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  • Morning Bell: Surrender Does Not Work

    According to Rasmussen Reports, 60% of U.S. voters are now very concerned about the security of nuclear weapons in Pakistan. That number is up 15 points from last August. And they have every right to be concerned. Facing internal pressure from the Pakistan People’s Party, President Asif Ali Zardari approved a deal with the Taliban last month that allowed the establishment of Islamic Sharia law in the Swat region of the country. The results were predictably disastrous.

    The government’s capitulation to the Taliban followed the group’s campaign of violence and intimidation, which included the bombing of dozens of girls’ schools, murder of women who declined to stop work, and public beheadings of those accused of spying. The surrender of Swat to the militants occurred despite the overwhelming vote in favor of the secular political party Awami National Party (ANP) in the February 2008 elections.

    Just one week after President Zardari approved the Swat Valley peace agreement, the Taliban took over the neighboring district of Buner. Western media reports indicate local residents of Buner initially were prepared to counter the Taliban but were discouraged by the Government’s agreement to concede Swat. A local politician told reporters that “When the (central) government showed weakness, we too stopped offering resistance to the Taliban.” The Pakistani military eventually took back Buner, but unless the civilian and military leadership demonstrate they are willing to defend their people against militant intimidation and violence, the Taliban will again try to encroach on other areas of Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province.

    President Barack Obama is meeting today with both President Zardari and Afghan President Hamid Karzai to follow up on the new AfPak strategy he unveiled on March  27th. President Obama supports a vast increase in non-military assistance to the Pakistani people, but also explained that the U.S. would no longer provide a “blank check” to the Pakistani military and would expect more cooperation in combating the Taliban and other extremist groups. The question is, what conditions should the U.S. place on aid to Pakistan? Heritage fellow Lisa Curtis details what benchmark is the most important:

    The U.S. Congress should condition future military assistance to Pakistan on Islamabad’s efforts to fight terrorism and permanently break the links between its security services and elements of the Taliban and other extremist groups. Conditioning military assistance to Pakistan is necessary to demonstrate that the U.S. will not tolerate dual policies toward terrorists–and that there will be consequences for Pakistani leaders if elements of the security services provide support to terrorists. Conditioning military aid is not an ideal solution … But from Washington’s perspective, the U.S. must seek to ensure that U.S. aid is not perversely contributing to undermining U.S. objectives in Afghanistan.

    If we want to ensure Afghanistan does not again become a safe haven for terrorists, we need to prevent hard line Islamists who support international terrorism from dominating the country. The re-doubling of U.S. efforts in Afghanistan should help convince Pakistanis that America will not repeat its past mistake of turning its back on South Asia like it did in the early 1990s. This fateful decision still haunts U.S.-Pakistani relations and perpetuates a debilitating distrust between our two countries.

    There is growing recognition by U.S. officials, however, that Pakistan’s contacts with these groups go beyond “keeping tabs” on them and may involve some Pakistani security officials supporting, and even guiding, the terrorists in planning their attacks and evading coalition forces.

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    27 Responses to Morning Bell: Surrender Does Not Work

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:



      I am

      Obeying the LAWS

      Paying my taxes

      Investing in Soc Sec

      Investing in Medicare

      Telling the TRUTH ABOUT WHAT OBAMA

      IS DOING.

      Working to get the $$$ out of Politics

      Working to get dissenters to be FAIR

      NOT Watching Fox News

      Not believing ALL that is in the WSJ

      Pointing out the Hypocrisy of the GOP and Cs

      Working the get the Heritage Foundation to be FAIR

      Trying to end outsourcing

      What are YOU doing?


      Ken Jarvis


    2. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Strong representative leadership is essential to keeping the peace. Otherwise, all you get is hostile mob rule. Appeasing agressive self-serving groups does not work. Basically, it's a matter of heading the bad guys off at the pass to end the reign of terror.

    3. jake says:

      Thank You obama for destroying the SAFETY of the United States.

