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  • How Lisa Jackson Stole $11,000 from Every American Household

    WASHINGTON, DC - April 22: EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson during the House Energy and Commerce joint hearing with its Subcommittee on Energy and Environment on climate change legislation.

    As we reported this morning, EPA administrator Lisa Jackson was forced to admit she had not even read the Waxman-Markey carbon taxing bill before her agency released a report claiming the economic impact of cap and trade legislation would be “modest.” Asked how the EPA could produce a report on a bill they hadn’t even read yet, Jacson said: “We had to make assumptions.

    What were some of those assumptions? For starters, as University of Colorado professor Roger Pielke notes, the Obama EPA used GDP growth estimates far below those used by the Obama Office of Management and Budget. To make his unprecedented deficit spending look as innocuous as possible, Obama’s OMB used a 3.3% projected GDP growth rate. But Obama’s EPA used a 2.5% GDP growth rate. That may .8 difference may seem small, but applied to the entire economy the smaller EPA estimate means a $1.22 trillion smaller U.S. economy.

    So why did Obama’s EPA use smaller GDP growth estimates? Peilke explains:

    A lower GDP means fewer emissions. It also means that needed efficiency gains are smaller to meet the same targets. For instance the EPA analysis assumes that the US will see energy intensity improve at a rate faster than the 2.5% per year GDP growth. To maintain the same energy demand figures this rate would have to increase to above 3.3% per year. … The point is that in addition to the “lost” GDP growth, there would be considerable extra costs for emissions reduction (determining how much would require re-running the EPA analysis, but it is safe to say that it would be a lot).

    So in order to get the emissions reduction numbers to work out, Jackson had to shrink the U.S. economy by $1.22 trillion. Pielke writes: “How much is $1.22 trillion? About $11,000 per U.S. household.” In other words, Obama administration EPA administrator Lisa Jackson stole $11,000 from every American household just so the Obama administration could lower world temperatures by 0.14°F.

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    39 Responses to How Lisa Jackson Stole $11,000 from Every American Household

    1. B. Seymour/ Reno, NV says:

      Why is it that government employees are allowed to lie without any consequence? If a citizen lied to further their own agenda, say in court, for instance we would be prosecuted.

    2. mary genovese capacc says:

      once again, another idiot hired by the obama…qualifications for any job within the obama administration…be a criminal, tax evader, illiterate, an America hater or better yet keep thinking the american public is more stupid than you.

    3. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      Just another sign that the Obama Administration is made up of the most inept people in the Country! This makes them very dangerous to us all!

    4. Carbonicus, Atlanta says:

      Thanks, Heritage!

      By the way, the .14 degrees C figure is by the end of the century, and would only be accurate with China and India "in" an emissions trading program, not out of it. Without these two countries in it, the difference is about half.

      Either way, we're talking about 1-4% of GDP for a temperature difference that is entirely within the range of natural climate variability and can't be distinguished from such. This is hugely wasteful and there is no cost/benefit methodology that can justify it.

      Wake up, America. CO2 isn't the boogeyman. But taking action to try and slow its increase is a one-way, high speed ticket to third world country status. If you allow this to pass then, as Anadarko CEO Jim Hackett said recently, "America will be the world's cleanest third world country".

      American prosperity and your lifestyle depend on affordable, reliable energy. After 25 years of huge govt. subsidies, "alternative" energies like wind and solar still make up less than 3% of total energy production. If you don't want to be like Haiti, wake up and smell the coffee, then excoriate elected officials in DC.

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    6. Barb -mn says:

      What's the reprimand?

      American citizens demand accountability and REPRIMAND in ALL areas of GOVERNMENT FRAUD!

    7. Eugene Hoffman, Hous says:

      Everything has become a fine, fee, or tax; again, the middle class, and small business will bear the brunt of these "carbon credits". Our Government has become the "Corporation" that is making huge profits and providing their workers (our elected representatives, who are employed and empowered by the people), with golden parachute retirement and benefit packages. The true ongoing concerns that provide wealth by the creation of goods, and services are being killed and depicted as evil; when in reality it is the federal government Incorporated that is the true evil. George Orwell, and Ayn Rand nailed it.

    8. angrypatriot says:

      No surprise here. 2010 and 2012 can't come soon enough. I just hope that these libroids don't dig us too far down to come back from their destructive agenda.

      I still think that the best recourse is for all taxpayers to stop paying their taxes and effectively shut down the government so that they will finally start listening to the people that they are accountable to.

    9. rich weirton says:

      We all know that the earth's temperature has been falling, not rising. If driving our cars equals global warming, then we need to drive bigger, more gas guzzling cars to try to get our earth to warm up again……

      Al Gore is trying to pull off the biggest, costliest hoax ever.

    10. Grace, Florida says:

      Here we go again – Another idiot in the inept Obmama administration.

