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  • Monthly Archives: April 2009

    Concerns Loom Large over Global Warming Bill

    Republicans and Democrats alike are voicing their concerns over the Clean Energy and Security Act that includes a renewable portfolio standard, federal spending for clean energy technology, and above all else, a cap-and-tax program that would attempt to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Introduced by Chairman Henry Waxman (D–CA) of the … More

    Questions for Secretary Napolitano: Work Visas

    DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano is tentatively scheduled to testify before the United States Senate Judiciary Committee about DHS immigration enforcement policies on May 6, 2009. Given Secretary Napolitano’s novel interpretations of federal law, the Heritage Foundation will be posting a series of questions (and suggested answers) for the Secretary. Labor … More

    Washington Occupies Detroit

    Congratulations. If you are a U.S. taxpayer, you will soon be a part owner of a car company. Under the latest reorganization plan released by General Motors, Uncle Sam would take ownership of 50 percent of the challenged automaker in return for forgiveness of $10 billion of debt now owed … More

    WaPo: Why deny D.C. Children What Special-Needs Students Get?

    This morning, the editors of the Washington Post once again highlighted the need to give disadvantaged families the power to choose the right school for their children: The Supreme Court will hear arguments today about the use of public money for the private schooling of children with special needs. It’s … More

    Treasury Exposes Markets to Added Stress Flu

    Markets are weighed down by worries over the new swine flu and the ongoing stress flu; the former from Mexico, the latter from the Treasury Department. Recently, Treasury added markedly to market uncertainties by suggesting it would convert federal capital injections from preferred shares of banks to common shares. This … More

    Single Payer 101: "Everybody In, Nobody Out"

    There is often a lot of talk in America about ‘single payer health care systems’ but what does that really means? To put it simply, a single payer health care system is one in which the federal government is the only ‘payer’ to doctors, hospitals and other health care providers … More

    Questions for Koh

    Today at 2:15 the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations will hold a confirmation hearing for State Department Legal Adviser nominee Harold Koh. While Koh has an impeccable academic resume, his opinions opinions regarding the role that rulings of foreign courts should play within the U.S. legal system raise serious national … More

    The Russians Are Coming!

    The Russians are coming! – to Capitol Hill, led by propagandists and PR experts. What on earth is going on here? Today the 28th Annual World Russia Forum opened in Washington DC. Attending the forum will be numerous Russia experts, diplomats, lobbyists, businessmen, scholars and US politicians. The forum will … More

    Yes, It Is Rocket Science!

    In  The New York Times‘ week in review published April 25,  William Broad long-time science writer for the paper, discusses the debate over the effectiveness of the North Korean missile launch April 5. The article purports to represent the state of debate on North Korea missile developments. The analysis ignores … More

    The Blue Dog PAYGO Farce

    According to the Washington Post the only speed bump left in the Senate-House budget reconciliation process is Blue Dog insistence that pay-as-you-go budget rules (PAYGO), that supposedly would prohibit new initiatives that increase the annual budget deficit, be enshrined in federal law. We appreciate the Blue Dogs desire to rein … More