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  • Morning Bell: A 9/10 Security Mindset

    Yesterday the citizens of New York and New Jersey who lived through 9/11 were witness to an ominous flashback. A massive aircraft, trailed closely by an F-16 fighter jet, descended towards the city and flew so close and low to Manhattan skyscrapers that office building windows rattled. Fortunately this was not a terrorist attack, but a poorly thought out photo-op by White House Military Office Director Louis Caldera. Before being appointed by President Barack Obama to his current post, Caldera most recently served on the board of directors for the failed bank IndyMac, which is currently under investigation by the federal government for fraud.

    This breach of common sense is all too typical of the Obama administration’s approach to national security. Just 99 days into office, Obama’s performance has already raised serious questions about his national security strategy.

    Apologizer in Chief: In his first 100 days in office, President Barack Obama completed two whirlwind tours of Europe and Latin America. His message on both continents was simple: America has made many mistakes in the past, but we’re now ready to listen to others and be more flexible. It was a hugely popular message, particularly when he criticized or apologized for America. But the results were paltry. The problem with this type of “engagement” is that, at some point, foreign leaders begin to see it (correctly) as pandering. President Obama’s apologies for U.S. policies are interpreted in North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela not as an honest act of attrition that should elicit reciprocity from them, but rather as an apology demanding more concessions from the United States.

    Gutting the Defense Budget: While the numbers for the FY 2010 defense budget are debatable, President Obama’s 10-year budget blueprint is crystal clear: in every year beyond FY 2010 there will be negative real growth for the defense budget. The deep cuts will come in procurement programs for systems like the F-22 and the next generation Navy destroyer. The decisions were driven not by national security needs but by a desire to rein in Pentagon spending. Projected Administration defense budgets over the next five years may underfund defense spending by over a trillion dollars.

    Defining Missile Defense Down: The President approved a cut of roughly 15 percent of the Pentagon’s missile defense budget and abandoned deploying defenses in Western Europe. In addition, the White House failed to obtain any meaningful response from the U.N. Security Council on ballistic missile launches by Iran and North Korea. With Pakistan teetering on the edge, the ballistic missile threat has not diminished; in fact it is growing.

    Detainee Dithering: The Obama administration continues to send mixed signals about how America will detain our enemies in what they now call “Overseas Contingency Operations.” The recent partial release of CIA memos was particularly unhelpful and betrays a complete lack of a coherent administration detainee strategy.

    Border Blunders: Is it a crime to enter the U.S. illegally? Have terrorists routinely entered the United States through Canada, including the perpetrators of the Sept. 11 attacks? Are our veterans a threat to national security? Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has been an absolute disaster since she took office. She should face tough questioning from Senate Judiciary Committee next week.

    There have been some bright spots for the Obama administration in national security. President Obama has largely continued to implement the strategic course laid out by the Bush Administration in Iraq and Afghanistan. But even there, the left is pressuring the White House to change course.

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    38 Responses to Morning Bell: A 9/10 Security Mindset

    1. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      The Left has always had the 9/10 mentality and yesterday they proved it! Flying AF1 backup at just above building top level in NYC scared the hell out of a lot of people (for a photo opportunity) and the Obama Administration couldn't care less! As far as President Obama is concerned, there are no threats against the USA, there are no security problems, let's just party every week or junket around the World kissing every one's a………..!

      On another note, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D NY) actually came to the defense of the residents of NYC and blasted the FAA (and everyone else involved with the incident) for not informing the public.

      Gee, I wonder what the Left would have said if this were done by President Bush?

    2. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      "President Barack Obama completed

      two whirlwind tours of Europe

      and Latin America.

      America has made many mistakes in the past,

      but we’re now ready to listen to others and be more flexible."

      Good for him.

      Maybe BuSh wouldn't have invade Iraq



    3. Danielle McDonald, T says:

      I love the HERITAGE FOUNDATION. However, I think a clip about how President Obama "jumped the gun" is really not news worthy. There are so many other relevant things to talk about.

