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  • Global Gun Registration...What?

    Just when you thought the Second Amendment would be the only issue we wouldn’t debate this summer.


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    83 Responses to Global Gun Registration...What?

    1. MAS1916 - Denver, CO says:

      Surely the Mexican drug cartels as well as the Taliban can see that a more perfect world would be here if there were no guns.

    2. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      As custodians of the U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights, neither the president or congress have the authority to sign treaties compromising the individual rights of American citizens. To do so is not only an impeachable offense, but down right treason.

    3. Thomas, Anchorage, A says:

      So what is President Obama getting in return for the selling the Constitution?

    4. Marsha, Wheeling Wes says:

      Absolutely not. He better not! This treaty Septa is wrong. I will start letting eveyone know and write the Congressional. It is not Constitional!

    5. Marsha, Wheeling Wes says:

      Furthermore, Treatys can not be ratified if they are unconstitutional!

    6. laurie nelson,texas says:

      Selling the Constitution??? I hope you mean selling out the legal citizens of the United States and trampling and usurping the Constitution! No other country is interested in our Beautiful document, that's why every other country hates us. We the People are the only ones in the world who have individual rights recognized in our unique documents that our founding fathers gave us. Obama and followers are knowingly dismantling The Constitution for power,power,and more power. He,Obama hates the individual but loves the group and the collective. Remember We the People are the ones who tell the government what to do. Not the other way around.

    7. george, huntersville says:

      aw come on! i've heard enough of this!

      obama, why don't you just return to hell 'n take that sulfurous smellin' left with you…

      …the joker has had an audience long enough…

    8. Barb -mn says:

      Mr. President, your intentions have been made clear.

    9. dmc222 Michigan says:

      Bill Clinton couldn't make a go of this, but this President thinks he can take on the gun owners. The NRA Officers and membership will be all over this, and we won't back down.

    10. markelder texarkanaT says:

      Thomas Jefferson said' When a people fear their government it it is tyranny when a government fears its people it is called lyberty"

    11. CatLee says:

      This President has never fooled me. From day one I knew he was going to try to take everything away from the citizens of this great country. The Constitution is our breathing document. If we don't have this document anymore, we will not be free.

    12. Martha V, Texas says:

      I have a question, what can we do about all the government's bull. We have to wait for the next election? We may not have a country left by than.

    13. Mr. Skip Doyle says:

      That will be the day that I answer to another country or court for owning any guns. I Have registered my last gun Obama

    14. Chinookman, Repuclic says:

      Obvious WE the People get what we deserve……where were the Conservatives when he was running for office, or the last 8 years as the (GOP) Grand Old Progressives sold us down the road as we, "duh well OK", compromised our way into this. Anyone ever notice the left takes no prisoners and do not compromise? So why are conservatives a bunch of limp wristed Pussies?

      Talk is cheap…I'm done with the GOP…..Constitution Party I am watching…….GOP needs a big tent…yeah my azz…..the Dems don't worry about a big tent…..how about some Cojones for a change…..?????

    15. Danny-TX says:

      To hell with Washington,Come to Texas.

    16. Chuck Dodds - Texas says:

      We the people….must make the necessary changes in Election Year 2010 and then in 2012 to clean up all these ignorant and meaningless policies of this Obama administration. We sat on our laurels and let this "novilty government" arise in our midst! Shame! My guns will only be taken over my dead body they be never be registered by some country other than the US of A. And you thought GW was bad.

    17. Linda, PA says:

      We need to unite in pray to stop this change of Obama's. There is GREAT POWER IN PRAYER!!

    18. David -Alabama says:

      If Obama is trying to divide the United States this will do it! I hope the American People who are Law Abiding Citizens that voted for him now understand what they voted for !!!!!!!!!!!

    19. MPrince says:

      Mr. President

      It is clear you want to dis-arm America…it's not clear yet, why. I am sure we will know the truth one day because everyone that operates in darkness cannot hide forever. That is just the way it is. The truth always comes out!

    20. David E Aldridge, Da says:

      If the Democrats want to see a "Million Man Armed March" on Washington, then let them even "consider" pushing for such a ridiculous treaty. Not only is it in direct violation of the Constitution, it would in fact be an impeachable offense. They,the Deomcrats, took and oath " to protect and defend the Constitution". How could they justify such a treaty?

    21. Eugene Hoffman, Hous says:

      It is time to unite, and write our representatives and tell them to impeach! An individual who cannot defend his family, property and way of life is no longer free man. Free speech lost and book burnings followed by total facism will be next. This is right out of the Josef Staling playbook.

