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  • No More Blaming Bush

    Under the header “It’s All On Obama Now” Los Angeles Times columnist Peter Nichols writes:

    Every president inherits a tangle of problems from his predecessor. War and recession, natural disaster and foreign crises. And for some undefined interval, new presidents argue that they should not be accountable for the troubles that arose on another’s watch.

    But inevitably, responsibility shifts. And for Obama, that time came last week, bringing both greater opportunities and greater risks.

    On the economy, Obama won approval Wednesday of a $3.5-trillion budget plan that aims to help pull the country out of the worst recession in decades. It also smooths the way for one of the president’s signature domestic priorities — overhauling the nation’s healthcare system.

    At the same time, the budget projects a whopping $1.2-trillion deficit in 2010, undercutting Obama’s ability to bemoan Bush-era red ink.

    “It is now absolutely his economy,” said Paul Light, a New York University professor who specializes in presidential transitions. “I don’t think that the public will continue to believe that this was all George W. Bush’s doing. And every day that goes by, it becomes more Obama’s than Bush’s.”

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    24 Responses to No More Blaming Bush

    1. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      The hostile left will always deflect blame toward Bush regardless of who's at the wheel. Their hatred of Bush has long been nurtured by unsupported claims of incompetence and abuse.

    2. Steve -- Fort Myers, says:

      Our economic woes rest solely on the shoulders of the American people who continue to tolerate the outrageous behaviours of both the Democrats and Republicans.

      There is a pattern of corruption that runs through both parties and which has left America in its present dilemma. While the commentators are busy placing blame on Bush or Obama for largely political reasons, the American people are being punished for their complacency.

      America and Americans need to relearn individuality and self-sufficiency. We should start by bringing the jobs, factories and industries back to America so as our nation can get off the goverment and the world dole and go back to doing productive jobs. Without self-sufficiency and real work, we will continue to fail as an economy and eventually as a nation!

      Throw out all the politicians and begin anew with statesmen who know the difference between true economic progress and absurd eliist policies such as "too big to fail"; who understand America was built by the hard work of Americans and not by importing goods and services from foreign countries; who acknowledge the detrimental effects of relying on foreign countries to fund our deficits; who exercise the limited powers of the US Constituition as was intended; and who place the interests of the American people ahead of the lobbyists and special interests!

    3. Marsha, Wheeling WV says:

      I agree the time to blaming Bush is over.

      The issue with Bush's problem is that he was not a physical conservative. He was a very good National Security administrator which I believe his administration will be credited.

      As for spending, his administration out spent any President prior to his tenure. Now, we have the worst of all Worlds a President (President Obama) who has spent more than the previous 43 presidents.

      From my understanding it actually is the out of control congress that is spending it.

      I don’t see in Section II where the President has dominion over Country’s finances unless the congress has abdicated their authority. Congress through convenience deflects the idea that the money issues were the sole responsibility of the President when it is the legislators fault. They cloak their lie into the Executive to preserve their seats in Congress every two years.

      We the people need to quit focusing on the Executive branch and start looking at the legislative branch. Our own representatives who should be responding to us and don’t because 90% of the time we re-elect them.

      We need to educate the people around us that they need to get rid of their legislators by replacing them with fiscal conservatives and constitutionalists.

      The only way to do this is at the ground roots level. Without the legislator the President could not do anything of permanence. He can make all the executive proclamations he wants to. Through tradition people will follow the President’s proclamations (policy changes). Since when does the President have the right to tell anyone what to do other than what is in the Constitution as written in Article II?

      I don't think the legislator has abdicated their authority. At least that was the last letter I got from my Senator said. He politely reminded me that it is the legislator’s responsibility to secure the budget. Which I already knew, but I purposely aggravated him in my letter knowing he would be territorial and respond that way.

      I don't think the 50 U.S. states have abdicated their authority either; under the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

      Therefore, it is time to tell the Executive branch they need to cease and desist immediately for violations of oath to the constitution and laws of this country. They are bound by Article II of the Constitution and should not over reach into non executive areas. If the President continues threatening Americans; the people will secure constitutional compensation. This country does have due process and a Bill Of Rights.

      Gross neglect and refusal to follow the constitution are violations that the United States Senate needs to review. They also need to review any over reaching proclamations of the executive branch into the other branches of government, into the people’s rights, and the states rights. If the United States Senate refuses to make the people whole then it is the responsibility of the States to initiate and force the Senate to do their jobs by securing a request form 2/3’s of the states?