    4. Bradley J Wagoner says:

      Obama, seriously! The path this man is taking us down is frightning. His lack of understanding the beliefs of Americans is appalling. I am curious WHO exactly voted for him? Everywhere I go, no one will admit to backing him! His use of the teleprompter leads me to think that he is a "puppet" President, and makes me ask, who is REALLY runing our country? By the way, my Mother has heard this and much, much more. Understand that I believe in Conservative Principals, using and following the Constitution. Having said that, the Republicans need to review their values, many or possibly most of them in office need to leave. They have potentialy ruined our childrens economic future along with the Democrats. It is time to SHRINK Government by a minimum of 50%. I have voted Republican since my only mistake of Jimmy Carter as my 1st vote. Lately that vote has been for "the lesser of 2 evils" Keep up the great work! You do an admirable job for all Americans. God bless us all.

    5. Paul, New Jersey says:

      Unfortunately, when the cabinet officials met to discuss how they could save $100 million, they never thought that taking a picture of a plane used as Air Force One, and then using Photoshop to make it appear as though it was near the Statue of Liberty never crossed their minds.

    6. Ron, Derry NH says:

      I don't see a man who betrays his Minister, his countries history, and embraces the cowardice of Communism as strong or courageous.

      Obama is proving that elitists will position themselves at the top, capitulate any principle to a foe in order to win a favorable image for himself and then betrays the very people that trusted him because he has fame to acheive not principles.

      He is an Obama salesman not a leader. He is a stooge for communistic ideals and a sell out at every level to insure he causes people to fold under his charms. I doubt if the world is as dumb as he thinks and I know for sure his weaknesses are a delight many a foreign power.Nobody falls for charm when lives are in the balance, just Hollywood.

      With Biden boyishly quoting made up sayings and observations and Obama inventing his fame; we can't go wrong.

      Hollywood has promoted for years that the least talented, least experienced and least qualified can run everything from space ships to nuclear power plants, then why shouldn't we just believe it is so??? I am sure every foreign power is just as dumb as Hollywood has portrayed the evil villains in Bond movies and Star Wars.

    7. Richard cancemi says:

      I can't decide if Obama is a "Dreamer" or a "Devil". I do know that I don't like what he stands for! Every appointee he has foisted on us is incompetent or soiled. His attitude re. the USA at home and abroad is traitorous. His overall Socialist agenda has no place in our country.

      People say he's brilliant; I say he's a cunning fox, who will destroy our "Hen House". He is dangerous to our welfare!

      His first 100 days scores an "F" from me.

    8. Sliver Wisconsin says:

      I can't believe all the blunders and apologies this administration has made, the USA has helped more countries, spent and sent more money to help people in other countries than and other place on this planet, and this idiot has to make apologies for what? Sure we probably made mistakes but we have nothing to apologize for especially to despots in Iran and Venezula. We have the most corrupt administration in my memory and Osama is nothing but a socialist/communist and is out to ruin this country.

    9. Brad Raffensperger, says:

      Without a vision the people perish. If this statement is true, and I believe it is, then wouldn't seem appropriate that we need to craft a vision based on our undergirding principles? Incorporating solid time tested principles into every aspect of our political and societal thoughts can provide us the benchmark of whether we are on track or off. Let us set an agenda on where we want to go. If our vision is different than the party in power, then what is it? Tearing down the other fella does not build us up nor does it provide a vision. People follow leadership, people follow vision. In 1977 there were 61 Democrats in the Senate, the House was solidly controlled by a very liberal group and Jimmy Carter was President. Three short years later Ronald Reagan led a revived conservative movement to victory and to some of America's best years. Who would've thunk it? Vision supported by conviction, a winning team. What is our vision?

    10. Jim, Wisconsin says:

      Foreign policy? National defense? Those concerns are so last week!

      Obama is Lincoln! No, wait, he's FDR!!!

