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  • Morning Bell: Al Gore's Morals vs Your Pocketbook

    Endorsing the Waxman-Markey cap and trade bill Friday, Al Gore told the House Energy and Commerce Committee: “I believe this legislation has the moral significance equivalent to that of the civil rights legislation of the 1960’s and the Marshall Plan of the late 1940’s.” Gore went on to warn of global sea level rises of 20 feet and monster Hurricanes. He even blamed recent floods in Fargo, North Dakota and wildfires in California and Australia on global warming.

    We have serious doubts about the scientific validity of linking recent hurricanes, wildfires, and floods to global warming (when called out on it, so does Al Gore). But let us concede for the sake of argument that Al Gore is right and global warming caused the flooding in North Dakota and the wildfires in Australia and California. What does the Waxman-Markey bill actually do about it?

    After all, the Voting Rights Act greatly increased minority voting in the south. And the Marshall Plan rebuilt Europe. So what would Waxman-Markey accomplish? When the EPA released their report on the bill last week, they did not say. They only provided dubious claims about the costs of the bill. But other studies have estimated what the benefits of a Waxman-Markey like cap and trade regime would be. The result? Nothing. A study by MIT professor John Reilly found that if a Waxman-Markey like scheme worked perfectly, and other developed nations also cut their emissions too (which they have so far failed to do outside of the current global recession), global temperatures would only be reduced by 0.5 degrees Celsius. That is compared to the 0.8 degrees Celsius change we experienced last century.

    In other words, Waxman-Markey will not prevent a single flood, wildfire, or hurricane. It will be completely ineffective. And at what cost to the U.S. economy. Newt Gingrich told the House committee Friday: “This bill is an energy tax. An energy tax punishes senior citizens, it punishes rural Americans, if you use electricity it punishes you. This bill will increase your cost of living and may kill your job.” On this point there was strong bipartisan consensus.

    • Rep. Jason Altmire (D-PA): “Any way you do it, it hurts Pennsylvania, especially western Pennsylvania.”
    • Rep. John Boccieri (D-OH): “I’m hearing from a lot of small businesses back at home. I have real concerns about the way [the cap-and-trade draft] is now.”
    • Rep. Baron Hill (D-IN): “The bill in its current form is going to increase the rates for the people I represent.”

    So when phrases like “moral significance” pass between Al Gore’s lips, your job is at stake.

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    57 Responses to Morning Bell: Al Gore's Morals vs Your Pocketbook

    1. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      Enough is enough! Someone needs to shut Al Gore up once and for all! The man is a blithering idiot with no proof on anything yet every no-nothing buffoon listens to him and it is going to cost the American Taxpayer more and more money.

    2. Scott Strople. N Cha says:

      I believe Al Gore is mentally unstable, and should not be allowed to have input on these matters.

    3. mike baker says:

      Let Al speak. We are lucky to have a major buffoon as the spokesman for the goofy new Church of Enviromentalism. I feel sorry for his family, though.

    4. Rob S, New York NY says:

      Another AlGore scam. Defrauding the American people with junk science, aided and abetted by the liberal left and the mainstream media. Bottom line is that this is another half-baked scheme to take more money out of the pockets of hard working Americans.

    5. Doug, White County says:

      When Mr, Gore declares the moral imperative of

      a scientifically dubious plan to remake American

      society, he is functioning as the self-appointed

      High Priest of a new, national religon. Last time

      I checked Congress is Constitutionally prohibited from religious legislation.

    6. David Sayers, NC says:

      Al Gore is just another fruitcake caught up in his own importance. The absolute arrogance of Gore to suggest that man is so powerful that he can change the stucture of an entire planet is not only vain but absurd. The only one who can change anything is God Almighty. To think that something as insignificate as man can cause all the weather patterns,earthquakes,etc. to happen is just nonsense. Global warming, just like Gore, is a hoax. It's just another form of control on one hand and with the other hand dipping into our pockets. If you try and take in this vast universe, you will come to the realization that man is not only a mere speck of sand but also he is here for a blink of an eye,then he is gone. This earth as cycles, and has had them for a long long time and guess what Komrade Gore,it will continue with you or without you. You really need to find something else to do besides making a fool out of yourself.

