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  • Senators Who Think Government Knows Best

    Last night the Senate voted on a number of motions to instruct that are supposed to help guide Senate conferees in their negotiations with the House over FY 2010 Budget Reconciliation. Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) sponsored one motion which read in part:

    The Senator from South Carolina, Mr. DeMint, moves that the managers on the part of the Senate … be instructed to insist that the conference report on the concurrent resolution … shall not decrease the number of Americans enrolled in private health insurance, while increasing the number of Americans enrolled in government-managed, rationed health care.

    This language is important because many aspects of Obama’s health care budget seek to expand the numbers of Americans enrolled in government-managed health care, which necessarily then “crowds out” private health care forcing more Americans into government managed care.

    Those voting against DeMint’s motion (and therefore for the unlimited expansion of government rationed care) include:

    Bingaman (D-NM)
    Brown (D-OH)
    Burris (D-IL)
    Cardin (D-MD)
    Durbin (D-IL)
    Harkin (D-IA)
    Kerry (D-MA)
    Levin (D-MI)
    Merkley (D-OR)
    Mikulski (D-MD)
    Sanders (I-VT)
    Stabenow (D-MI)
    Udall (D-NM)
    Warner (D-VA)

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    38 Responses to Senators Who Think Government Knows Best

    1. Lisa, Hoboken NJ says:

      Is this a short list? Are you saying that NJ's illustrious (sarc) Senators are for DeMint's proposal? Must be a mistake….

    2. Honus McGee says:

      There's GOT to be a reason that keeping more Americans healthy is bad. We can find it. Until then, just keep being afraid!!

    3. Barb -mn says:

      When it comes to health coverage, our existence:

      It seems extremely unethical that government can COMPETE with ANY businesses of the people the government serves.

      There is no competition since the government has a limitless money supply (taxpayers.)

      Health care will have limitless medical staff. As we know the government, any medical staff of government has the potential of being unqualified.

      What's the percentage of ALL doctors, who agree with this government plan of health care coverage?

      It's untrustworthy all the way. Plus, an invasion of privacy.

    4. Lori, Chicago says:

      I'm not surprised at the names. All but one are Dems and buddies with Kennedy. How much did they get from Lobbyists and corporations to help push the universal healthcare program? Universal healthcare would mean less doctors and a future collapse of the best healthcare in the world. Thank you Mr. Demint for you are man of reason.

    5. kristine baker, NY says:

      I too am puzzled. Schumer, Kennedy, what about them? I am sure Kerry and The Ketchup queen will fly anywhere in the world on their polluting private jet and live to be 100, while we wait for heart medication at 65. These people are evil….

    6. Mr.Bobbie Parsons,Jr says:

      Why anyone would think that the federal government could run anything is beyond me. They are trying to push the private sector right out of providing health care for Americans. We have the best health care in the world. There are just a few "bugs" that need to be worked out. We do not need the federal government taking over another private institution, the way that they are trying to take over the banks.

    7. Gordon, Flemington, says:

      What do Senators know about rationing healthcare? Members of congress have the world's best socialist healthcare my money can buy. Those of us paying $20,000 a year for private healthcare know all about rationing. I'd rather have a civil service employee decide if I need Lyme care treatment, than a entry-level insurance company clerk who gets a bonus for refusing my treatments. Demint is just trying to protect the insurance companies. We need comprehensive national healthcare NOW.

    8. Eugene Hoffman, Hous says:

      Ask anyone from Europe or Canada if their programs work; answer is they do not.

    9. Judy Grimes, Oklahom says:

      China's Three Gorgeous Dam tilted the Earth by 2 degrees when it was filled with water. Would that in anyway effect our weather patterns and temperatures?

    10. JD, Hays KS says:

      The House, Senate, and White House can show us good faith by including a Mandatory Self- Compliance and join the rest of us, without exception, in this national Medical Insurance policy. We really need an election.

    11. Bill Powers, Kansas says:

      Thank God the 79 'yeas' overrode the 14 dorks. Now if the house can do the same.

