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  • Perez Hilton Smears Miss California: Celebrity Juice, Not from Concentrate?

    Although Miss North Carolina Kristen Dalton was crowned Miss USA on Sunday, it was not this portion of the nationally-broadcasted segment that emerged as the most “sparkling” moment.

    Instead, the buzz was sparked by a question posed by Perez Hilton, an openly gay celebrity gossip blogger and one of thirteen telecast judges on the panel.

    When asked by Hilton whether she thought every state should follow the example of Vermont and legalize same-sex marriage, Carrie Prejean, beauty queen and Miss USA 2009 representative from San Diego, California (that’s right—the Prop 8 state itself) responded with the following answer which, one of the judges says, probably cost Miss California the Miss USA crown.

    “Well I think it’s great that Americans are able to choose one way or the other. We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage. You know what, in my country, in my family, I do believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman, no offence to anybody out there. But that’s how I was raised and I believe that it should be between a man and a woman. Thank you.”

    Following the contestant’s honest response which Mr. Hilton later dubbed as “the worst answer in beauty pageant history” (Shall we draw comparison to the Miss Teen USA “like such as south Africa and uh the iraq” fiasco of 2007?), Hilton proceeded to use obscenities to describe 21 year old Carrie Prejean. Although Hilton apologized to Miss Prejean following his outburst, he later told MSNBC’s Norah O’Donnell

    “I said the B word…and um I was very angry. And you know what, I don’t apologize. I apologized yesterday because I was upset and angry and I thought…I thought I may have been too much in the moment. But over the course of the last 24 hours the more I thought about it the more…you know what, no I’m going to stand by what I said just like she’s standing by what she said.” (The rest of Perez Hilton’s statement was not aired on MSNBC due to inappropriate content.)

    This in response to Miss Prejean’s polite statement of her opinion about the subject of gay marriage–which is what Mr. Hilton specifically asked her to do! Upon providing an honest and forthright answer, she was publicly and personally attacked by someone who claims to support freedom of speech and expression for all people, lifestyles, and beliefs. One would think this freedom from and hatred of discrimination would encompass all dissenting viewpoints.

    We now understand. Two college students have the audacity to ask Barney Frank a reasonable question about his role in the current financial crisis and are automatically labeled right wing extremists. 341,472 to 623,000 fed-up Americans exercise their right to lawfully and peacefully gather on April 15 to express their anger and opposition to higher taxes and increased spending; and mainstream news anchors brand them as racists and morons. Bloggers and Journalists like E! News’ host Giuliana Rancic circulate statements like “i know i’m a journalist, and i should be objective…but she is an ignorant discrace [sic] and she makes me sick to my stomach.” A young woman politely presents her opinion about marriage before the group that will determine her fate as a beauty queen, and her statement ignites attacks in the most derogatory words possible. Check out Perez Hilton’s blog and be shocked.

    And the silence of those so adamant in defending the rights of the people with which they agree, is deafening.

    The traditional understanding of marriage is an important religious belief for many Americans, but the freedom to express this belief will come under growing pressure as courts, public officials, and private institutions come to regard the traditional understanding of marriage as a form of irrational prejudice that should be purged from public life.

    Now we understand. Express opinions counter to the liberal elite and you’re dead. Finished. No crown. How lucky we are to be in living in such enlightened times. Carrie described the experience like this:

    “I don’t think I gave the worst answer in beauty pageant history, but I didn’t give the answer that he…would have wanted me to give…Immediately after he asked me the question I started talking and I said should I be politically correct or should I follow my heart and follow what’s right to myself and my beliefs. And I said, you know what, I’m laying it out on the table this is who I am and this is what I believe and I’m gonna stand by what I believe.”

    Well, Miss California, thank you for standing by your principles even when the stakes were high. Even President Obama stated in his Call to Renewal Keynote Address in 2006 that “[S]ecularists are wrong when they ask believers to leave their religion at the door before entering into the public square.” But we think it’s important that you know not everyone agrees with you. But that’s alright; we also support their right to respectfully disagree.