      If Lincoln and FDR had neglected the defense of the Union as sadly as rock-star Obama has, we'd all be swearing at our slaves in Austrian.

    11. liberty says:

      Quote of the day:

      "The good news is it was nothing more than an ill considered, badly conceived, insensitive photo op – with the taxpayers' money."

      - Michael Bloomberg

    12. Chris, Tampa says:

      It looks like we have elected "The little rascals" to govern our country. Is anyone counseling the President on diplomatic issues? Bowing To kings, HUGGING!!! Queens, shaking hands with despots and thugs? Do our officials not realize we look like a bunch of ten year olds on the worlds stage? This is a big sandbox and many of the other kids playing in it are are not very nice. Just smiling and giving away all our toys does not earn friends.

      When will the administration begin to put our national intrests ahead of their own political agenda and power?

    13. Danny FLA says:

      Dear Morning Bell: My comment: is The American People do not deserve anything less than Freedom, and the knowledge that they own their own bodies. We Fought, We Won, And we have suffered long for life, liberty and the Freedon this country, is based upon. If the Scenario dictates we are in dire straight straights because of climate changes,ect.. Then we do not need a few people to take our freedom, impose controls by whatever, means they Have created on us to structure plans, that take away life itself.We Are Americans ,and i am personally willing to do what is right-not something no-one has been told The Truth About. I say leave to false created realities. The Destruction of a Free society in The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is The Correct Choice, Not the dispersion of fear.

    14. Ed Brown - Louisvill says:

      Obama continues to speak of moral principles but act on power principles. Obama is nothing more than a street thug. His only training is that of Saul Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals. Obama believes in expediency, where the end justifies the means. He believes in only the desired ends of the movement, which he regards as the source of life's meaning. It is a contest of power. This was calculated and was meant to show that he is in charge and the public be damned. What happened on September 11th means nothing to Obama.

    15. Allie Kohl, Lawrence says:

      One of the most frightening and insulting is the constant attitude of Obama's ridicule of us Americans. It goes to show you how he really feels and that he has no intention of keeping our country the way it has always been; a great place to live.There is only one reason that would account for his running for President. Time will tell and hope that God Blesses America before too late.

    16. Sliver Wisconsin says:

      Ken were you in a cave when the UN was talking to Saddam , these people don't listen to anybody they are dictators like our current President and I use the word President loosely. I suggest you brush up on your history while we still have books that tell the truth, that is if you can read.

    17. Stuart Mills Gardner says:

      He should give the UAW full ownership of GM. Let's see what they do to compete with the non-union automakers.

    18. Mary Ellen Jones, Ha says:

      The incident yesterday in NYC with the Air Force One backup plane was unconscionable. This administration's poor choices for leadership positions is blatantly put before us just about every day. How dare they choose (out of all of the historical sites in the USA) the place where terrorists attacked and killed 3000 of our citizens? The Obama administration is totally ignorant of any type of decorum, humility, and the fundamental principle of service. This President's lack of experience is a disgrace that embarrasses this country every day. I can only hope that those who elected him are seeing what a huge mistake they made.

    19. Evie, Alabama says:

      Who authorizes the use of any Presidential plane?

      I believe it to be the President; therefore, I as one of millions who paid the bill for the flyover fiasco, demand to know just what game Obama is playing and why he deliberately terrorized every American in this country with his tasteless display of wasteful politics?

      I am really reconsidering my previous thoughts about his alleged muslim identity and I am wondering about his macarbe sense of 'humor'..

      This act of his to deliberately send a plane flying low and slow over New York City is beyond tacky, tasteless, and ill-thought out; it is a complete act of "In-Your-Face-AMERICA" and Barack H. Obama should be forced to give an accounting of his actions.

      He is the president. It is HIS PLANE. DO THE MATH…and hold him accountable with a CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATION into his reprehensible acts.

    20. Jim@Redding,CA says:


      LYING. (What else does anyone need to know?)

