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  • Bill Gates, Windmills and Bono the Leprechaun

    Heritage’s Conservative Bloggers’ Briefing was host to a cheeky Irish couple yesterday who have started a website as a home for their new feature- length documentaryNot Evil Just Wrong.  

    Producer and director Ann McElhinney hopes the documentary will show “how extreme environmentalism is damaging the lives of the most vulnerable populations in the developed and developing world.” The spirited McElhinney,  joined by husband Phelim McAleer, spoke almost non-stop for 45 minutes and posed some interesting dilemmas for global warming enthusiasts. She also made some memorable remarks on Bill Gates, Bono, Al Gore, NASA scientists and Rachel Carson.  

    McElhinney began by lambasting the 1972 ban of DDT, blaming millions of malaria deaths since then on it.  She and Phelim were just warming up, however.

    “Shame on you, Bill Gates, for offering people bed nets when they need modern pesticides; for offering people a 19th-century solution to a 20th-century problem,” said Phelim. Ann then felt compelled to add: “And shame on you, Bono… you … little leprechaun.”

    Indeed, few were spared.

    The couple called out environmentalists to practice what they preach, at one point exhorting fans of renewable energy to take their sick relatives to hospitals powered only by windmills: “They know the problem with renewables is they don’t renew themselves very often.”

    They also urged parents who trust mosquito nets over pesticides to send their children to malaria-infested parts of Africa.

    Besides seeking to shine a light on faulty science and offering logical conundrums, Ann and Phelim want to empower laymen with tools for verbal sparring–under any circumstances.

    “What we’re trying to do is give people who watch the film the language so they can take on their opponents in a pub after 10 pints,” Ann said to hearty laughter.

    She said conservatives have lost an important messaging battle and let environmentalists get away with their extremism and choice of words.

    “How do you know when you’re really, really rich? It’s when your children come home and tell you they’re environmentalists,” she said, before turning to her husband. ”My God, honey, we’ve made it–because our children are so disconnected from the world!”

     Not Evil Just Wrong premieres this fall.

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    10 Responses to Bill Gates, Windmills and Bono the Leprechaun

    1. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      While the article is on the right track, the problem is the extremest cult that follows Obama put him there and supports everything he does. He in turn sets the agenda and his stooges follow everything through. When the extremists are in power, there is little the rest of us can do – legally! They run the show!

    2. Mary says:

      Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer are right on the mark. We must start debating these tiresome fools and we should look into the Alinsky methods to do so. Start with the press and begin to ridicule them, demonize them for their stupidity and point out their thrust to have us "do as they say, not as they do." Only when we can can force the press to meet their responsibility as the Fourth Estate will we have a chance to be heard. We need to get as far down their throats as they are ours. Tiresome as that may be, it is a fight worth fighting.

    3. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      It is so uplifting to just read a few lines by a spirited couple motivated to isolate the evilness of the environmentalists that have concluded that humans are incompatible with nature. Are they on lecture tours? On talk radio and the like? I sincerely hope they are. I can't wait for leadership like that.

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    5. Barb -mn says:

      What beautiful people Ann and Phelim are. Say it like it is!

      Especially on Bono… They are from the outside looking in. Thank you!

      Suggestion to FREEDOM LOVING PEOPLE of the free market- start innovating businesses that PROVIDE NECESSARY PRODUCT for MAN to ADAPT to CLIMATE CHANGE. Stay strong to KEEP GOVERNMENT OUT!

    6. susan-tx says:

      Amen!! But, do we have to wait till Fall!!??

    7. Frank X. Solomon, Fa says:

      We need to start forcing debates on these issues. Maybe sponsors of the major networks will try to set up forums where we can start gettign information out to the people. Too much negative info about polar ice caps melting, etc.

      It is going to be a long battle and we are defintely way behind.

    8. Francis, San Jacinto says:

      I lived and workrd in Africa in many countries for 27 years and have had the same concerns and complaints as Ann & Phelim but because of PC and The Left I was made to feel like a pariah for caring about how much easier it would be to help these people if we didn't have to have the Bono type people setting the stage and the rules for others.

      I have compiled my memoirs about this very thing but have not gone beyond that due to always being attacked by the lefties. Fantastic sound economical countries were handed over to people who did not know how to manage such a sophisticated set up and others who were simply looting. Our American elite: academie and radicals were exstatic at their success.

    9. Ken says:

      Can't wait to see the whole movie. Why don't we tell Al Gore, James Hanson, Micheal Mann, the IPCC, Dumbocrats and Activates and environmetalists to sequester the Co2 in their Alveoli(air sacks in your lungs) that has about 60,OOO ppms(parts per million), of course that would kill them. But at least this might save the planet from Global Warming scam.

    10. Mary, Florida says:

      My child and I were poisoned by pyrethroids and have permanent damage.

      I think this couple has been drinking from the tea part trough a little too much, to say the least. Theirs is a myopic view, at best.Pesticides are not the answer.

    11. Mary McFarland RN JD says:


      My child and I were poisoned by pyrethroids and have permanent damage.

      I think this couple has been drinking from the tea part trough a little too much, to say the least. Theirs is a myopic view, at best.

      Pesticides are not the answer.


      Mary McFarland RN JD NCSN

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