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  • Morning Bell: Free Markets Better for Earth

    Deep in southern Siberia not far from Russia’s border with Mongolia is the “Blue Eye of Siberia” … the deepest and largest (by volume) fresh water lake in the world. Formed in an ancient rift valley, Lake Baikal is home to more than 1,700 species of plant and animals, two thirds of which can be found nowhere else in the world.

    Despite its 25 million year age, Baikal’s life sustaining beauty almost did not survive communist rule. Russian scientists believed that Baikal’s pure water would help produce better rayon cord for airplane tires. The scientists turned out to be wrong and the aviation industry switched from rayon cord to metallic cord in tire production. In a free market system, the plant would have closed and resources would have been allocated elsewhere. But under communism, jobs were the number one priority, and the factory supported 3,500 of them. So it continued polluting the lake for decades unabated.

    Big government’s failure to balance environmental quality with other economic goods is not limited to communist Russia. Throughout history big government has a well established track record of tolerating and even perpetuating environmental degradation. The left knows this, which is why they have tried so hard to drape their latest big government plans in free market rhetoric.

    The problem is there is nothing free market about carbon cap and trading. New Zealand Climate Science Coalition chair Bryan Leyland explains why:

    So, to my knowledge, carbon trading is the only commodity trading where it is impossible to establish with reasonable accuracy how much is being bought and sold, where the commodity that is traded is invisible and can perform no useful purpose for the purchaser, and where both parties benefit if the quantities traded have been exaggerated. … It is, therefore, an open invitation to fraud and that is exactly what is happening all over the world.

    Carbon is ubiquitous in our lives and in our economy. The only way a cap and trade “market” could work is with round the clock and pervasive big government surveillance and monitoring of everything you do. Does that sound like a “free market” to you?

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    29 Responses to Morning Bell: Free Markets Better for Earth

    1. Pete Kleff says:

      That Barry suggests that his administration might be amenable to prosecution of the attorneys and others who rendered advice concerning enhanced interrogation of terrorists is fascinating. Aside from the fact that this position is akin to that oft displayed in banana republics, with which he appears quite comfortable, it certainly sets a precedent about which his advisors might ought be worried.

    2. Danny FLA USA says:

      Dear Morning Bell: If it hasan't been repeated enough- for one not to see the trees because of the forest, clearly is not an understanding/ That Free markets are -just that- it offers more than a few choices by those who offer goods, or services. It has value that is encased within the Human Soul, and that is where true motivation, value productivity along with something that unreal, factors would destroy in limiting them for unjust controls,so they control the efforts you would own-they manipulate what you eat-where you can go- or even what you can buy-if you can afford it. What man manner of man stops creativity, and life?

    3. Nelia, Fountain Hill says:

      'Political Correctness' and 'Carbon Footprints' are Left-wing inventions and equate to a new religion. Neither has anything to do with politics, but are a means to force unrealistic ideology on the populace. Both are costly and mean-spirited. PC actually creates reverse discrimination and infringes on freedom of speech.

    4. Richard cancemi says:

      Totalitarianism does not seek solutions; it seeks control.

      Does anyone believe Obama and his Gang are seeking solutions?

    5. Ron, Derry NH says:

      We all have read our history and follow its examples of ignorant repetition to the letter despite the fact we are supposed to be NOT learning to repeat those ways over and over again.

      It is frustrating to think that higher learning in this country sheds wisdom like a duck sheds water and continues to preach totalitarian idealism, protectionism to the elite class and a forced indoctrination into the shackles of oblivion to reality to attempt control rather than inspired thought and liberty for all.

      If we aren't all born with a retardation and a total contempt for wisdom, then we are just hopelessly bound to stupidity not ignorance. Time and time again the left and its rhetoric can be found profoundly flawed yet even with examples to prove their lack of logic, will continue their strangulation of all that stands in their way to total obedience to closed minded ignorance. It proves mankind's arrogance and will to maintain power, not an open mindedness or fresh new path, exactly the opposite of what the meaning of liberal once was.

      We seemed doomed to be led by elitists who can't let people govern themselves, not because we do much harm, but because we find success without them and despite of them. So they lie and deceive to invent their superiority at the cost of wisdom, and fall face first into the dilemma of being exactly the opposite of what they preach, while using suppression in all its evil incarnates to take power from those that can make it from scratch; The individual.

      No one with any shred of self respect should be worshiping this current fad of social indoctrination to the will of a party that has lost its grip on reality, with the liberty and freedom of every man being cast aside to be replace with sheepish obedience to the master fascists and their blind servitude to power over wisdom.

      But then again, the weak will always do the predictable repeating of histories lessons, to insure our faith in the foolishness of men and governments, in their quest for supremacy over intelligence and the lack of respect for the individual's rights.