      We have had it obama with your bold face lies.

      Every day obama your incompetence comes out more.

      Senators and Congressman you have failed the last 25 years now you have to stop the pilfrage of the taxpayers rights and the protection of the United States. Stopobama before obama gets us all killed.

    4. MAS1916 - Denver, CO says:

      Obama's naive world view could cause a catastrophe here. Changing America's image abroad to that of a more collaborative peace partner, indicates a willingness to de-prioritize strength and force. The Taliban have correctly read Obama's weakness and have seized the moment to start taking land and controlling people. They will soon have leverage to severely influence if not take over the rest of Pakistan.

      Obama's trouble is rooted in reliance on words over action. As an attorney, talking is the objective itself; achieving a goal other than negotiating (like driving the Taliban back to the Stone Age) is not considered realistic. Al Qaeda understands Obama's dedication to talking and is all too willing to keep the US President on that path.

      On top of this, Team Obama has overused individual words such as 'dialogue,' 'inherited,' and others. These have begun to take on new definitions. International 'dialogue' used to mean an exchange of ideas. It currently means allowing someone like Daniel Ortega to lie and deliver anti-American diatribes that go uncorrected. The Taliban are just following the path Ortega established; they can keep pushing with force because Obama will just sit there and wait for someone to talk with. Words were Obama's great asset, but they are turning into his greatest liability.

      For a lighter look at some of Obama's overused words like 'inherited,' 'Hope and Change' and others you can hit:

    5. Don R Lynch, Merrill says:

      Someone with a Strong Voice in the Conservative Movement needs to ruffle some feathers in order to get the ball rolling on the 2010/2012 political seasons; here's what I believe: I'm a political Conservative; I'm not a Republican or a Democrat

      (though of late I've been voting mostly Republican), I'm 72 years old, a retired Air Force Captain and a Vietnam Veteran (read Right Wing Extremist !!!)

      In MY opinion,

      The future of the Conservative movement and the Republican Party IS NOT Mike Huckabee (we don't need a preacher for President), Newt Gingrich (we don't need a Teacher for President), Mit Romney, Jeb Bush or Especially John McCain, Rudy Giulian or Pat Buchanan; they are all too personally ambitious, too ego-centric and too OLD! They have too much

      baggage and are too connected to the OLD Republican Party. The REAL Future is with the Dynamic Young New Conservative Leaders like Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindahl, Eric Cantor and others of like calibre. Too many Conservatives, Republicans, Blue Dog Democrats and Independents voted for Obama because he offered change; unfortunately, his change is taking America down the wrong path. The Conservatives (GOP) MUST offer these groups Better Alternatives – Better Candidates if we hope to limit Obama to four years.

      The Future of Conservatism lies with our American youth! The GOP MUST STOP rewarding old party stalwarts by making them candidates; the GOP doesn't need Party Faithfuls, the GOP needs LEADERS ! Naturally, I have no idea what bright

      young GOP candidates there are out there. MY personal favorite at this time is Sarah Palin; she has proven herself to be a Real Leader, a Republican Pied Piper who is capable of generating REAL grass roots support if the aforementioned

      ego-centric, self-styled Front Runners will get out of her way and subvert their own personal ambitions to the good of this Great Nation and provide support for Sarah. Why do the Democrats spend so much time and effort attacking her ?

      Because they are AFRAID of her potential; they recognize what a challenge she would be for them. Regardless, the next leaders of the GOP MUST come from the ranks of Dynamic Young Republican Leaders and the Heritage Foundation needs to emphasize that fact NOW.


      Don R Lynch

      Merrill, Michigan


    6. Jim@Redding,CA says:

      We are witnessing the destruction of the

      USA as we see the results of what happens

      when "one nation under God" rejects Him in

      every aspect of its life. Yes, even the

      so-called "Christian" church that has also

      turned away from knowing God's word to a

      "touchy-feely" ministry in order to avoid

      the "unsavory" aspects of biblical teach-

      ing such as man's sinful nature, eternal

      damnation, and even WHY Jesus' sacrifice

      was God's love for His creation.


