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  • The Video Single Payer Health Care Activists Don't Want You To See

    Late last month the conservative blog Verum Serum posted a video of Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) telling a single payer health care rally: “I know many of you here today are single payer advocates and so am I … and those of us who are pushing for a public health insurance don’t disagree with this goal. This is not a principled fight. This is a fight about strategy for getting there and I believe we will.” Watch the video here. … oh wait … you can’t!

    BoilingWater media, who we assume was hired by Health Care for America to tape the entire rally,  has ordered YouTube to take it down. Why? Because when Verum Serum cut BoilingWater’s original 6:44 video to the highly relevant clip we later posted, it set off a political firestorm that has threatened to derail the left’s dream of a public insurance option … which Schakowsky admits in the video is really just a backdoor attempt to force all Americans into government run health care.

    Fortunately other copies of the incriminating Schakowsky video remain. Watch one of them:


    The left can try and suppress theis video all they want, but we will never let the American public forget what Schakowsky admitted.

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    25 Responses to The Video Single Payer Health Care Activists Don't Want You To See

    1. Barb -mn says:

      Government medical staff will pick and choose who they want to save and who they want to let go. No responsibility no accountability.

      Please let me share a personal analysis of private and government run health care based on ONE of more then, actual events.

      Back in dec. of 2007, my father had a sharp pain that started from the elbow and continued up his arm. The doctor did no testing of this pain and my father lived with it. Doctor gave my father a few guesses, getting old, arthritis. Any lay person could tell you it is a sign of a heart attack. My father continued to have the pain and went back to the doctor in Jan. 2008. The doctor did no testing and sent him on his way. The pain was inconsistent but it was still there. For the third time my father went to the doctor who once again assured my dad he had probably pulled a muscle. No testing. Just to mention this is private health care. Approximately two weeks after my father went to the doctor with the same complaint, he had a massive heart attack. He survived after extreme efforts to save his life. All would've been prevented, including the wasted costs, had the doctor used necessary testing to identify the correct diagnosis of his pain…the first time! I believe the private medical sector is being influenced by GOVERNMENT. Greed! Selfishness, and extenuating the situation for more costs. Hopefully only a few in the medical private sector may be running like GOVERNMENT…INEFFICIENTLY and CARELESSLY.

      After he was able, he was put in transitional GOVERNMENT care. He was very uncomfortable here all due to extenuating circumstances by an, inconsiderate, inefficient, inept staff, he was only in for two days.

      He could not understand the accented speaking staff which puts more stress, confusion, uncertainty on any patient. He complained the staff was loud and paryting all night. In the two nights he was there both were sleepless. Unable to understand is endangering the lives of those in the care of people of heavy accents as miscommunication can easily kill. It is uncomprehensionable that more work (not related to health) is forced on the patient.

      My father was on oxygen. When it came time to change the tank, it was done with bad attitude. This was witnessed. No compassion staff. At another time, had my brother not been visiting my father, he would have died due to the neglect of properly hooking him up to an oxygen tank that had oxygen in it. His lungs filled with fluid, he was immediately sent back to the hospital. Afterward, he was put in another GOVERNMENT run facility, where one request of his was denied time after time by ONE staff member with an ugly attitude. His request was to have a daily pill cut in half as his lungs and throat was sore and worn by all the tubes put down since his surgery. He couldn't swallow the pill whole. The staff member told him it wasn't her job! Although all other staff members did it, this one was ruthless and should not be in existence to care for human life. .

      As my father was understandably extremely weak, trying to recover while being forced to deal with incompassionate staff, he was overworked.

      Government staff members have code words. A physical therapist came in my father's room and told him it was time for physical therapy. My father, looking weak and pale said he was unable to go. She relayed back to him "so you are refusing to go?!" "No," my father said, "I am unable to go." She repeated herself and wrote it down as such.

      It honestly seems that many we once trusted in the medical field have been influenced by government way of handling their profession. Look at the inept costs put on my father which never would've been had things been dealt with from the start, in an efficient manner.

      I feel no comfort in this whatsoever. My father worked all his life, always paid for his own health and provided for his children and deserves to be cared for by people with utmost integrity, respect and will to do what needs to be done. Yet, as government moves in, it is rare to find today, in this state anyway.

      Who knows how many TERRORISTS have been or who will be hired under the government health care plan?

    2. Morgen/John - Verum says:

      Thanks Heritage for keeping this in the limelight! They cannot suppress the truth about this.

    3. JAB, Spring Lake, Mi says:

      I feel empathy for this woman and her father,this episode is disgusting, and troubling to all thinking people. But why did he continue to see the same doctor? We must take some responsibility for ourselves, aand use common sense.

