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  • Questions for Secretary Napolitano: Work Visas

    DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano is tentatively scheduled to testify before the United States Senate Judiciary Committee about DHS immigration enforcement policies on May 6, 2009. Given Secretary Napolitano’s novel interpretations of federal law, the Heritage Foundation will be posting a series of questions (and suggested answers) for the Secretary.

    Labor unions have recently come out in favor of an amnesty for illegal immigrations while continuing to adamantly oppose the expansion of legal worker programs. Will the Obama Administration take on its powerful union supporters by not supporting an amnesty and enhancing legal worker programs and reforming visa policies?

    With the increased efforts to secure the border and enforce the laws against illegal immigration through aggressive interior enforcement activities, the United States has properly increased the transactional costs for illegal immigrants, employers who hire them and smugglers who transport them. Another critical aspect is to lesson the demand in the United States for cheap, illegal labor.

    The best way to accomplish this task is to increase and expand the number of legal worker programs at both the low and high end of the employment ladder. As employers seek to avoid worksite enforcement raids, they will turn to legal worker programs that can meet their business needs. As employers fill their jobs with legal workers, the demand for illegal workers will decrease. The Obama Administration plans to continue these aggressive interior enforcement activities and efforts to secure our border.

    One of the biggest impediments to increasing and expand the number of legal workers programs are the labor unions who will fight to maintain the inflated wages and benefits of their members. The United States needs to provide legal avenues to meet the needs of employers and immigrants and are a better option than illegal immigration. The appropriate approach for Congress and the Administration, as part of a responsible overall program to restructure American immigration and border security policies, is to begin to reform existing visa policies in a manner that appropriately addresses concerns regarding security, sovereignty, citizenship, and economic growth.

    For more Heritage research on visa policies, see James Sherk and Diem Nguyen’s Backgrounder, Next Steps for Immigration and Border Security Reform: Restructuring the Work Visa.

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    3 Responses to Questions for Secretary Napolitano: Work Visas

    1. GET INVOLVED ! says:


      200,000 veterans & millions of American Families are HOMELESS/UNEMPLOYED ! In their own country !

      TO HELP STOP THIS call congress @ 800-828-0498

      or 877-851-6437 or 866-338-1015.

      DEMAND E-VERIFY for -ALL- Jobs & Gov`t. programs !

      287g NATIONWIDE !



      NO DREAM ACT !



      Visit & pass these sites along about E-VERIFY/287g


      numbersusa.com -capsweb.org -fairus.org -jbs.org -

      alipac.us-americanpatrol.com -outragedpatriots.com

      - theterryandersonshow.com – americanvoiceradio -

      HATE SPEECH ! check out– ccir.net ! –

      thanks for the priviilege to post HERE !


      CALL !!!!!!!!!!

      FAX !!!!!!!!!!

      E-MAIL !!!!!!!!!!


      THANKS ( 1 of 200,000 )



      GOD BLESS THE U.S. !!!

    2. Sergi Sheplovich says:

      We are a Christian Nation, God will bless us when we demonstrate our primary commandment, love your neighbor as yourself. Christ forgave us and we must use this lesson to forgive those who have come to work hard and provide for thier families. Gods love knows no national boundaries his abundance is for everyone.

      US Citizen spouses and many US Citizen children many of them honorable veterans of the US Military are suffering family separation from draconian and inhumane punishments of Immigration law like the 3/10 and even permanent bars to re-entry for nuclear family members. US Citizens married to foreign nationals should have the same right to family unity as other citizens.

      Marriages should not be destroyed by the Governmment, what God has joined together the bible says, let no man separate.


    3. Arczi Nj says:

      We should get it done by now ( we need that immigration reform) but some people think that deportation, separation of family etc is the better way – No… it's not the way and people supporting that are stupid and brainless , we are nation of immigrants, we need those people ,They work their asses for us and we're still against them – think, we are getting all the cheap stuff from China ( shoes , electronic etc. – would You like to get Your food from China – I don't think so ).

      I support president Obama that we need immigration reform and I hope He will push it this year. We were waiting to long for reform and that is the reason why we have so many people illegaly in U.S.

      The way I see that is:

      secure the borders

      people without and criminal record – let them stay here in U.S, pay the fines, learn english, pay back taxes etc.

      Do not separate family!

      Really easy…

      Don't be stupid, do not listen that person – 1 of 200000 – He or She has no idea what is He/She talking about. We are the nation of immigrants and we should remember that.

      Just get that done.

      God Bless America and president Obama.

      P.s It's easy to destroy something ( like U.S picture – the way other country see Us as a nation and belive me, I travel a lot and stuff like we treat immigrants { death in detention centers } does not help Us to look bright ). Now is the time to act and change it, now is the time to fix our picture as a great country and as a great leader.

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