      BLAME YOUR LEGISLATIVE REPRESENTATIVE and review his or her voting record. The Executive branch is limited by the Articles of the Consitution.

    4. Marsha, Wheeling WV says:

      Correction to my last entry. I said 2/3 of the states. I ment to say 3/4 of the states can force action in congress. This will force Congress to act. IT IS FOUND IN ARTICLE V OF THE CONSITUTION. We can stop this gross violation in Washington. It will take action form the states. It doesn't always come form Washington. It can go the otherway.

    5. Marsha, Wheeling WV says:

      We can also stop the spending in Washington and repeal the 16th amendment, restricting thus spending. We have to get active in our states and get the State legislators to repeal the 16th amendment.

    6. jr., Michigan says:

      amen! it's time to stop blaming bush. and obama and co. are WAY more incompetant than any other pres. (even carter!).

    7. Puritan, New Louisia says:


    8. Marsha, Wheeling WV says:

      Yes, Changing congress needs to be done; at the state level.

      Choose only the candidates that want to follow the constitution. Term limits can be facilitated if we get 3/4ths of the states to legislate the constitution back to its original form and then Congress will have to amend the 17th amendment (from the people up).

      If we return the Senators as appointees of the state Governors then their will be term limits. The Governors in most states are out after the second election and then the new Governor can appoint his or her person when the Senators term is up. If the Senator does not respond to the people of that state then they can be booted.

      The Senators are not responding to the people under a direct vote now, therefore, it is time to return to a Representative Senate that is chosen at the state level by the governor as the original founders wanted. Once the state has control the Senator will have to respond to the state not his or her own pocket.

    9. Larry in Texas says:

      Steve you are dead on about bringing OUR jobs back to where WE can have the pride in a product built entirely "IN" the United States.Marsha you also are dead on with the commentary regarding article II and sections/sub sections of referring amendments. I read a posting on another header that referred to our schools and educational system causing most of the problems we face at each election now. I agree with that premise as far as school systems requiring "GOVERNMENT" and economics classes as well. Especially when you realize that our youth are not being educated on the capitalist-"free enterprise" system that built this nation as it was intended to do! They seem to be lead around by the latest pocket size electronic devices which consequently are powered and driven through the liberal media. Our youth are then routed towards the voters' booth where they proceed to cast their support to the "one" who promises the most "FREE" stuff. Blaming Bush was never a viable comment/statement coming from anyone! He did'nt attack the Towers, invite Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Ike or any others! He didn't cause the Sunamis to wipeout tourism. He just had to do some creative accounting to pay for it all!!

    10. Larry in Texas says:

      Let's not forget about how Americans of every culture and ethnicity were SCREAMING for the heads of those who perpetrated the 9/11 attacks! Well, that means war, and having to pay for our troops to do the jobs we laid before them to achieve.Our troops performed valiantly and without regard to the costs it might bring to them! Ironic really, it seems that every Congressman and Senator on Capitol Hill voted for this war. Many, no most of them are the very liars who now say that the Bush Whitehouse is to blame for the war deficit.I guess we ought to blame Bush and his administration for uprooting AlQaeda in Afganistan and puttin'them on the run for the rest of their worthless, hateful lives!

    11. Charles-Odessa, Texa says:

      When will our elected officials mature enough to accept their responsibility for failure.

      They need to check out their mirrors for blame. Sure, they stay long enough to get rules, regulations, bills passed and then go on to lobby on how to get around it in retirement.

    12. Fabien in Az. says:

      I am in my late 70s and what I am seeing now I cry… A great country such as this being taken down by only 450 people and the president. I may be wrong into the amount but you get what I am saying. Americans should be furious but I too agree about the schools not teaching vital subjects, some schools in my state have stopped teaching about our heroes of this great country because they fought in wars and people died including the hero. I asked my granddaughter about our presidents, and she replied we don't learn about that. I felt so sorry for them.

      People over unions should be utmost in our minds if our kids are to be what they want to be in this land. We need change in all of Congress, two terms in the House and one term in the senate even the supreme court should be cut to size and only 10years. God Bless America

    13. Larry in Texas says:

      I agree with Fabien. Term limits have been thrown around around in Washington like a warm, wet stool. The problem is no one wants to be the person who gets caught with it their hands, and trying to serve it up.If you know what I mean? As long as those who are elected to Congress are given Cart Blanche to OUR money with no obvious signs of fiscal responsibility, they will continue to feed themselves first while the peasants who elect them watch with disdain. On the subject of blaming Bush, however politically correct it may seem now, is just not viable. He would never appoint an individual on the level of Al Capone to head the Treasury Department. If I didn't pay my taxes for four or five years Obama would own my house now. I don't know what he would do with it. So far no one can tell if HE knows what he would do with it, maybe give it to Fannie Mae to resell on bad paper. I rest my case!

