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  • The Big Labor Threat to Charter School Success

    Last week we helped detail how teachers unions were trying to kill the charter school movement in New York. Yesterday the New York Times profiled one teacher’s involvement in the big labor/school choice war:

    After months of soul-searching, Kashi Nelson left her career as an assistant principal in North Carolina at the start of 2008 to teach seventh- and eighth-grade social studies at a Brooklyn charter school, convinced that the freedom to innovate would translate into better education for students.

    But within a year, she began to feel that the school’s independence had created its own frustrations for teachers … So this spring Ms. Nelson, 39, once skeptical about unions, helped lead an effort to unionize the teachers at the school, KIPP AMP, thinking that a contract would provide a clearer idea of expectations and consequences.

    But now, with the state’s labor board scheduled to vote Wednesday on whether to certify a union at the school, Ms. Nelson has changed her mind again, withdrawing her support from a unionization drive that she says is proving to be a distraction and more about power than children.

    “I am a teacher and I can’t waste energy — all I want to do is make the school better,” she said in an interview. “I saw early on that the union was not, in my opinion, looking to have amicable conversations with the administration. We were being encouraged to be even more miserable, and if I can avoid misery, I want to do that.”

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    7 Responses to The Big Labor Threat to Charter School Success

    1. Trent, ND says:

      She should have done her research before deciding to contact a union in the first place. A perfect example of being careful what you wish for.

    2. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      My wife and myself raised our children in private shcools. They do not use drugs, nor abuse alcohol . They are still married to the same woman and their children have never been to counseling.

      They all say yes sir and yes maam, and ejoy their time with their families.

      When hard times hit, they stand together.

      They beleive in God and Country! They know this Nation to be a Republic, and tha elected officials work for them.

      They stand and sallute the Flag, and thank Veterans. The history that they learn has not been twisted to anyone's agenda.

      In summation, they were taught as their grandparents were, before educators became 'Union teachers."


    3. Ben Franklin, Kendal says:

      You can have a contract without having a union. however, one of the tasks of a union is to make the members of the union more valuable, thereby pay, enhancing job security, etc. They can do this the hard way: education, training, demanding excellence, or they can do it the easy way: limit competition, extortion (threatening to walk out), blackmail (filing grievances), etc. They too often choose the latter.

    4. mary genovese capacc says:

      It would be wonderful to live in a world where employers treated their employees fairly. i've worked both sides..private corporations and as an educator in public education. honestly, it doesn't matter who your employer is, either way they are going to try to take advantage of you, if they can, and they do. teachers are bashed constantly, because the taxpayer pays their salary through their property taxes. the way i've heard it over the years, the community loves that you passionately educate their kids but they don't want to have to pay for it. funny how doctors and lawyers who make 4x what i make and have the same education and advanced degrees as i do don't have to be subjected to the same abuse. i love what i do and that is the only reason why i have stayed. the conditions under which i am expected to perform are much less than desirable. the bullying, from the community, like what glen beck, of all people, said in his program, where he was(to my surprise..i respected him.) bashing teachers..the typical threat.."I pay your salary" and i feel like saying…and therefore! you see we are treated like less than profesionals because they have the pursestrings. if it were possible to take that control out of the community's hands i would welcome it. it's kind of the way obama gets to bully the corporations he has taken over. i am the professional who got educated in the area of expertise that i teach. let me do just that…you know the old saying…"too many cooks spoil the broth"..especially when some don't know how to cook!

    5. mary genovese capacc says:

      and i forgot to tell you..i am a patriot..a conservative that believes in free enterprise, liberty, small government, low taxes, capitalism, God, personal responsibility…shall i go on? surprised, huh? you thought all of us educators were a bunch free wheeling liberal, socialist, obama lovers…..never was and never will be…so there!

    6. Barb -mn says:

      If a capitalist or anyone working for him is sued for unlawful conduct in anyway to an employee or whoever, the settlement comes out of his bank. If a government entity of any sort or anyone working for it is sued for unlawful conduct in anyway to an employee or a citizen, the settlement comes out of the innocent taxpayer's bank. I'd rather work for the capitalist where I know the punishment will be put on the accountable not on society.

    7. Barb -mn says:

      mary genovese capaccio, the percentage of good educators in public schools is far and few. The private school educators show true dignity and will to teach. They make less, yet are truer to their duty and will, or they'd be teaching in public school! They don't get all the amenities a public school gets yet they face their accountabilities and are held to them. They motivate and inspire the students. They discipline when necessary. I know how they both operate.

      Public schools WASTE time and money on more social issues then the actual educating curriculum. Public schools lower standards with no idea what standard is. They indoctrinate as they don't want feelings to be hurt if one student is smarter then the other. Which means students are being denied their potential.

      My child left the public school on the "b" honor roll. We put our child in a private school the following year. Our child didn't make the grade in any class but phyed. Which tells me logically that public schools are teaching way below the standard. Putting our child on a "b" honor roll was simply to make the public school look better then they actually are and as my child did homework I was disgusted to see what my child learned in 9th grade at today's government school, is what I was being taught in 6th.

      We couldn't afford private school, we were desperate. Our child only went to private for 1 school year. Our child loved it, but we couldn't be put into that desperate situation again. Our child was forced to go back to government kindergarten school. I do not appreciate any part of government education. They limit what doesn't need to be and WASTE everything that does. Government schools cater to the immigrants where immigrant parents will complain they can't learn unless it is taught within their "CULTURE." This is not right, an excuse. Preferential teaching is a private matter and taught in a PRIVATE SCHOOL.

      Government isn't suppose to CUSTOMIZE the education per various cultures of people with TAXPAYERS money who does not benefit from this in any way! This was the opportunity to assimilate. Government has no mentality to see equality. Yet GOVERNMENT are the ones whose duty it is to see EQUALITY.

      They keep getting more and more money. And the customized teaching means they have to hire preferentially, biasly and discriminatively. AT TAXPAYERS EXPENSE. It's a direct violation of the constitution.

      Would you ever apply for a private school position?

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