    4. Barb -mn says:


      I posted on a previous blog of a close, dear, beautiful person who was neglected adequate testing of this person's pain and obvious signs there was something wrong at her initial visit that was denied. Telling her the lumps and pain were due to "fatty tissue," giving her excuses for the pain visit after visit. Denying her an MRI until she demanded one. After 1 1/2 years or more of her first visit, found to have cancer. The treatment was horrendous! She died in March. Something is going terribly wrong in the medical field behind the backs of the innocent! Both of the people I wrote about were seen by two separate doctors that avoided the obvious, more money while killing off the patient. I believe government run health care will be 100 times worse. What is going on? What happened to good medical care in the private sector? It must come back.

    5. Normca says:

      Any plan that seeks to deny real health care to seniors is a criminal. Look who wrote the plan. Another tax cheat. And the seniors of today cannot even see who it is that is pushing the plan – they would vote for B Obama all over again. At the core of problems today is the media. Seniors trust the media which is unbelievable to me. It is the main stream media who has endorsed all of the ineffective plans since January and will continue to do so for the next 45 months. Yes; the article is about health care, however it is the media who is at the core of our problems today, including their election victory for B Obama. Even if newspaper subscribers cancel, while the publisher loses more money, John Kerry, with tax dollars, will give them an operating budget.

    6. Angel, Ohio says:

      If nationalized health care is so good, why do Canadians come to the US to seek treatment. This is not what we want or need hear.

      Just take a look at how the government takes care of the Veterans and their families. If you look at how Vietnam vets and their families that were exposed to agent orange were treated, it is appalling. Take a look at this forum http://forums.military.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/739… then decide if you want them to decide who and what gets covered.

      Government run health care is not what we need.

    7. Moose says:

      Another industry the government wants to take over. Politicians have proven, to themselves, that they can run things and spend your money better then you can.

    8. Cindy, washington says:

      I am a nurse and have seen our healthcare go down the tubes for years now. Everyone wants to focus on healthcare insurance companies and the rising costs, but the real issue is being missed. The quality of care is the real problem. More and more people are becoming employed in the healthcare industry due to our failing economy and many of these folks have no business being in the business of caring for others. It seems as if a new generation of self-absorbed, rude and apathetic caregivers are invading the once dignified career of healthcare professional. To this I partially fault the educational system that wants to quickley churn out workers, replacing nurses with medical assistants that have a mere fraction of theory on patient care and patient assessment. In addition, the colleges and tech schools are ill-equiped to manage the high demand for well-trained nurses within our communities. Our state and federal lawmakers further complicate the process with over-reaching regulation that requires additional money to fund healthcare programs, money that doesn't exist or remains unallocated.

      Our government would like to us to focus solely on the economic cost of healthcare, missing the obvious point of the quality of care available. Their answer is the one payer system that would further drive mediocracy and apathy in our current system. The pattern seems to be more govermnent intrusion which increases costs and adds layers to an already complicated system thereby adding confusion and increased costs to the patient. Obama's utopian healthcare plan seems to address these issues, but I fear it is nothing but smoke and mirrors that will futher the collaspe of healthcare in our country.

    9. JD, Texas says:

      If you really want to know how a government-run health care system works, ask the people in the Soviet Union, Canada, and England. It does not work. This is a socialist ideal and it has NEVER worked anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10. Barb -mn says:

      Thank you, sincerely JAB.

      My father is 80 years old who put his trust in a doctor he felt he could confide in. Being this doctor's patient over the years he was very healthy before this happened so anything the doctor told him he trusted.

      It isn't fair to the elderly when it's difficult for them to even think about or consider the one taking care of them might be neglectful. Responsible he is but when you are elderly and in the care of someone else you are vulnerable and tend to trust them.

      As far as the writing on the cancer patient, when you have a life sentence it is so difficult to know who is right and who is wrong. Who to trust and who you can't. Putting your life in someone elses care leaves you no other choice but to trust.

      It was so difficult to watch her go through what she did. Because of the incompetence, she went to the mayo clinic who gave her last kemo treatment. After her death the mayo called to confirm her next appointment. There is much more detail that I cannot bring myself to write as it is difficult to accept what I've witnessed. Every part of this is the most ugliest.

      I don't know where the doctors of integrity went but these two incidents happened within the same time. Two different clinics, 2007-2009. Both would've been avoided and the cancer patient would be alive today.

      Thank you, Cindy. You are right. Please people, take care of yourselves as best you can.

    11. Debbie, Las Vegas says:

      We were promised choices. This lady is very scary. She sounds and looks a little like Pelosi.

    12. Linda Middlekauff says:

      Please never forget that the members of the Congress, the Senate, the President, and the Supreme Court will not be receiving public health care. Remember Rep. Schakowsky, "What's good for the goose, is good for the gander".

