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  • The Ethanol Mandate – EPA Moves Ahead With Higher Energy and Food Prices and a Worse Environment

    Consumers already know that the federal government’s ethanol mandate is bad news, but the latest EPA proposal works out the gory details for the years ahead.

    Thanks to the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, increasing amounts of renewable fuels have to be added to the gasoline supply. Currently, the mandated amounts are 11 billion gallons for 2009, met mostly by corn based ethanol. The targets rise to 36 billion by 2022 and will have to include other as-yet not commercially viable alternatives like cellulosic ethanol. EPA’s proposal provides more specifics as to how this mandate will be met.

    Of course, the only reason these alternatives need to be mandated in the first place is because they are too expensive to compete otherwise. In 2008, even as gasoline was reaching record prices, the ethanol mandate made them even more expensive. In addition, the diversion of corn from food to fuel use raised the price not only of corn itself but related food items such as corn fed meat and dairy. That’s right – the government’s ethanol policy meant that it cost more to drive to the supermarket and cost us more once there. The pain will only get worse as the mandated amounts are ratcheted up.

    Increased ethanol is also backfiring environmentally – even many environmental groups have turned against it. EPA’s proposal documents concerns that ethanol could actually increase greenhouse gas emissions relative to gasoline and sets out requirements to avoid this counterproductive result. Of course, doing so would make an already costly alternative fuel even more expensive.

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    10 Responses to The Ethanol Mandate – EPA Moves Ahead With Higher Energy and Food Prices and a Worse Environment

    1. Alison in Appomattox says:

      Isn't Ethanol basic Moonshine? Is our government fueling themselves or themselves? I believe President Obama was asked once if he was "Punch Drunk".

    2. Paul Kizer Beckley, says:

      There is no pie in the sky like Obama and the Democrats are saying. Ethanol and Cap and Trade will crush our great nation and they will devistate elderly people living on fixed incomes. Viva Revolution; I would love to hear Elvis sing this song.

    3. Gerald H. Treffinger says:

      I think a barrel is 55 gallons. If so ,it takes 55gallons of fuel (gasoline) and enough corn to feed someone in sub-saharan Africa for a year to produce 55 gallons of ethanol which gives you 30% FEWER mph. That's our elected reps at work. Makes me proud to be an American.GHT

    4. TGOTCB says:

      Here's the sad truth. Everything this administration is doing will result in higher taxes, inflation, and job destruction. Most people are completely oblivious to these predictable truths and could care less because they are dependent upon the gov't for so much and expect to be taken care of. The age of dependency is upon us and the destruction of true democracy, true capitalism, and true freedom are being destroyed – rather than restored – right before our very eyes. It is truly amazing that this can be happening to our Country. I am not surprised at anything that this administration does – lies, double speak, cover ups, suppression, strong arming, etc. Chicago politics on steroids and nothing in the way to stop this dictatorship disgused as democracy.

    5. Ron Ford, Afton,OK says:

      Follow the money trail, it comes from the Ethanol industry(ADM), the farm belt groups. Then the money ends up pols pockets. The EPA is not going to fight Congress, thier budget comes with all these programs attached. No one cares about the taxpayers.

    6. Woody Pfister, St.Lo says:

      Ron Ford has it right. The midwestern states have their federal reps lined up at the trough for Ethanol dollars. The President may be from Chicago, but travel fifty miles South, East, and West from Hyde Part and that puts you in the corn belt.

      But because the economics on ethanol are so bad, there can never be enough federal money to subsidize it, just look at the angry reaction of the Ag industry and their elected reps to the EPA announcement.

    7. duelles, santa fe, n says:

      I will gladly allow for a change from ethanol to Corn Whiskey. I will gladly stay drunk for the next 3 years and few months until this man is voted out.

      Day after day the pain becomes more unbearable. His absolute rule from super Constitutional places, absolute disdain for our culture and history, absolute contempt for our economic values, absolute populist lies concerning his policies is driving me to the brink.

      I may be able to stay sober for a few more tea parties and the 2010 congressional elections.

    8. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      The whole thing is nuts! Ever try to light alcohol at twenty degrees or less? Haven't our Winters been getting colder?

      With the new, so called, Carbon Tax, that most every nut State is equalling, it will be cheaper to run your car on, "Ever Clear' Whiskey! Now we will have more and more U.S. citizens going to Canada or Mexico, not to buy medicine, but to buy Gasoline that works!

      The Global Warming/Green House hypothesis was totally disproven way back in 2005. I know the wheel of Government are slow, but that's turning backward! I suggest that whatever State that you are in, if your Elected Officials who have sworn an oath to represent you, endorce this foolishness, then when re-election comes up, vote for someone else! First ask them if they believe Crude Oil to be a Fossil Fuel. If they say yes, ask them why. Then explain to them, that for the past one hundred and fifty years it has been sientifically known that crude oil is made from two of the Earth's Mantle's two most common compounds, Calcium Carbonate and Iron Oxide. Placed 100 Kilometers down in the Mantle, under 1500 Earths Athmospheres pressure, at a temperature of 5,000 degree Centigrade. The liguid through the Earth's rotation, Centifical force, then comes close to the surface and pools.

      Same with Natural Gas. Also ask them if they were aware of the excitement at NASA's discover of Saturn's giant moon Titan, spewing out Methane Gas! Fossil Fuel? I don't Theenk so!


    9. Al, The Villages, Fl says:

      Ethenol was a bad idea to begin with and ought to be cancelled. We really should refuse to fund the energy dept until there is an energy policy in place to help drive where investment makes the most sense. We are heading for another energy crisis because of the policies of this administration, some of which, unfortunately, is by design.

    10. Jenn, St. Louis says:

      Wow, it's funny to hear people comment on how the current adminstration is doing a poor job and jeopardizing the well-being of domestic energy. I think people should try paying attention to the fact that most of this ethanol legislation was pushed by Republican politicians in the Grain Belt long before anyone knew who Obama was. In fact, it was your prior president that led the changes in renewable fuel initiatives. Plus, the farm program has long since been dominated by the ag giants of the world anyway. How do you think the current farm program came to be? They (the major agricultural companies) have more to do with the price of your food than anything else. It's also amusing to hear this group discuss how energy-inefficient ethanol is and how we're wasting time with it. The irony is that Brazil started producing ethanol, at a loss, in the early-80's and now dominate the industry (not to mention Brazil's emergence as an agricultural leader). Meanwhile, we've fallen behind and had to deal with $140 crude oil last summer. Look, it's going to be expensive to get renewable programs up and running and will take time and hardship to accomplish it. I don't know about you, but as a young adult, I'm willing to struggle a bit to ensure my kids never have to worry about Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Russia, or any of the other "holders of the folders" when it comes to crude oil. Evolution is always a painful process and only the strong will survive. So are you going to keep complaining about how stupid this transition is, or are you going to come up with the next innovation that will free us from foreign oil? I know what my answer is…

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