    22. Tim says:

      Human rights including those listed in the constitution are ordained from god. The Founding Fathers simply acknowledged this in the writing of the constitution. No human can or will ever have the authority to tamper with any of these rights. Unless humanity as a whole deems themselves unworthy of Gods gift of freedom. For humanity to do such a thing is to equate ones self to a cockroach.

    23. Russ in Cleveland TN says:

      It is with deep regret that after living my life in America of the free, that in my 75th year, I see this Administration bent on destroying our personal liberties of Free Speech ( Hate Crime Laws) Moving to take our Guns,( This treaty) Moving to get the Senate to approve a Treaty from the UN to destroy PARENTAL RIGHTS,(The UN would decide what our children were taught and how they were raised), FORCING A GREVIOUS DEBT ON OUR CHILDREN AND GRAND CHILDREN, AND PROMOTING THE PROSECUTION OF FAITHFUL MEN AND WOMEN WHO KEPT OUR COUNTRY SAFE DURING THE BUSH YEARS OVER THE SO-CALLED TORTURE INTERROGATIONS.

      Well, America got what it voted for. Our liberty compromised, national bankruptcy dead ahead and possible Dictatorship.

      This is a sad day in our history. Jimmy Carter in spades.

      If anyone has a good solution to this problem we need to hear. Someone has said that prayer is needed. That is true.


    24. Frank W., New Mexico says:

      Well I guess the good citizens will just have to get guns like the criminals do. They don't have any problems getting guns or using them in fact they have automatic weapons and the government can't do anything about it. Isoroku Yamamoto the great japanese Admiral advised the the Japanese not to attack America because there would be a gun behing every blade of grass. We need to keep it that way.

    25. Jerry, Indiana says:

      To say that Richard Lugar is a disappointment would be an understatement. The folks from Wyoming should feel proud to have a statesman like Senator Barrasso representing them.

    26. Tom Iowa says:

      I said it before and they would'nt print it. I will say it again.. How do you tear down a great country like the U.S.? FROM THE INSIDE…. Just like Obama is doing…. The Declaration of Independence says: ( That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the governed,- That whenever any Form of Goverment becomes distructive of these ends, it is the RIGHT of the People to alter or abolish it and to institute a new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem mostlikely to effect their Safety and Happiness.)

    27. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      It's going to take a much bigger step to stop this. Bitching and writing to our elected

      officals won't do it. Regardless of what party, they do what they are told to do and vote

      the way they are told. It's passed time to clean

      house in what ever way it takes. In another 4 years, we will have nothing left to save.

    28. Alison in Appomattox says:

      Hmmm, Mr President, how many times did you swear to "uphold The Constitution and the laws" of The United States of America in the Oath of the Office of President of the United States of America?? Hmmm, January 20th, 2009 before, what was it, 4,000,000 people physically present, including The Chief Justice of The United States Supreme Court. Also January 21st, 2009 in the Oval Office officiated by, once again, The Chief Justice of The United States Supreme Court! Now you are PURPOSEFULLY committing PERJURY!!


      This is NOT the USSR!! You are NOT Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, or Marx!!

      Martin Luther King Jr. said, "A man should be judged, NOT by the colour of his skin, BUT by the content of his character!" If he were alive, you NEVER would've been in the running for the office you are so VICIOUSLY DESECRATING!!

    29. Thomas, USA says:

      Did Obama skip prayer day? I heard he is the first pres to do so. I guess he does not need prayer. Who would he pray to? Himself. Allah, God, whom?

    30. Laura, Rochester NY says:

      I live in New York, where the state government has been systematically attempting to eliminate legal gun ownership through onerous registration processes. Word here is that the federal gun control movement will not be overt, but will involve the levying of heavy taxes on ammunition (like $.50/round), which will put the cost of ammo effectively out of reach for many people.

    31. B,F Wmspt, PA says:

      As a PA resident I will cling to my GOD and My GUNS as I can count on them. Government and politicians not so much….As a veteran who also took an oath to protect the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. That oath did not expire with my term of service.

    32. Chuck New York says:

      All I can say is that this has been coming for a long time, it started with Carter, and will continue until the people who love freedom, and this country stop it, we need to unite, come together as a force to be reckoned with, the armed American citizen is the only thing that separates us from the rest of the world, they want us disarmed so that they, the left can take away all our rights, I assure all of you that this guy will declare marshal law some time soon, and will have our military enforcing his will on us, but if we are not disarmed he will think twice before he try's, but alas he will try anything to get his way.