    21. jim smith new york says:

      It is next to impossible to have the words national, security, strategy and Obama in the same sentence. Unless, of course, there is a squadron of flying pigs ready to go up.

    22. Rich, Denver says:

      It's not an act of attrition but rather contrition.

    23. ella quinn kinston n says:

      Ken our country america did not make any mistakes by not talking to iran, north korea and the other terrorist countries. You can not talk sense with a terrorits. You and obama are the ones who are ingronat to evil people.Wake up.

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    25. Ron, Derry NH says:

      Apparently we as Americans have been dummied down by eloquent socialist puppeteers that have brainwashed the masses into a belief that a college degree and being a constitutional scholar means something. Now that they are bleeding the efforts of those who can do to pay for those that won't do, we are having a reversal of will.

      This country has a majority that votes that doesn't want to amount to anything but sure as heck wants some one else's fruits of their labor as if the American dream meant you don't earn it!

      Obama is feeding that and stepping on the workers. The unions are oblivious to the end result as they have forgotten they are Americans and now serve the nipple of cash that can be gained by going socialistic on us, to exploit America for their own gains at the cost of their children. Like a mad dog with no food, the beast has turned on itself and is gnawing its own legs.

      He is brilliant at his ability to destroy this country with a method so open its almost intoxicating, that we can't wait for the next part of America to be put under the guillotine to watch the press sit by in feigned ignorance..

    26. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      Oh happy dagger, being made to appear as if gleaming invitingly as never before for the abridging and snuffing out of our lives and freedoms, what are you?

      Are you not a weapon with sharp edges, which agonize, torment, and wound?

      You are that by definition and design, no matter how pretty your appearance is contrived to be.

      Who manipulates and aims you with such greed for power which would so abridge and snuff out our freedoms and naturally inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

      It is those who are determined to so manipulate aim you for the growth of their governing power and thus doom us to repeat history in that experience has shown that as government grows, liberty decreases.

      Being such a dagger, what is your name, or do you go by many?

      Such a dagger by any and all names, and in the hands of those who would so manipulate and aim you, is as treacherous and deadly to our lives and freedoms.

      Oh happy dagger, being made to appear as if gleaming invitingly as never before for the abridging and snuffing out of our lives and freedoms, what price must we pay in order to save ourselves and our freedoms from your deadliness and destruction?

      Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. Failing that, we must pay the increased price of liberty for lack of vigilance which allowed you, such a dagger, to be in such a position against our lives and freedoms, including through our removing from power and influence those who so manipulate and aim you with such lethal and destructive effect, or else we will pay a far more fatal and destructive price, including the making fully come true what innumerable others near and far have already observed and said:

      "(U.S.) Americans apparently don't appreciate the freedoms they have, and evidently won't until they're gone, and then it will be too late", and "I came here to (to the U.S.) be free of such government control and have the freedoms which Americans are giving up. Now where do I go?"

      Indeed the fact is as even such a pragmatic man as Benjamin Franklin said: “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both”.

      So in an effort to prevent our losing both, I, for one among countless millions of others, will willingly pay the price for liberty, or in other words, to paraphrase Patrick Henry : “Give me liberty, or I will willingly die for it”.

    27. Ben C, Ann Arbor, MI says:

      For Ken in Las Vegas: something about speaking softly and carrying a big stick. I am all for talking with our enemies – from a position of power. Problem is that Barry is trashing our military much like Clinton did and we will be in scramble mode in a few years. Remember when Khadafi was giving us such a bad time and we sent several F-16′s to deliver greeting cards? That, my friend, is the big stick.

    28. Spiritof76, New Hampshire says:

      Where are the 9/11 widows from New Jersey crying, Obama is insensitive to the memory of the victims of the 9/11?
      Obama feigns ignorance about the incident. He is either incompetent or thinks people in this country are stupid.
      How about all the pollution created needlessly to fly a big airplane with fighter jets, all for photo op?
      The worst part of it is that Obama is the president of the USA!
      Wait til one day when a terrorist attacks the US again. If you doubt that it won’t happen because you hug the tyrants and apologize for our defense of freedom, think again. The terrorists don’t care.

