific plan that is and has been successfully implemented in our society for forty years, resulting in our current state. It is Historical Socialism 101, with plenty of accurate information and resources, and I have added humor to make the information more palatable. I am attempting to launch a community organization paradigm for conservative parents who realize that we must take back education; immediately. And I am trying to reach those who have neither the time nor money to read all of the marvelous books that have and are being written with regards to socialism, history, and indoctrination in schools. Thank-you,
      Cynthia Kellam

    41. Eric Nashville says:

      I was glad to see a good number of responses that recognize the ludicrousness and danger of this propaganda to our children. I really hope each of them looks at http://www.parentalrights.org to read about how the United Nations treaty, Convention on the Rights of the Child, will give our child the "right" to view such propaganda that reflects the values of the United Nations. This film may be nothing compared to the widescale brainwashing of our precious children if the treaty is ratified by our Senate during this administration.

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    44. Flu-Bird says:

      Greenpeaace needs to to totaly eradicated its nothing but a bunch of lying green freak crinimals and pirates who brainwash kids with his GO GREEN crap i mean parents should become more aware of what kind of lies greenpeace is telling their kids

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    47. Bubba Six Pack says:

      There is a lot of truth in the video. Of course, there is hyperbole. As she says if people stop buying and throwing away, the economy falters. We see that right now, people over extended on credit and couldn't buy any more, the people lost jobs, others started saving and the economy tanked.

      It is OK for a child to ask about the consequences of buying a toy, that child will grow up to be conservative.

    48. Chad B. Terry says:

      I am amazed that people are emotionally upset after viewing

      this! I think comfort is a great thing to be upset about!

      Especially when that comfort is intoxicating and allows

      you to overlook everyone else who is uncomfortable, even

      with their scars.

      If this video is propaganda and brain-washing, what sets it

      apart from the 24 hours of available "programming", most of

      which tells you to buy more?

      By the way. This culture has only been so 'successful' for

      the past 50 years. Give it another 50 and we'll see who

      had better eyes for the future :)

    49. Spinelli666, Los Ang says:

      I'm a privileged guest in America, from Europe.

      It never ceases to amaze me how agitated you guys get about anything that falls outside a very narrow frame of values; what's happened to the Land of the Free? Where does this fear of other views come from? There are many points you can argue, but as a basis for investigating manufacturing and consumption the video is well produced and thought-provoking.

      Or is that what scares conservatives?

    50. Jeff, TN says:

      To: jjay – Louisville, KY,

      I believe you hit on a very good point. I think it would be a futile attempt to try to ban this video, or try to stop it in some way. It would simply be replaced by something else, perhaps something worse. The key here folks, spend time with your children! Educate your children to think for themselves! If you can do that, they will simply see right through this garbage and will ascertain the truth for themselves. That is the key, and that is the most power your children will ever have. Knowledge!

      To: Jerry, Virginia,

      You are correct that military spending is approximately 50% of "discretionary" spending. But "discretionary" spending is but a small fraction of our budget and spending (go read further at the CBO to verify). Social Security and Medicare each are almost as much as total military and war spending. Go here: http://usdebtclock.org/ if you want to get an idea of where our money is spent. It is likely to shock you, especially when you look at currency and debt directives (unfunded liabilities) to the tune of $645 trillion (yr. to date). Just our prescription drug liability alone completely eclipses military spending by a factor of 14.82x, at a rate of $8.59 trillion (yr. to date). Total Military/War spending – $580 billion (yr. to date), Social Security – $467 billion (yr. to date), Medicare/Medicaid – $453 billion (yr. to date) and just our interest that debt, $345 billion (yr. to date). When put into CORRECT perspective, military spending is but a small fraction of our budget and in FACT, consumes less than 20% of our federal budget and spending.

      Jerry, get the FACTS! Do your homework!

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    53. Alan, Mass. says:

      This is this second time I have tried to watch this bit and cannot get past ten minutes. This video is so misleading and just plain dishonest. The message is "It's bad, all bad and it's all America's fault." It is a simpleton's outlook on a complex world. I and my wife are constantly on de-programming alert against the crap which is foisted on kids in the schools I pay for. My last go around was with a teacher who showed that Al Gore film. Another shameless video aimed first at self-promotion at the expense of logic and honesty.

