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  • Video: 9/11 or 4/27?

    The video below looks very familiar. We’ve watched that scene a hundred times before. But those running and screaming people were filmed Monday, not  more than seven years years ago on 9/11.

    As our Morning Bell noted yesterday, a casual flippance marks the tone of the administration’s approach to national security. They act like we do not live in a dangerous world–or perhaps they have forgotten that we do.

    It’s clear from the video that at least a few New Yorkers in lower Manhattan have not forgotten. The American Spectator magazine is calling for a flight manifest of the aircraft that rattled downtown windows. They’re not alone in wanting to know who delighted in a joy-ride over Manhattan in the President’s plane at the expense of thousands of New Yorkers’ nerves and emotions.


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    16 Responses to Video: 9/11 or 4/27?

    1. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      I want to bring a class action suit on behalf of those fleeing from their offices against the White House. It just bothers me to no end that no body in the Republican or Conservative end of the political spectrum is willing to do what the left does very effectively. Galvanize the people against Obama and his incompetent administration. I am not a lawyer.

    2. MAS1916 - Denver, CO says:

      We can certainly add this to the list of Obama accomplishments.

      But seriously, many of those who were scared out of their wits by this were Obama voters, so it is tough to feel too badly for them. Still.. no one deserved the fright.

      In any event, Obama will be celebrating his 100 days this evening with a full-fete presser. The media will be fawning and only the Fox network isn't going to carry it. Fox will air a new episode of "Lie to Me." Viewers have the choice then of seeing Obama or watching "Lie to Me." The irony here is stunning.

      If you need more of a laugh over all this, you can hit:


    3. Barb -mn says:

      Good one. It is time to sue these clowns. Their insolence is despicable. Their immaturity is wretched. Their threats and lack of discipline will kill us.

    4. Barb -mn says:

      …will get us killed.

    5. Ahmasi says:

      I dint like him all that much either — no politicians for that matter — but — where were you guys the last 8 years while your boys were ripping off the entire planet?

    6. Dennis, Idaho says:

      Professional politicians are joy riding on our tax dollars and they have been doing it for 50+ years. They are in the same mode as the welfare moochers. Living off the hard work of others. Fire them all. Do not vote for anyone that has served more than two terms. Take away their self voted retirement and wage increases. Let the state that they represent set their wages and benefits. They are employees of WE THE PEOPLE yet they have given themselves every perk and benefit without our approval.

    7. Trent, ND says:

      Ahmasi, We were right here complaining about excess spending and celebrating with the freed Iraqians (sp?).

    8. gramaboo says:

      I saw the film clip on T.V. but it didn't hit me till I watched it here on this site. I was able to see and hear the people running, hear their increased crys for, what, devine help?… Something… Then to see and hear the sounds of Air Force One and see and hear the sounds of the jet appearing to chase AF One was horrific…it caused me to cry as I thought how horrible the people of New York must have felt…like they were reliving the nightmare of 9/11. How on God's green earth could ANYONE be so irresponsible and unaware of the chaos this act would cause? My heart goes out to those watching the scene first hand and to those who were made to relive the horror of 9/11.

    9. Steven Fisher, Milde says:

      This event has been blown way out of proportion, thanks to the media. I am disappointed to find the Heritage Foundation piling on. The aircraft were flying training missions using flight hours that would have been flown anyway; so no taxpayer dollars were spent that otherwise wouldn't have.

      Should it have been better publicized to the public beforehand? Maybe, but there is a security issue as well. Proper notifications were made to the FAA and law enforcement agencies.

      Could it have been done with photoshop? I'm sure it could have and saved a lot of the outcry. But the way the pundits are talking about this is wrong and uninformed (and dishonest). No money was "wasted" and when you(The Heritage Foundation)jumps on the band-wagon without telling the whole story, it is irresponsible and detracts from your credibility.

    10. Jerry, Indiana says:

      Steve, only if you are a taxpaying American citizen do you understand anything of how frustrating it is to have your tax dollars squandered by such irresponsible actions. This is only one example of the gross mismanagement of our tax dollars by this administration these last 100 days. It's a shame that the War of Independence didn't teach you Brits to mind your own business.

    11. Steven Fisher says:

      I am a taxpaying citizen.

      I'm in the military and stationed overseas.

      I despise my tax dollars being squandered. There are plenty of "low-hanging fruit" spending items ready cutting. This just isn't one of those occasions.

    12. Angela, Newport News says:

      Steve, this was NO training mission. I live near Patrick Henry Field Airport(PHF) which serves as one of the public airports for training missions for Air Force One(AF1). We REGULARLY see AF1 landing and taking off multiple times during one training day. And yes, AF1 flys low during these sessions. No one runs for cover though because our area has no 109 story buildings that were toppled by terrorists in jet liners. Flying over NYC, especially THAT section of Manhattan in such an irresponsible manner demonstrates this administration's total lack of intelligence and foresight.

      Also, with airports closer to Andrews AFB available for training flights, like PHF, why go to Manhattan? Unless you are in the Air Force, you don't know what you are talking about.

      The White House admitted this was a photo op. If it was a training session, there was no need to lie about it. They certainly don't lie about training flights over Newport News.

    13. gramaboo says:

      Maybe Steve from the U.K. is more accustomed to the sounds of low-flying aircraft since he is 'stationed overseas', but we are not used to having this happen here. Especialy over New York in this specific area. Give us a break, Steve, even you should be able to appreciate the terror this could cause an already emotionaly abused city!

    14. Robin, NC says:

      how long is America going to support this administration? This

      flyover was ridiculous…if it could be CG'd it should have been. that would surely have cost less that $330,000 and the "Bamster" admitted it was a photo-op. For what??? His next commercial? "Yes, we can scare the hay out of our citizens!"

      he is already doing that without any more photo-ops.

    15. Orville, Texas says:

      This is just another example of President Obama's lack of leadership by example, and his poor choice of personnel. I have yet to see any choice of staff that shows any hope that anyone knows what they are doing, this does not pass the smell test, like most of the current administrations actions. No one in this administration actually cares about anything other than their agenda and more chaos. This clearly shows a very callous lack of concern for people. The flyby has a arrogance about it, that is typical with this administration's asleep at the wheel mentality.

    16. Will says:

      I agree with most here. This was a waste of taxpayer money. I know 12 year olds that could've photoshopped the plane is front of the Statue of Liberty. Also, it's very irresponsible to fly a plane (any plane) that low knowing the history of that area. Then to say, "…I didn't know…".

      Come on dude! You're the President. You know where to find a puppy but you can't keep up with your very own Airplane? I'm not buying that.

      I'm praying for our country daily. We really need it.

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