    29. jc, central texas says:

      The man is a walking disaster. And think, we only have three years and 9 months left before he can be voted out. Does that frighten you?

    30. Chris, Western Wi. says:

      At least we can all longingly remember how great our country was in the past. I think the voters of this country will regret placing this incompetent, pretend president into office. The fools who make up this administration exhibit the behaviour of juveniles partying when the adults are away! I hope to have a "president" who represents me 4 years from now!

    31. Judy Grimes, Oklahom says:

      Canada's Free Press refers to the President as Obamanation. Wonder why? Not only have the first 100 days been a disaster, there are strong indications he and other government official are not being honest about the Swine Flu outbreak. Could this be a terrorist attack coverup? I would like to know the truth about this and other things occuring in our world

    32. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      The low flying airplanes was just obama saying he is the boss. It was not big deal that it cost us $300,00.00 plus, just so a photo could be taken.The left has lost what little since it had, if they ever had any.

      He is not the president of this country, he is a"world citizen", just as he stated on his tour. The dems are doing just what clinton did, gut the military and send this country into debt for ever.I HOPE PEOPLE REMEMBER THIS IN 2010.

    33. Martha Juhola, SW Wa says:

      It's too late to apologize for Mr. Obama. A good leader, let alone a good man, would have felt very empathetic. He showed a glaring lack of concern for those NY citizens that were affected by this stunt. I believe this is a very clear message about his level of compassion, or lack of compassion. He can save the liberal feigning of phony compassion going forward. This American no longer believes his or his cabinet's phony manipulations are anything more than efforts for power. We the people can help each other, help our neighbors as we choose, and we can easily turn our backs on this nonsense, we can trade amongst ourselves, depart from the commercial force as we see fit and reclaim the America we love.

    34. Annette Matthews,NC says:

      I am all for the fair treatment of everyone, however to vote in a President simply on the color of his skin is totatlly disguisting to me. I did not vote for Obama, not because he is not white, I felt he was not the more qualified. Why didn't we vote in Bill Cosby, he is black, and educated. He also says stop giving people excuses for doing the wrong thing. I fear when people in this country wake up, it will be far too late. Why can't people just understand that this country use to stand for something and stop worrying about hurting people's feelings. It is never wrong to do the right thing !!!!! I see nothing wrong with immigrants coming into this country, but when they use to come by boat, they did it legally, and we didn't put all of our languages in Italian, German, Greek, Japanese or any other language. How about all the money we waste on teaching non English speaking students to speak English, while in school ? It won't matter about this country, we will no longer have any Military or English speaking Teachers. But we finally got a non caucasion into the White House. I guess that is the important thing.

    35. Eugene Hoffman, Hous says:

      Neville Chamberlain; Woodrow Wilson; Jimmy Carter are the examples that the press, (patsies for power), should be comparing the current administration, the senate, judicial, and congress and anyone else that supports the current course our leadership is undertaking. Never apologize for a decision made thoughtfully based upon the parameters and information available at that point in time: I hate "day after, armchair analysis" of any contest; and make no mistake the world is in a spiritual contest: either we go forth into a new era of global cooperation of SOVEIRGN NATIONS and get over political correctness, or we go back to medieval warfare. There is no alternative.

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    37. John Ring, Outback I says:

      It amazes me the utter contempt for the American people and the stupidty the O'Bama White House forces down our throat on a almost daily occurence.

      An insult to every person killed in 9-11 attack on New York. And to think the alive New Yorkers voted for the dummycrat- how ironic.

    38. Carol, AZ says:

      video 1;

      video 2

      The public is being mis-lead as to WHO is coming across our borders from Mexico. This is the truth as reported by WSBTV in Atalnta.

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