      I didn't vote for him, and I am sure that plenty who did are remorseful now that they see how far left he is leading this country, not the least is how much money he is spending to buy off his supporters.

      It is the armed citizen that stands between him, and tyranny, My advice if you don't own a firearm, buy one, and do it now

    33. Steve, GA says:

      Obama and his socialist thugs can come and get my guns anytime they want to…….but they will have to step over my cold, lifeless body on the way out the front door!

    34. David VanNorman Wi says:

      I just know that the crooks the terrorists and that kind will go out and register their guns.

      HaHa. they can have mine when they pry my cold dead fingers from around them.

    35. Mike Williams says:

      Being retired military and serving abroad in countries that forbid private citizens to bear arms, it's clear what Obama is crafting. Only when citizens are disarmed can they be bullied into submission of tyrannical leadership. He is slowly introducing his agenda in small (hardly noticeable) bite size morsels with the help of his DEM majority in Congress and the Senate. Like boiling a frog on a hot stove, it will jump out of a scalding pot of water. But if you gradually heat the water; its body temperature adjusts, and it will not jump out. Unable to sense or recognizing any danger, the frog ultimately dies. Read your world history books folks. Hitler started off as an endearing, enchanting, well spoken man. Loved and admired! But we know where that ended up and at what cost in American lives. Guns were collected, injustices began, and no one could defend themselves. Nor defend those victimized (namely the Jews). In this country the targets will be conservative Christian right. If you don't think this can happen here, you're just another dumb frog on the slow cooker of death. If you voted for this fascist clown, shame on you.

    36. Puddin'Stick says:

      Well said B.F., I'm a Vet, too, and I still take my oath seriously. Like the man said; "From my cold dead hands…." I've owned guns all my life and I intend to die owning guns and leaving them to my heirs. I KNOW what the Constitution says and the SCOTUS knows I know what it means. Any law passed by Obamagoons to the contrary would be UNCONSTITITIONAL and would not be enforceable on Me!

      Congratulations to Mr. Obama for becoming the "Firearm Salesman of the Year"!

    37. okiejim Oklahoma says:

      We have a Swine Flu scare and a recession caused by our government to distract us from Obama's socialist agenda. Come on American people, wake up! This current attack on the Second Amendment needs to be stopped cold right now. The Senate needs to hold hearings and declare the Constitution unassailable by the Executive and Judicial branches of our government. Then they must reaffirm their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. Surely we are approaching the level of impeachment of some elected officials for their unwillingness to protect our country from such threats.

      I served this country proudly for 22 years in the Air Force, and will not standby and watch some idiots take away our freedoms because they want to be like Ceasar Chaves or Fidel Castro and who think our country is not the greatest country in the world.

    38. Gerald, CA says:

      Prayer is the answer, there is a God his name Jesus Christ.

      If America will humble them selves and pray God said that He would hear and heal our land! Jesus Christ taught it was ok to be armed, one of his followers named Peter used a sword on a Roman soldier and cut off his ear. You see Peter was protecting

      his Lord, Jesus said Peter put your sword into the sheath.

      It is right to be armed it was right with Jesus and is still

      today! What would take place in Washington, DC if everyone that lost their job went to Washington, DC the same week?

      The people would shut the White House business down what a tea party. Those that can't afford the trip could ride with a friend. God's word and my sword or gun!

    39. Mike New Mexico USA says:

      Being retired military and serving abroad in countries that forbid private citizens to bear arms, it's clear what Obama is crafting. Only when citizens are disarmed can they be bullied into submission of tyrannical leadership. He is slowly introducing his agenda in small (hardly noticeable) bite size morsels with the help of his DEM majority in Congress and the Senate. Like boiling a frog on a hot stove, it will jump out of a scalding pot of water. But if you gradually heat the water; its body temperature adjusts, and it will not jump out. Unable to sense or recognizing any danger, the frog ultimately dies. Read your world history books folks. Hitler started off as an endearing, enchanting, well spoken man. Loved and admired! But we know where that ended up and at what cost in American lives. Guns were collected, injustices began, and no one could defend themselves. Nor defend those victimized (namely the Jews). In this country the targets will be conservative Christian right. If you don't think this can happen here, you're just another dumb frog on the slow cooker of death.

    40. ed NY says:

      So many good posts ! its good to know I'm not alone. We all agree the Bozo in washington is a MISTAKE. I ask you, how do we avoid this in the future ? I ask you to consider how we got McCain, we need to move states that allow cross party primary voting to later dates. We need to find out how many times Mickey Mouse voted,thanks Acorn. We need to make sure we control OUR primary. We need the Republican party to understand how many conservatives are alive and well.

