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  • The First 100 Days: Best and Worst Moments

    Early this morning we asked a question on the Heritage Foundation’s Twitter and Facebook pages: What were Obama’s best and worst moments in his 1st 100 days, in your opinion? The response was overwhelming. We had 130 comments on Facebook and over 100 replies/messages on Twitter. Although there were many responses, the theme was constant.

    The majority thought that the President’s best moment came when the Navy was able to ward off the Pirates and send Capt. Richard Phillips home safely. We wrote about that event, praising the Navy Seals who performed the rescue. It was really the first test of national security for Obama and from most accounts, he passed the test. The G20 summit did little to sustain these high opinions of his national security policy.

    The theme of the worst moments, of course, was the massive amount of spending that has occured since Obama took office. The Stimlus, Omnibus, and Projected Budget for FY 2010 were a tipping point for hundreds of thousands of Americans and they showed their distaste in Tea Party-esqe protests around the country on April 15th (Tax Day). It was a great showing of Americans who have had enough, not just with taxes, not just with spending, but in the absolute disgraceful way it was passed by Congress. It was so outragous that it prompted Heritage President Ed Feulner to issue an open letter to Congress on how he had never seen anything more “cloaked in secrecy” than the Stimulus bill.

    We thank all who participated in telling us their opinion and we look forward to doing this again on a regular basis.  Keep following us at @Heritage on Twitter, and become a fan of ours on Facebook.  We look forward to keeping the conversation open.

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    25 Responses to The First 100 Days: Best and Worst Moments

    1. ken blair dayton ohi says:

      when is obama goin to focus attention on closing are borders and doing an illegal alien sweep to get them out of here when bush said they could the jobs americans wont do he was looking at the jobs the rich wont do and not the middle class and poor we got to get the illegals out of here so us as americans can have some jobs to goto

    2. Jhia, PA says:

      Why is everyone giving Obama credit for what the Navy Seals did? If Obama had his way, nothing would have been done and Phillips would still be a hostage. Obama refused to allow them to take any action when they first wanted to, and added the caveat that no one could do anything until and unless the captain's life was in imminent danger. I guess being held hostage by pirates isn't dangerous in Obama's world. They had to wait until a gun was pointed at the man before acting and they arenot happy about it. Why isn't anyone reporting this?.

    3. W.J.Rogers (LaFayet says:

      I truly believe that Obama has a hidden adgenda that we and those in public office don't know about. From what I see and hear he (Obama) is taking this nation down a road of international humilation and internal selfdestruction.

    4. Srini Varadarajan, F says:

      "Best and worst"? More realistic is "worst and least-bad".

    5. MAS1916 - Denver, CO says:

      The best thing about Obama's first 100 days is that they are over. The President has set the economy on a course from which it may not recover until he is voted out of office.

      Much of this is based on a political shell game… The public was led to believe that there will be a middle class tax cut. The tax rate cut will indeed happen, but the middle class will pay for Obama's programs with inflation. Inflation is the inevitable result of government monetary policy which expands the money supply to cover federal expenditures. This is historical fact that lefties never acknowledge.

      On a lighter note, there is a humorous list of Obama accomplishments at:


    6. MJDee. Rockland N.Y. says:

      As far as I'm concerned Obama adgenda is not ours.

      North Korea and Iran are doing what they want an the U N and U S are going back to the (Please don't do this or I won't give you ANY CANDY THEORY).That doesn't work anymore.We as a nation must put forth strong words and back them up like we did in the 1980's. It's time not to back down but to stand up for freedom and become the Great Nation we are, not was.

    7. Myron Holmgren Texas says:

      Obama, in our opinion is the worst thing that could have happened to our country…We think he doesn't care if our country goes down the drain..He keeps secrecy continually and also seems to want us to lose..is he trying to take over us as noone has ever done and make our country not only socialist but taking us into communism…

    8. Keith somewhere in t says:

      What I read from these comments is a group of conservatives unhappy with their President. If you voted on Election Day 2008, thank you. We can debate whether the US is growing more liberal/socialist, but if conservatives want to see their limited government/free market agenda furthered, they need to win elections soon. Their recent record, even since Election Day, as most know. is poor. If you are that unhappy, organize and campaign to win elections, or move elsewhere. Life is too short to be so unhappy and bitter.

    9. Sandy, Indiana says:

      Obama has not failed to be exactly what conservatives knew he was all along: a socialist. The "worst" of his administration is yet to come as he will destroy the "best" of America.

    10. Jerome Zacny says:

      Considering Mr. Obama's actions with the detainees at Gitmo, I'm surprised that he didn't send a legal team from the ACLU out on rubber rafts to join the hijacker/pirates and explain their rights to them, arranging an at-sea press conference where they could have explained to the public the racist motivation of the NAVY in leveling guns at their clients, who were only trying to bring the world's attention to the plight of all Somalis and their fight against poverty.

      How long, one wonders, will it be before the Justice Department begins to investigate the Navy Seals for their part in the killing of these unfortunates.

    11. mike baker says:

      I'm running my own poll about the damage Obama is doing to the U.S.A. On each issue, I ask, then try to answer: "Was this decision made from ignorance/foolishness or was it intentional?"