    11. FRANK COLLATT, ABBEV says:

      At least Obama's Administration is "consistent". Consistent with regard to being inept, incompotent, and totally devoid of any consideration of how their policies and 'laws' will affect the American Household. It should also be noted that these appointees and staff of the Obama Administration become overnight experts in their respective fields, yet their research is based on assumption and presumption. Perhaps this is what happened during the election, too many people presumed that "change and hope" would lead to a better condition for our country, however reality shows this to be completely untrue……

    12. HOUSTON says:





      THEY ARE IN THE MONEY OF US THE AMERICAN TAX PAYERS. FOLLOW THE MEN AND THE MONEY. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    13. KyGater says:

      Since they probably can't achieve that goal, what they are basically doing in essence is lying to us once again in order to achieve their goals. I understand Obama had some interest in a carbon capture program in Illinois which could increase his incentive. However politicians still refuse to look at the data by the majority of scientists refuting anything other than that which matches their political or financial agenda.

      Who besides me is tired of them attempting to profit from their agendas while we fight to keep our jobs?

    14. Richard B Lewis, Ham says:

      If anyone listened to Obamanation during the election this should be no suprise. It's only going to get worse, wait till the Brown Shirts come knocking at your door.

    15. Lynn Carroll North C says:

      Actually, they know that if they read the bills and other packages eminating from Obama and his cronies, it would be a waste of time. They aren't looking to see if anything is good for the people, they are only concerned with getting it enacted as soon as possible. If they saw something that was glaringly unconstitutional, they better not say anything or they lose their cush job. I wouldn't doubt that ALL of Obama's cabinet members have legal problems that would make their lives very miserable if they came to light. Handy way to control them wouldn't you think?

    16. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      This crowd in DC will do anything to get their way, lie, cheat, steal. When obama and his cronnies do all this nothing happens, like back taxes, it was just a mistake. When there is a hearing in front of Congress noone better tell a lie, they are prosecuted. What is the difference for the obama people????

    17. Ben C, Ann Arbor, MI says:

      One need only to look at Detroit, Michigan to understand our culture of leadership.

    18. Sandy, Indiana says:

      Of course, the main thing to consider here is that when we say "American household", we really mean American "taxpaying" household. Those who are now and will remain wards of the government will not see an impact whatsoever on their balance sheet, so they can and they will remain silent, deferring the cost of "green" to those they consider wealthy. The "wealthly" will pay for increased food stamp subsidies and what will certainly be a new office of energy assistance.

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    20. Richard, Spring, TX says:

      Another lie from the Obama administration that is allowed a pass from the main stream media. Where is the media's objectivity; a lie is a lie whether done by the Bush or Obama administration. The EPA ran an economic impact report without even reading the legislation, are they gods that they know what will happen? The hooker is what they used to develop their report, a GDP lower then that used by Obama to project his enormous budget. I guess its OK when the Democrats lie. Lets get rid of all the liars and tax cheats this man sees fit to surrounds himself with.

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    22. Aida says:

      It seems we citizens are being push to the limits, with all the stupid believes they are imposing on us. This carbon crap is just to make GE and his friends billionaires, getting contracts & giving our tax dollars by this administration debacle solutions to all our problems, but reality is they don't know beans about it. Just guessing how to solved it. The 'chosen messiahs" and Congress irresponsible elected officials are just paying back the favors for electing them to power by GE, Unions and friends. Our country is been bankrupt by all this politicians, who just care about getting power and be forever in their seat positions!

      Wake up America!

    23. Domonu,Idaho says:

      Would someone please tell our leader we the people aren't uneducated peons who believe his b-lls-it.Remember our Constitution? All power comes from the barrel of a gun to "Mao"When in the course of human events….Gee I wonder why any goverment leader would want to disarm the public? Isn't that what hitler did ,how that work out?Never trust a fool to look out for your freedom or soon you'll find chains you can believe in!!!

    24. Frances/Texas says:

      Carbon taxation and caps are such a blatant attempt to steal from the taxpayers I can't understand why the few good politicians in the House and Senate aren't exposing it as such. Despite what the loud crowd would have you believe, there are as many reports decrying the global warming myth as there are ones claiming to support the theory. Don't lose your outrage-the fools who push this type of legislation think they can outwait you. Prove them wrong and vote them out at the earliest opportunity. Until then however, write, protest, etc. and keep them from ruining this republic.

    25. Bill, Wyoming says:

      Unfortunately, 68,000,000 people voted for this president, which infers to me that many citizens in this country are at least intellectually malnourished. Consequently, when the presidents appointees where drawn from this field, what kind of result can you expect?

    26. Lindsey, Tacoma, WA says:

      What do you expect from an administration that hires dummies like Geithner? They picked a man for Treasury Secretary who not only was behind on his taxes, he uses TURBOTAX! I'm waiting to see some "Socialist Financing for Dummies" books in their photo backgrounds. They're putting an awful lot of fear-mongering out there to push things through and socialize us before we know what's hit us. God help us.