    41. Chuck New York says:

      You asked for a soulition, well all I can say is that if 100,000 tax payers went to Washington, and demanded that they stop, or next time we will come armed, maybe, just maybe they will listen.

      I know that most if not all of you are saying what is he out of his mind, just think about it, that is what happened in 1776 that led to our country being formed, and breaking away from Great Britin.

    42. Bob, Michigan says:

      I often agree with Lou Dobbs, but he says we can't blame Obama, only ourselves? What?!

      While it is true that we as individuals are responsible to root out the truth in all things, I must also blame MSM for decades of disinformation that formed the opinions of the the gullible citizenry who elected this traitorous charlatan. The fifth estate simply has not done its job. I blame all the like minded politicians and bureaucrats that preceded him and those who now either support him or refuse to stand against him.

      And I do blame Obama himself – how is it that a trained constitutional lawyer can possibly behave this way unless he has conciously chosen to ignore his responsibility to protect the principles the Constitution enumerates? Never mind that about half the country DID NOT vote for him and so he has no mandate to do almost all of what he is doing.

      This treaty IS ILLEGAL FOR AMERICA, which is why it wasn't ratified the last time!

      The answers?

      1)The Individual States of America need to follow the lead of Montana, Texas, & Utah by asserting their constitutionally guaranteed sovereignty, and defy any illegal usurpation of power by the federal government. Do not comply!

      2)Our senators and representatives need to stand with their states' governments, not the federal government policy that is at enmity with individual rights and liberty.

    43. Ken, Kansas says:


      I appreciate all your anger and frustration, I have that and more, but as one who was often taken advantage of in my youth and occasionally since, I must tell you that making threats is a bad move. You never approach a bully that has tormented you and tell him that you are about to kick his a$$. You blindside him and then decide if he lives or not ! This son-of-a-miss-begotten-camel has got to go before America is not even found in history books. I am sure we are all on a watch list be virtue of speaking out in this and all other public forums, but I don't want to live in an Obamaland of sheep and one way or another, I won't. If we Have another election, I hope Conservatives are more concerned with winning it than whatever NFL game is on. We should do as the Iraqis did and make all voters dip a finger or thumb in permanent ink when they vote, so that they can't do it again till next election. Most Bars are at least smart enough to use that trick and it is CHeap ! I agree about keeping the Primaries party specific, but, I feel that Dems have been playing that system fraudulently for years, they are just getting better at it with all the practice.

      I also agree, Pray !! God Bless America !

    44. Angel, Ohio says:

      Obama thinks we are just a bunch of rednecks clinging to our guns.

    45. ROBERT, GEORGIA says:


    46. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Dear Mr. President Obama, or whatever your name is today, you have sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, that and nothing else!

      Yet you insist on placing everyone elses policies and politics ahead of our own. You play God with the very lives and livelihood of the people you are supposed to represent!

      You Sir, are no American. You do not have the fortitude to stand as an American. You do not represent America, though the Media believes so.

      Sir, you and your Cabinet, along with Jane Fonda, for all the good soldiers she helped murder in Vietnam, deserve to rest alone three miles south of Hell.

      Thank you, for nothing,


    47. Thomas, USA says:

      If something isn't done about Acorn, then we are all doomed. There is no doubt in anyone's mind they are the ones whom have made sure votes were cast more than once or by someone who doesn't exist or with a pack of cigs. The congress wants to make sure no one has to show their photo id or any id to prove who they are. This sounds very much like the "union ballot bill" before them also. Acorn running the census? Are we not going to do something about this? If a conservative group had gotten as much money as Acorn has gotten and will get, the MSM would go absolutely nuts and call anyone with them neocons and tyrants. All is okay as long as it is a liberal association. With all the problems with the BO administration, at least the ones we know of, can you imagine what is going on that we will never know about?

    48. Diamond, ND says:

      The drones need to wake up!! They are everywhere! I speak to them everyday…yet they continue droning on and on! I'm in my thirties and a lot of these drones I speak of are 10-20 years older than me! My Senators and representative are included in the list of drones. Frustrating to say the least…

    49. Mike - New New Mexic says:

      CONSTITUTION: Barry Sutero AKA Barack Obama failed to provide legitimate proof of his birth right to run for the office he now holds. It went all the way to one of our nation’s top courts and was thrown out. Naturally it did not get a lot of media attention on any of our major networks. Since this was allowed to happen, 1st Amendment is pretty much dead in the water open for further trampling in the future. HR435 is now in the works in our legislative bodies which is the attack on our 2nd Amendment. Federal Gun Registration. If you look closely at about 100 years of gun control laws in Great Britain you will see the slow progression towards absolute gov't gun confiscation and control. REGISTRATION PRECEDES CONFISCATION. They first have to know where the weapons are and who have them in order to so send out "big gov't" door to door and confiscate them.

