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  • Al Gore, You've Truly Outdone Yourself

    Speaking at a Congressional hearing in support of a massive, costly energy bill that would attempt to slow global warming by reducing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions, Al Gore likened climate change legislation to some of the largest events in U.S. history:

    I believe this legislation has the moral significance equivalent to that of the civil rights legislation of the 1960’s and the Marshall Plan of the late 1940’s. I am here today to lend my support to one of the most important pieces of legislation ever introduced in the Congress.”

    He went on to say:

    We are radically changing the relationship between the human species and the rest of the Earth. This year, 2009, is the Gettysburg for the environment. It is the time we have the opportunity to change.”

    And just as he warned us in his documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, he lectured on doomsday scenarios that included twenty-foot sea level rises, increased droughts and floods, and stronger hurricanes – all that would lead to about 600 million climate refugees. Although egregious and untrue, Gore’s statements weren’t all too surprising. But for someone who truly cares about climate change, he truly resents the largest producer of emissions free energy in this country: nuclear power.

    Myth 1: Gore claims operators make mistakes and alluded that a nuclear accident was likely.

    Fact: The reality is that has never been a death or injury as a result of nuclear power production in the history of the United States. The most serious accident in U.S. history in­volved the partial meltdown of a reactor core at Three Mile Island, but no deaths or injuries resulted. The local population of 2 million people received an average estimated dose of about 1 millirem–insignificant compared to the 100-125 millirems that each person receives annually from naturally occurring background radiation in the area.

    The fallacy that transporting nuclear waste is dangerous is also easily refutable. Indeed, more than 20 million packages with radioactive materials are transported globally each year–3 million of them in the United States. Since 1971, more than 20,000 shipments of spent fuel and high-level waste have been transported more than 18 million miles without incident. Transportation of radioactive materials is just not a problem.

    Myth 2a: Gore argues we don’t have a long-term nuclear waste storage solution.

    Fact: We do have a solution to long-term spent nuclear fuel storage, but problems do exist. These problems are strictly political, not scientific of technological. The biggest problem (read: mistake) was entrusting the government to appropriately manage the solution to nuclear waste. The best way to fix the problem of nuclear waste is to get it out of the government’s hands. A free-market approach to managing nuclear waste, with proper government oversight, is the way to ensure that the commercial nuclear industry will be sustainable in the long run. Heritage nuclear expert Jack Spencer details the federal government’s mismanagement of waste and offers market solutions here.

    Myth 2b: Furthermore, Gore believes that even if we do develop a solution to long-term storage, the waste can and will be turned into weapons.

    Fact: For states without nuclear weapons, the prob­lem is more complex than simply arguing that access to peaceful nuclear power will lead to nuclear weapons proliferation. Nuclear weapons require highly enriched uranium or plutonium, and pro­ducing either material requires a sophisticated infrastructure. While most countries could certainly develop the capabilities needed to produce these materials, the vast majority clearly have no inten­tion of doing so.

    For start-up nuclear powers, the preferred method of acquiring weapons-grade material domestically is to enrich uranium, not to separate plutonium from spent nuclear fuel. Uranium enrich­ment is completely separate from nuclear power production. Furthermore, nothing stops countries from developing a nuclear weapons capability, as demonstrated by North Korea and Iran. If prolifera­tion is the concern, then proper oversight is the answer, not stifling a distantly related industry.

    Myth 3: Gore also goes after cost, saying nuclear is not cost effective because we only have large plants and no one can afford them.

    Fact: If nuclear energy is not cost effective, that is a decision to be best made by those in the nuclear energy industry, not politicians or former politicians pretending to be climatologists. But for any energy source, energy production should be based on cost-benefit analysis – an analysis that should be done without including government subsidies, tax production credits or mandate. All energy sources should have the opportunity to compete in the market, so long as they can stand on their own two feet.

    Al Gore’s ‘sincere’ desire to save the planet without nuclear is like implementing the Marshal Plan without giving aid to the UK or France (the two countries receiving most U.S. assistance) or having the civil rights movement without Brown vs. Board of Education.

