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  • Single Payer 101: "Everybody In, Nobody Out"

    There is often a lot of talk in America about ‘single payer health care systems’ but what does that really means? To put it simply, a single payer health care system is one in which the federal government is the only ‘payer’ to doctors, hospitals and other health care providers with no existing private insurance companies or competitors. Essentially, it is the cornerstone of ‘Universal Health Care’.

    Why is this important? Because this is essentially what President Obama promises will not happen. The President has repeatedly told audiences that if they liked their insurance providers, and doctors, nothing would change under his plan. He forgot to add ‘for now’. The President’s health care proposal is a major down payment on a single payer system, and the quickest route to crowding out private insurers and putting the government in between you and your doctor. But don’t take our word for it.


    In this video courtesy of Hot Air, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) describes a conversation she had with an insurance industry representative. She says: “I said, excuse me sir, the goal of health care reform is not to protect the private health insurance industry.” She adds: “I am so confident in the superiority of a public health care option, that he has every reason to be frightened.”

    But maybe she is only speaking for herself? Here is President Obama in 2003, speaking to the AFL-CIO where he says “I happen to be a proponent of single payer, universal health care plan.”


    But maybe he dropped that goal in 2003, and has moved on. Well, in 2008, First Lady Michelle Obama said: “The truth is, in order to get things like universal health care and a revamped education system, then someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more.”

    In an Editorial on Monday, the Washington Post said: “For liberals, labor unions and others pushing to make health care available to all Americans, however, the fixation on a public plan is bizarre and counterproductive.”

    As the President said in the video: “Everybody in, nobody out.”

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    35 Responses to Single Payer 101: "Everybody In, Nobody Out"

    1. jaxddt says:

      Amazing – "verybody in – nobody out" what a concept – that's what he really means.

    2. Sam, NYC USA says:

      "The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism, but under the name of liberalism they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation without ever knowing how it happened."

      – Norman Thomas, American socialist

    3. Barb -mn says:

      Why is it called 'single payer" when it is "government paid?"

      Some type of coded message? Call it what it is.

      I can only imagine any doctor or medical staff wanting this government operation of medical socialism is not able to work up to the expectations we pay for now. Government medical staff will pick and choose who they want to heal or not, with no accountability. I want doctors with the will, integrity and human compassion to heal without bias or discrimination.

      I want OUT!

    4. Joseph Cummins - Car says:

      I occasional hear that Universal Health care by state or federal govt will require that everyone participate.

      My question, whether or not I have insurance is — why should I be forced to join/pay into a system if I don't use it?

      Private or Public Health Insurance is a luxury.

      What happened to personal responsibility?

      If I don't have health insurance why should anyone else be forced to pay for my health needs?

      America is becoming a nation of thieves.

    5. Keith Jones, AZ, kei says:

      Won't health insurance companies have some legal recourse? Obviously the government is overstepping the bounds of what it was created to be and in the process they would be destroying legitimate businesses.


    6. Mary H - Texas says:

      I know where we are headed with health care under the Obama Administration – How can we stop it!!! Where are the leaders to get us out of this! We have three branches of government – where is my representation!

    7. JD, Hays KS says:

      Your local Insurance agent loses his job today. You lose your job tommorrow. Mainstreet takes a hit from Big Box stores. Now Pandora's Mega Box Government store will be coming after you.

    8. Marguerite says:

      Mary H. asks 'Where is my representation?' In the 18th century they rebelled against taxation without representation. We now have representation without taxation as fewer and fewer support more and more on the take. Mary – get yourself to the next tea party near you and represent yourself!

    9. Pamela Colorado says:

      My daughter-in-law is a doctor and they are VERY SCARED of this. She doesn't make a lot of money as a doctor in the field of arthritis medicine. Her patients are older and yet some very young people. I worry for them as they have 200,000 still in student loans and no body cares or thinks about this for young doctors. It makes more sense to me to see these idiots go after and WORK WITH the insurance company's since they are the ones that raise insurance everytime a disaster hits some where and we all end up paying the price.

      I am 63 and I sure DON'T WANT to give up MY doctors. I DON'T want to be TOLD WHO I HAVE TO SEE. And I don't want to see ANYONE 50 years and up DIE because all these democrates want to get rich off of people who have worked their buns off to get someone where because all these acron people and others CHOSE to NOT work and make good in life and be happy at what they do. I lived in an area that was like that—people living off well fare etc and smoking pot and doing drugs and complaining about everything and anything while getting a free hand out. The only reason wealthfare is STILL around is because it gets the DEM.'s voted in office. WHY NOT DO GOOD AND GET PEOPLE JOBS AND PAY THEM FOR WORKING AND NOT HAVING KIDS AND GIVE THEM INSENTIVES FOR HEALTH CARE —WHY? Because YOU–Dem.'s just might be doing something nice.