    50. Tom Fernandez, North says:

      When the Firearms Act of 1997 passed in the United Kingdom, it wasn’t the fault of the legislators; they were simply doing their jobs. When a registration passed in Canada and Australia, it wasn’t the fault of the legislators; they were simply doing their jobs. The only ones at fault were the firearms owners themselves who were busy pointing blame at each other and trying to find who could possibly be at fault, amongst themselves nonetheless, for allowing these types of laws to be passed. While they were fighting amongst themselves in a divided fashion, their opponents were united

      against them.

      The firearms community in America seems to be just as, if not more, divided than other nations that have already fallen prey to anti?gun legislature. There are an elitist few in our community here in America that believes that only their efforts will protect you. There are an elitist few in our community that believe if you do not have “constituents” and a few well?known names behind you, you are simply being pretentious. And there are an elitist few in our community that believe if you cry for anything else besides “letter writing” or “capital visiting” you are nothing more than a

      domestic terrorist.

      I ask you, where was Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin in the early morning hours of April 19, 1775? Where was George Washington during the Siege of Boston and the Battle of Bunker Hill? These men, all wellknown

      amongst the colonials and ourselves, were not present. What of Israel Putnam? Ah, a name that isn’t so wellknown now is it?

      Brothers and Sisters, if we continue to fight amongst ourselves then those opponents of ours who are united will roll over us without a thought; and they will do so with quite success!

      If we continue to fight and quibble amongst ourselves about even the most trivial matters, then when you turn in your freedoms, you will only have yourself to blame.

      May we unite ourselves under one cause and with one voice hold ourselves accountable before we even try to hold our legislators accountable.

    51. dr_donn says:

      EVERYONE that has an interest in this issue must visit the website of The Oath Keepers. Very important that you do so.

    52. Joye Odell, Texas says:

      All of the Statements made are right. We the People have got to unite and make a plea to All Thinking Americans to stop letting those that are elected to follow the Constitution and the Bill of Rights continue Distroying Our County. Obama and any Demacrat, Republican, Liberterian, Independent, that isn't getting back to following Our Constitution and Voting for Laws and Bills that are best for All Tax Paying American Citizens Need to be Taking out of OFFICE. The Bailout, Stimulis, and any other GIVE AWAY PROGRAMS HAVE TO STOP. BUYING VOTES AND POWER by giving Unions and Other Self Interest Groups Billions of our Tax Dollars to get Obama's AGENDA done and Distroying the United States has to be STOPPED and STOPPED NOW. WE the People are the ones that the Constitution is to protect from Government. The Supreme Court Justice are not for the government it is for up holding the Constitution. Yet Presidents appoint only a Judge that has the Presidents interest and Political Views not the People's best interest. A MARCH ON WASHINGTON on July 4th or on Constitution Day (Sept.17th) which has been designated since Sept.17,1789 yet is not observed; that is tragic we ignore the most important document of our country the life of our Freedom; with all the days we do observe and we ignore this one. Someone Get this GOING. Lets March and Keep our God, Freedom, Properity, including Our Money and Right to Keep Our Guns and do not have to register them(bill HR45 check it out ) or go to jail and be TAXED on ammo to the point no one can afford it($0.50) per round.

    53. Sharon says:

      I'll Keep My God, Money and Guns. Demacrates can keep the "Change"

    54. Dave, AZ says:

      Remember at the official swearing in, Chief Justice Roberts "flubbed" the wording of the presidential oath? There were some who said the swearing in was not official because of the mis-wording and, therefore, the oath would be re-administered the next day in the Oval Office. How many of you noticed that the press-covered retaking of the oath was performed without Obama swearing in on the Bible–right hand up, left hand down at his side–unlike the public ceremony the day before, where a bible was used. I question whether or not the whole thing wasn't a setup so Obama could retake the oath without swearing on a bible, thereby having no legal responsibility to protect the constitution.

    55. ccf says:

      Time for all solid citizens to wake up.

    56. chuck, wyoming says:

      this will roll over well, N O T, I call upon all veterns alone, remember our oath of enlistment, I, _______, DO SOLEMNLY SWEAR TO PROTECT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, FROM ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC.