    7. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      "Facing budget deficits, California counties have begun eliminating healthcare for illegal immigrants."

      So they go to the Emergency rooms

      HOW does that help anything?

    8. Pat, Atlanta says:

      When the world realizes that Al Gore's unscientific global warning was a hoax will the next president 4 years from now prosecute Gore on criminal charges for deceiving the world? I hope so because he is making millions off of Americans who are being forced to change behaviors at costs they can't afford.

    9. Michael - New York N says:

      I suppose the great flood, Noah's time, was also due to Global warming. Ah, those nasty green house gases in those days.

    10. bill-tb says:

      It's all about wealth transfer. From the productive to the lame.

    11. Ron Thompson says:

      I always find it amusing, on how the Congress never listens to the other side of the story or ask for the study that said that shows the evidence of gw directly responsible for the flood or whatever. There isn't one! but, the profit that Gore and the government will get from this is going to be enormus. it would be nice if someone would have an anti-gw meeting of the scientist that actually know what's going on! It's very upsetting that less than 5% of the people are forcing the 95% to pay for their beliefs.

    12. rose - - Pennsylvan says:

      Lord Christopher Monckton, renowned climate/environmental scientist and public policy advisor, had been invited to address Friday's (April 24, 2009) House Energy and Commerce meeting, but at the last minute, Henry Waxman refused admittance to Lord Monckton saying that Lord Monckton's evidence would embarrass Al Gore!

      What is the Biblical quote on the CIA wall? "Seek ye the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

      Oh yes, I forgot – Waxman, Pelosi, et al dislike truth more than they dislike the CIA and Lord Monckton.

    13. yvonne Larned Kansas says:

      What I would like to know,what qualifies Big Al to always testify to Congress?He barley passed scence in school,he is not a climateologist,he is a promotor of Global Warming,oh my mistake, Climate Change.Could it possibly be his business in silicone valley that sells and deals in carbon credits?

      There are many scientist that believe there is no crisis,that the earth runs in cycles.All has happen before and the earth didn't implode.

      C02 comes after a warming,it is not the cause but the results.The findings on this is very compelling.The earths temperaures have not risen since 1998,and in fact the last two winters have been so cold that the slight warming .06 celius,has been wiped out.The ice caps that were supose to have dissapeared in 08 actually grew. They are now thicker in places than ever before and it is larger than it has been in over 17 years.Glaciers are also growing,because of the severe cold and much snow falling.

      I have said it before that Global Warming is nothing but a money making scheme being pushed by Big Al,enviornmentalist,and the Democrats. It is a giant tax on every thing and complete control over our way of life.They all need to be told to shove it and let nature take care of the weather, she has been in control for as long as the earth has been in existance.God is in total control and it takes a liberal to think they know more than what God does.

    14. TC South Carolinaoul says:

      "Fowl Al" still doesn't get it. When asked about his own "in your face" excessive abuse of all the things he tells us we must cut back on, he brushes it off by saying we are not focusing on the real issue, we are the ones who are irresponsible… and the press continues to give him a pass. He's lying now like he did about his stand on tobacco.

      Before being allowed to speak publicly on this matter and solicit money (ours) and power from the gov't, he should be made to disclose and divest himself of any monetary gain from this snake-oil scheme. He's just another self-appointed idiot who's allowed access to our gov't for his own personal gain.

    15. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      I may be inclined to agree with the term global warming, and may be inclined to agree that we have contributed to some degree in this. Gore and obama talk about all the things we need to do to slow down the warming trend. I do not see either one of them attempting to cut down their amount of abuse to the environment, they both continue to fly in their jets and drive their expensive vehicles. I would bet the temperature in the "White House" has not been changed in a positive way. Yet we as citizens are told that we need to change our comfort level in our homes. Where is the justice in this????