    12. Brad S,, Detroit, MI says:

      Gordon – I understand your frustration, but if you give everyone "free" National Health Care, you will wait in the back of the line behind all of the current Welfare free-loaders that have become quite skilled at getting something for nothing. The honest, hard-working, tax-paying citizens will be the ones that get the shaft. Yes – our current health care system has issues – but those issues mainly stem from current government regulation and intervention. Please don't ask for Universal Health Care, because you just might get it . . . Just ask yourself one question – How many times have you heard of an American going to Canada to get better treatment ?

    13. Richard, Spring, TX says:

      Was this a committee vote? It must have been with only 14 voting against it. It is not surprising to see that the list is composed of all Democrats and Independents. They are usually the ones who think that they know better how to spend my money.

    14. Trent, ND says:

      Gordon, hopefully the civil service employee you are so comfortable with isn't on mandatory break when you call about your lyme treatments. Make sure to call before 4:00 eastern time as well, or she'll be gone for the day. Also be prepared to take a # and wait in line before you get the treatment. Just ask the Brits and the hockey pucks to the North just how wonderful federal health care is. Don't be fooled that federal health care is this wonderful solution…don't be living in utopia!

    15. Durk, Denver says:

      If the Federal Gov. manages health care this will be the same efficient kind of health care system from the people that have given us Amtrak and the U.S. Postal service. I don’t use Amtrak or the Postal System. I fly commercially and pay all bills electronically.

      Sen. DeMint is not beholden to the insurance companies because they will no longer be needed. I for one will continue to pay my own way.

      P.S. I am working two jobs to do this!

    16. M L Baker says:

      This confirms why I get little response, at times none, to my correspondence directed to my Representatives in NM.

    17. toomuchgovernment, C says:

      We have the best healthcare in the world and these bunch of power and control clowns are going to see we don't. Of course, they have a 'separate plan and don't/won't have to participate in it.

      Where are the people demanding that members of the senate and house have the same type of plan we do as they will NOT have to participate in the same kind of healthcare plan they are voting in for us. Kinda like spending someone elses money is very easy to do and until YOU personally are affected one can vote for anything!

      We need an American revolution to what they are doing and the unethical manner in which they are ramrodding this garbage thru!

      Healthcare is no more of an entitlement than is a new car in everyones drive say.

      This group of clowns are the same group that said, 'everyone is entitled to a home also–remember WHERE that got us?

      When are these people going to wake up and see we are right on the verge of having socialism!

      You all that voted for 'hope and change' are getting change and hope that it works–which it does not ask those countries that have socialized medicine!

    18. mike baker says:

      All extra-constitutional schemes should have an opt-in requirement for folks who can't handle the responsibilities of citizenship. Making serfdom mandatory is de-humanizing. Which ammendment took away our responsibility for our own health?

    19. cathie Milwaukee wi says:

      That's just what you'll get a civil service person to treat you. Maybe the bag screener at the airport can do your x-rays :)

    20. Cooper, Alabama says:

      If you think Abortion is bad wait for the

      Euthanasia that will be part of Federal controlled

      Health Care

    21. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Senators who believe that the Government knows what is best for the people, obviously forgot that they wre elected to represent what the, "People" want what is best for the people.


    22. Denise, IL says:

      I'd like someone to ask these government elitists whether they will be getting the same coverage they are pushing for the average citizen to live with. The answer, I am sure, is no. So, we'll be paying for them to get the same great healthcare they've always enjoyed at likely no cost to them for the rest of their lives while we pay even more of our tax dollars to receive coverage from a third rate government run system with crap doctors and waiting lists a mile long. "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."

    23. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      the dems are still bent on destroying this country and all that it stands for. This health insurance thing is just wrong. People need to wake up and realixe that you only get what you work for, the "guvernment" can not provide all that a person needs, or wants. The working people are numbered and need to survive too. There is only so much money to go around, when the working person decides to go on the "guvernment" give me program, what will happen then. Oh I forgot the "chosen one" is just beginning his rule, and will dictate who will work and who will be given all.

    24. Angela , Ohio says:

      My cousin lived in Britian and had to return home to receive basic medical treatment for her sick son. She said, "I kissed the ground when we arrived back home in the United States where he received the treatment her son needed".