      WE, have not been released from this oath, even after we were discharged from active duty. Anyone who violates the CONSTITUTION is an enemy of the UNITED STATES. Clearly it's time to stand up for our rights.

    57. Alison in Appomattox says:

      Once again, Barak HUSSEIN Obama, WE DEMAND YOUR RESIGNATION!

      Any representitives who support this pitiful excuse for a "Treaty", we the people, demand YOUR resignation ALSO! To quote Mr Spock from Star Trek: "The needs of the many(the American People), outweigh the needs of the few(the Whining Elitists claiming to REPRESENT the people)!

    58. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      We must remember that the Independence Revolution did not happen overnight. It had been smoldering for a long time. The British government piled on the Colonists with taxes and stationed troops to keep order and flex its mighty muscle. The country was divided. There were loyalists that did not think the British were tyrannical. Then, there were also freedom-loving revolutionaries that were vehemently against the shackles of taxation. There were many attempts right up to and beyond the shots fired in Lexington Common to petition the King peacefully to avoid conflict and to seek compromise. All were rebuffed.

      But, it came time to make a decision even though the country was still divided between the Loyalists and the Revolutionaries. The revolution was initially fought more as a civil war among the two factions of the colonists than the outright assault on the British army.

      The parallels between then and now are striking. The factions are different now but the process of subjugation is the same. The socialist faction spearheaded by Obama is bent on destroying America whose institutions and philosophies underpinning those institutions are rooted in our Founding, the US Constitution. There is no King of England now but the tyrannical assault on personal liberty and property rights are just the same. We petition the Congress to restore our Constitution and adhere to it, but to no avail. The federal government is trashing it on its way to assume dictatorial powers over the citizens. Our citizens are divided. Those that love freedom want to reduce the size of the government to the level of what was intended by our Founding Fathers. Then, there are those that want to align themselves with the governmental powers for their personal gains at the expense of those that want to get rid of the shackles. The government in an attempt to silence any opposition from the freedom loving segment, want to take away broadcast license and gun ownership. How many times do we have to be beaten over our heads before we say that we can not be subjugated.

      I read all the postings here. A lot of them are saying the same things that I am writing about. Many of them want to petition more. Some of them want to wait for the next election.

      But, we must face reality. The hoards in Washington DC want to be our slave masters. They want to tell you how you must live your life. They want to tell you how much of your hard labor you must submit to them as tribute for their benevolence. They will tell you how much energy you can use. They want to make sure you understand that your property that you have acquired is not yours but theirs. They want to own all the means of manufacturing, some directly but many indirectly through their agents. How long must we wait? Must we wait to see handcuffs on our hands and shackles on our legs to remind us as to whose property we belong to?

      Until and unless we are ready to stand up to face death in the spirit of Patrick Henry's call, "Give me liberty or give me death", we can not reverse the course that we are on. Are we ready to make sacrifice of any kind to provide for our children and grand children the joyous blessing of liberty? Many of us believe in God or Supernatural being, if you like. We must believe as the Founders believed that above all else, God wants us to be free so that we can fulfill our purpose in life. I am not saying it because I am somehow privy to what God's intentions are. I firmly believe in that concept as our births and bodies are all the same except for minor differences. No man can rule over another with his life in firm possession of the ruler. Individual liberty is the natural law.

    59. RUSS - OREGON says:

      What can the "losers" in this election do, besides wait for 2 or maybe 4 years and then try to undo the damage? For starters, buy a Ford not a GM or a Chevy. We don't need the government injecting politics into our choice of wheels. Bank with JP Morgan/Chase (WAMU), not one of the quasi government banks…or do you really want the government to go through your banking transactions? The sad reality is the thinking minority is being oppressed by the kool-aid drinking majority in the USA. Writing letters and "waving teabags", as BO dismissively refers to our tea party effort, is not going to get us anything. We need to use our money (and yes, the productive sector of society has most of it, not surprisingly) to send a message that the left understands.

    60. LW, Newport News VA says:

      My parents taught me how our great country was founded, the sacrifices made to secure freedom, and the morality of our founding fathers whose pledge of "our sacred honor" cost most of them their fortunes and some their lives or the lives of their families. As a small child, I regularly visited the original Jamestown site, Yorktown and Williamsburg, not far from our home. In school, however, I was taught just the opposite. Our founding fathers were, according to most of my teachers, a bunch of white guys out for themselves. Even in grammar school, I argued with them that we would not be free today were it not for these brave men.

      Now to have a president who is about to take it all away, including gun ownership rights, what is next? I hunt with a bow and arrow. Is he going to take those away too? Yeah, probably. They did it in England, and BO seems to be using the same European Socialist playbook.

