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  • Why is the President Smiling?

    Shmuley Boteach asks some brilliant questions in his article today in the Jerusalem Post that examined President Obama’s handshake diplomacy, like:

    ALL THIS LEADS to one important question. Suppose Obama succeeds in building friendships with Chavez, Castro, Ahmadinejad and the Taliban. What then? Does America still get to feel that it stands for something? Will we still be the beacon of liberty and freedom to the rest of the world, or will we have sold out in the name of political expediency? And do any of us seriously believe that presidential friendship is going to get a megalomaniac like Hugo Chavez to ease up on the levers of power, or are we just feeding his ego by showing him he can be a tyrant and still have a beer with the president of the United States? Will the Iranians really stop enriching uranium through diplomacy rather than economic sanctions?

    And also:

    And if Obama feels that he has to be the one to greet a man like Chavez, must it be with the kind of ear-to-ear grin that one might show girl scouts selling cookies? It must surely be disheartening for those who suffer oppression in countries like Venezuela, Cuba and Saudi Arabia to see the American president backslapping their oppressors when these victims have always looked up to the United States as their champions.

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    32 Responses to Why is the President Smiling?

    1. Jamey, Central Calif says:

      Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck. Must be a dog. WHAT MORE DO YOU PEOPLE NEED TO SEE?!! Maybe its me?! I guess returning soldiers ARE a threat to our country they were just defending. Maybe we should just let the U.N. put armed "police" in our cities to protect us from ourselves. I obviously don't have the mental capacity to understand the intricacies in Chavez's rule. Nor Iran's crazy, I mean enlightened ruler. Forgive me.

    2. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      I don't know whether the title of this piece was intended as a rhetorical question. To me it is obvious why Obama is smiling. He is endorsing what Jeremiah Wright thought was wrong with the US. We are the great Satan. That is what Obama believes about his country. He consistently sets himself apart from his professed country. So, when he meets with dictators like Chavez he is saying to them, Sorry for the US imperialism and racism but I am here to correct all that. His pastor visited Khadaffy in Libya along with Farakkhan. Obama is now doing the same, visiting and palling around the dictators of South America.

    3. jr., Michigan says:

      cuz he’s with his socialist friends.

    4. Eugene Hoffman, Hous says:

      This administration, congress, the senate, and the courts feel they must follow through on their promises to change our course in the arena of foreign policy; President Obama stated this in his campaign, to paraphrase, I will undo the harm and mistrust that our past rogue policies have produced. What other means does an avid Socialist, (border line Marxist), but to kiss the enemies cheek? While they are still cutting off peoples heads in the middle east, and imprisoning dissidents in Mexico and South America,and other oppressive Governments throughout the globe, OUR new policy is to embrace these actions as a cultural norm, or mores; and accept this as politically correct for these regimes. These actions, in my opinion, weaken our hand at the poker table, we only comprise 6% of the World's population: appearing weak and apologetic of our greatness, and the unfathomable good we have done for a superpower, is a huge error.

    5. Grace, Florida says:

      He's smiling because he's an idiot and has no clue what's going on here.

    6. Ken St Louis says:

      Obama is a narcissist, none of this means anything to him! For him, its all about him!

    7. Mary, Miami, Florida says:

      I agree with what everyone else has said, and I'm really frightened for and Independent senators and congressmen? Why don't they have the "guts" to speak out and criticize the Democrats behavior?

    8. Angela , Ohio says:

      Check your back America — You may want to remove the dagger that has been placed there by your President.

      When you says America is arrogant and has done many wrongs, who is referring to? He refers to American as someone other than himself. Is he one of us?

    9. Charles, Oklahoma says:

      This is the first time in history that a country has democratically elected a leader, that has a complete hatred of his own country and citizens. I still can't believe that this happened in the USA. I pray we can survive 4 years of this man and his wife's distain for America.

    10. Bette, Bridgewater, says:

      I agree with Ken in St. Louis but I want to know when others in Congress on both sides are going to put a stop to this insanity. As far as I am concerned he has comitted treason and should be removed from office. I doubt if there is anyone in DC with the guts unfortunately.

    11. Trent, ND says:

      Appalling!! The U.S. is no longer the face of freedom.