    It’s this imperialistic and hypocritical nature of politicians underscoring the entire global warming debate that makes the whole process disingenuous.

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    50 Responses to Al Gore, You've Truly Outdone Yourself

    1. Dag, Denver says:

      I find it ironic that one of Al Gore's issues with nuclear energy is that it is not cost effective. Yet, he touts wind and solar energy that have proven even with large government subsidies to be even less cost effective. Please explain this to me, Al.

    2. Bill Valparaiso, In says:

      From the guy who could not carry his state in the Presidential election. How much money has been invested by the left wing liberals, Pupilosi, Gore,the Clintons,etc… in solar and wind tubine private manufacturing companies? There liberal as long as it is your money their spending.

    3. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      Al Gore must be sued for ruining the false propaganda on AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming)and its result of the ridiculous declaration of CO2 is harmful to earth.

      Bottom line is, many Americans have bought into this scam and one day soon, they are going to find out why they can not afford anything they used to a few short years ago.

    4. ozzy6900 says:

      Al Gore is a Political Hack not a scientist! He is a fear munger and a liar – and those are his good traits!

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    6. mackp says:

      In the last couple of days everyone is talking about over weight people on how they are causing global warming. I beleive we need to put a cap on old Gore. After all fear and fear alone with him wobbling around my cause the ice caps to melt.I don't have flood insurance ether. Come on Al baby lets live on what you preach. Have you called Jenny? Semper Fi

    7. Barb -mn says:

      We are radically changing the relationship between the human species and the rest of the Earth? ahh, excuse me?

      This is Al Gore's admittance to seeing us as inferior to our own existence. Or he has some kind of god syndrome.

    8. Rita McClure--Arling says:

      Al, why is it that you condemn carbon emissions as destructive to the planet. Don't you know that we all exude CO2 with every breath every day? Also, CO2 is needed by plants to grow. How come you still fly your private jet and President hops onto Air Force 1 to fly several thousand miles away to make an Earth Day speech. Doesn't that make much pollution which could be avoided by staying home? You are a hypocrite of the first water. Your theories have been proven wrong by many great scientists but you keep espousing your theories to make your millions! You are bent on ruining this country!

    9. Martha says:

      Al Whore opps Gore is a man that has completely lost his mind. This occurred when he lost the election.

      He has never been the same since.

      He had to have something to cling to and make a name for himself and Wala he was introduced to Global Not Warming.

      He has doen quite well for himself brainswashing folks.

      A lot of people are sick of him in the world but Obama is on board 101.

      They stand to gain something from it.

      They are all a bunch of crooks and liars.

      They all need to be stopped.

      I hope a lot of this BS going on in the USA can be resended with the next President. We still have hope. Never give up.

    10. Elle says:


      He's using Climate Change to Profit from scaring people.



    11. kip,tampa says:

      I find it ludicrous that this man received a nobel peace prize simply because he has created a fear out of a global issue.He is cashing in on human guilt because the majority listening to him are not getting the facts from a confimed climatologist.

    12. kristine baker, NY says:

      Al Gore is truly insane. I actually feel sorry for him.

    13. gop says:

      where does al gore come off as an 'authority' on global warming. What i know about his educational background is that he funked out of devinity school!!! His knowledge of climate is based strictly on hearsay. If he were to testify in a court of law to what he preaches to the 'mushhead' public about global warming he'd be summarily dismissed as unqualified!!!

    14. David, Wisconsin says:

      March 8-10 2009, the Heartland Institute met in New York and released a report thoroughly trampeling the whole carbon dioxide myth. 34,000 scientists have signed on to their conclusion, not a peep out of the media. Al Gore predicted in 1992 that if drastic changes weren't made then and there we didn't have 15 years left. We are still here, yet the media still come running every time he opens his mouth.

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    16. Jefferson's gho says:

      Algore has only one thing on his mind: the welfare of Algore.

      This sorry excuse for a man has no shame.

    17. Wow realy? says:

      Wow is this website an april fools joke? There are so many things wrong with the so called "facts", that they should just all be renamed to "Cons".

      ps. If you don't see a problem with even the though of allowing private companies to be in control on how to dispose of nuclear waste, the planet is in trouble, and destruction of life is imminent.