    27. Trialdog, Wisconsin says:

      Assumptions. Folks, it matters not that the plans will prove to be great failures. No, get ready for it. On top of the massive and incomprehensible taxes of Cap and Trade, they are going to pile a national health care plan. Then, there will be outright, not hidden, additional tax increases. This will take place while Pakistan spirals out of control and Israel has to defend itself – both matters in which the Obama adiministration will be too paralyzed by indecision, inexperience, and political correctness to act. There will be substantial disruption of oil supplies during this time and we will be unable to do anything about it because, for political reasons, we are not developing our oil supplies, and, for political reasons, we'll enter treaties prohibiting the development of our reserves. So, the price of oil will skyrocket, the taxes will be added on, and we are going to be in very serious trouble. Think about the spike in gas prices hitting month to monthers hard and contributing to their inability to make mortgage payments. Those folks have not gone away. If fact, we're making more of them. (I am a former month to monther) Politicians have to have "affordable housing" to give away. About that time, it will become apparent that the TARP bailouts are a complete failure. Bad times are coming. Best get prepared. Our leadership intelligentsia will not admit it, but they do want gas to cost five to eight dollars per gallon. They'll do what the will to get it there because they think that will be a good thing. Then, supply will be disrupted. Economists they are not. Knowledgeable of how capitalism works they are not. Unwilling to use free market (as in not government funded) capitalism to develop energy, they are leading us to ruin. Yes, they call themselves believers in the politically convienient and oh so beautifully rewarding "science" of anthropogenic "global warming." Well, lest I be considered another kook, I think I'll stop now. Good luck everyone.

    28. Frank W., New Mexico says:

      Not to long ago a documentary was show on cable TV about the guy that thought up the idea about Carbon credits that you could buy so you can keep on pumping C02 in the air. He knows Obama believe it or not. He is selling the idea to Imelt at GE and he's going to be in charge of all the sales and trading on the cap and trade. They have to keep GE solvent with the bailout money to make the whole thing work. Aahh Capitalism for the chosen few is taking shape.

    29. Richard, Paso Robles says:

      It seems as if all the members of the congress &

      senate do not know how to read. It allso appears

      as though the cabinet members suffer the same

      inability. Or perhaps the problem is the language.

      Giving the politions the benefit of doubt, perhaps anything more than five pages takes time

      from meetings with their favorite lobbyist.

    30. Ross, Bradenton, Fl says:

      "…support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, both foreign and domestic…" This is part of the oath taken by all office holders, military personal, etc. Most of us having taken this oath hold that oath sacred.

      "We have met the enemy and he is us" came from the political comic strip, Pogo, years ago. At the time, it was funny. Not anymore.

      This seems to be the Obama administration's direction from the start, destroy individual liberties.

      Where did he find all these toxic bottom feeders? Regretfully, this seems to be the make-up of today's socialist Democrat party. What should we have expected? Their definition of liberty is tyranny for the rest of us.

    31. mike baker Dallas C says:

      Off the point, sort of; does the King of Saudi Arabia hold the title, "Keeper of the Faith" like the monarch in England? Sorry for the distraction, I just got home. What did Obama give our enemies today?

    32. duelles, santa fe, n says:

      I like the 'new' transparency that allows we the people to see the Administration's Lies right away instead of waiting for journalists in the MSM to bring them out.

      And at the same time we won't grow our way out of Obama's spending and money printing binge with a 2.5% very well, either. He'll be lucky to get a 0.5% GDP growth the way heis handling our economy.

    33. Adam, Phoenix says:

      The "global warming" issue has nothing to do with the environment, it is all about power and control for the "new world order".

      For example, The Club of Rome, founded in 1968 and to which Al Gore is a member, has been trying to find a "crisis" through which it can rule the masses; first was over population, then global cooling, next global warming which has now morphed to "climate change".

      In 1991, the Club of Rome published "The First Global Revolution", authored by Alexander King and Bertrand Schneider. On pp. 104-105 are found the following statements:

      "In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill… All these dangers are caused by human intervention… The real enemy, then, is humanity itself."

      Do a little research, the dots are not too hard to connect.

    34. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      Will America continue to Tolerate these People?

    35. daniel says:

      lol real talk? thats a small price to pay for the future of our world

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    37. Patricia Schultz says:

      I cant wait til 2010. I hate democrats

    38. Bill Grant, Little F says:

      I didn't think that, in my lifetime, I would have to endure an administration worse than President Carter's bunch of incompetents, but the Obama administration is much worse. Not only are they incompetent, but they are the most brazen and arrogant bunch of liars ever.

    39. Chino, Miami, FL says:

      This is another avenue to take control of the country, they taken the Auto, Financial, Healthcare, and now with cap and trade the cost to the tax payer will sky rocket. these peopple do not even read the bill, they assume, that shows how much of an idiot they are

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