      As Allen Sherman so profoundly wrote "that governments are like a giant majestic eagle soaring high up in the air so all can see its glory, finally circling around in ever decreasing spirals until it flies up its own …." well you get the picture.

    6. Martha V, Texas says:

      What can we do? to stop the President from going after Bush and his people.

    7. Ed Bradford says:

      What's worse is that carbon trading is a Ponzi scheme of the most obvious sort. Once Republicans get into office and repeal it, what are you left with? What happens when science finally catches up and declares that water vapor, not CO2 is the real culprit? What happens to those carbon investments then? You carbon "equities" are vaporous investments subject to political whim.

      Will there be a black market for carbon credits?

    8. Dorothy O'Neal, says:

      The whole global warming concept is a typical idea of man's ego getting out of control. To even think that anything that man can invent, use, manufacture can do anything to change the earth's climate is beyond the belief of any rational human being. No wonder Hussein got elected.

    9. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      The obama government at its best, the bigger the better. this is the dumbest thing that I have ever heard of, and the dems are behind it all. This is tipical of the dems {dumbs] and their agenda.

    10. michael hutchings says:

      There is a green gardener in town who has a week end show and told a heart warming story of a man in cube who had a small acreage that was mostly covered in weeds so he breed a smaller cow that would eat weeds and still produce milk and cream for butter.

      This man thought so mch of the world that he had no fertilizer so he used his animals and his families waste to grow more crops and in popular theory not melt the ice caps.

      This poor Cuban was portrayed as full of virtue and the green gangster that owns a garden center gushed that this would be the saving of the planet if more people did as he did.

      Some salient points were left out that would have folded up his position and were so obvious as to make me wonder how he achieved success in his chosen endeavor.

      The first was that he lived in a communist country and had no choice but to make do.

      The second was that any profit he made above the accepted norm would draw attention from his kool aid drinking niegbors and be confiscated if he was percieved as rising above himself.

      The third is that anyone who could ignore the first two and proceed to strum the heart strings without thinking is either ignorant or of evil intent.

      They are green gangsters and nothing more. The only organic product they produce is bogus science that is based on; nudge, nudge,wink,wink facts crafted at need with the complicity of a mainstream press that takes it all in and nods for effect and may as well be; intellectually at least in regards comprehension of actual and not political truth; chewing grass in a field and bothering to look up only when a train rolls by.




    11. David Sayers, NC says:

      Carbon trading,fraud. Global warming,big fraud. But the biggest fraud of all is Alfred E. Obama and his gang of Constitutionally illiterate thugs who will say and do anything to further their marxist agenda. Why is it that the loudest opposition is coming from the talk show hosts. Where are the Republicans? Why aren't they screaming to the top of their lungs,"This is wrong","This is not lawful",Obama is violating the Constistution","Obama is putting this country at risk"? It's almost as if they are saying to themselves,Oh well, just go with the flow. I seem to remember that everything Bush did the media and the dems made it into a big deal,well it's time for us to do the same only tenfold. Impeachment is the only solution. This country cannot afford four full years of Chairman Obama.

    12. Dick Ess Boston, Ma. says:

      It is interesting to read how many people write and talk as if they knew anything about "Intelligence". this applies in particular to politicians, "Reporters" and Radio/TV Pundits.

      If you don't know the difference between a). Information and b.) Intelligence then please keep your unknowing comments to yourself because there are too many people like you who just want to impress others with their knowledge. Your knowledge only shows those of us who understand the difference that you don't know what you are talking about.

      Intelligence is processed Information.

      You "COLLECT" piece of information (get it from a source). COLLATE"

    13. Greg Laden, Minneapo says:

      Here is an interesting piece on what is WRONG with the free market. Supposedly.

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    16. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      Martha V,TX: Your question, "what can we do? to stop the President from going after Bush and his people."

      My answer: We do nothing until such time as the first subpoena is sent. I say this for the following reason, we have seen at least 9 years of unrelenting Bush Bashing (aka BDA) by our Media and Democrats and very unfortunately some Republicans, most of which wear the label RINO.

      The people really are beginning to tire of this constant Bush barrage and are also beginning to see it for what it is, self serving lies and distortions and misinformation, in every sense classic Goebbels propaganda.

      This is a "horse" you can only ride so long. I believe the people are already seeing through The "O"'s rhetoric. They can easily see that the programs of, and output from this administration, aided and abetted by a criminal congress belongs to Obama, Pelosi, Ried, political liberals in general, and to nobody else, least of which is George Bush.

      We cannot let ourselves be "awed" by this "False Prophet". This clown is bad news in every way imaginable.

      2010 is going to be a real test of our resolve.

