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  • Vehicle Mileage Tax Still Bad Idea


    Rep. James Oberstar (D-MN) came out strongly in favor of a vehicle mileage tax (VMT) yesterday.

    Just two months ago Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood floated a similar idea, but was quickly shot down by the Obama Administration.

    The VMT was a bad idea in February and it’s a bad idea now. Below is what we wrote when the idea was initially suggested. The analysis is as applicable today as it was then:

    The VMT would fund transportation projects and increase conservation by increasing the cost of driving. It is unnecessary, however, because the gas tax already accomplishes these tasks—and is much cheaper to administer. A VMT would be expensive to implement because every car would need to be fitted with a device that both records miles driven and transmits the information to a government database. This complicated system would cost millions and raise concerns of big brother watching our every movement.

    Americans don’t like paying the gas tax, but they are sure to be even more unhappy having to deal with the administrative nightmare the VMT promises. Secretary LaHood would be better served coming up with a plan returning responsibility for transportation funding to the states where it rightly belongs.

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    6 Responses to Vehicle Mileage Tax Still Bad Idea

    1. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      From the AP article linked above:

      "Gas tax revenues — the primary source of federal funding for highway programs — have dropped dramatically in the last two years, first because gas prices were high and later because of the economic downturn. They are forecast to continue going down as drivers switch to fuel efficient and alternative fuel vehicles."

      Well, Rep.Oberstar, are you going to remove the Federal Gas Tax once you implement your VMT? Of course not, you will double tax The American People just to support your programs! You are another Leftist Stooge that is only going to anger the very people that put you in office!

    2. anonymous, dc says:

      Rep Ron Paul, Daniel Hannan, Lew Rockwell, Jason Sorens, R.J. Harris, Cody Willard & Shelly Roche, Free State Project, Secession, Nationalization… FREEDOM WATCH!!! 2PM EST TODAY (Wed., Apr. 29th)! http://www.foxnews.com/strategyroom

    3. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      It is high time that we start talking about ways to get rid of the chains of economic slavery. I suggest non violent non-cooperation to get rid of the tyranny of Washington DC.

    4. Chr0nicDreamz NJ says:

      If this VMT is implemented I give it a feww weeks to a few months before the hackers of this country unite to take down this so called GPS enabled mileage tracking system. This is another way for the government to watch you closely. If you so much as run a stop sign with this system how do we know it will not tag you and alert authorities? How do we know this system will not track EVERY move made in the vehicle that you supposedly "own" and have every right to do what you want with?

      What if, like most teens and some adults, you wanted to modify your vehicle? Performance chip, exhaust mods, engine mods?????? How do we know this system will not keep a database of anything like this???? Given the fact that this is plugged directly into the computer system of the car or would have to be to monitor gas and mileage "from previous statements I've read" this system would be able to see all of this! Garbage, a complete waste of state and federal funding costing millions of tax dollars that would have to be put back before seeing any type of revenue from it. Give it 10 years maybe more to recover that amount of money. There are other ways to get revenue for highways and more. TAX THE RICH! They have more money than the average American. Tax them 10 times what we are taxed and I personally think it will solve a lot of issues. Impose luxury taxes on their homes, vehicles, and even properties owned.

    5. Barb -mn says:

      This state is an embarrassment. See why? I've fought this government for over 10 years as I saw the socialism infiltrating as the influx of immigrants arrived. I live in a neighborhood of what has become welfare recipients (immigrants and American born) and government employees. All part of the plan to get that democratic vote!

      Oberstar is one of many embarrassing socialist officials in this state.

      short story:

      When we first moved into the neighborhood, it was beautiful and well kept. Now that all those who appreciated the ownership of a house have moved out, the government doesn't bring themselves to enforce the law to people who are not white? Suggesting inferiority! Complimenting them with a complex. The lives of these people are not valued by their human worth, just valued as a tax source. Sad but true.

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