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  • The Impending Stimulus Oversight Failure

    We’ve noted before that President Barack Obama $787 billion stimulus package will lead to billions in waste, overload federal and state agencies not staffed to accommodate Obama’s unprecedented explosion of spending, and that Obama’s claims of job creation (or salvation) numbers are so vague that proper accountability is almost impossible.

    Testimony from acting Comptroller General Gene Dodaro today shows that the Government Accountability Office shares these same concerns. The GAO’s report, “RECOVERY ACT: As Initial Implementation Unfolds in States and Localities, Continued Attention to Accountability Issues Is Essential” reads:

    Recipients of Recovery Act funding face a number of implementation challenges in this area. The Act includes many programs that are new or new to the recipient and, even for existing programs; the sudden increase in funds is out of normal cycles and processes. Add to this the expectation that many programs and projects will be delivered faster so as to inject funds into the economy and it becomes apparent that timely and efficient evaluations are needed.

    Officials in nine of the 16 states and the District expressed concern about determining jobs created and retained under the Recovery Act, as well as methodologies that can be used for estimation of each.

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    14 Responses to The Impending Stimulus Oversight Failure

    1. Brad S,, Detroit, MI says:

      I am not an economics professor, but I do know one thing – the government does not and never will "CREATE" jobs. They take money from the private sector and re-distribute these taxes into a government service. Some of these services are completely necessary – National Defense, law enforcement, etc. I am smart enough to know that the government does not create jobs.

      Why doesn't Obama ? Oh, that's right, he has never worked for the private sector and is so used to spending other people's money that it must just grow on trees . . .

    2. Tom Iowa says:

      Already they can't account for billions of dollars spent by differant agiencies. Where is it all going , and when will it get there????

    3. Ben C, Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Brad S will understand that one need only look to Detroit, Michigan to understand our culture of leadership. We said Brad.

    4. Ben C, Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Opps, should have ended with "well said, Brad."

    5. Richard, Spring, TX says:

      That's what happens when you don't read a bill before you pass it into law. This bill was so massive that the entire Congress couldn't keep tabs on it; even if they had the smarts to do so.

    6. Dick Ess Boston, Ma. says:

      Our "Man-Child" President should sneak out at night and take a job at Burger king. I'd like to see his facial expression when he gets his first paycheck and gets the opportunity to add up all the money that HIS government keeps and what that leaves him to spend.

      This kid needs some experience with the cold hard world outside his incubator.

      Has he ever spent money that wasn't connected in some way with our taxes? Has he ever received a check that wasn't printed on an official government printing press?

      He and Barney Google (Frank) owe there position in life to the US taxpayer and are a couple of ingrates.

    7. Ross, Bradenton, Fl says:

      When I was raising my kids and they came in, shouting, "Dad! I need a quick answer!" I always replied, "That's easy, no." That meant I wanted details because it usually targeted my wallet.

      Also, years ago, the US Postal Service ran an advertisement about mail fraud in part; "If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is."

      That is what we get when we don't monitor the "hired hands" These people, our congress start to thinking they are an oligoply and arrogantly believe they are the "chosen ones" and not accountable to the "bosses".

    8. Roy Bercaw Cambridge says:

      Stimulus funds are great. Come to peaceful luxurious Cambridge home of most million dollar homes, where limousine liberals rule and spend with your unsecured cash. Free drinks, exquisite foods and the Red Sox all funded with your tax money. Thank you America. Keep those dollars coming.

    9. Brian, Columbia. MD says:

      Why does anyone ascribe even minimal expectations that this Congress and Administration cares a whit about whether the money is well spent and its expenditure properly recorded? Honestly, this is Chicago-style politics writ large – need a job, new trash cans, pot holes fixed…five guys will show up, with ten on the payroll, to take car of your problem once the local ward heeler give 'em the hi sign. Call it socialism – it is nothing more than seeing an opportunity and taking it. What's more American than that, Mr. Dooley?

    10. Bill, Smyrna, TN says:

      My Congressman, Bart Gordon, indicated he didn't need to read the whole bill to determine it was good for the district he represents! He never answered my plea to him to give the citizens of his district enough time to read the bill! However, he did send a form response indicating his vote in favor of the bill was based on an understanding of the issues and the need to do something immediately! I am SOOOOO glad he took such decisive action on my behalf, what would I do without him? !!!!! Just hope he is still there when the bills come due….wait, I take that back!

    11. Barb -mn says:

      Obama and his cronies had to have been thinking of this stimulus bill for years!

      The constitution must be enforced at all levels. Now!

      Each state's constitution should be evaluated to ensure it is within the American constitution…

    12. Barb -mn says:

      Not only that, but the time to write, proof read (ya, right) and read, period! Which of course they didn't actually do.

      This is Obama's admittance of his lack of concern to the American people. Stay focused on the bill, word the way around any inconsistencies or idiocies, no one's accountable.

      Obama's neglect to protect.

    13. Jean H, Ann Arbor says:

      Thanks for your comments, Ben and Brad. It's good to know there are some more common sense people in AA (something of a rarity). I am a small business owner and I, too, have no issue paying for services that protect us. If the government keeps going down the "stimulus" path the burden will eventually be too much for the private sector, ala Atlas Shrugged. I only hope we can turn it around before we see that happen. Clearly the wheels are in motion. I believe in the American Dream. We need to educate our kids to know what that means and to give them the strength and fortitude to pursue it.

    14. Barry G. says:

      Does anyone know if my pessimistic fear is possible, the collapse of our economy? It happened to the Soviet Union, why not us? With inflation a guarantee, job loss, dependence on foreign oil, cap in trade etc. can it happen to us?

      Somewhat better, can the government collapse and NOT the economy?

      BTW, I remember the Carter recession and things are not as bad as then…yet. But I have lost my job, forced into retirement. I hope to get some tax money back by way of unemployment checks. :-)

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