      PC is Thought Control


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    18. Wallyblu, Zion, IL says:

      Ed Bradford has finally shown the falacy of the Global Warming and Carbon Credit Crowd. The fact is that water vapor is a far more powerful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. The reason that you never hear about it is that it would spoil the push for a hydrogen fuel econonmy.

      I can tell you the exact date that we will change to another source of fuel and that will be the date that fuel becomes less expensive than the fuel we are using.

      The only way the Government can force a new fuel on the public is to make the fuel we are using more expensive than the alternative or the alternative less expensive, through Government taxes on one or subsidies for the othe.

    19. dave mcduffie, lagun says:

      Michael Hutchings is brilliant, just wanted to mention it. First they slayed the great American Corporate dragons, then they slayed all the little business-owner dragons, then they slayed all the tax-payor dragons, then they slayed all the Christian dragons, now they are slaying all the military/protector dragons, your children will inherit whats left.

    20. Helen Tidwell Nicevi says:

      What's with the 25 million year age of the lake. Do you not believe in a young earth? Are you an evolutionist?

    21. Fox Berlin says:

      Thank you for the free market fairy tale. Got any more?

    22. ella quinn kinston n says:

      obama needs to leave bush along.Bush is not our problem know, obama is.Bush kept us safe.We will all wish we had him back.

    23. Dorothy Morgan, Okla says:

      If everybody keeps agreeing with everybody on this site, you'll never learn anything! Appears there's plenty of room for becoming educated. Sad.

    24. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      And Obama, his "administration", his Comrades controlling Congress, and their Comrades and accomplices in academia, the media, and elsewhere, all deny they are government elitists, statists, and even Communists/Socialists.

      No wonder there's such a push among the Left for legalizing illicit drugs! Such Leftists and their Comrades want us to say "Yes" instead of "No" to drugs and government control so that we'll all be too "stoned" and/or dumbed-down and dependant to disbelieve their Leftist Comrades such as Obama, his Comrades and accomplices, and their Soviet-style "Pravda" misinformation, including about the environment!

      Yet again the facts and history prove that government elitism, including Communism/Socialism, is the most destructive and damaging, including to the environment, and that freedom and free markets work best, including for the environment!

    25. AntonioSosa, Florida says:

      More and more scientists and thinking people all over the world are realizing that man-made global warming is a hoax that threatens our future and the future of our children. More than 700 international scientists dissent over man-made global warming claims. They are now more than 13 times the number of UN scientists (52) who authored the media-hyped IPCC 2007 Summary for Policymakers. http://www.climatechangefraud.com/content/view/35

      Additionally, 32,000 American scientists have signed onto a petition that states, "There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate…" http://www.petitionproject.org/index.html

      "Progressive" (communist) politicians like Obama seem determined to force us to swallow the man-made global warming scam. We need to defend ourselves from the United Nations and these politicians, who threaten our future and the future of our children. Based on a lie, they have already wasted billions and plan to increase taxes and increase the cost of energy, which will limit development, destroy our economy and enslave us.

    26. AntonioSosa, Florida says:

      I fully agree with the author. If you want to see how poverty destroys the environment, just look at Haiti. If Obama imposes Cap and Trade and thus forces poverty on us, we will follow on Haiti's steps. Politicians pushing environmental dogmas have already done more damage to the environment and to humanity than many terrorist groups, and they want to do even more! That is why Czech president Vaclav Klaus says, “environmentalism is the new communism and climate change is a dangerous myth.”

      And Lord Christopher Monckton says, "The environmental movement has to be outlawed, because their policies have murdered 40 million people, mainly children, with the ban on DDT… They have caused mass starvation and food riots with their nonsensical drive for bio-fuels. The forces of darkness in the environmental movement want create a new dark age in which humanity is pushed back to the Stone Age and without the right to light a fire." http://www.larouchepub.com/pr/2009/090310climate_

    27. Keith, California says:

      James Watt was asked about what happened to the Communists in America. He answered by saying they had joined the environmental movement. This was years ago, now we know the truth of his answer.

    28. ella quinn kinston n says:

      Dorothy sorry y0u are not learning anything. WE are.

    29. dave mcduffie, lagun says:

      The US is the last "Christian" country left on the planet and under Obama this will soon change as he was raised a muslim and can in no way identify with our Judeo/Christian heritage, the following of which made us the ONLY remaining super-power. Our brothers in Britain are now under the threat of sharia law, as is France, and now we(Obama) want to prosecute those who legally made us safe from terrorists who think they are going to heaven with 72 virgins, if they kill us. What happened to the politicians who take an oath to protect America, and I believe that includes Americans! The current crop in the District of Corruption seem to be more interested in protecting terrorists and illegals…guess thats where their voter base is. This bunch needs to be tarred and feathered, the old fashioned way. Thank you!

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