    14. SMB, Ohio says:

      This has been Obama's for a while now. He has tried to pass the blame and all I could think everytime was: this thing has been his since he passed the second bailout and the stimulus bills. I used to have faith in this country and its values. Now I am frightened that when I finish my education, I will have to work for the government and there will be no private sector. I fear that my son will not have a chance to achieve when he reaches adulthood. Someday, there will be nothing left if we do not change the path that we are on. The president is right about one thing: there is everything to be afraid of when change is not defined and thought about before it is accepted. I can believe in that.

    15. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      The "chosen one" has a long list fo problems, and they can not be blamed on PRESIDENT BUSH. He has made his own bed and will one day have to lay in it, I just hope people wake up before we all end up in the same bed, full of thorns and a country that is no more.

    16. Jan in Louisiana says:

      Very intelligent and thought provoking comments – thanks to everyone. All valid points, but I would like to see specifics on what we need to do to address the problems brought up in the posts. Thanks!

    17. Richard, Spring, TX says:

      The Left will continue to blame Bush, Cheney, Palin, Rush, Joe the Plumber, Jindle, etc. as long as the media allows them to get away with it. To the media, liberals can do no wrong.

    18. Roger Chesterfield, says:

      This is my first day reading all these comments – and WOW, I'm so glad so many people think like I do about our present government, and where we are heading, and to me – I'm scared! I am 70 now and the money I saved is now not enough for me and my wife to live comfortably.

    19. Larry in Texas says:

      Well Jan I suppose the majority of the post on this subject do little if anything to address the "problems" brought up, as I guess you seem to be focused on. If I'm not mistaken the jest of this entire entry has been to address the fact that the Bush administration has now officially passed the perverbial "Blame Torch" to the Obamanation and the Kidergarten Appointees made by Club Chicago!! I know that my comments center on the recurring rhetoric surrounding Liberal Democratic claims that the Bush Whitehouse "caused all of the PROBLEMS" that Obama sure does wish he didn't have on his plate!! The problem IS the PROBLEM. We the should now correctly concurr that since the OBAMA Whitehouse saw fit to cost the taxpayers of this country some exorbitant amount of money to hold a prime time NEWS Conference- "The anointed ONE: first 100 days as Don Obama",that he just owned up to the time frame that it is all HIS now! By this action,when He stood up in front of many huge teleprompters and proclaimed that He's in charge now, well, he's in charge sure enough!!Quit blaming Bush-it's all yours!

    20. Peyton, Kalamazoo says:

      Some very intelligent comments, all around. I'm not surprised by the comments' tenor though, given the nature of this website.

      I agree, however, regardless of the tenor. The answer rests in the people, not government. We, The People, have abdicated our responsibilities of electing those who are to represent us. The power that resides on the Hill was never meant to be there, or be so big. The people lost that power when the states ratified the 17th Amendment – that's where we, The People, need to go back to. We repealed Prohibition, let's repeal the 17th and take back our powers and get the checks and balances the way the Founding Fathers intended them to be!

    21. Roger Porter,Tx. says:

      THE FIRST THING WE MUST DO IS VOTE THEM ALL OUT OF OFFICE. We share some of the blame for being complacent and not believing this would happen to this wonderful Country. I hear people talk about not voting because they are tired of their vote not counting and we just accept it because we were too complacent. Now is the time to get out the votes for a new government that believes in the constitution as it was written. And in the same breath pray for this country that we will go back to our Christian beliefs.

    22. Sherrill , NY/ NJ says:

      Fabien is right on….being in the House or Senate should not be an occupation; one to two terms of SERVICE is all that should be allowed. My fear now is that Obama, who really sees himself as an emperor, will change the limits for the presidency and become a lifelong president or dictator. We must be vigilant. Why should A. Specter be running for a 6th term? Why is Lautenberg doddering in the Senate (really in Florida)? Our great country is in great danger and the people must overcome the media meddling and misleading and put things back in order.

    23. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      As I said before,we need to keep a list of those that have Hurt this Country!

    24. jeff says:

      8 years of bus/cheney lies and corruption destroy our nation and some think Obama is to blame after 100 days—you're all insane.

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