      I also think if you were to read the Bible, which we all know obama will not do, you can find answers to a lot of the questions concerning the global warming. I found them and am not an Ivey League School graduate, but then education has nothing to do with the Bible and God.

    16. Mary,Cleveland, OH says:

      Al Gore is promoting the Cap and Trade because he will make lots of money out of this. I am 99% convinced that he is doing this only for his self- centered interest as opposed to "saving the earth."

      Last week, Lord Christopher, former chief science advisor to the Margaret Thatcher administration was scheduled to testify along with Mr. Gore in Washington DC about global warming. After he got off his plane on Thursday, someone told him that his appearance to testify was cancelled because some democratic congress reps did not him to testify against Gore. How very sad that the Cap and Trade debate seems to be partisan and without looking at all the facts.

      If Cap and Trade passes, a percentage of companies in the U.S. will shut down. Some of these companies will move to other countries with less CO2 regulations. This will hurt the U.S. economy and benefit these other countries. I am sure many of them are third world countries. The "redistribute the wealth" phrase said by Obama is now becoming even more clear to me.

    17. Pat, Michigan says:

      I noted a headline regarding the swine flu nbeneath this story, and have heard much about it via the news. I seem to recall the swine flu coming to the fore under Carter way beack when. Turned out to be a farce then, as I expect it to now. Refresh your memories: http://www.ph.ucla.edu/epi/Bioter/shotinthedark.h… Don't let the Obamunists distract us from the TRUE issues at hand.

    18. Sliver Wisconsin says:

      Ken, you never stop amazing me, the answer to that is deportation but that will never happen and by the end of the Osama administration they will have your job to, oh wait maybe you are one of the problem.

    19. Richard cancemi says:

      AL GORE'S MORALS? I don't believe he has any!

      Either he has been lying through his teeth or his is colossally stupid. I suspect both!!!

    20. Wallyblu, Zion, IL says:

      There are several flaws in the Global Warming theories.

      The computer Climate Models show that climate warming will produce catastrophic weather changes and that climate cooling will bring calmer weather. The historical record is exactly the opposite.

      During the Medieval Warm period the weather was milder than today. The Vikings travaled the North Atlantic in open boats and were able to live and farm much farther north than today. At the same time Europe had some of the best growing conditions in history and populations increased.

      During the Little Ice age just the opposite was observed Europe suffered some of the worst conditions for farming and there were violent storms recorded.

      Another flaw in the Global Waring theories is that they are based only on increased Carbon Dioxide which is a relatively weak Greenhouse Gas and don't take into concideration the really strong Greenhouse gas namely Water Vapor.

      The attitude of the Global Warming crowd is the same as most fanatical groups, "Don't confuse me with facts when my mind's made up."

    21. michael hutchings says:

      Three democrats are quoted in the e-mail and that is at least a start in the right direction but a serious strategy has to be developed if we are to rid our democracy of plutocrats and save it.

      My fellow conservatives that address themselves to this format ask when will we do something and how. It is bewildering to see truth turned on its head and obviously quacking ducks taken for white doves bearing hope and ITS improper to regard them truthfully in public for the canaries in the coal mine they are.

      Lets start with basic liberal assumptions and how their crafted. I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer or the smartest one in the room nor do i feel the need to be or too instruct fools who think they are. Take what i say or leave it but what we need to do is a bottom up operation that requires dedictated infantry not knights on white horses or an oh so reasonable dialogue with the enemy.

      I will say one more time the only reason to talk to him is to gauge his strength and find where he is and we know where this one is.

      It is a question of peeling away his base of support and in the case of liberals that is their assumptions and those assumptions are bumper sticker deep and thats where to start.



      I am sure you have seen this touting that REPUBLICIANS are in favor of VOLDERMORT next to the obama-biden-kerry-edwards stickers and it flies in the face of logic that this would be so.