      You have to be crazy to think that the government will run this right. Just ask Canadian's where they go for treatment.

      I live in Ohio and Sherrod Brown is my rep — I'm not surprised he is against DeMint. His responses to anything I have to say is contrary to my beliefs. He has and never will get my vote. I hope Ohioan's wake up soon.

    25. Larry in Texas says:

      It's amazing how anyone who has lived in the same United States of America that I have lived in, for the past 46 years, can honestly say with a straight face, that the government can efficiently run ANY program where money and common sense are involved!! The true and underlying problem with the "Government" being the "CEO's" & "CFO's" of any enterprise is the resulting MONOPOLY they would gain over an already wealthy and insulated group of select few companies.Companies that would rather shut their doors, file Chapter13, and reopen as a Health Care Lobbiest group, thus continuing their reign of the mighty DOLLAR!! If you really want to make health care providers and health insurance companies compete for quality and compassionate services invite some foreign pharmacuetical companies into the fold. Stop the corporate rape and pillage ethics by good old fashion "competition" for the dollar, instead of guaranteeing it to the gifted few drug lords! I don't NEED the government getting into my personal medical records or those of my little girls!! What's next? A stamp on my forehead saying "666" so that the Liberals will know I'm onboard with them? Please-Don't tread on me! You might not enjoy the resulting bite!!

    26. Domonu,Idaho says:

      Anyone really believe a bunch of self serving bureacrates can run anything as well as the private sector just let me remind you when the IRS took over the Mustang Ranch in Nev. and lost money running a bothel.Rember 6000$ hammers.If your spending other peoples money and believe your smarter than the peons[I('m not a electist]When has our goverment ever not over spent our money and turned some simple into a cluster f.?

    27. Jerome Zacny says:

      The same government that decries how expensive health insurance has become is the very same government that continually mandates broader and broader coverage under health plans. Now there is no law that says employers must offer group health insurance to its employees. However, once an employer decides to offer group health insurance, in steps the government (both State and Federal) who say, "OK, now let us tell you just exactly how much you have to expand that coverage":

      1. If an employee quits, becomes disabled or gets laid off, the employer must allow that employee to continue health coverage on himself and his family for up to 18 months (to 29 months if totally disabled)so long as the employee pays the premium. (COBRA)

      2. When an employee (and/or his covered dependent) turns age 65 and qualifies for Medicare, the government requires employers to offer employees (and/or their covered dependents)the choice of taking Medicare as their Primary coverage or the employer's plan as Primary. Of course if the employee or dependent chooses to take Medicare as their Primary form of coverage, they are forbidden by the government from remaining on the employer's plan for coverage supplementary to Medicare. Faced with this choice, employees and their dependents opt to make the employer's plan primary, so they can have both the employer's plan and Medicare. (TEFRA & DEFRA).

      3. Pre-existing conditions limitations, which helped protect the health plans of employers from paying for pre-existing health conditions of new employees, for up to the first 12 months of coverage under the new employer's plan, have been legislated out of existence (under HIPAA).

      4. Requiring late entrants to a health plan to provide evidence of insurability that is satisfactory to the insurance carrier or self insured health plan, helped protect medical insurance plans of employers from individuals would would turn down the coverage when they were initially eligible, because of the cost, then tried to become covered under the employer's plan when they discovered that they were sick and needed coverage. this too was legislated out of existence (by HIPPA).

      5. Medical plans that used to offer covered females the option of greater than normal benefits (waiver of deductible and coinsurance)to women who left the hospital within 24 hours of a normal delivery, or normal benefits (which were subject to deductible and coinsurance)if the hospital stay after normal delivery was greater than 24 hours. This was also legislated out of existence (by the Mothers & Newborns Act).

      6. For years, benefits for Mental & Nervous and Substance Abuse conditions have been limited. Recent legislation, sponsored by Sen. Peter Dominicci, has now required all Medical plans to cover these conditions the same as any other.