      At 22, I am very concerned that my future children will not get the opportunity to grow up in a free country. I will be teaching them how "it used to be." And when I take them to visit Jamestown, Yorktown and Williamsburg, what am I to say? That this beautiful, wonderful place that was once a free America now exists only in imaginations.

      I agree with all the posts here and am ready to march with all of you to Washington. Let's do it.

    61. L.Dale Peters says:

      I wholeheartedly agree with J.C. Hughes of Texas who commented on May 7th 2009. We must speak up with truth and conviction; stand up and defend our Constitutional and God-given rights. If we do not, we have only ourselves to blame for the extreme loss that is about to be shoved onto us – and then what???

    62. Dick Ess Boston, Ma. says:


    63. dennis florida says:

      it seems to me,that we as voters,what ever side of politics we cling to,should stop arguing between ourselves and come together as americans and get this nut out of office while we still have an america. later on we can debate the issues.

    64. Ken, Portland OR says:

      Barry passed on National Prayer Day because the White House Laundry forget to clean his prayer rug!!!!!

      Remember…Obama lies…America dies!

    65. Scott-Green Bay says:

      It will be a cold day in H3ll before I register any of my firearms. It is time to charge the entire Federal Government (House, Senate, White House)with Treason and eliminate the Fedreal Reserve System. We are being ripped off. Is anyone aware the only reason we have inflation is due to the Federal Reserve System? Please go to wethepeoplefoundation.org to see who and what is being done to stop the Fed Gov selling us out to the UN.

    66. Larry, in the Republ says:

      I should have known my post would get scrubbed. If the truth gets out then both sides have no argument towards the middle!

    67. David E Aldridge, Da says:

      It looks like there are enough people who want to go to Washington and "inform" our "representatives" what "we the people" really means. Sept 17th sounds like a good day , anybody else up for a little visit?

    68. Reagan, Texas says:

      During the fall elections, I heard a lot of promises made by Obama. A friend kept telling me "I can tell he is lying, his lips are moving again." Mr. Obama's recent remarks remind me of another leader of a Western country:

      "For the first time, a civilized nation will have full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!" — Adolph Hitler, 1935

    69. Dave, Iowa says:

      Very well said everyone and to quote my late great president, Charlton Heston, the only way they will take my guns is to pry them from my COLD DEAD HANDS….. SEMPER FI !

    70. Graham, Ontario,Cana says:

      Guys I have to apologise I was so incensed that I made a few spelling mistakes. I cant believe that an elected president of the United States Of America who has sworn to uphold the constitution of The United States, would then try and take it apart. Not only does he attack the 2nd ammendment

      but then the 22nd. You can tell by the minions he has surrounded himself with that you are in trouble. You are the power in the world that has sacrificed her children to protect the weak of the world and this guy Obama is selling you out and mostly to the Muslim population of the world.

      Why would he spend over twenty million to bring Palestinian people into the States when he knows they are the enemy of the United States and are Hammas sympathisors. It appears that your President is actually your enemy. Just my 2cents.

    71. mike s says:

      Is it not time to recall this person acting to be our president?

    72. Carol C. Manassas Vi says:

      Criminals will always have guns. Gun control/bans disarm honest law abiding citizens. The thriving black market trade ensures a future to criminals. Criminals who will then know their victims are without guns making them even bolder and more dangerous. Larger scale… ? When the Government controls guns it’s another door open to Tyranny! Within the last century… preceding all 7 major genocides the public was methodically and meticulously disarmed. When U.S. personnel invade a foreign country, what’s the first thing they do? Confiscate guns and impose gun control. Why? To prevent the citizenry from resisting.

      “All too many of the other great tragedies of history – Stalin’s atrocities, the killing fields of Cambodia, the Holocaust, to name but a few – were perpetrated by armed troops against unarmed populations.“

      “If a few hundred Jewish fighters in the Warsaw Ghetto held off the Wehrmacht for almost a month with only a handful of weapons, six million Jews armed with rifles could not so easily have been herded into cattle cars.“

      Our freedoms can never be taken for granted. I’m neither fanatic nor paranoid just a student of history and a resposible gun owner.

    73. Stan ,Kansas says:

      Go ahead outlaw GUNS and only OUTLAWS will have GUNS !!!!!!!!!!! P S I,ll be one of them.

    74. TFT Boise says:

      Come take it, bring a friend!


