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  • Press Conference Reaction: "All the Hundreds of Days to Follow"

    Tonight, President Obama held his third prime time press conference of his young presidency to mark his 100th day in office. This press conference was similar in tone and agenda to his previous pressers, down to the mammoth teleprompter hovering over the back of the room. It also continued a theme of government intervention in the lives of American taxpayers and of course, more government spending.

    He started off by asking Congress for $1.5 billion in additional emergency funding to combat the ‘swine flu’, which is a noble cause but also puts his $100 million budget “cut” in perspective. One flu virus wiped that off the map fifteen times over. He then warned against being overleveraged on credit and bailouts while touting his budget which the House passed this morning. Unfortunately, this budget does the exact opposite by increasing spending and government bailouts. While he continually worries about President Bush’s deficit, he ignores that he has quadrupled it, while promising to eventually cut it in half.

    He was right to point out the steps America should take, and are taking, to protect against the swine flu, as are dictated by President Bush’s 2008 pandemic flu plan. He then shifted to a second epidemic; government control of U.S. automakers. He assured the Detroit News that Chrysler may not have to go through much more than a “quick bankruptcy” and GM may be able to recover, and then hoped the U.S. government would get “out of the auto business” which was ironic considering his deeper involvement by the day in these two companies. Tomorrow, he will be giving a speech on Chrysler, and it will be interesting to see if his statements of tonight are consistent.

    Shifting to torture, he said waterboarding was a mistake and said we could have gotten the information “another way”, which would lead you to believe that he should have no problem releasing all relevant memos that prove whether or not enhanced interrogation was successful. He did admit there were “results” from the interrogation. The follow up asked whether he would comment on the details of the documents that proved these techniques were successful, and what he would do in a situation where American lives were at risk. Great follow up. What are President Obama’s interrogation technique limits? Do petty criminals in New York City get pressed harder than Al Qaeda. Of course, he did not answer this question, thanks to his not declassifying these memos.

    Chuck Todd of NBC raised a significant question on Pakistan: Can we ensure their nuclear arsenal doesn’t fall into Taliban hands? The President’s answer unfortunately did not include the fact that a strong missile defense system would help protect America and her allies either way, while he continues to cut missile defense. He “remains confident” the nuclear arsenal will not end up in militant hands. Not exactly the strongest show of assurance by an American President.

    Chip Reid of CBS asked if Senator Specter’s party switch is a game changer. The President said he would count on the Senator to work with him on issues such as health care and job creation. After their stimulus agreement, Americans should be rightly scared of these two working on either issue. He then talked about telling Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) that a public health plan may be too much to swallow, but we could find areas of bipartisanship elsewhere. I am glad he understand a public health plan pushing private plans, and your doctors, out of your lives is a bitter pill to swallow. The Heritage Foundation stands ready with years of research and analysis on opportunities for bipartisan health care reform.

    After laying out his pro-abortion philosophy in regards to his upcoming University of Notre Dame appearance, he failed to mention that legislation exists right now that would protect doctors, allowing them to exercise their conscience and not perform medical procedures that violate their beliefs. He should visit ADoctorsRight.com.

    He was then asked how he was surprised, humbled, enchanted, etc. etc. The softball of all softballs leading to the long answer of all long answers. He was humbled by “the bankers not doing exactly what [he] wants.” I think all of America is enchanted to know he understands he doesn’t have ‘complete’ control of the banks.

    When asked on the future of immigration reform, he did not voice support for his Homeland Security Secretary’s policy of “passive” surveillance, despite formerly being a border Governor. He did recognize the challenges America confronts, but merely laid out many of the same generalities that have strangled this debate for years. He wants amnesty, but not really. Border enforcement, but not really. A fast moving process to fix the problem, but not really.

    He was asked about policy impacts on the minority community, to which he referenced his stimulus plan and SCHIP, which he presumed would help African-Americans and Latinos due to their disproportionate economic status. He failed to mention the largest tobacco tax in history that SCHIP laid on the disproportionate level of poor smokers. SCHIP was a health care welfare program designed for children, which is now available to wealthy adults, and reliant on more people picking up smoking, who are most likely to be overtaxed poor people.

    He closed his press conference by saying he plenty to do, and would happily get out of the mortgage business, banking business and auto business as soon as they are stabilized and he has made enough good decisions for them. He warned against micro managing, which must be news to former GM Chairman Rick Wagoner, who he recently fired. The overwhelming theme tonight was ‘when is the government going to stop running XYZ’? Clearly, even the press corps understands that the Obama administration is running too much private enterprise in America.

    He went as far as to say he was “amused” by complaints that he wants to grow government, but says that is the hand that has been dealt him. If only that were true. See you in 100 days, and be ready to be even more amused.

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    18 Responses to Press Conference Reaction: "All the Hundreds of Days to Follow"

    1. Daniel says:

      I'm amused that you don't realize the government growth was initiated by the Bush administration. Grew larger than ever before under Bush, think about that before complaining about Obama you dolt.

    2. Pronoy says:

      Please don't spew out such venom. He has done an incredible job. He is not exactly George W Bush – your model of an ideal president… So please be patient for the next eight years

    3. Richard N., Harrison says:

      Too Bad they gave out Q-Cards for these "Reporters" I'm sure that Deb Price of The Detroit News had a different Question for Obama. Considering that for the past 8 years every other week she writes about Bush's failure to rewrite the "Don't ask Don't Tell" Law that Clinton put into place 16 years ago; the other week she writes on her other Hot Topic her support of Gay Marrages. I'm sure that is what she really wanted to ask the Great Obama.