      7 For years, Health plans excluded the treatment of Infertility. Treatments were very expensive and seldom achieved results the first or second time. Enter the EEOC and their opinion, upheld by the Courts, that the inability to conceive was in fact a disability, perhaps not a disability that prevented one from working or from participating in athletics, but a disability nonetheless. Now, health plans that fail to provide treatment of infertility can be sued in federal court as being discriminatory,(under the Americans with Disabilities Act).

      Now these are only a few of the many government interferences in the field of group health insurance (the kind provided by employers, who are under no legal requirement to do so). Many people will say that these requirements are only fair and should be required. On the other hand, they are each very expensive mandates and force the cost of medical coverage higher and higher. It's easy to blame the insurance companies, but they are not the ones who keep mandating broader and broader coverage.

      This may come as a big surprise to many people, but there is no law saying employers have to provide Health insurance at all. Nor is there anything in the U.S. Constitution that says citizens are entitled to health insurance, or medical treatment, or groceries, or housing,or a new car.

      Typically, people who went to work for employers, were given health insurance, either because of union negotiated benefits or just because the employer felt the need to provide it, in order to attract and retain employees. Other people went into business for themselves and had to find their own insurance, which is difficult and expensive. Nonetheless, that is a choice they made.

    28. JAZZBEAUX, North Jer says:

      Democrats have been placing their hands in my pocket for years, now they're preparing to substitute for my Urologist. I don't want to let them go there.

    29. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      Men and women in Congress who believe that the government can do a job better than private industry are so impressed with their own "so-called" greatness and intellectual superiority plus an unsatiable hunger for power that all else, truth, common sense and factual data do not compute in their minds. I really think that they consider themselves as "gods", and in so doing hurt and even destroy the very people they think they are helping. It is very sad, but more importantly it is very dangerous to our Nation. I am no expert, but in my mind they should be medical seeking help.

    30. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      two words transposed "seeking medical"

    31. Grace Stanley, Chesa says:

      As I health care provider, I am appalled by the government intervention in health care. Anything they do will ultimately make it worse.

    32. Capt Timmy Townsend says:

      Everbody get on the phones, and E-mail your senstors and Represenatives,and let them know if they vote for this you will campaign heavily against them in 2010. If every body will take time to do this, it can't hurt.

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    34. Mike , Oregon says:

      We've let the communists in! This is part of the total control that they want. Look at the so called bail out for the big corps with the strings attached. Also the new regulation by the Home Land Security Mafia, which is taking free speech away, by saying, that if you belief a CERTIAN way that you're a terrorist. Plus the many other liberties that have been taken away thought the last 50 years. Then we have a Leader and friends that are our internal terrorist. By giving our country to the other countries by way of government secrets and telling our enemies that we are not against them but we are there friends with open arms as they kill our friends and continue to also kill others that do not believe the way they do. Free society the ones that want this will find out the hard way just how terrible there actions will turn out.

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    36. Phillip Scheffner Ke says:

      The government tells us that the reason that most people can't afford health insurance is because of the cost. Well that may be true but why the cost is so high,in my opinion is due mostly because of the amount of malpractice insurance that the doctors and hospital's are required to carry, because of all the slip and fall lawyers that bring so many rediculouse lawsuites. Now of coarse you don't ever hear about that. Why would you they are lawyers to. The real issue's are never debated because then they would actually have to do something that directly effects them. They would never go against themselves, unless there was something in it for them specifically. Self preservation is their Montra.

    37. Dick Ess Boston, Ma. says:

      If anyone wants to know about Government healthcare,talk to someone who just got out of Federal prison. Did you know that if a doctor from one of those off-shore, 3rd world med schools signs up to work for Dept of Public Health at a Fed Prison for a couple of years; they get on a fast track for citizenship. Add to that they do not have to be licensed because the requirements are only that they be "Certified" by the med school. If that's what Hillary and Barry are offering, go study survival techniques, you will do better

    38. Rochelle,Colorado says:

      When the government limits care to various groups, i.e. infants, infirm, the elderly, the doctors and nurses will lose their skills to serve these groups because they will not maintain practice in those procedures and new information for those groups. What they don't practice, they can't do or recognize. This is the hidden danger of limits on health care. It has far reaching consequences!

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