    75. Dave Bonifay Fl. says:

      The time has come to face reality! what is happening is more the fault of the uninformed who belieive that a freebe is worth more than their freedom. Hitler did the same thing speach after speach to finally brain wash the people. Its easier here most don't have enough brains to see what B.O. (don't hold your nose) is doing to this country.Don't ever fly your flag upside down. get one and fly it high,AMERICA WILL NOT SURRENDER. GOD BLESS THE U.S.A.

    76. Mike, Denver says:

      Darn those REPUBLICANS like Dick Lugar! Who do they think they are? Democrats?

    77. Barbara Vetter - Bro says:

      Another nail in our collective coffin!

    78. Norma Ann Ipolito says:

      I am a 76 yr.old female and I am ready to march to washington with the rest of you (american) folk. let's do it.! getter done! if we don't as all of you have pointed out there will be (no free America)

      maybe as soon as this Year! Obama, is a disgrace to America and the Country he is supposed to defend. He does NOT. SIMPLY MAKES FUN OF IT.

      tHE ILLUMINATTI and the rest of these creeps Will ALWAYS HAVE!! IT WILL BE OUR'S THAT THEY HAVE. ADN!!! He can take his Socilialized Medicine and cram it. WHERE IS OUR BACK/BONE? STEP UP AMERICA WE ARE LL BUT SWALLOWED. There Is Still Time (IF) WE DO IT NOW!!!!!! NORMA



    79. Ross427, Nashville says:

      I can see it coming. A second Civil War. We would be fools to give up our right to carry firearms. As I wrote my Representative, "If I get mauled by a bear, because I can't carry a gun, it will be YOUR FAULT!"

      I don't know where Obama went to college to study the Constitution, but either he is illiterate, or he just didn't read it so that he could date!

      He is violating the Amendments of the Constitution so frequently that if it wasn't that he had a Democratic Senate / House, his butt would be up for impeachment!

      The only thing that can save the US is for him to leave office long before his term of election is over.

      My uncle fought for this country in WW II, Korea; Cousin Charles was killed in WW II, I served in Viet Nam era, and my son is serving in the Army now! Is it worth it? YES.

      However, the Congress / Representatives should be required to have served in the US military. Pick a branch.

      We got too many who don't have the foggiest idea what the military exists for, and how. If they had the training in the military, such as George H.W. Bush, Eisenhower, etc., then they would know what the heck they were doing!

      TN Hillbilly

    80. Ben Creech in Georgi says:

      The Constitution died 9 April 1865. Ole abe got his empire. The Gettysburg Address was window dressing.Ole abe lied when he said a government of the people, by the people and for the people. We have a government of a few,by a few,for a few.


    81. Sam in Arizona says:

      What can we do? Seems to me I remember that long ago my parents and others used the petition document to get things done or out of government. I think those things may well apply today. perhaps a legal mind can better explain that than I.

      Give up my guns, Like hell.. I spent 24 years 10 months and 21 days in the military to help protect that Constitution of ours; and there are many more out there like me, military, civil sevice, both federal and state; federal, state and local peace officers, and on and on..

      Our elected copngressmen should be taking a hard look at crap like this and outlawing it if teh prez signs it. They have an inherent responsibility to the people of America, not the president.

    82. Murray Martin, White says:

      Obama has taken the lead of the Canadian Liberal Opposition party leader Ignatiff.The Liberals introduced long gun registery in Canda decades ago but still law abiding long guns owners have defied the registery. Our present Conservative minority governement pledge to get rid of it.All former liberal leaders have voud to retain the registery. Gutless Liberal members have to follow the leader.

      My father and my grandfather along with all seven boys in my family have proudly worn the Canadian military uniforms for the sole reason "to live in a country that was born on freedom of every law abiding individual."Any elected represenative that does not understand this needs to be given a lesson in it's meaning at the next election.I hope all American legal gun owners remember the reason their men and women dawned their country's military uniforms.

      President Obama and is Canadian counterpart Liberal Party want all legal law abiding people to register their long guns. The question that we should all ask "for what reason"? A government that fears legal law abiding sporting guns should be feared itself!.

      Murray Martin

      Proud to be a law abiding Canadian gun owner

    83. Old Owl Courtenay B says:

      When one looks at our gutless Canadian United Nations history and see that they have increased genocide in Africa, – by their support of firearm confiscation from the innocent victims, – while looking the other-way as warlords arm their murdering minions, then ruthless genocide comes as no surprise.

      There are damn few men who are not willing to protect their family, providing they have armament to do so.

      When a non-caring, job seeking bureaucracy, is willing to allow global murders, then they and the Obama's must be stopped.

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