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    6. Wendy, St. Joseph says:

      This person – Obama – is very frightening. For such a smart person it is amazing how much he is "not aware of" or "I found out when you did". I'm ashamed of him and that he is our president.

    7. MAS1916 - Denver, CO says:

      Obama is a primarily a 'performer.' Americans love their actors and this guy fits the bill perfectly. He has manufactured himself into the personality that people like in their President – strong speaker, confident, etc.

      Unfortunately for the nation, He just isn't all that bright. Socialism is a proven failure, international appeasement is deadly. Either Obama is ignorant of history or totally arrogant in his abilities to make proven paths lead to different places.

    8. Brad S,, Detroit, MI says:

      When is Obama going to "own" the problems of this country ? After 100 days ? After 2 years ? After 4 ? Please stop blaming Bush. The Dem Congress was responsible for the massive spending since 2006. Bush got tired of fighting the battles and lost the war on the monster deficit spending.

      Two wrongs don't make a right. Massive government spending didn't help the US get out of the Great Depression. It didn't help Carter get out of Stagflation. The only thing that did work ? Private enterprise and lower taxes for all. If you don't understand history, you are doomed to repeat it.

      The saddest part of all of this massive spending ? When the inflation kicks in and the people that Obama was hoping to help (families that make less than $40,000 per year) will be hurt the most, because they have the least amount of disposable or discretionary income. I see inflation running at about 8 to 10% per year starting at the end of 2009 until Jesus 2.0 gets voted out in 2012.

    9. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Why can't people see this entire flu pandemic is

      another "cristest" that dictates Obama and his government, spend even more of our tax dollars, not on the flu, but on everything else and at the same time give another reason to pass Obama's (Hilary's) massive, socialist health care plan?

    10. Normca says:

      Incredible job – what does that mean ? Results or just a sham ? Please don't spew venom? When it is your gore be axed or you start paying more for your everyday goods sold by those whose taxes are being raised or jobs are eliminated because taxes are raised on those who hire the rest of us, than define incredible.

      And are actions that increase the security of the country after 9 1 1, or fighting the enemy that perpetrated 9 1 1, or assisting seniors to pay for life preserving drugs, all increasing the size of government ? No – we would rather give Hamas $1 billion, plant sod on a mall or give a community organizer $2 billion. And you guys vote?

    11. Loren A Wissmann says:

      I don't get it!?! Obama keeps refering to the failed policies of the past eight years… lets see if I remember right. Since 911 we haven't had a single attack on our soil and the economy and fuel prices were great until the democrates came into power in Congress in 2006. Everything's gone downhill since then. It is the Congress that passes the budget by the way, not the President. The truth is, Obama has helped create the problems that he is blaming Bush for. This is begining to sound like my own young children's thought process as they try blaming each other for their problems. GROW UP PRESIDENT OBAMA YOUR AN ADULT NOW!!!!

    12. Ben Franklin, Kendal says:


      True Conservatives were (are) no more happy with the way the Bush Administration and the Republican Congress expanded the government than we with the way the Obama Administration and the Democratic Congress are doing now. The Heritage Foundation is very much aware of the fact that this all started under Bush. The irony is that folks were going about saying that we couldn't handle 4 more years of Bush, and yet Obama is Bush on steroids!! Massive expansion of the Federal Government with little to no concern of the Constitution is always a problem no matter which letter is after your name.

    13. Robin, NC says:

      when are the liberals going to get off Bush("1.3T; that wasn't

      me.) obama has spent more in 100 days than all the other Presidents combined…he won't own up to what his own people do. he claims he was unaware. 6 tax cheats on his cabinet…

      taliban about to take over Pakistan…gutting the military…

      DHS labeling pro-lifers, vets, Christians as domestic terrorists… can't talk without a teleprompter… for the first time in my adult life, I'm really SCARED for my country

      I'm not sure we can survive the next 100 days

    14. Barb -mn says:

      "The American people are scared. The American people want immediate action the people the people want want want. We need to do this, we need to do that bla bla bla." The only time the president takes full credit is when the words "didn't know" follow it. Or "not behind it." You don't speak for us, Mr. President. Please have the human decency to speak for yourself. Skippety do dah!

    15. Richard B Sioux Fall says:

      If the president feels the pro-choice movement makes a mistake assuming that abortion is only an issue of women's freedom, and recognizes it as a moral and ethical issue; how does he justify his position on waterboarding as being torture, and it's use corroding the character of a country? How can he justify the legitimately difficult decisions women make regarding abortion, which may ultimately lead to the loss of innocent human life, yet criminalize enhanced interrogation which has been proven to have saved innocent lives. What is the effect on our nation's character to the continued taking of innocent life, regardless of the how difficult the decision was to make?

    16. Hector Orlando says:

      If he is not straight with us, why do we have to suffer these consequences? Is this not the land of the free?

    17. Ken St Louis says:

      This obama guy is a real rocket scientist, but he can't even find his birth certificate???!

    18. ShroomDuke says:

      Obama is handed the helm of a sinking ship headed straight at another iceberg because of the incompetance & corruption of the previous captian but instead of getting out of the way and helping to save the ship the previous captian and crew are trying to sink the ship, panic the passengers and stealing the lifeboats!

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