    7. Nelia, Fountain Hill says:

      Agree totally Don R. Lynch. I consider myself a Traditionalist in that we need to return to those precepts in order to bring our nation back to our forebear's intent. In addition I favor a limit of 2 terms for all congress persons to prevent them making public "service" a career

      on the public largesse.

    8. Dave3200, P. Springs says:

      We all need to stop blaming Obama for the incompetence of the current administration and Congress. It is not his fault. The thoughts and actions are not his own. His strings are pulled from behind the scenes by people out of the public eye. Let's face it, Obama can read and deliver a speech better than most. But, ask yourself, who wrote the speech? Who directed the speechwriter? Whose incompetence are we witnessing? Certainly not Obama's. He only says and does what he's told.

    9. Judy Grimes, Oklahom says:

      History has proven that agreements between countries are sometimes not worth as much as the paper in which they are written. Let's not forget the Warsaw Agreements…. Our country and the world is experiencing unprecidented danger. We need protection and security, not promises.

    10. Phil Davis says:

      If the nuclear weapons come under Taliban control, then I believe we can expect some future attempt by Terrorists to try and set off a device in some western region of the world. I hope intelligence forces are on top of this and ready to move if these weapons should be close or subject loss. The loss would make the world a much more dangerous place to live in. Does the world trade sovereignty for lives?

    11. NYstatehome says:

      I think Obama is more then just naïve, he’s also fairly stupid to under estimate our enemies in this world. He always seems to think that he’s the smartest man in every room. He’s not (I’ve seen his IQ score 122) and by underestimating how far they will go to destroy the United States of America, gives them the upper hand. He appears to be more concerned with his image and why isn’t everyone drooling at his feet. They are playing him the fool and it appears he doesn’t care. Yet he still doesn’t get it. Just by calling them a different name (which seems to be a theme in his administration) doesn’t remove the intent from our enemies. They could care less what Obama calls them whether it’s enemy combatants, Islamic terrorist or Muslim Extremist for the friendlier, feel good name of Overseas Contingency Operators doesn’t change their need for destruction, murder and killing. The only persons who seems to believe that, is him.

      So, let's have another summit and after all the wheeling and dealing, we'll have a group hug and sing Kumbaya as the US press records this greatest moment in world history. The Castro's will build the fire, Hugo Chavez will bring the marshmallows, Omar al-Bashir volunteered to bring the graham crackers, and Robert Mugabe will bring the chocolate. Kim Jong-il will bring the jiffy-pop popcorn; Vladimir Putin said he’d bring the hot dogs; Sayyid Ali KhamEnei will bring the hot dog rolls. Obama will bring the Kool-aid. Bon Appetite!

    12. michael hutchings says:







    13. Mike Sirianni, Lakew says:

      I agree with D. R. Lynch and his thoughts on the direction of the conservitive movement. I was put on the moveon.org email list and can't unsubscribe. I have learned something from it. They have great "calls to action" all of the time. I disagree with most of their positions, however not a week goes by where they don't ask me to call or email my senator/representative and tell them to vote this way or that. This engages their members, especially the younger demographic. The conservative movement NEEDS this to be competitive and rebuild passion. The Heritage Foundation is a BRILLIANT source for information. I am so glad I joined. We need passion and ACTION from the conservative base. We need to get the youth engaged. We can stop this trip down the road to ruin. We can rebuild a two party system and take back our country. However we can not do it from the sidelines.

    14. Ben C, Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Obeying the LAWS – yes

      Paying my taxes – not optional

      Investing in Soc Sec – not optional and I must match what my emplyees pay

      Investing in Medicare – not optional and I must match what my employees pay

      Telling the TRUTH ABOUT WHAT OBAMA

      IS DOING. – amen – and what he is not doing

      Working to get the $$$ out of Politics – we both agree

      Working to get dissenters to be FAIR – on both sides

      NOT Watching Fox News – I watch it all the time and believe half of it.