    18. Sue, California says:

      Al Gore….How ironic that he lecture all of us…as he is the biggest perpetrator of global gasses in the Country…(1) Hot Air; (2) overweight (I hear that causes global warming now according to libs); (3) fuel and utility use, that of at least 3 families on average in the U.S today! Al…Unless you want to give US some huge Carbon Credits due to your pollution…I will not be lectured to by you…but thanks for trying another Ponzi scheme against the American people…it reminds me to keep my defenses up against all you Alynski buffs!

    19. Tom Petika says:

      There are simply too many questions for Al to answer. He has decided that he will never have to use logic or factual information again. Just think how hard that is for him. All he has to say now is that, "the debate is over, it is time to stop talking and move on."

    20. phil, Knoxville Tenn says:

      I believe that Al Gore is taking up valuable oxygen.

    21. will watertown says:

      when will this delusional blowhard be challenged and exposed or be properly diagnosed. Seeing him at the hearing and listening to his (insane?) babble I kept expecting two men in white coats to interupt and say "excuse me Al we have to take you back to your weather command post" and drag him out of the hearing. He's a very disturbed and disturbing person with all due respect.

    22. Plowboy, Md says:

      Al Gore has never let the truth, or any real scientific fact get in the way of his political white noise.. This moron has obviously (just look at any environmental legislation) gained some traction with the lemmings on the left. Unless the American people wake up a take back the socialist federal government…, our way of life , our freedom is going to be stripped in the name of a false environmental agenda..

    23. Wintery Knight Blog says:

      If you didn't see Marsha Blackburn call Al Gore on the carpet for his stake in companies that would benefit from cap and trade, you don't have the full story.

      Story here:

    24. James, Ore says:

      Al and his cronies can preach all they want, here in the west is some of the lowest cost production of electricity in the world, hydroelectric, but what do these geniuses want to do? remove the dams! Damn, you go Al, save the fish, kill the people. Socialism by over taxation, as long as we share the wealth and Al keeps on making his by taxing us.

    25. Tim, IA says:

      Yea, emissions legislation is right up their with the Bill of Rights, abolition of slavery, and women's suffrage…really Mr. Gore?

    26. lavoce says:

      Wind energy IS a national security threat, as is the petulant, hot air which flows from those who berate citizens wise enough to recyle rubbish, but not foolish enough to ingest gibberish intended to make an indignant, scheming few – filthy rich.

      Mr. Gore, what IS the color of your parachute?

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    28. jennifer pfeifer says:

      Al is telling lies sweet little lies, people are like tell me more sweet little lies to make me feel good about what a fool I am. Al you should hang up it because the truth will always come out and guess what the changes of the climate were predicted in the Bible yes that is right Al. The book you most likely run from or you would not act like you think you are god. Really Al how long can you keep this up? We all know the truth about the earth changes that repeat. The anniversary of the greatest change in 2012 is approaching, instead of helping Americans and the world get ready with food reserves etc you are wasting our time money and energy with the blame game. You are going to be blamed for not helping your followers get prepared. What a foolish heart you have, sir.

    29. okiejim Oklahoma says:

      When are we going to hear the last of Mr. Gore? He has less credibility than a snail (with all due respect to the snail. At least it has a function). And yet the left leaning media thinks he must walk on water. They keep writing about him.

      Our Lord and Savior Jesus proved himself with miracles and parables, and walked on water. Gore just keeps belching out the doomsday rhetoric with no proof that he is right. It is obvious Mr. Gore has found a fatted calf to feed on.

      I debated even comparing Gore with Jesus lest I demean Jesus, but decided the truth is better than all this left wing fiction we are getting.

    30. BT Brother, Columbia says:

      As an African American, I find Al Gore's moral equivalency argument personally insulting. First of all, to diminish the injustice of racial discrimination to the level of his specious crisis is bad enough. Added to that is the fact that his own father, as senator from the state of Tennessee, did everything he possibly could to block that civil rights legislation makes his assertion even more egregious.