      I personally am VERY SICK AND TIRED of BOTH parties fighting over POWER and money in their pockets and not truly being there for THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY.

      WE HAVE HAD A GREAT COUNTRY AND ALL I SEE ARE POLITICIANS MESSING IT UP. AND IF THOSE THAT HATE THIS COUNTRY SOOOOOOOOO MUCH —- GO LIVE IN THE MIDDLE EAST OR ANYWHERE ELSE THAT HAS NO HEALTH CARE OR GOOD DOCTORS ETC., you won't because you're all cowards and it's easier to stay here and complain and lie to the poor people of this country and make everyone think that it's so bad when it's you that are bad and letting all the illegals in to take over jobs of the true AMERICAN's here that are willing to work and speak ENGLISH etc etc etc etc.

    10. Kay B. Day, Jacksonv says:

      Well, you're already required to pay for MediCare if you want your social security.

      The healthcare industry is one of the few booming. Ergo the feds want that industry. The path to socialism is gradual and discreet–this whole situation developed as the government first intruded and continued to intrude on healthcare, with those of us paying for private plans subsidizing government plans that not only benefit American citizens but also benefit anyone who comes here for medical care. The SCHIP program is a perfect example–parents do not have to be citizens or produce a social security number in many states to get healthcare for their child.

    11. Dennis, Idaho says:

      I am sick of the professional Politicians. Those that have never had a real job in the real world. Most of them could not hold down a 8 to 5 job if their life depended on it. They just live lavishly off the public dole. Just like the welfare moochers. I know of one in this area that boasted that he had never worked a real job. WE THE PEOPLE need to establish term limits by not voting for anyone that has served two terms in any office. I also suggest that no one can run for another office while serving in a public office. Why should we be paying his/her wages while they are campaigning?

    12. Ross, Florida says:

      The socialist Democrats want to finish doing to our health care industry, what they've done to our once great education system, the "Great Society, War on Poverty" welfare system, and the jewel of the socialist crown, Social Security.

      Now we can be equally unhappy, improverished, ignorant, but have high self-esteem…

      This not what I want from life or for my family! There are 545 elected officials that determine our fate. As the smallest minority, the individual, I believe that the federal government has only three purposes; guard the shores, deliever the mail, and keep da'hell out of my life and pockets!

    13. hoads says:

      It's "everybody in-nobody out" because they know they need a healthcare tax paid by everyone in order to finance healthcare. All they have to do is look at the public education system where it is "everybody in-nobody out" (except in some municipalities where those over 65 can be exempt from school taxes) and yet 11% of the population (20% of those with incomes over $100,000) choose private school and are still liable for school taxes (usually in the form of property taxes). This just gives the government more per capita for public school expenditures.

      Obama knows this will be the case with healthcare so, in essence, those who can afford it, will buy better healthcare than what the government will be doling out and will be paying much more for it as they will be indebted to the healthcare tax on top of their health insurance premiums.

    14. Mary,Cleveland, OH says:

      Nationalizing health care is going to be a disaster for this country. We will not receive the quality healthcare that we are already receiving right now. God help us.

    15. Ben C, Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Thankfully I am a veterinarian and not a human physician. I get to practice medicine helping our companion animals and not have to deal with managed care – at least not yet.

      I have many clients from Canada in my office and I always make a point to ask them about human health care in their country. Those that live in Windsor routinely come to Detroit if they have an urgent problem requiring advanced diagnotics. In Canada they tell me it would take months for a work up and they would likley be dead before they are diagnosed. The Canadian physicians come to the US to work because they make more money and have less interfence. For those that think the Canadian way is better I suggest they live in Canada for a few years and let me know what they experience. Their pastures are not greener.

    16. Bill, Fort Mohave AZ says:

      Everyone needs to read Tom Dashles book on Health Care "What Can We do About the Health Care Crisis" which is being used as a guide for Healthcare reform. In this book, one topic refers to rationing, i.e. when you get older and need a hip or knee replacement as an example you will be told you are too old. But will Obama and his ilk receive poor care, No. The politicians will exempt themselves from any rules regarding helath care. Soon americans will have to go to other countries to get healthcare they have been denied in this country similar to the problems we are seeing in Canada and Great Britain where the courts have sided with the socialist governments and ruled that people can be denied healthcare based on age.

      As a veteran I do not remember giving up my right to choose and manage my own healthcare.

    17. Patricia Moseley Ben says:

      I agree with Judge Nepolitano on Fox, Each state should Repeal the 16th Amendment that authorizes taxation based on Income by Federal Government. THAT would get a message across that they should curb their own spending just like all of us are doing. They act as the country's coffers is an endless source! Which is just as bad, the States are following suit with similar tax suggestions. Imagine Cap and Trade for your state PLUS cap and trade from Feds. Oregon is suggestion a (no kidding) a 2000% tax on beer! We need to be more aware and more active to proctect our rights.