      Not believing ALL that is in the WSJ – pretty objective reporting

      Pointing out the Hypocrisy of the GOP and Cs – same can be said for liberals

      Working the get the Heritage Foundation to be FAIR – they make no bones about their position

      Trying to end outsourcing – make hiring US citizens profitable and outsourcing will end in a heartbeat

      What are YOU doing? – reading and listening to as much information as I can find. I am an employer who is trying to keep his employees paid. I am a husband and father trying to make ends meet. If I am left alone by Uncle Sam I should be ok. I my business is taxed anymore it will be a differnt story.

      My question for Ken: How do you make your living and why do you want a Nanny State?

    15. Ben C, Ann Arbor, MI says:

      My recommendation for fellow bloggers is to read the book "Unveiling Islam." After reading this book the agenda of radical Islam is crystal clear.

    16. Bob R Geologist, Tuc says:

      The intent of religion as a guide to mans' behavior towards one another long ago lost its value. Small minded zealots have used religion to control the masses using methods of unspeakable cruelty. It has happened in all religions and Islam is our current example. What is untenable in the modern world is the baggage of ignorance and superstition religion seems inextricably saddled with from ancient times. All we need to get along is the Golden Rule. Let the scientists and philosophers figure out whether or not the Big Bang was just a cosmic accident.

    17. David Sayers, NC says:

      Hello Komrades,looks like Chairman Obama is in somewhat of a pickle. Unless he can find someone who knows what their doing that can tell him what to say and do,he just might start slding down that slippery slope. If you put Obama,Reed,Pelosi,

      Frank and the rest of his gang together there is not a whole lot of brain cells among them. Obama and his bozo brigade are going to get more of us killed. He doesn't have the knowledge,experience or the backbone to do what needs to be done when it comes to islamic murdering thugs. He is on a mission to weaken this country and make it a socialist state. For this he should be impeached,but again nobody has the backbone to even suggest it. It's about to get very interesting and quite frankly somewhat frightening. And Komrade Ken,if you keep watching state run television, your brain will start turning to liquid.

    18. Dave Solomon, Texas says:

      The very worst enemies of this country right now are, Obama, Eric Holder, Rahm Emanuel and Geithner. They are on a path to destroy everything out country was founded on. Please let them be impeached.

    19. John Rosina, Bordent says:

      Dear CC & HF; Sorry if my response today did not suit your take on things, but I do offer parallels, I suppose, that anger many, even if they are the truth. Smart block on your part!

      As to Ken Jarvis' question "What have you done for America"? I think Ken should know you showed up to add your 2 cents on health care in America at the Baucus hearings.

      I assume you were well pleased that "single payer" voices were excluded from the Baucus health care caucus. Sometimes we must just admit the majority of Americans should be ignored and Freedom of Speech be damned, or at least rationed, huh!

      Further irony resides in your recent articles detesting all things Obama-Health Care. Especially since we now see how entrenched our liberals and conservatives are with the corporate health care types.

      See below quote from Ralph Nader on this hearing, or block it.


      "Ralph Nader"

      “Baucus crafted a hearing to kick off the health care debate in the Senate yesterday where 15 witnesses would be at the table to discuss health care reform.

      The insurance industry was at the table.

      The Business Roundtable was at the table.

      The U.S. Chamber of Commerce was at the table.

      Blue Cross Blue Shield was at the table.

      The Heritage Foundation was at the table.

      And corporate liberals like Andy Stern, Ron Pollack, and AARP were at the table.

      But not one person who stood for what the majority of Americans, doctors, nurses, and health economists want – single payer – was at the table.

      Not one.”

      The eight MD's and Lawyers who tried to be heard in favor of single payer were flatly denied and escorted away. Hmmmm.

      Freedom and Justice for All!!!