      VOLDERMORT was an autocrat of the vilest sort and HARRY POTTERS wizarding faction that he drew support from was a more or less care free bunch that resisted the horror VOLDERMORT previously inflicted on their community and the deaths he caused by rousing the basest of emotions for the most demented purpose before being vanquished by love.

      Love is the purest emotion and love of your country just for what it is and will be if its cultivated on the intended constitutional lines. evil in the personage of VOLDERMORT never understood because it saw only its self in the context of what others had and it did not.

      Much like liberals and socialist, progressive dopplgangers VOLDERMORT saw and felt an emptyness inside that only power over others could fill.

      How popular opinion that VOLDERMORT could be a conservative must be turned around because he is represenative of every thing conservatives are not.

      We need a new wave of bumper stickers and when a liberal is trailing behind a conservative vehicle with a REPUBLICIANS AGANST VOLDERMORT sticker and little jhonny asks how that could be of his liberal guardians they may for the first time have to articulate their beliefs instead of shouting them at the top of their lungs although that is not a given.



      When the teachers unions descend from their dark rookeries at dusk and stride the ice fields of lower education and hatch their plans to harvest and indoctinate young minds they are careful to be sure of the where abouts of their prey and will not have them ranging far beyond the assigned holes or assigned capabilities.

      Minority and poor students are the ones with the most precarious position on the ice and are subject to clubbing at a greater rate than those not penned in the lost depths of the flows that can scatter before the hurtful club comes down.


      It should be obvious in even a casual perrusal of the facts that conservatives understand that an informed adult is harder to keep under the progressive thumb but again a bumper sticker stating that it is so is required to make a liberal explain themselves to a child, which is asking a lot of them because their track record with adults of equal and less intelligence is not a good one.

      I will say liberals do have more luck with brighter lights that dont want to appear narrow minded and have the manners and inclination to not make them look like foolish or spoiled children who have not grasped the intricacies of adulthood much less objective reasoning.

      Intellegent secure conservatives do not engage liberal progressives in that manner because they came to realize a hissing contest with a snake is a losing propostion and it will still be a snake when the hissings done and youy will have a sore throat for your trouble.

      Communists and Socialists met in secret and hidden behind swirling dark red mists with flashes of vile rhetoric marking their progress they bred screeching and howling and brought to term a new youngling between them they would dub liberal with the features of both parents.

      A vulturious chick born with an imprinted pattern of behavior and a one track mind drawing its still wet wings around its self to shamble after its parents armed only with a horrible beak it used to tear its way out of its leathery egg.

      The worlds first third way progressive hurled its self into the air and soared on currents of dollar bills gleaned from the wallets of the faithful held aloft by the broadcasts of a corrupt media that proved to be numb and dumb and the perfect ones for the job.

      This is a tougher bumper sticker because how can you be against progress and by definition a progressive is that.

      Its is hard to say Communist with a straight face because of their utter failure and Socialist sounds a shade more resonable but both sound like a pair of monsters stuck in the tar pits sinking and deparately thrashing in the goo pushing their chick to the surface before it too is a victim of common sense and true conservatism which is liberalism.


      Lets borrow the term as they abandon it because that too was turned around and once was the property of free people against the establishment. Make them explain and redefine themselves and in that way you are on the attack where you need to be. There is no defence that cant be picked apart because it is a static condition and not a dynamic one.


      That should be a no brainer but hasnt proved to be because the two parties are playing from the same sheet of music and that has to be corrected.

      This will be hard but sometimes you have to hang on any way you can and soldier on, being aware certain politicians will straddle the fence and toss bright colors on the wind and insist that a half a loaf or less is just fine and throw a crust your way and seek a lesser accountability.

      You are free or you are not. Its simple.

    22. Tony Rohl,northern C says:

      When Hansen’s political ally and financial beneficiary Al Gore had only predicted one-twelfth that amount of imminent sea-level rise, Mr. Justice Burton said in the London High Court, “The Armageddon scenario that he depicts is not based on any scientific view.” But then, Al Gore knew that all along. In 2005, the year he said sea level would imminently rise by 20 feet, he bought a $4 million condo in the St. Regis tower, San Francisco–just feet from the ocean at Fisherman’s Wharf. The only danger to sea level is from all those bed-wetters.