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    55. Rob, Barksdale AFB says:

      Why not being a conservative automatically makes you non-american? the people that questions someone's patriotism need to research the history of this Country.

      The US was created by people that did question the norm, they did see the need for a system in which people were free to have their own ideas.

      To question the material in this video is very proper, however questioning the patriotism of the people that agree with it is seriously warped. I happen to agree with the movie, and have spent 3 years in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting to give you the right to question my patriotism.

    56. Travis Howry Texas says:

      You know who is at fault here.. and for all thats going on right now.. stand up.. LOOK IN THE MIRROR

      ITS YOUR FAULT, its the OLD GENERATIONS — you have let Politics just slide in the back and just watched as American Society began to replace Politics with Movies, Celebrities, just being concerned only with what am I going to do today, what am I going to do tonight. and generation after generation after generation of people came to be and it got WORSE and WORSE and now you have Hollywood as an actualy Political Propaganda Machine for Socialism and Anti American Themes… where were your heads at… Everyone whos complainging about this now, doesnt have the will to physically put an end to any of this.. because almost EVERYONE believes that they have sooo much to lose if they do… like your nice job, your car, your home, your clothes, and what about your FREEDOM… You got all those things because you were FREE to do so… All the Older Generations have ignored Politics and it shows in the voting numbers.. with less and less people actually voting… soon when yall are gone and the by products of these kinds of videos and teachings come of age… THEY WONT WANT TO VOTE…. Sins of the Fathers will make their Sons bleed in the streets eventually, because there is only so much people can take and mark my words.. thanks to the lack of concern with politics and your focus on everything else that really doesnt matter.. Americans who arent even BORN YET are already in debt up to 40,000… and younger generations wont take it for long and they will be mad about their God given right to Debt because the ones before stopped paying attention and became too weak to really …really stand up and speak out.. they dont want to offend anyone. The youth wont care. ul see. So i suggest, anyone who reads this and fits the description i just gave you.. Hope you fix it before its too late… and fix it ALL.. Debt, Politics, American History Importance, Values, and fix the Education system and save the kids from learning to be dependent on government… if we all fail to do it in Nov.. i dont think we will have another chance.

      By the way.. – Im only 22 years old. and from what iv over heard in Universities or just on the street when your out doing whatever…. im not the only one saying this.. Republican College kids have been springing up left and right and i honestly thought they didnt exist accept for me…. ps. obama just passed the Extension of the Patriot Act as well.. but Amended it and had the your civil liberties Bush put in the First one… Removed. look that up.. ul see

    57. Jon, Alaska says:

      You guys remind me of the Easter Islander who cut down the last tree on the island. Societies do fail when they over-exploit their environment. We are no exception, and no amount of arrogance will change that.

    58. Catherine, Ohio says:

      I am so pleased to see you are informing the masses, people really need to know the truth. I am hoping someone with influence will make a counter film that can be placed on YouTube and other media outlets, to show the wonders of our capitalistic system and how fair and balanced our republic really is; so we keep the freedoms our founder fathers enjoyed. You have inspired many who have read this article I pray we get this banned

      Also, It would be wonderful if someone could put together a package of information, for parents that wish to have this video banned in their school systems; this way they could take actual, factual documentations and any appropriate information to their board of education so they are well informed in their fight against this propagandizing of unaware innocent American school children, Ban this video in the United States! God Bless the work you are doing.

    59. thisisgettingtiresome says:

      Josh done me a cool T- shirt with his pricelesS 'Greenpeace in our time' cartoon.
      Now I'm thinking of getting more done, to give to all my environmentalist friends.

      It's great how that image can be read both ways. On the face of it supporting an Eco friendly world, which I'm all in favour off btw. , but with the underlying message that only those with a deeper historical perspective will

      I don't know where Josh gets his talent from , but I think this piece is worthy of even that great Czech tradition, for cartooning under oppression.
      Indeed it's frightening to think, that in the Czechoslovakia of those times , one would have been thrown in jail for less than this.

    60. Firebird says:

      This is how these GREENPEACE idiots brainwash the kids with their mindless green philosephies by showing them this kind of propeganda Need anymore reason for HOME EDUCATION and getting them away from the leftist NEA?

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