      I have lived overseas and know that Universal Health Care is rationed health care which especially affects the premature newborn and high risk pregnancies and the elderly (50 and older)

      England uses OUR neonatal care units for babies . Canada comes either here or goes to India for surgeries that they would have to wait a year or more for. Sometimes they pay cash for care. There are more MRI machines in every US city than the whole country of Canada, Wait list can be as long as 2 years. Imagine brain cancer and having to wait a year or more for diagnosis and treatment,

      Secondarily, my doctors here in the US are Canadian as they have fixed salaries regardless of specialty. New doctors are asked to work pro bono (without salary) for their first year of private practice. Do you think our good doctors here will stay? No, we will have foreign doctors, from China, Korea, India etc…

      We cannot accept Universal Health Care in this country who has the best medical care in the world.

      By the way, it also means a list of generic medicines and limited, no new and better drugs. Guess what industry will disappear. Medical Research and Drug Research.


    18. Linda Middlekauff says:

      As a nurse, I am relieved that the above writers are aware of the dangers of universal healthcare (insurance) and what will happen to the medical care available if this indeed happens. But we are all preaching to the choir. Please use some of the outrage to write your local newspapers, call or email your state and US senators and representatives, and speak up to your friends and colleagues.

      Unfortunately, nurses have become for the most part socialist in their thinking as they have become more unionized. This is also happening with the medical profession as the AMA and the state medical associations are caving in to this mentality. Very few physicians are actually members of their medical associations and instead are members of their specialty associations. They are a reflection of the rest of us who have become complacent about everything except our own families and professions. In short they are willing to sell out the greatest medical and nursing care in the world because of their compassion for the needs of others and their unwillingness to look more deeply into solutions. That would take too much effort.

      Hospitals in OR are being threatened by our legislature with a 4.5% taxation with no credit for all of the free care they give and the legal requirement to treat all in the emergency departments of every hospital. As it is, they are struggling to remain open, let alone to provide quality care.

      If we really care about this, we will speak up in public formus and to our governmental representatives, march in the streets if necessary, and anything else it takes.


      Roseburg, OR

    19. Laurie Nelson Katy T says:

      I don't like universal anything. They won't listen to us. I'm sick and tired of the spineless Republicans. It's time for State's Right's. Not the national government to mandate our very lives.

    20. Tammi Diaz South says:


      FAMILY VALUES! I have a Traumatic Brain Injury getting good affordable healthcare even with insurance is a nightmare.

    21. Barb -mn says:

      What the government can do about the government titled, health care "crisis", is get out of our health care. "Crisis" solved!

    22. Shelley, Charleston, says:

      I work in the home health industry, with probably 80% of our patients being in the Medicare age bracket. According to the National Home Health Organization, Obama will be cutting 13 billion dollars from Medicare in the next 5 years to help fund his Universal Health Care program. This will shut down at least 2/3 of all home health companies. Talk about job loss!

      The elderly will be treated with the same respect as embryos with his program. They'll be last on the list for any life saving surgeries or expensive medical treatment.

    23. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      Everything we have seen these people do is in a

      coded message!

    24. b & t, flyover c says:

      The tea parties are great — thank God for the tea parties….but they aren't fighting against universal health care, are they?

      There doesn't seem to be any organization wanting to take it on. I have been looking for someone to hook up with. I have tried some organizations on the internet, but there just doesn't seem to be a campaign against universal health care. Why is that?

      In my desire to fight against universal health care (rationed health care, let's be honest)since February,I've contacted all of the following (local chapters and in a few cases, national chapters) and have gotten nowhere. People have been polite, but pat my hand, say something nice, and send me on my way:

      American Cancer Society

      Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

      American Heart Association

      Council on Aging

      American Society of Clinical Oncology (never answered my e-mail, recommended by husband's oncologist, used her name, too)

      My State's Medical Association (said they would keep me informed, but didn't, used OB/GYN docs name)

      My local Republican Club

      several senior citizen centers

      Right to Life (said our best bet was to do better in the next election. Yeah. We stand a great chance against well-funded ACORN.)

      There are probably others, but I lost count. The interest wasn't there and I became discouraged. I felt like Paul Revere without a horse.

      I am not a particularly courageous person, nor am I a good leader of people, just a person frightened by all of the implications of a one-size-fits-all-single-payer universal health care system. I am frightened for myself — because I am 62, for my husband who is 72. He also has leukemia. I am frightened for all of the people I have seen in his doctor's offices over the years — all elderly, all with chronic diseases. And I am so grateful that my parents are dead.