    23. NYstatehome says:

      There are too many scientists here and abroad who have stated the science involving the Global Warming theories touted by Gore are very flawed scientific theories. Having a number scientist in my family who also confirmed the scientific data is only one sided, in order to get the proper data and information, you needed to view all the complete data in order to get the proper data not just the figures you want to highlight. He lost the Presidential election, and Al Gore needed to find a new job; he tried to become a College Professor at Columbia University School of Journalism where he would lecture students in a non-credited class in a special seminar called "Covering National Affairs in the Information Age."

      So many of us didn’t quite understand what made him a professor in a field he never studied or became a profession journalist in; being the story or subject of an article does not make you knowledgeable journalist. After a few lectures the classroom and his audience got smaller every time he showed up. I started to wonder were they paying these students to show up. It was hard to sit there and listen to this pompous jerk who didn't say anything meaningful they were just words strung together, liberal gibberish; talk, talk and talk but never make a clear and concise conclusion. Most of us were curious and signed up. It was fairly clear the man didn’t know what he was taking about. He was an embarrassment and I suddenly was glad he lost the election. When his classes were cancel because there were enough students but he still needed his ego massaged; he made some new friends.

      He discovered Global Warming and was sent on his way. Al Gore has made millions from this scientific hoax, which is a clear motivation to continue to perpetrate and spread a Global Warming panic while lining his pockets and spreading misinformation in order to keep the money flowing into his own bank account.

      He's basing his information on data as scientific yet he’s twisting the facts to fit his liberal agenda, so-called padding the results on the CO2 and greenhouse gases. Quoting specifics that are out incorrect or flawed or from an unreliable source. If we are in such dire straits, then why is he jetting around the global to spread his word, yet seems to not care that his private jet is poisoning and creating the same toxic compound that he claims is killing the earth. Did it make any sense for Obama to use both Marine One and Air Form One to fly to Iowa to celebrate Earth Day? Is that the message he and the Democrats want to send out? Or Miss Nancy using our military planes flying back and forth to San Francisco and Washington DC. Or use the military planes as a private jet to travel through Europe on the Pope tour. What these liberal leaders are doing is placing far more toxins in the air, CO2, and greenhouse admissions in one trip are more than what we will put out in our lifetime.

      For us to achieve this radical restructuring of mankind, global warming proponents demand that we give virtually unlimited power to government to control what we eat, how we travel, and how our industries and business will operate, with no dissent or resistance permitted. This is all about more government controls on our daily lives and wrapping it up in a pretty package and stamping it Global Warming. I know the scientific data and facts. I’d advise that you all go to the library and read up on the data. They’re telling us what we should do yet they don’t follow the same plans, Gore’s home in TN looks like Dodger Stadium at a night game, every day. He owns a boat, an all- terrain vehicle, etc. I don’t see him selling his play toys in order to save the Planet. We can always count on the Liberal Democratic Hypocrisy Oath of don’t do as I do, do as I say. Just think, if he just stops talking about Global Warming think about of the oxygen he would be saving.

      I’m reminded what my 2nd grade Science teacher, Mrs. Garner told us that CO2 is needed in order for trees to flourish and they convert the CO2 into Oxygen.

    24. Victoria, Florida says:

      Hitler was unstable and brought the world down on its knees. Now we have a nut in Al Gore. Who does he think controls the function of the world and its inhabitants. He needs to eat less and take on a other hobby. What a money hungry idiot.

    25. rebecca kaminski says:

      You aren't going to keep playing your 'heritage' IF there isn't an environment.



    26. rebecca kaminski says:

      Also, the cowardice from you and your ilk is astounding.

      Hannity put it out there….. at the VERY least he should prove his banter with no less than 183 times in a month.

