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  • WaPo on the Public Plan: Counterproductive

    The Washington Post editorializes today:

    Of the many possible issues that could snarl health-care reform, one of the biggest is whether the measure should include a government-run health plan to compete with private insurers. The public plan has become an unfortunate litmus test for both sides. The opposition to a public plan option is understandable; conservatives, health insurers, health-care providers and others see it as a slippery step down the slope to a single-payer system because, they contend, the government’s built-in advantages will allow it to unfairly squash competitors.

    For liberals, labor unions and others pushing to make health care available to all Americans, however, the fixation on a public plan is bizarre and counterproductive. Their position elevates the public plan way out of proportion to its importance in fixing health care. It is entirely possible to imagine effective health-care reform — changes that would expand coverage and help control costs — without a public option.

    Heritage research on the public plan option:

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    8 Responses to WaPo on the Public Plan: Counterproductive

    1. john, cincinnati says:

      I believe the push from local, state and federal governments to have national universal healthcare is so that they can unload the cost of insuring their own employees on the backs of the private sector. Then turn around and use those tax dollars that were earmarked for health coverage on other programs that were voted down in past elections. This is the same agenda for the unions as well, which will enable them to get out from under these failing legacy programs at our expense.

    2. denise yuma arizona says:

      I'm very concerned that this health plan is going to be a social agenda, if that happens then not every one will be taken care of especially the old, the government wont spend the money for the treatment they may need, and what if the surgery is to expensive then people wont be able to get help.-

    3. Kathryn in Colleyvil says:

      There is ABSOLUTELY NO NEED to create a huge government dinosaur, like Medicare and Medicare Drug Plan, to insure a relative small percentage of Americans.

      The fundamental lie is that there are 45 million uninsured. Even Sen.Kay Bailey Hutchison spouts this off as a fact, and she should know better: About 10 million aren't US citizens!! About 17 million include Americans who make $50,000.00 or more and don't purchase insurance!! Other things are more important for them to purchase–it's their choice!!! so that leaves about 10 million, some who are "between coverage" and others are already on Medicaid while others are eligible for Medicaid and haven't applied!!!

      Let's do ONE thing to bring down the cost of Medicine–only the first step–TORT REFORM! In TX, this brought my malpractice insurance down from almost $20,000/yr to around $12,000. That's a real savings which might help keep doctors from going under this year or partially offset the STUPID electronic medical records mandate that WE have to pick up the tab for. Somebody throw us doctors a bone–we need some encouragement!! We have been demonized by the government and insurance companies, and are tough, resilient people, but we are at the breaking point.

    4. B & T, Flyover C says:

      I wonder what would happen under universal health care to an older (over 60) person who found herself severely disfigured (burned) in an automobile accident which was not her fault; or had her face pistol whipped by a panhandler demanding cash as she alighted from her car one morning on the way to work? Reconstructive and plastic surgery is costly — the technology is there now to help such people — and it would still be there under universal health care — but would it be off limits to the elderly because they are old?

      Both situations happened to people I know. Beauty isn't everything, but ….to look — presentable –is probably something we all want.

      What about a 72-year-old leukemia and lymphoma victim? Wouldn't such a person probably be denied the four yearly CT scans ordered by the oncologist? They're very costly. And should something further be found, would he be allowed to get additional chemo? Or would assisted suicide be offered instead? That's considerably cheaper.

      Maybe the young people (like my sister's kids, whom I am disinheriting; along with my Obama-voting sister, also about to be cut out of our will, since she wants all this hope and change and the repurcussions that it foists off on us) want universal health care, but I think they may change their tunes when it is their parents and/or grandparents who want treatment for this or that and find themselves offered a cheaper alternative such as "death with dignity" instead.


      As you can tell, I am very worried over this. I don't know about you, but I have not slept well since the election. I am just terrified of our new president and his cabinet. Every day finds many of waiting for yet another shoe to drop.

      Sorry this is long — I am hoping to throw it out there as food for thought. If ONE PERSON reads it and can connect with it, maybe that will be one more person who will fight against universal health care as I have tried so hard to do — but failed so miserably at doing.

      B & T

    5. Sue from Maryland says:

      It is time, right now, to contact all senators to let them know we are against socialized medicine. This will work! Remember the overwhelming protests when the amnesty bill for illegal aliens was being considered. That bill failed because the American citizen spoke up. Everyone needs to get busy now and don't let up until Washington gets the message! Tell all of your friends, acquaintances, etc. and let's get motivated!

    6. Steve, Ohio says:

      I can't help feeling sorry for everyone out that feels the same way as those who have written earlier, however, elections have consequences and we are going to have to live with whatever socialist junk they shove down our throats. However, this is still the USA (for now). Americans will not put up with rationed care or substandard health insurance policies for very long.

      The sequence of events will look like this: 1)the "rich" will not participate and will pay doctors very well to see them at the head of the line and will get whatever treatment they need or want. 2)the midlle class will see this happening and demand better. 3)employers will realize an opportunity to hire the best people by offering a better program than the gov't. 4) Less money will flow to Washington and the poor will be trapped with the same substandard care or less care just like today. These things are cyclical. This is the same scenario that happended during wage and price controls which hooked the US on zero copay HMO. You may have to deal with this socialist system, but your children will not. Save up some money for medical treatments that WILL BE EXCLUDED under the new rules and pay doctors with cash. That is how they do it in all the countries with socialized medicine. You will be able to get the treatment…you'll just have to be willing to pay and get the luxury of seeing your doctor during "off" hours. Just think, (when you are paying cash), how wonderful it will be to see your own doctor during the evening or at your house without having to wait in a waiting room with a bunch of hacking, sneezing Osama voters!

    7. George - Florida says:

      "B & T, Flyover Country writes:

      As you can tell, I am very worried over this. I don’t know about you, but I have not slept well since the election. I am just terrified of our new president and his cabinet. Every day finds many of waiting for yet another shoe to drop.

      Sorry this is long — I am hoping to throw it out there as food for thought. If ONE PERSON reads it and can connect with it, maybe that will be one more person who will fight against universal health care as I have tried so hard to do — but failed so miserably at doing."

      B&T Flyover Country:

      You are not alone. Many Americans are waking up every day wondering how this Socialist ever got into office and every day as you say, another shoe drops. It won't be long before there is a major uprising in this country to throw the bums out. It is coming. They are being seen for who they are. It is unfortunate in the meantime that we are all going to have to suffer through their insane ideas, at least in the short term.

      George – Florida

    8. Mario E. Porrata, Pu says:

      Please take a look at what has happened with a state sponsored sort of universal health plan implemented in the late 90's in Puerto Rico. Though it used capitation to reduce costs, and services were provided by the private sector, it was bankrupt within 3 years, forcing the government to cancel health coverage to some 400,000 citizens. That was around 2003.

      Today it has amassed a deficit of $600 million which we can't pay. Add to that some $2,600 million in other defecits due to the economic downturn, and we face the monstruous decision to fire some 20 to 30,000 public employees.

      Public health care plans tend to be vote-oriented. Which means, costs never stop growing, and growing and growing, as if there is no end.

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