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  • Monthly Archives: April 2009

    Why is Blue State Digital in Iraq?

    In a relatively unnoticed State Department press briefing yesterday, Acting Department Spokesman Robert Wood announced a delegation of new media executives that left for Iraq on an official, government-paid trip on Sunday. According to Wood, the purpose would be to “explore new opportunities to support Iraqi Government and nongovernment stakeholders … More

    Military Compensation Reform: Taking a Bite Out of Defense Spending

    At last week’s speech at the Air War College, Secretary Gates told the officers present that, “Health care is eating the [Defense] Department alive.” The massive expansion of military compensation spending in the past decade has placed the entire system in jeopardy. Healthcare spending alone for 2010 is set for … More

    What Else is in the CIA Memos?

    Hoover Institution visiting fellow and chief speechwriter for President George W. Bush Marc Thiessen looks beyond last weeks headlines to find the real news buried in the released CIA memos: In releasing highly classified documents on the CIA interrogation program last week, President Obama declared that the techniques used to … More

    A Civil Rights Outrage

    National Public Radio Senior Correspondent and Fox News contributor Juan Williams writes on the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program: As I watch Washington politics I am not easily given to rage. Washington politics is a game and selfishness, out-sized egos and corruption are predictable. But over the last week I find … More

    Heritage Analysts At The UN's Durbin Conference: The Sistine Chapel? You be the Judge

    Last November the U.N. Human Rights Council made news in an unexpected way. The newly renovated chamber housing the Council featured a vast piece of artwork on it’s ceiling crafted by Spanish artist Miquel Barcelo. According to Barcelo, the 16,000-square-foot ceiling artwork reminded him of “an image of the world … More

    Morning Bell: The President Set the Tone on Spending

    Yesterday, President Barack Obama ordered his cabinet to identify and shave a collective $100 million in administrative costs from their budgets. This is the same President Barack Obama who berated conservatives earlier this year at a House Democrat resort retreat for not supporting his $787 billion stimulus package incredulously asking, … More

    Blaming Others Only Works So Long

    Spot on op-ed by Jackson Diehl in the Washington Post this Sunday. Diehl writes: New American presidents typically begin by behaving as if most of the world’s problems are the fault of their predecessors — and Barack Obama has been no exception. … Now comes the interesting part: when it … More

    Fool Me Once

    It seems that we keep being told that the policy is temporary, and is far short of nationalization, only for Congress to turn around after the legislation has passed and “convert” loans into stock: to turn a bailout into a nationalization. This has now happened with AIG, the car companies, … More

    The U.S. Is Right to Boycott the U.N. Durban II Conference on Racism

    Our own Brett Schaefer and Steven Groves are reporting from the Durban II Conference on Racism in Geneva for National Review’s The Corner. Their dispatches today include: Durban II Starts With a Swipe at America: Preceeding the official opening of the Durban II conference, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights … More

    Greenies Already Taxing Your Power Bill

    Neither the EPA’s carbon regulations nor Congress’ cap and trade plan have become law, but already American consumers are feeling the pain of the left’s environmental policies in their pocket books. USA Today reports: Clean energy has a dirty secret. It isn’t cheap. Consumers already are starting to feel at … More