    31. Kim Anthony says:

      I am so sorry inform everyone, but, my grand father says, you cannot remove vermin from your barns, your fields, or your cellar, by convincing them to leave. You have to remove vermin from existence. I do not like the idea of violent uprising, because I know deep down, that we conservatives are NOT people who easily rally a war cry for selfish reasons. But do you NOT see that these people have become, and ARE Vermin?? Everything they touch, mandate, manage, decree, and monitor, is devastating to our existence. Talk, co-operation will only succeed in making our demise easier. To rid vermin, you have to kill it, and remove it from existence. Bring it down to a manageable minimum status, so that we will NOT forget who, and what it is. Folks, I love this country, but I am old enough, and historian enough, that the only way we will preserve our freedoms, and liberties is to destroy the democratic party. It has been overrun by communists. Socialism is just a poetic description so as to swallow this terrible pill. These people want absolute power, and someday, it will have to get real bloody, because you didn't act now, and take our government back. It is already too late to have the effect at the ballot box. They are installing them selves as the only ones who can take care of the country and you. They have dumbed down our children in the public school system, separated our children from our control by making it difficult to survive as a family without both parents working full time, and then having complete control over our children, worked up a politically correct system, that totally denies us our inalienable rights, and freedoms. It started back in the 50's with McCarthy. He knew what was coming down the pike.

      The next terrorist attack, will be the tipping point. This regime will NOT respond in a way that will secure us. It will throw us in the middle of a blundering attempt to appease the vermin, that should have been destroyed long ago.

      Any attempt after that point to defend our rights, will be used to keep conservatives under their thumb, and make US the criminals, and usurpers of our freedom, and liberties.

      HERE ME my fellow citizens!! It is time to rise up, take the war to THEM in Washington, before they have the chance to put the hammer and sickle down on our existence. It will take 50 years to recover from that point, and it will be an underground, bitter, bloody battle. Our children will suffer as much as the Jews suffered in Europe during WWII.

      Which would you rather have? GO to Washington, everyone, fully armed, and take over our government, and start it better? Or live long enough to watch our children fight in the streets, and lose their lives to a government that would just as soon use Hitler/Saddam like tactics to rule over you? Can't you see it has already started? Global warming is a great example!

      Power comes in numbers, ladies and gentleman. They would not DARE execute a movement to stop 10 million men and women, armed to the teeth, to take back our nation, and put it on the path that our fore-fathers meant it to be on. They will not pick up a weapon to fight you back. That is why they want to rid you of your weapons. Your means to fight them, and control them.

      Time is NOT on our side at this point. a NEW day, will only bring sorrow, beyond belief, and grief beyond your wildest dreams.

      Truth, is still on our side, and if done correctly, not a shot will be fired…. They WILL listen, when forced to do so. It has come down to force. The news media needs to be re-vamped, and rebuilt in to the image that once was an informative service. Now it has become a political arm of the Democratic party. They too, are poisoned, and need to be purged. One way or the other, these nasty deeds are not something someone like me WANTS to happen, but inevitably, will be the final result, when we do NOT act in time, and take control of our own lives, instead of depending upon bureaucracy, and socialism to fulfill our needs. I do not want to take the freedom from the press, but make it the arbiter OF our freedom. Not the stench of lies that exist with them now. We are getting everything we deserve, if we ignore this call. I for one will pick up a weapon and fight, before I give them control of my life, and freedom. In the words of Patrick Henry, "Give me liberty, or give me death". We have lost liberty as we were supposed to have it. Hopefully, my words will echo in the halls of freedom, and someone will actually listen to reason, instead of making my actions a call for stopping a domestic terrorist, that I have been declared by our Homeland security… what a joke, this place has become.

      May God Bless our Nation, and his true followers. He will follow us, and bless us, even in the face of death, for delivering our nation from the evil it has adopted.

      Blessing to you all.

    32. Steve, Florida says:

      Peace Prize or Fleece Prize?

      This is more of the Gore funding agenda for his cronies and conspirators in the wealth rape of developed nations, particularly the US/ the last sane hold out; the American tax payor is in the sights of their network of firms committed to and betting on the ineffecient and failing renewables (see Europe for examples). Gore and Mr. Blood aka "Blood&Gore" already have their unholy alliances and investors panting at the trough of riches an American conversion to this insanity might bring. Give them the Ignoble Fleece Prize if they succeed.