    12. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      As the saying goes, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend. The friend of my enemy, is my enemy."

      Need more be said?


    13. Debra, Texas says:

      I've seen this whole picture and they should have shown it. They are doing some kind of a "Junior High, ghetto thing" with their hands, instead of shaking hands like respectable leaders. You know that thing that the boys in the Junior High School that we all went to back in the 70's and 80's did? Only his buddies went to prison and he was put into the highest office in the land because unfortunately, there are so many racist in our country – of all income levels and ethnic origins.

      And those pirates in Washington have no spine at all – they are either racist or they don't have the backbone to stand up to those that might accuse them of being a racist. Ridiculous. The man has never done anything worthy of repeating – ever – but he won the presidency. Other than being a marxist, there is no other place to look for an explanation but racism. I do not believe that there are enough marxists to even come close to electing him to any office.

      Isn't it ironic that the once global-leading, Christian country will falter or maybe even cease to exist, due to exactly what all the people and politicans fear being accused of? They turn a blinds eye to his crimes and vote purely on racism – because they fear being called a racist.

    14. Kent, Virginia says:

      Chavez is Obama's "amigo." Isn't that what Obama called him? "Mi amigo!"

      Folks, come on up to D.C. on 9/12 — Join the next phase of the TEA Party.

      We've GOT to DO SOMETHING! Congress just yuks along with the man who obviously agrees with his wife who is terribly ashamed of her own country. OOPS! I mean except for the election of the new President (or should I say "usurper.") By the way, many of our college students don't know the meaning of the word "usurp." Perhaps they don't know the meaning of a few other words: freedom, liberty, etc.

      When they see the word "socialism," perhaps it doesn't connect with the loss of their future ability to purchase a home, a few acres, and the like.

      Scary. Very scary.

    15. Angela, Newport News says:

      What can we expect from a man who sat in a church pew for 20 years and listened to hate speech directed at the USA? Obama learned well. Why are any of us surprised when he regurgitates that same speech? His policies reflect that hatred. Worse, he cannot understand the damage he inflicts. It may take decades to undo some of the damage. In his view, he's righting all the wrongs. Meanwhile our enemies laugh at his ignorance and plot our destruction. But with a president who is determined to destroy everything that has made us a great source for good in this dangerous world, he's doing their work for them. I'm just as concerned (and angry) at the Republicans. Where is their outrage? Why don't they initiate Congressional investigations of their own, or at least threaten them? The Dems got a lot of press during the Bush years from the same ploy. Use it & speak out, please. Let those abroad who count on the USA know that morality in the face of evil still exists here.

    16. ken , portland, or says:

      it wouldnt suprise me one iota to learn that they swapped play books, the path we are on now is "chavez light" tastes great, less filling! all the signs were there in the campaign and all these idiots still voted for him. now they are more interested in probing "islamo-fascist terrorist"(call them what they are ) interrogation techniques instead of the "kneecapping" of the american / global economy…i mean are barney franks and chris dodd the new "untouchables"? i want to know why my house value took a 15-20% hit, just last year! i wanna know where my 401 k went or at least find out who "mandated" the debacle. i cant be the only one.

    17. Gena, Charlottesvill says:

      Unfortunately, the liberals love everything about tyrannical rulers who have tortured and murdered their own people. They are appalled by the "torture" of terrorists which saved, or "may have saved", millions of Americans. It was Ok by them that our soldiers were slain and dragged through the streets, but raise your voice to a terrorist is too much for them to bear. Their romantic notion of the government controlled, imposed fairness on citizens is the same as women who fall in love with serial murderers doing time in prison. There is something organically wrong in their brain.

    18. Ruth Trowbridge, Ama says:

      Barack Obama looks to Chavez as a role model. Smile says "I can do it too" , ie., do for/to USA what you have done. "Look at me, compliment me, I've got what it takes."

    19. Prez, KCMO says:

      It's sad that Obama shrugs this encounter off as "no big deal." But it is a big deal. All other sitting Presidents have understood it to be a big deal. Our country–the most generous, most civil, and freest society on earth–should represent a beacon of hope to oppressed citizens of countries worldwide, including Cuba and Venezuela. What must those people be thinking, watching the American President ham it up in a warm embrace with an oppressive dictator? Armando Valladares, who suffered at the hands of Castro and lived to write a book about it, must be weeping.