    12. Claude Cornell says:

      The politicians always want to keep the voting public divided into people groups so they can work one group against another. They were successful doing that with the war, which no doubt lengthens the conflict. When this country is united we are unstoppable. Now they are doing it between the rich and the poor, between the union and the non-union, etc. It has recently become a political artform. Until the public understands this we will always be controlled.

    13. RT, Orange County says:

      My take, is different. Best expressed, a quote from the home page does the trick.

      "In these consequential times, we need you, The Heritage Foundation, and what you do, and the ideas you bring, and the passion in which you bring them, so we can help the American people" (the rest of the quote) – to hate, to be more divisive, to become more biased, to think small, to act small, and to wet their beak to the disadvantage of others.

      Well done. Keep up the good work. At least 3.75 years of fun yet to be had – and being paid to do it! You gotta love the irony!

    14. Ross, Florida says:

      I understand socialism and what it has done to the great nation so far. obama is another puppet of the left(truly unknown to all of us) determine to destroy our sacred constitution and precious individual liberties.

      The question; Who is the puppet master?

    15. Lynda Hulsey says:

      Seems like ever since Obama and Biden were elected, the nightly news programs are like watching Laurel and Hardey. If it wasn't so sad it would be funny! Bidens constant gaff's, Obama's pic's for his staff, make a great comedy teams. If one isn't cheating on taxes, you don't qualify. Napolatano calling our veterans "potential terrorists", his press secretary doing his "uhh's and ahh's" at every press conference, and Obama being the "apologizer in chief" all over the world, and now doing an "Air-force one" photo-op in New York without letting anyone know, and scaring thousands of taxpayers half to death…. Instead of seeing whats going on in Hollywood, Obama's administration is so entertaining he should charge for tickets just to watch the news. We might just make enough on that to pay off the stimulus.

    16. Grant Capell seattl says:

      Obama is obviously a Marxist. It's clear he is encouraging class warfare;acorn bussing and being bussed to AIG executive's homes to demonstrate. I do not understand why the Republicans don't put more blame on Acorn,Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac,and the liberals for forcing the sub primes and consequently Wall Street had to package the loans accordingly. He clearly despises capitalism. His emphasis on unions,support of the global warming hoax(green energy) will hasten our national bankruptcy. We need to drill for oil in Anwar and everywhere now!!! Nuclear is the next best!!!

    17. David, New Jersey says:

      The pompous, empty-suit, sorry excuse for a President apparently is clueless to attributes of leadership.

      Obama fails to acknowledge that we are at war with an enemy who hates us more than they love themselves.

      He ignores the US Constitution, liberty, freedom and American ideals. He fails to recognize and apply laws of economics.

      Without a teleprompter this guy can hardly express an idea. What a bad joke he is. Sadly the stakes are far too high.

    18. duelles, Santa Fe, N says:

      There is nothing hidden about his agenda. What he promised – he is doing. He cares nothing for the existing economic circumstances, only his big gov't plan. Saul Alininsky is his Adam Smith or Edmund Burke. At 60n years old I pity all three of my children who voted for him. I sent them to 'good schools' NYU, Amherst, Columbia, UMASS. They are doomed to pay for their mistake.

      The worst moment? I never got passed the Inaugural speech – lame wordy, trite. Or maybe dissing Gordon Brown during his visit.

    19. RT, Organge County says:

      To paraphrase some of the thoughts and positions posted so far; President Obama is a Marxist with a hidden agenda – a leftie playing a political shell game. As if that were not enough, he is also clueless with respect to domestic / international affairs, fundamental economics, and is a closet socialist (when he is not being a Marxist) as is demonstrated with his playing footsy with the Europeans while drinking tea with Iran and Korea. As a pompous empty suit, he personally ignores the constitution while he prostitutes an unknown / yet known agenda from an unknown puppet master – the net result being a painful plunder of America's core assets, capital base, and moral fabric.

      Right on! I cannot help but suggest we need to unite further. We are losing our position as the number 1 country on the world stage. We cannot tolerate 3+ more years of this character. We need to avenge ourselves, to harness our collective anger and seek more defining methods by which we cannot only be heard. Our keen insights must be understood and appreciated for the simple clarity and united vision that is offered! It is only through this understanding, a common understanding, that the nuts who voted President Obama into office will have a clue. We cannot afford to wait while they get educated standing in a food line, their hands clutching food stamps, so they have get something to eat.

    20. Federico Ruiz, Plano says:

      The way Obama has treated his "promise of transparentcy" while in office, has shown transparentcy in Obama. And he lives in popularity due to apathy of the people.

    21. kcm, San Jose CA says:

      Obama is very crafty. He has tricked 69% of the American people into giving him a favorable job rating after 100 days. Worse than that, 81% say they like him personally even if they don't agree with all his policies. As a consequence, now only 21% now identify themselves as Republicans (with Dems=35% and Independent=38%).

      How much more of this can we take? It's time to rise up and get the truth out to the American people before it's too late.

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    23. william pyle says:


    24. Sheila, Sacramento, says:

      Obama needs to be voted out. There are enough books written on socialism/statism to know what he is up to. Giving citizenship to illegal aliens only creates a one-party system. We don't need to support those people and we need a choice in our political system.

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