    33. Bob, white lake,mi says:

      If Gore was President, just think what he could do, how wonderful it would be. lol!

    34. B,F Wmspt, PA says:

      They must think we are all morons. 600,000 refugees, give me a break it is not like we will wake up tomorrow and the east coast will be under water. We are talking about decades with which to relocate as humans and other animals have done through out the history of the planet. We will adapt, migrate and overcome. The idea that we are all victims and can not fend for ourselves should be repugnate to any true american or for that matter human. It is frankly insulting to think that we are all children and cannot make our own decisions.

    35. mike baker says:

      I hate having to take that mental gherkin seriously and I blame people who vote for Democrats out of habits, stereotypes and cliches. I can't think of a paying job that I would hire Al Gore for.

    36. walt heimert says:


    37. Betty Hanicke, Kansa says:

      Doesn't Gore know that God controls our weather? Otherwise why hasn't Gore found a way to stop tornados, earthquakes, floods, blizzards, dust storms, etc.?

    38. Ross, Florida says:

      Al Gore is the product of the Washington establishment and elitist private schools, not the results of the Tennessee education system. His father, Al Gore Sr. was voted out of office for being too liberal for Tennesseans. Regretfully SR was an alumnus of the same college I attended, Middle Tennessee State University. Strictly for political reasons, the school administration decided to name a building after SR and give JR a professorship(God only knows in what) after his VP term (which to my knowledge he still holds). That is when I stopped contributing to anything for the college. The best thing that could happen for Al Gore Jr is to join Jimmy Carter in hammering nails for 'Habitats for Humanities' or join his father in repealing the 2nd Amendment in the great beyond. Both positions will serve the USA greatly.

    39. Sundowner04, TN says:

      American Uprising 2009!

      The time has come…

    40. Marv Montana says:

      He is just a damn lier!!! we need to DRILL DRILL DRILL !!!!!! Crude Oil is not even a fosil fuel! There has neaver been a fosil found in it!!

    41. chuck, wyoming, usa says:

      Al missied his calling as an insurance salesman,

      he could sell ice cubes at the northpole and make a fortune for his pal george S. He's full of crap!!!!!! and himself.

    42. John Arlington, VA says:

      Why is there no talk on the newest generation of thorium reactors. They can burn most of the spent fuel in Yucca and many other benefits. Other countries are moving ahead we are stuck again. Paralysis from the anaysis?


    43. valerie, california says:

      For every brainwashed person on the website:

      At present there are 442 nuclear reactors in operation around the world. If, as the nuclear industry suggests, nuclear power were to replace fossil fuels on a large scale, it would be necessary to build 2000 large, 1000-megawatt reactors. Considering that no new nuclear plant has been ordered in the US since 1978, this proposal is less than practical. Furthermore, even if we decided today to replace all fossil-fuel-generated electricity with nuclear power, there would only be enough economically viable uranium to fuel the reactors for three to four years.

      The true economies of the nuclear industry are never fully accounted for. The cost of uranium enrichment is subsidised by the US government. The true cost of the industry's liability in the case of an accident in the US is estimated to be $US560billion ($726billion), but the industry pays only $US9.1billion – 98per cent of the insurance liability is covered by the US federal government. The cost of decommissioning all the existing US nuclear reactors is estimated to be $US33billion. These costs – plus the enormous expense involved in the storage of radioactive waste for a quarter of a million years – are not now included in the economic assessments of nuclear electricity.

      It is said that nuclear power is emission-free. The truth is very different.

      In the US, where much of the world's uranium is enriched, including Australia's, the enrichment facility at Paducah, Kentucky, requires the electrical output of two 1000-megawatt coal-fired plants, which emit large quantities of carbon dioxide, the gas responsible for 50per cent of global warming.

      And instead of brainwashing yourselves further, do some actual research before ranting on about how you think a man much smarter than yourselves, "has gone mad".

      Thank you and have a knowledgeable day.


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