      Yeah, where's that heritage? Really?

    27. Ron, Noblesville, IN says:

      I have wondered this for some time " Whos pay roll is "Big Al" on now ? If anyone knows please reply…

    28. Andy Colon, O Fallon says:

      It seems that whenever Al Gore speaks he gets richer and we have the potential to get poorer. What gives?

      PS: did he give up his huge house in TN?

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    30. Bob San Antonio,Tx says:

      ALGORE is living proof that all squirrels don't run in trees. Waxman and Markey follow him gathering more nuts!

    31. Bob R Geologist, Tuc says:

      I would leave a comment if this stupid space would let me.

    32. Bob R Geologist, Tuc says:

      Algore has outdone himself this time if it were ever possible. The man has no shame, only arrogance and obfuscation to back up his preposterous climate views.

    33. sharon layman ches says:

      is this one of al gores pink elephant moments?we really need to clean out the house and senate and start over with term limits.these people are taking over our lives. there is a vote this week to stop parents from even punishing their children, wake up main stream america.

    34. Jamey, Central Calif says:

      Don't worry too much. obama will apologize for us later! Nancy will lead the charge, and Frankie boy will figure out how to get more money from us. Somehow, I feel it is my patriotic duty to tell you all how it is our fault. My water tastes alittle funny today…….

    35. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      Al Gore is perpetrating fraud for enriching himself at the expense of millions of unemployed people in the US and around the world. The stupid Congressmen, Waxman and Markey are going along with his idiotic global warming scam because it gives them more control over the American people and brings in tax revenues.

      What we need is an independent inquiry set up by people without the contamination of any politician with full power to prosecute fraud.

    36. CM Colorado says:

      Lets not hate Mr Gore for his foolishness, but instead tell him he is wrong show him why.Lead him to the truth," The Word of God. God has set us in motion with the abilty to adapt, think and act. In his hope and plan for us with our free will is that we seek him, not a global political socialist agenda. In addition he tells us to do right by our neighbor.Love one another. Albiet good for us all to conserve using water responsible, not through away as much as we do, and not poison ourselves,shut the light off when not using it are good conservitive values. Not waste,or misuse our resources but by no means do we cause these misfortunes because we simply live and breathe.The world will take care of itself,that is the design. Lets focus on brining each other up in proserity, and stop having our current leadership hate the country he is suppost to lead. Stop trying to change everything he has no control of,stop wasting money, stop. Climate change is climate change we can not do anything about it.If your worried buy a boat and pray. Hope that saves you.

    37. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      Oh now, now! In that "Al Gore's Morals vs. Your Pocketbook", us "current and possible Right-wing extremists", (meaning practically anybody who dissents or disagrees, including us veterans, [as arrogantly, thanklessly, insultingly, and recklessly described by such as DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano]), are simply not "seeing the light" of government elitists and statists (including Leftist “Liberals/Progressives".

      What point is that? That government can be trusted, but the people can't be trusted, because being, for example, a member of the Politburo somehow magically elevates or raises above the vices to which the people remain liable.

      So of course in any contest such as "Al Gore vs. your pocketbook", us "Right-wing extremists" (a.k.a. anybody who dissents/disagrees) must simply "see the light" of such government elitists and statists, and therefore trust such government elitism and statism, instead of "We, the People", no matter how so trusting government costs us our freedoms, security, and resources, including our "pocketbook". Right?

      Why yes, of course, same as the Earth is flat, the Sun and the Universe orbit around the Earth, and "global warming" and "greenhouse gasses" are all man's making and fault; never mind that anthropomorphic (man-caused) global warming" remains unproven beyond any reasonable and real scientific doubt and so remains an unproven theory, especially since there is evidence to support "global cooling"; never mind that the #1 so-called "greenhouse gas" is water vapor, and the earth, its’ natural properties (including carbon dioxide), forces, and all it’s forms of life (including us), are all not such villainous parts of the earth and its’ environment , and never mind all that and more evidence which shows how the Left's so-called "environmental" antics and machinations have practically nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with their pushing and imposing their Socialist government elitist and statist agenda.