    20. Paula from Canton Oh says:

      This man got in office by manipulation of the masses. His puppet master-anyone want to guess who that is? – found the perfect face he could put on his agenda – and white guilt and ignorant voters voted for him. Voila! Everyone's been played now this country pays.

    21. Henry A Chabot says:

      I feel that my feelings against Preident Obama are being voiced by many of my fellow Americans.Thank You All.

    22. Nancy, Cincinnati says:

      What I don't understand is….in the Drudge Report today, there are many articles of how great OBs popularity is, what a terrific job he is doing, the "greatest" president of all time….are the polls biased to represent only the left's opinion? …….because I believe there are many of "us" that think the opposite!

    23. Mark, Las Vegas says:

      We conservatives have been lazy and now we get what we allowed to happen–the systematic deconstruction of our national and individual liberties! Action requires MORE than words. I am going to organize a weekly meeting in my home to discuss and teach conservative principles. The nation is uninformed–let's start teaching!

    24. Ron Thompson says:

      As I read these statements of frustration, anger and disbelief, I can't help but think of how the media is pushing this guy along! Listening to the cool aid drinking or love sick media all you hear is glowing acculates with no feel for the out come of he actions. I have turned my attention to getting the presses attention, in that I'm tired of the lying and distortions to make this guy look good. The main stream media lies for Oboma, and America dies! we need to get our country back!

    25. T E L in Texas says:

      I agree with anglia. Why are the Republicans being so silent? I am afraid that it is because a lot of them

      sacretly agree with what is going on.

    26. mary genovese capacc says:

      my analogy before was unprintable, i suppose, but when i see obama trying to be "in" with dictators…my emotions get the best of me.

    27. Melissa, California says:

      This "feelings foremost" mantra has percolated thru all layers of society – even education – where you praise only the positive that you want the child to do and eventually he will turn out that way! After all, truth is relative! If you "see" what Obama is doing as good and write that it is, it is all good! If you promote the gay lifestyle as loving and ignore the truth of its destruction, it will "become" good. Propaganda – in every part of our culture. We threw out objective truth when we secularized our nation – now who decides what is true? Those with the loudest voice, and the rest of us are afraid to speak up – even our elected officials whom we elected to do so in our stead! The bullies now run the playground and you must have provoked them to attack you, we are told. Apologize to a bully and he'll be nice to you – has that ever worked???

    28. Laura, Texas says:

      I never heard Obama say "He loved America" He is making freinds who think as he does, we arrogant Americans need to be put in our place.

    29. Barb -mn says:

      Obama is smiling because he opposes those who love this country and supports those who hate it.

    30. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      When your not from America then you can Bash it

      very Easily!

    31. Ann, Kentucky says:

      I read this article in its entirety a couple days ago. What really bumfuzzled me was at the end, the author said he was a supporter of Obama. After listing all these disturbing incidents of "the smile", he said how nice it was to have a president with a sunny upbeat optimism (not exact words, but something very similar). The end was the typical "bash Bush, Obama's cool" mantra. WHY???? Obama is the epitome of evil…this guy points that out, then says that he likes him anyway. Didn't he notice Obama's snub of Nethanyahu, the reversing of Bush's open door policy to Israel's heads of state? Craziness!!! There are now two very worthy groups who are left completely isolated and vulnerable, without official US backing in the war against Islamic terror…the country of Israel, and the US military.

    32. H. P. Collyer says:

      Wow, this site is nothing about hate and venom. We have been at a stalemate for years with Cuba and spitting at them from across the atlantic, with no progress or resolution. Obama is trying a different tactic of at least meeting a greeting, what would would you expect him to do spit in Castro's face. Come on, at least try to see the glass half full. If Obama is such a puppet master to have dooped the american public to vote him into office maybe he can use some of his witchery to trick these regimes to be with us not against us. Seems as late we have enough people in this blog already against Obaham and any efforts he makes for this country. And if you were wondering I am not a bleeding heart democrat, I use to be a republican, but their way of governing stopped working a decade ago.

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