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  • Video: Liberals Crush Hope In Education Reform

    As this video makes clear, the dulcet tones of President Obama’s education policy may have been music to the ears of liberals and some conservatives alike, but the D.C. voucher issue has proven that the President’s grand declaration about how Education Secretary Arne Duncan should make decisions is merely vapid rhetoric.

    Heritage has covered this issue well. Read a history of the successful program by Heritage Scholar Dan Lips here, a fact sheet here, and several blog posts here.

    We recently wrote on the Foundry:

    The Department of Education knows [the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program] works. Parents know the program works. Children certainly know the program works.
    Why won’t the President and Congress let it work?


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    13 Responses to Video: Liberals Crush Hope In Education Reform

    1. Claudia L - Ontario, says:

      My heart breaks for these families – our president just doesn't seem to get it (long as he gets his, the rest of us can eat "cake")…

    2. Larry in Texas says:

      Well let's say that "We the People" opt to pay for these parents to thumb their nose at public education, which by the way is quite possibly being subsidized by another neibhoring "wealthy" school district. The question I ask now is-"Where is the 18 million dollars for my girls to go to a private/exclusive educational facility?" There's drugs and violence showing up at EVERY campus accross this Nation! I would say that if you have trash on your porch- sweep of your own porch! When the people of DC realize that the mess they are in is their mess to deal with, then they will experience the pride and ownership of their own destiny. I've said it MANY times before on these forums. The "district" is not a city, town, or state-it is a "district" created by the founding fathers as a "district" for employees of the Senate and House Representatives to reside until such time as their service to the Federal Government has ceased.Then they should be compelled to GO BACK HOME to their respective States. D.C. was never intended to be policed or governed by any entity except for the federal government proper. How in the world do we keep gettin' drug into this redundant "quest for preferential treatment" by those in the "Disrtict" of Columbia? I pay State, County and Munincipal School taxes here where I live. "I" elect the School Board and control what gets taught to my girls and "I" also determine whether or not we have one police officer on campus, or more, if the thugs think they can get a grip with fewer police! Try takin' responsibility for your own future, or better yet, move back to your home State, before demanding that the rest of us "ALSO pay" to educate your child,PLEASE! I'm not hatin'-I'm just Statin', like a Statesman should!

    3. Mike McLean, VA says:

      This is just about paying the unions back for their support during Obama's campaign. Clearly the president's political debts are far more important than educating a few kids!

    4. MaryAnn, USA says:

      President Obama does not care about these people, their children or any people or children in the country. Obama is all about power and control. It warms my heart to see people who who chanted "yes we can", who worked to get this radical leftist elected, begin to wake up to exactly who he is, and what he intends for this country.

    5. Becky Wiggins, Texas says:

      I don't mind a few of my precious tax dollars going to a program like this, because it is one of the few ways that we have of driving home the seriousness of the problem with our public school system AND how alternatives can do the job properly. Just throwing more money at public schools is obviously not the answer. Eliminating this program is just another example of eliminating a "voice" of opposition to the teacher unions. Ms. Ford, it SHOULD be about the kids and not political, but that is not reality. In general, democrats want to keep you and your kids beholden to the government and their institutions, and republicans want people to have the freedom of individualism. As a mother, my heart aches for these parents and their children. I know what the children are in for when they return to public schools. I took money out of my retirement when my children were growing up to send them to private school. Not everyone has that option, but I was glad that I did. People thought that I was crazy, but my investment has paid off. I just hope that people for whom this is THE most important issue that they remember this when they go to the voting booth next time. I could have told these people that the democrats, beholden to the teacher's unions, will never back any kind of school choice.

    6. Larry in Texas says:

      Mike , I agree that the Obamanator has to refill the Union COFFERS, or else sleep with the fish, as Raum "Dead Fish" Emanuel would say!However the facts just keep pointing to the people of the "District" of Columbia expecting, no, as evidenced by that video-DEMANDING, that our Honorable leader repay their vote by giving away 18 million MORE dollars of our "PAID IN FULL" taxes to send their kids to an elite educational facility. Aside from the fact that their compelling argument is that there are 4 requests for every ONE available voucher, the question of equality among the students then rears it's ugly head! You know, the questions like "Why did THEIR boy get a voucher and MY BABY GIRL didn't?" You see my point? The way that affirmitive action laws read, you must make the same offer available to ALL those who "MAY" be affected or else suffer at the hands and pressures of the ACLU,ACORN,NAACP and so on and so on and so on. By the way, aren't DC schools already on a Socialist, I mean "single PAYER" system?

    7. Kent, Virginia says:

      Amen to the comment about payback to Unions. Ditto the Bailouts. Look at who got the money — those who helped Obama buy the Presidency!

      Follow the money!

    8. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      The Federal Government has no business being in education at all! Education is a State's Right. All this is the culmination of one hundred years of Progressive regression. Welcome to the USSA.

    9. Nyle, New York says:

      This is all about Obama paying back his leftwing allies in the teachers unions. As are many of his other programs like bailing out Detroit and turning ownership of Chrysler to the UAW. As long as many people keep voting solely with feelings instead of looking at candidates past voting records and history.

      We'll keep getting leftwing liberal tax and spend policies that will ultimately bankrupt this Country and take us from a nation that can really say "Yes, we can." To a nation of no we can't because we are simply broke.

    10. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      How do those hypocrites in the Congress and the White House sleep at night or look at the faces of kids when they deny such a basic opportunity for the poor kids to excel in school and in life?

      I am extremely disappointed that the Republican Party leaders in Congress do not come to the aid of those kids by making a big stink about racism in the Democrat Party.

    11. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      Charter Schools are competition for those who are


    12. Orville, Texas says:

      Well I President Obama considered this to be a pork barrel project, or government waste. It would not benefit kids, was not a good program. Well what ever, no one will do anything about this. We have an administration that believes they can do anything they want to benefit the common good. They (Democrats and President Obama have an agenda, that does not at this time include using this crisis to help these kids and has denied a promise already made, what more needs to be said. WE THE PEOPLE, HAVE BEEN CONNED.

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