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  • School Choice Rally In DC: "Put Kids First!!"

    Today in Washington, DC there was a rally for School Choice organized by DC Children F1rst. From Marion Berry to concerned parents to popular R&B recording artists, the message to lawmakers was clear – Put Kids First! What is also clear, is that by effectively killing the Opportunity Scholarship Program will put kids last.

    The rally overall was very postive because the kids and parents were happy with their education. Why take that away from them?

    Heritage expert Dan Lips has more about this event on The Corner.

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    18 Responses to School Choice Rally In DC: "Put Kids First!!"

    1. Lew Richards , Palm says:

      Seems Obama paid notice to this protest, he changed his mind (again) on the Voucher program for D.C. . Sure wish he would change his mind on being a STATIST–he is destroying America as we speak( or rather as we DO NOT Speak}–SHAME on US!!

    2. Jason, Georgia says:

      What a shame that politics should take away these kids' chance at a good life. It's a sad day for freedom of choice and our education system. Thanks to unions, the rights of the teachers are put ahead of the education of our children.

    3. ozzy6900 says:

      From the pictures and the faces therein, the Left doesn't look too good right now!

    4. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      Where are the Republican Congressional members and why are they not at the rally? That is the reason why Republicans don't have any credibility.

    5. Barb -mn says:

      Obama will come riding up on his black or white (not sure what is pc) stallion and save the day. All will be forgotten and everybody loves Obama.

      What type of leader would create a crisis?

      Only to take full credit if and when there is any…

      He can't be trusted, his actions and words are hideous and pronounced lies! Don't fall for him.

    6. jim wilemon says:

      Hey, the kids didn't put any money in Democrat coffers and the unions did. Obviously the unions are smarter and more important than a bunch of kids or their parents.

    7. Jim Blackwell, Houst says:

      I see rhetoric but no action when it comes to improving our schools. It breaks my heart to see bright and optomistic kids not be given opportunities to reach their potential because some policy maker might lose their power and influence.

      It is time to pull out all the stops and give vouchers a chance. The current system has been failing for years, with plenty of funding.


      Jim Blackwell

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    11. Sharon, Lubbock, TX says:

      Obama changed his stance on this issue only enough to extend the voucher program for those children already enrolled in this program, and only until they graduate. There will be no new enrollees allowed. The program is still effectively dead. How sad for us as a nation, that our President ignores what works in order to repay obligations to those (Unions) who elected him.

    12. ROBERT T. DAVIS says:


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    14. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Children First? Since when? Not in the Twentieth nor the Twenty First Centurys have the Children come first! At least not since WW!!. As first in the long line of Baby Boomers, as children, we were told the same things by our teachers and our Governments, Education is the only answer! Higher education is the Best and only answer! From the First grade one this was indoctrinated into us. And we and our parents bought it, hook, line and sinker.

      The ,"Truth", was written in the Fifties in a book called the, "War Babies." The problem then, same as now, was that there was a disproportionate amount of children born, a double amount from the previous years, for a period lasting twenty years. The result for those who starting first grade through High school, we were never in a school that was not being built, or added to. Our Senior Graduation numers were three times the size of the previous years Class of '64'.

      Going to College in Ashland, Oregon, the previous years four year sstudent body was a total of 1250+. 2,400+ Freshman came in the Fall of sixty five. We were placed in Hotels, mtels, had classses on lawns, in gyms, basements, anywhere you could gather a hundred to two hundred sudents for a lecture. We didn't think of it as odd, as from the Fist Grade on, our Class sizes were between forty and fifty students.

      Back to the Book,"War Babies". What it fortold, acutally happened. With such a large amount of people entering the 'Job Market" between 1965 and 1969, there were no jobs! Period! There was Vietnam for those who couldn't go to College and for those who were done with College. But still no base jobs such as manufacturing to build services jobs on.

      Now we have the same thing happening, except the number of Students is larger, due to the proportion of the 'Baby Boomers having children and Grand Children.

      This time the Economy was based on house building, something that Alaska is very familiar with, known to them as the 5 to 7 year Boom and Bust Cycle. Things happen quicker there, but the same thing happened here! No more jobs in base manufacturing, no more service jobs! The Government knew it would happen, so they created edicts to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the Banks, basically saying, "Do not validate anything on anyone's credit application, or lose your FDIC!" Extended the time frame, such as Vietnam did, but that's all.

      The facts are we need down to Earth, no , "Pie in the Sky", real jobs, here and right now! Jobs that are available immediately, without need of Fedueral Funding, or any Outside Nation's funding.

      We need to say to the rest of the World, "Look, we produce less polution than the best of you could even dream of if you were to shut down. So we are going to keep on minig and using Coal. We are going to keep on drilling for and using OIL. We are going to keep on drilling for and using NATURAL GAS. We will build our own refineries and our own storage. We will sell to ourselve's first and cheaper than anyone else. We have always come to the aid of any Nation who was in need, yet few have ever come to ours. From now on, we help our friends only. The rest of you are on your on. Especially you Mexico! You have never come to the aid of anyone in the World. You just take and take, and blame everyone else for your problems. Well they are your problems, so you fix it! We are Americans and we take care of our own at ANY COSTS! Any costs. Any costs.


    15. Sharon Georgia says:

      What a disgrace that the democrats tout themselves as for the poor but this decision showed they are only for themselves. Our children should not be politcal pawns of this administration. Obama is a disgrace and tarnishes the position of President. Years from now history will show that Obama was nothing more than a puppet of the extrimist left.

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    17. John Clancy, Wyandot says:

      There is a fundamental problem in our country that has grown over the years as we move to the left: government schools and universities. They prepare students–mostly by ignoring our particular history and the history of western civilization from which we come. This miseducation promotes an electorate that is losing its unique heritage. The whole idea of a free society, for which our fathers died, is lost upon us. The present administration finds this to their liking. They don't want a truly educated citizenry, and this includes minorities like the children in D.C. THEY, the elites, will take care of everything. Freedom in education for them (and the NEA) doesn't fit their totalitarian template.

    18. TGOTCB says:

      Mainstream media has ignored this issue. It highlights the two-faced, back-stabbing, flip-flopping policies of the current administration. No conviction to princples. Wait until there is a major event affecting national security. They will screw it up big time because they are are afraid to offend anyone and try to please everyone. America growing weaker every day because of this "leadership" ——– what a farce.

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