    20. ella quinn kinston n says:

      Dave i think obama knows what he is doing. He is loving every mintue of everything he does.He does not care about us or our country.He only cares about power and he loves people who belives he is the mighty one. Only god is the almighty one.I think bobby j. or tim p. would be a possibilty for future president.Ken i dare you to watch fox news YOU MIGHT LEARN THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR DEMOCRATIC PARTY.You are getting a little bold in your words now.Get even bolder with the truth next time.Watch sean h.

    21. Ed Brown - Louisvill says:

      Our Nobel Peace Prize winning ex-President, Jimmy Carter, along with the two Senators from Massachusetts, Kennedy and Kerry, should be tried for treason and there are plenty of reasons for this trial to become a reality. The intrusions into Foreign Policy by Kennedy talking with the KGB during the Carter and Reagan Presidencies. However, let us deal with Jimmy Carter first since the leftist legacy began with him, in large part.

      It is not just his policy of appeasement and his attempts to turn militant Islam into a tool of foreign policy, but together with his portentous national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, who by the way is now an Obama advisor, they created an international network, with secretly authorized funds of $500 million, that would serve to spread Islamism in Central Asia and therefore “destabilize” the Soviet Union. The CIA called this “Operation Cyclone,” and in the following years poured over $4 billion into setting up Islamic training schools in

      Pakistan (hence the “Taliban” movement, which means “student”). The result of their opprobriums has been considerably more formidable than “a few stirred up Muslims.” iamspartucus

    22. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      Obama administration will be a disaster. You already see it taking shape. Violence in Iraq is increasing with announced withdrawal of the US forces. Taliban has control of NW Pakistan. Afghanistan is shaky at best with no clear path to freedom. Obama is threatening the Pakistani leader about aid cut off if he doesn't toe the line. Keep destabilizing the region and Pakistan will fall into the hands of Taliban with all the nuclear weapons and delivery system intact. I hope Obama has instructed his teleprompter to prepare a good speech when one of those bombs go off here or elsewhere in the world. With India drawn into the conflict, it could become a major conflagration. At that point, what do you think N.Korea will do with its nuclear weapons?

    23. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      Surrender of Republican values didn't work very well either. I think I see a pattern here. Religion has civilized the Earth not the other way around. The same tricks that destroyed the Christian Religion are now being used to destroy America. Sure enough, given a choice between a Socialist and a Communist the Americans voted in the Commie. We have surrendered in the Cold War, just now, so then say again, WHO WON THE COLD WAR?

    24. Proud citizen says:

      And the beat goes on, but people have their heads in the clouds watching American Idol and Dancing with the Stars and are oblivious as to what's happening in the world. You wonder what's next and it's scary. God bless Amreica!

    25. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      This administartion is showing their ignorance more each day. Our so called president has said that he believes talking will solve the problem. Well it will not work in this case. These people beleive we are evil to the highest degree, and the only way to deal with them is to comvince them they mean less to us than we do to them. War is hell, it can not be fought in the way the dems and liberals want to. The CIA has been condemed at each move, we are being told we are no better than the taliban or the terroist, talking is only trying to bring them up to our level,IT CAN NOT BE DONE, AS THEY HAVE NO DESIRE TO COME UP. We must deal with them in a way they understand, violence and destruction will only lead to their destruction and it will be done in a quick manner. When will the American people get this through their thick heads?????

    26. Tenn Slim, Tenn says:


      The biggest problem, less the actual Islamic Threat, is if and this is a dreadful if, the Taliban,or one of thier subverted cells, gets thier hands on the Pakistan Nuclear stock of warheads. Logistically, this is difficult, if not and I hope impossible. However, covert ops, Islamic cells operatives, could, under cover the conflict, steal a substantial amount of Nuclear waste, Nuclear materials for use across the globe.

      The prevention of this, falls into the hands of the CIA, Mossad and other like agencies. We have a risk here, and it needs to be addressed.


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