      Unfortunately for everything (including the environment) and everyone (except, of course, too many government elitists and statists in government, and their accomplices in academia, the media, and elsewhere), it’s too much like in the time of Columbus, when the truly observant and/or educated already knew the Earth isn't flat and the Sun doesn't orbit around the Earth; however, government elitists (including Emperors, Queens, and Popes, and their accomplices, etc.) not only threatened everything from rejection to death against anyone who said otherwise, and also labeled them as "dangerous" (including Copernicus and Galileo), but also then, same as now, such elitists had most people dependant upon them for their information, and so of course most people didn't know better than to believe as if the Earth is flat, the Sun orbits around the Earth, and that anyone who said otherwise was “dangerous”, until enough people did know better.

      Indeed now again enough of “We, the People” will have to learn and know better than to believe and submit to such government elitists and statists such as Al Gore, etc, in order for us to in this case also save what remains of our freedoms, resources, and security!

    38. Chia CHEN, PH. D., M says:

      Th Waxman-Markey cap and trade act has a real problem. 1st.'how to cap' and 'how to price' just can not be implemented. 2nd, it will no reduce the global warming. The problem of global warning is due to hundreds years of human activities and industrialization. The best ways to solve the problem are to alter the personal activities and behaviors and to use green technologies for manufacturing.

    39. Patti, Las Vegas says:

      WATER: That's one cost of the bill that is completely left out. It takes lots and lots of water to make ethanol; millions of lots and lots to run big solar powered utilities (the mirror kind). The solar utilities are being built in the west where there is a serious water shortage. I guess that's why some smart investors are buying up water everywhere they find it.

    40. Ben W, Whitefish Bay says:

      Why does anyone give the charlatan Al Gore the time of day, yet alone time in front of a congressional committee? Does anyone in Washington have any common sense?

    41. Ron Thompson, Albuq says:

      It just infuriates me when the Democrats stop all conversation on items such as global warming to keep from embarrassing an impostor or fellow liar. The Republican should be demanding the testimony of Lord Christopher Monckton for a view from the other side. But the chance of that happening is zero! the submissive position seems to be the standard operating procedure for this group! Take about feeling helpless, outside the beltway is frustrating!

    42. Mike, Texas says:

      This is pure insanity! Their refusal to even hear TRUE scientific data which totally dispells the "convenient lie" of man made climate changes, is the equivallent of a child plugging his fingers in his ears and yelling, "I can't hear you". Furthermore, their modus operandi of crisis after crisis is wearing thin. When will the masses wake up?

      The most angering part is the fact that there is more science disproving global warming, oops… I forgot, it's man made climate changes now as we have been in a 7 and 1/2 cooling phase, than there is supporting it.

      In a totally separate study of solar activity(solar flares, sun spots, solar radiation) Brittish scientists were NOT out to either prove nor disprove global warming. They were simply studying the sun as they have been for many years. What they discovered in their data is that during the years that showed markedly higher solar activity was during the time Gore was screaming "the ice caps are melting, the ice caps are melting." And now that we've entered deeply into this "cooling phase", the data shows that the level of sun spots and solar flares is at a low, AND the sun is the coolest it's been in 100 years. Consequently, the ice caps are expanding, as documented by Australian scientists. This is why it's now man made climate changes.

      Another concern, that someone FINALLY caught onto is the fact that the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are currently 400 parts per million compared to 6 or 7 thousand parts per million 10,000 years ago. Now… I just want to ask Mr. Gore, "What elementary school did you attend?" Because I distinctly recall that plant-life NEEDS carbon dioxide. The same carbon dioxide Mr. Gore wants to reduce through his lie. There are now concerns, which they have dismissed because it doesn't advance their agenda, that we may reduce the carbon dioxide levels too much.

