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  • Swine Flu: Don't Panic

    Swine flu panic has claimed it s first victim. Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY) is calling for the Mexican border to be shut down. He told The Hill: “The public needs to be aware of the serious threat of swine flu, and we need to close our borders to Mexico immediately and completely until this is resolved.”

    Massa’s statement is irresponsibly insane. Heritage fellow James Carafano explains:

    There are some basic facts that Americans ought to know. The first is that the news coverage is driven more by the unusual nature of the disease than how serious it might be. The swine flu appeared at what is normally considered the “end” of the flu season. A flood of cases now is not common.

    The bottom line is we do not have near all the facts yet, and the ones we do have so far say: don’t panic, don’t rush to judgment.

    For now we should all just wash our hands and go to the doctor if we have flu symptoms.

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    19 Responses to Swine Flu: Don't Panic

    1. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      Note how the Liberal News Media is running with the Swine Flu. Within hours it became a pandemic! THERE's your problem – the Liberal Media creates the panic and everyone buys into it!

    2. TGOTCB says:

      Wait just a minute. Pres Obama told the Nation on Monday "not to be alarmed". How is it that the media has ignored him and made this a crisis of potentially Biblical proportions?

      And when will the media remind us that more than 30,000 Americans die every year from flu related viruses? Hmmmmmmm.

      Prediction: the White House determines that swine flu is a world wide epidemic and apologizes for the US creating the problem and dumping in on the world. This should cost the US taxpayers at least $10 Billion before its over.

      PS: only half of us actually pay taxes…..

    3. Jeanette Grayeb-Miha says:

      We do not know enough about the Swine Flu situation in Mexico to determine whether this will develop into a Pandemic. Closing the border is not as insane as it may appear. It would stop the futher spread of the disease. Pandemics happen quicker than one thinks. If you read the book on the 1918 Pandemic in the U.S.A., you might rethink what Mr. Massa is suggesting. This could develop into a serious situation, we're not ready to deal with it. In the meantime, get plenty of rest, eat well, wash your hands, and see a doctor at the first sign of illness.

    4. Dennis, Idaho says:

      Right on Ozzy. With less than 100 cases in the US it makes me wonder who is going to benefit $$ from this Media made Panic.

    5. Ken Denny, Palmer, A says:

      Put this into perspective. Tuberculosis is a more serious illness and easily passed from one person to another, there were about 13,000 cases of TB in the US in 2007 and 600 people died, no CDC alert, no DHS alert.

    6. Ken Denny, Palmer, A says:

      This is also a way for the Obama Administration, knowing that this is not going to reach pandemic proportions, that '"they" kept this from spreading and saved Americans from this horrible plague.'

    7. Angela, VA says:

      Perception Management success for the administration and the willing lap dogs of the American press follow dutifully. That said, here's one way to secure our borders although once this "pandemic" dies a natural death in a few weeks, the USA is open for the trafficing of illegals once more. (Oops, according to this administration there is no such thing as an illegal.)

    8. Terry (Tucson, AZ says:

      If only people who are sick, fever, coughing would stay home from schools, work, theaters, churches, public places we would all be healthier. No matter how many times you tell people the importance of washing their hands, many are simply lazy, I see women in rest room that come out of a stall, walk out or maybe just rinse their hands, come on people….It doesn't take long to wash your hands. I even use a paper towel to open doors, hotel television remotes are supposed to be the worse, put a baggie over it. Be smart! What worries me is how many people prepare foods in restaurants and are to lazy to wash their hands, they handle the foods we eat. We got a Hep A shot a few years ago, that is good for ten years. It will protect you when you eat out for this very reason. TW

    9. L. Ryan - Chandler, says:

      Swine flu or not – YES, LET'S CLOSE THE BORDER TO MEXICO!!!

    10. martin in Austin says:

      Texas has declared a disaster. Closing the border is key. Viruses spread by "vectors" and each infected person can spread the virus and without quarinteen it can spread geometrically.

    11. Gary, Lansdale, PA says:

      Now let's see, 100 confirmed cases in a nation of 300 million…that's 0.00003%, or 3 HUNDRED-THOUSANDTHS OF A PERCENT! Stated in terms of odds, it's ONE chance in 3 MILLION…not a good bet if you wanted to lay some money on it.

      Amazing how only now does it seem feasible and desirable to the NY Representative to close the U.S./Mexico border.

      I, too, am sick and tired of watching people use public restrooms and walk out without washing their hands. Talk about a bacteriological time-bomb!

    12. kiki says:

      From what I read, the only U.S. casualty so far was a 23 month old child from Mexico who bacame ill, came over to the states in Texas and was taken to a hospital in Houston and later died. That is crazy! One news station yesterday showed thousands of Mexican citizens at the airport waiting to take flights into the U.S. to escape their country and the virus. Protect the citizens of the U.S., send in the Red Cross or any other health organizations to Mexico with the help and supplies they need to fight the disease where it started and keep our borders closed!

    13. Danny FL USA says:

      Dear Morning Bell: There are no=half truths, if you are killed, that means you are dead. Viruses dont travel arround, the World to shake handswith other viruses,and then attack humans.Nature doesn't have plans, to leap from the animal- kingdom/ unless you want to eat a animal that is infected.All Food has bacteria present- some have stages that change, from one form to another. viruses that are lethal, can alway's be changing- But they don't have the ability to naturally Organize, and then from several, strains cause a pandemic.

    14. Shelley, Charleston, says:

      The swine flu scare could be Obama's grand entrance for universal health care. Without the government telling us to wash our hands and giving us their expert medical advice, we could all die!

    15. Michael Brady _ , Et says:

      What has happened here is to depleat our population to a sizeable amount so as to control our population, because we are such a large nation, they must do what they already did with AIDS in Africa. Most likely it was releast in Mexico for this reason – ONE WORLD GOVERMENT CONTROL !

      QUESTION: Will we sometime in real near future be overcome by the very people that invaded usa on 911, or are we now being set for this take over by our own goverment in the works with other outside sorses,islom > ?

    16. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      Close the Mexican Border!

    17. Mary Ellen, Green Ba says:

      The US now has a growing number of Tuberculosis, MRZA, Meales, Chicken Pox, Whooping Cough, Etc.,cases, that were previouly irradicated. We know its coming from Mexico, illegal immigrates just arriving in my neighborhood have sick members of their family, TB at the top. Our tax dollars are now paying for their treatment. Close the boarder! Ellis Island was a good thing. Is their anyone interested in the health and well being of the American Citizens???

    18. HOUSTON says:



    19. Barb -mn says:

      It's intentional from day one. See how the American GOVERNMENT cares for the citizens they claim to serve? "we're not going to close the border?" In other words, "we will continue to avoid enforcements of the law." It's all for more money. But it is fading fast as far as the FLU goes. Another crisis coming soon…

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