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  • Obama’s $17 Billion "Cut" in Pictures

    President Barack Obama recently released a list of 121 proposed program terminations and reductions, that he claims would save taxpayers $17 billion. Obama has described these program terminations as spending “cuts”. This is simply not true. Every dollar that Obama “cuts” he has immediately turned into new spending elsewhere in the budget. At least his request last month for a total of $100 million in cuts from this year’s budget were real spending cuts (all be it pitifully small ones). So this is what Obama’s fiscal responsibility record really looks like:


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    13 Responses to Obama’s $17 Billion "Cut" in Pictures

    1. Worldbfree4me says:

      Heritage, I understand your mission. And while I sincerely appreciate all the info (opinion pieces mostly). I give this Administration an A for effort and another A for communication. Instead hiding in the background, they are out front on a weekly basis. Unlike their predecessors, they come off as genuine and in this World "perception is reality." Team Obama is doing everything they promised to do and as a result of that, your company and others like yours are thriving. Often times you throw stories about this Administration against the wall and merely hope it sticks.Its quite al right to hold them accountable, but do give them credit when credit is due.

    2. edzo says:

      You cannot spend your way out of debt.

      Isn’t it about time President Barack Obama got off the campaign trail, stopped trying to act like a rock star while globe-trotting and started acting presidential? So far, he has shown himself to be the epitome of inexperience.

      It seems every time he has a news conference, the stock market falls. Again. Do you think if they took away his teleprompter he would be speechless? It’s time for him to stop talking and start showing us some action. He’s been in office for three months and, so far, in addition to a shameful number of his Cabinet appointees being tax evaders, the economy has continued on its way toward the bottom. Real estate is a mess and the banks, which obtained millions of our hard-earned tax dollars, are reportedly not loaning very much money. General Motors is looking for more bailout money.

      Is this the “change” Obama was talking about during his campaign? If so, we can’t afford it. Or does he mean the change is being anti-Christian, anti-veteran, anti-rich, anti-gun, anti-senior citizens, anti-Constitution and, most importantly, anti-American? (He continues to apologize for America to the world and blame us for all its problems.)

      He’s beginning to sound like Rev. Jeremiah Wright. He cannot continue to play the blame game. The previous administrations are gone. It’s his ballgame now. So far, he has tripled the national debt. It’s all on his shoulders now.

      I hope they are broad enough.

    3. Jay says:


      So, because you disagree with and dislike what the Bush administration did, that means that whatever Obama does is OK, have I got that right? That seems to be what you are saying there. Further, simply because they are "out front" on a "weekly basis" whatever they do is OK, right again? And because all of this was promised before, and they are following through – it's OK by you, no matter the actual consequences of those actions.

      Do you have the slightest clue how idiotic that stance is? Are you seriously that intellectually deficient that you cannot see that $100 MILLION in budget cuts is but a tiny drop of a nearly $4 BILLION budget, and that budget has to be paid for by you and me, and our children, our grandchildren, and even our great-grandchildren?

      You exemplify one of the many reasons that this country is being utterly destroyed by these leftist/liberal tax and spend, spend, spend policies. Tell me, are you still going to be worshiping your precious boy, Obama while you are standing in line for hours to get a scrap of bread from the government?

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    6. Thomas, Anchorage, A says:

      What's even more hilarious/disgusting about the program cuts is that some of them are programs that received their current funding from the stimulus.

      "Hey, Los Alamos, here's $19 million to continue your important research."

      "Oh, wait, you aren't needed anymore so we're cutting you out."

      More: http://www.usatoday.com/news/washington/2009-05-0

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    11. Joseph, Boston MA says:

      I agree that these cuts are pretty small/meaningless in the grand scope of things. But I hope this means that you were ridiculing John McCain last year when he basically made 'pork barrel spending' the #1 hot button issue of his campaign late in the fall; said pork constitutes an equally puny part of the federal budget.

      Don't forget that once we withdraw from Iraq, there's billions of dollars a year we won't be spending, too – whether you like the war in Iraq or not, you can't deny that not fighting it anymore would be good from a budget perspective.

      So, you can belittle it all you want, but within a year, Obama will slice more out of the budget than 12 years of Bushes.

    12. Bob, Kansas City says:

      Another way of looking looking at the percentage is 1.7 cents out of a $3600 credit card bill, or $23.04 out of a salary of $50,000.

      And you probably already know that albeit is one word.

    13. Barb -mn says:

      Jay, couldn't agree more. Thank you for your input to aid the narrow minded.

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