    43. Carl says:

      A good source for information on climate change is at The Heartland Institute.org. They held a confererence on climate change that featured well known skeptics of man made global warming. These Deniers have excellent credentials.

      Sunspot cycles have proven to be a good predictor of climate change. Check out the latest data at the Marshall Space Flight Center (solarscience.msfc.nasa.gov). It shows we are in a cooling cycle and headed for about 20 years of cooling.

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    45. John E McCue; Long B says:

      Even I, as an ex Republican, can recognize the need for the government to spend the money on infostructure so the business world can do what they do best.

      Just as few of the conservatives saw that acting as the old time school board that wants the children to grow up to be farm hands only, would destroy the future; the conservatives that want to prevent medical care for illegal immigrants or to stop our activities from changing the worlds climate can not recognize the future danger to us all.

    46. Barb -mn says:

      The minute government hands over (OUR MONEY) any money to any private business gives the government ownership. (OUR MONEY IS NEVER SEEN AGAIN!) The government is not needed outside of their duties to protect us from THEIR enemies, foreign and domestic. Protect us from disaster and pandemics, such as the one they're putting us through now. Protect us with: police, to enforce civil law/fire fighters. And to govern under and protect the CONSTITUTION…a timeless document. NOT LIVING! To say it is a "living document" is to say the American people have weakened. Unable to stand for the words written by the founders of this country. WEAK.

      The government distorts it mean anything anybody wants it to mean. APPEASEMENT.

      John E McCue states: "the conservatives that want to prevent medical care for illegal immigrants or to stop our activities from changing the worlds climate can not recognize the future danger to us all. " ?????????? I'm not sure where you get this Mr. McCue, but I can assure you no one is preventing anyone's choice to purchase their own medical care. Don't you think this country would be better off if EVERYONE was paying their own? If everyone is RESPONSIBLE TO THEMSELVES? We pay for it we get it. Why would you feel some are entitled to get it from those who pay their own? Forcing increased costs to those that are responsible to pay their own? Holding those responsible to cover housing, education, food and other living expenses? While we're left with less? While they get the same pay at the same jobs we have? Same benefits offered.

      Mr. McCue, any suggested man-made activities from changing the worlds climate is a farce. Mankind can not change the WORLDS CLIMATE. Mankind did not create global warming. Everything man makes is derived from nature. Including the pollution emitted. It is a waste of time and millions, billions and trillions of TAX DOLLARS. What made this country strong at one time is when there were more people living independently then not. The government is forcing us to need their dependence. They are using immigrants, legal and not and paying their way with our money. They're (government) using man-made global warming to induce fear. It is not real. Don't let them convince you it is. There is absolutely NOTHING they can do about it…but pretend!!!!! All for their gain! Take care. God Bless!

    47. Eugene Hoffman, Hous says:

      The Vikings were able to cross the Atlantic during a warming trend of only a few degrees in 900 to 1100 A.D.; there were no factories, trains, or automobiles: Greenland and Iceland were mostly green and habitable. The Dark ages came to an end during a warming trend that ended a mini ice age, and finally the last cold period came to and end in the late 1800's. All these scientists, Al Gore, and our Government are trying to do is create fear, advance an agenda that creates more control of our live and travel habits, control the automobile industry on a global level, advance an ultra elite populous that will follow none of these moronic rules, and finally this group will grow wealthy off our backs. Shame on the so-called scientists who's only apparent wish is to continue being published and obtaining government grants. George Orwell, and Ayn Rand were correct about the infectious disease of collectivism and elitism for the sake of power and greed; it makes me want to wretch.

    48. steveg says:

      Every time I see his face or hear his voice I want to scream. He is by far the biggest joke. I wish I knew here he lives so I can go "fertilize" his lawn

    49. Pingback: In the News | GlobalWarming.org

    50. Bob R Geologist, Tuc says:

      For the crowd of Algorean haters above, I suggest you consider the sorry plight of the Nobel prize awards committee by now. First there was the Yasser Arafat fumble but now their mistake is world class.

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