      I talked to our former US Congressional Representative today (he lost in November, I worked for his re-election campaign) because I had called him earlier in the week, and told him he was my last hope, I asked him what could I do to fight against universal health care? He said that now that Arlan Spector has become a Democrat, and now that Al Franken will probably win in Minnesota, there isn't much that we can do to prevent it. He said that some members of the business community who were previously against it (back when Hillary introduced it) are now for it. Because they don't want to have to pay for medical benefits for their employees.

      When I was working for him and also for McCain in the last election, people were more afraid of universal health care coming their way than of any other item that they imagined might be on Obama's agenda.

      Yes, I have written to all of my elected representatives. Only one is a Republican, the others are Democrats and are eager for the advent of the single payer system.

      Is there any chance at all that we can avert this?

      Not looking good, is it?

    25. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      Socialism at it's best. the dems and obama are destroying this country and the principals that built this country.It is a shame that the american people can so easily be lead down the path of destruction and not have the common since to see what is ahead. THE BLIND BEING LEAD BY THE IGNORANT, OBAMA NAD THE DEMS ARE DOING THE LEADING.

    26. Marilyn12774 says:

      If anyone has an answer for b & t flyover country, please respond. I, too, am interested in joining an effort to fight against Universal Health Care with one payer.

    27. Chris, Texas says:

      I will not put up with paying taxes for other people's health care. That is ridiculous! So, if some idiot decides that he wants to jump off the roof of his house into a pool and misses, then we, the tax payers, have to fit the bill to put him in a body cast and hospitalize him for 3 weeks. Or, if some dead beat, who most likely already lives on welfare, decides that she does not feel like smoking around her infant is a bad thing, gives the child emphysema. Hey, here we are stuck with the bill again! Essentially, we are insuring the stupidity of others! I really hate the current administration…

      I read earlier that 1.2 BILLION rounds of ammunition were purchased in the U.S. just in the month of DECEMBER…

      I vote that we split the nation. The libs can have New England and the West Coast. Everything else will belong to us. We will keep our guns, religion and our capitalism and the libs can have their Socialism which will quickly turn to Communism. Then, we will be glad to provide them with energy from our coal and oil. We will also provide them with countless products from our strong industries because we will not have any "cap and trade" crap to fund Al Gore's global warming scam (which he has started calling "climate change" because scientist proved that the Earth actually decreased in temperature by 2 degrees in the last 2 years!). Finally, when the libs are attacked by the nice terrorist that they made friends with, then we will come to the rescue for the small amount of $10 TRILLION.

      I hate libs and their pointless, stupid, wasteful, unfair agenda. Learn how to take care of yourselves and stop living off of the tax payers! Everyone in this country has the same opportunity as the next guy if they are willing to do what it takes to use it to their advantage.

    28. Lora C -Texas says:

      I agree with Dennis and Marilyn. This is very scary as my husb. and I don't have health care, we have to go to our clinic here in town regarding his diabetes. What will happen to those places, probably close as the drs. volunteer most of the time to work there certain days of the week. Then we'll be forced to go to gov. agencies. I believe best thing to do is to 1) get involved in our Repub. parties and attend tea parties, 2) vote in every election from city council up to Gov. to Senate/Pres. election and vote these dems out of office. Need to talk with people and get them to do the same thing. I hear a new power may be rising up and it will be the conservatives of this country. Obamas speech from Wed. night was down to 28%. What does that tell you. He will be voted out in 2012 and I think people are so sick and tired of Dems in office now that even the moderate Dems of our country will be voting them out next year. We need to get more involved and vote in every one of these elections. Go to the forums and see what these people have to say. I did and it was very interesting to hear that others are just as sick of high taxes etc. as we are. I voted and it felt good to at least try to put new conservative people who believe like we do in office who really want to make a change for the better. GET INVOLVED and speak to young people, your kids, etc. to make sure they vote and understand it's their future that will be affected by Obama and all his drones.

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    30. FRANK NEW YORK STATE says:


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    33. David P. says:

      I came to this forum looking for logical arguments against "Single Payer Health Care" for my Informative Speech in my speech class to counter all the thoughtful arguments in favor of it. You're arguments, however, are nothing but hateful fear mongering. I'm sorry, but I'll have to keep looking.

      David P.

      Ann Arbor, MI

    34. Mark, Chicago says:

      The 1:47 minutes of video that Verum Serum cut from my video is only highly relevant for those seeking to distort information for their own gain. Seek out the full 6:44 minute speech on You Tube and listen to the clip in the full context.

      To you other's, I'd really suggest you got to the original sources of information. All this fear that's being spread by health profiteers is disingenuous. There is NO ONE arguing for a system that would force a particular doctor on you. In fact, in the private system we have today, many people are being forced to use doctors in their HMO plan.


      BoilingWater Media

    35. Online Chemist says:

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