      By the way, in the cases of the sick, elderly patients (over 65 y/o) presented, they were forced into the Medicare system. Many physicians in private practice have had to limit the number of elderly in their practices due to the low reimbursement of Medicare. They cannot afford their own overhead by doing anything else! Medicare restricts the MD's treatment options as well. This has been going on since the late 60's.

      Medicare affects every aspect of the hospital environment. You have no idea of how much power it wields in all areas of medical care.

      Another thing to keep in mind are the titles we give to these issues. As economist, Thomas Sowell wrote (www.national review.com 4/23/09), the word "healthcare" refers to the type of insurance being used, and "medical care" refers to the type of treatment, the practitioner, the facility, etc. being used. Let's remember to use these terms to keep the issue clear within the political realm.

      Most hospitals give millions in "free care", causing them to inflate the costs of the privately insured patients. Add to this the apparent entitlement mentality infecting so many Americans, no wonder we're in a mess that threatens to become much worse under this Administration.

      As a nurse, a wife, mother, and grandmother, I grieve over this sad state, BUT I won't give up the fight. Join me in writing to the editor of your local paper, making calls to both your state reps and your federal reps, and always be vigilant!!

    13. Barb -mn says:

      Correction to prior post: Responsible he is, but when you are elderly and your care is in the hands of someone else, you are vulnerable and tend to trust them.

    14. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Gee, Government Autos, Government Health Care, Government Food, Government Housing, Government created/mandated/expensive/alternate Energy Sources. Makes a person wonder just where were you when you went to sleep and woke up here, doesn't it?

      The way the Lady keep putting her hand out, fingers together, palm down, looked like the Hitler Salute to me!

      Yup, if you are over fifty something and need that by-pass, hip replacement, knee replacement, cancer treatment, or any other expensive Medical Treatment, might as well forget it. You're to damn old! There are a lot of younger people out there just waiting for you to die, so they too can have a job, and even work for less!

      Wake up America! We are a Republic! Our Constitution and our bill of Rights are Laws to CONTROL THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, not the other way around! We all need to contact our Congrssional People and let them know just who they are working for, and just what it is that WE want.


    15. Rochelle, Colorado says:

      The more the Government tries to limit cost, the more the extremes of any person or group will be denied ostensibly because of cost. The very ill and complicated patients will be neglected until they die. Premature newborns with immature systems will be limited in care. The nursing shortage will not be a problem any more because it costs money to employ nurses and there will not be enough money to go around. If this nightmare sounds unbelievable, all you have to do is look north to Canada. This has already been going on. They (and we will too) have a government bureaucrat making health care decisions!

      This is not only poor care but it is immoral.

    16. Rochelle, Colorado says:

      Not all hospitals presently ignore the problems of difficult staff members and negative patient/caregiver interactions. The American Nurses Association has a Credentialing body that reviews hospital nursing departments for Magnet status. This means that the hospital is trying to attract the best and brightest nurses. Ideally, the best doctors will want to work there, etc. Patient are visited by directors and upper managers to see how their care is. Problems are handled quickly. After discharge, the nursing units call their former patients to see if they understood the discharge instructions, have any questions, want to talk about their experience. This is happing in many locations in the Good Old USA now. I don't know how long it will last in the new regime.

    17. Craig Travis says:

      We have a government run justice system. You'd probably like to privitize that too. Criminals can say, "Your money or your life." Hospitals can too. Private insurance has out lived its usefulness. Times change. Get over it.

    18. D. Georgiopoulos. Ne says:

      Will Jan Schakowski (D. Illinois) also be entitled to the same health care benefits under a government controlled health care system, or will she and her family, and other members of Congress and their familikes be covered under different, far supeior health care program?

      If the health care system is not good enoough for members of Congress, it's not good enough for me and my family.

    19. Samuel says:

      Amazing, if it so good, what is stopping any state from doing it themselves? Let one of them be the lab rat for the rest of the states.

    20. DENISE ARIZONA says:


    21. Dave McDuffie,Laguna says:

      Twenty to thirty MILLION illegals have managed to bankrupt California and several other states and causing the closure of many hospitals which does include the loss of thousands of jobs. Now you want to spread this madness around the entire country and become a devastating monstrosity like the social security system which only pays money to illegals and those who are employed by the system! Guess what America, when you are ready to retire like I am, NO MO MONEY!… After years of stealing it from you…NO MO MONEY!

    22. tom arnall arcarta says:

      i looked at the video at:


      and it contains the clip which the blogger claims youtube took down. the blogger seems to me to be lying. if i am wrong about this, please tell me how.

    23. tom arnall arcarta says:

      i looked at the video at:


      and it contains the clip which the blogger claims youtube took down. the blogger seems to be mistaken. if this impression is wrong, please tell me how.

    24. simon burke san mate says:

      the clip is on youtube, about 2/3 of the way into the one at


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