    For more information about Heritage research on marriage and the consequences of redefining marriage, go here.

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    52 Responses to Perez Hilton Smears Miss California: Celebrity Juice, Not from Concentrate?

    1. Dan says:

      Thanks Gary, for putting out there what so many great Americans believe, but don't have the time or forum to say.

    2. Dan says:

      Sorry, Gray rather. Nice job.

    3. ozzy6900 says:

      What is wrong with telling people the truth? Miss USA stated what many if not most Americans feel in that marriage is between a man and a woman and that is the way it should stay. So for that, she is ostracized and ridiculed by the very hypocrites that take to the streets when the vote doesn't go their way! I applaud anyone that sticks to their values when answering this question about gay marriage.

    4. Terry Fields Cookevi says:

      Please churches, (all Denominations) stand up speak up,and if it takes it show up. Do not lead your flocks to slaughter by not standing up for what you say you believe. This girl was treated like a person that is sick, where are all the

      org that say just what the lady said. Please Americans wake up before these people leave us like Russia with no real freedoms. go ahead and put me on the Homeland List Bomba

    5. Lisa,AL says:

      Perez Hilton had no business asking the question if he did not want to hear the answer!!!

    6. Dave Gibbs, Grovetow says:

      Unfortunately, we now live in an environment when truth is no longer the truth. It is whatever people want it to be. Values have badly deteriorated, and I guess my generation is a big part of the blame. I don't think it was my parents generation. Most folks I knew growing up, still LOVED this country, America, the GREATEST country of all time. America has been great because it was founded on Godly principles. Now, the godless want God removed from everything, even an honest, forthright answer to an inapproporiate, political question at the event.

    7. Ken, Los Angeles says:

      Hurray for Miss Prejean. She was elagant and strong. She was wise and honest in her answer. If The Hilton guy could not take it then he should not have asked the question. The USA Pagent needs an over haul. Judges are supposed to be judges. Not little boys who rant and rave because someone did not share the same beliefs. Shame on Hilton. Shame on the Pagent. Lets Give Miss Prejean a share of the crown. She earned it.

    8. Luz Ontario, Can says:

      I believe that Miss California's answer was an excellent one. There's nothing wrong with it. She try to apologize first to the gay community and let them know that if they chose to marry will be up to them. Although she believes in her family principle and belief that a marriage will be about a man and a woman. There's nothing wrong with her(Ms.Prejean) answer.Perez Hilton and the left wing mainstream media are going nuts because they wanted to hear an answer on their side (they can't put words in her mouth, because she believe in her principles).

    9. Jay Stevens says:

      Doesn't this show us the true gay/liberal agenda? It's not that they want tolerance, they want full blown *approval* of their unnatural lifestyle. As much as a person is forced if necessary to approve, they will label anyone who simply disagrees as "hateful" and homophobic.

    10. Charles,Texas says:

      Isn't it interesting that those who preach "tolerance & diversity" are only tolerant when they have their way.

    11. Sharon Love, Lincoln says:

      The relentless assault on free but "non PC" speech has gone from irritating, to worrisome, to horrifying. Since the Homeland Security paper regarding rightwing extremists was released,I feel as if I am someone who is subject to observation, questioning and detention or "re-education." I get a creepy feeling from time to time of having to watch what I say and I refuse to live a prisoner to that fear.

      It's one thing to watch what you say in public so as not to be rude or profane…just like mom taught us. It's another thing to be cautious about what we say IN AMERICA because the thought police are becoming bolder and more oppressive every day.

      Viva Miss Prejean! What has happened to this nation when she can be subjected to such a vile attack because of sincere and respectfully stated difference of principle?

      Freedom of speech is honored and enshrined in building after building, monument after monument in our nation's Capitol. Perhaps some of our new left leaders need to re-visit the history of the government they now run. A perusing of the Founding Documents may remind them of the danger to freedom their support/tolerance of the censorship of ideas represents.

    12. Toni, CA says:

      I admire Carrie's honesty and appreciate the courage she had to speak the truth that she believes.

      It is becoming more and more apparent that if you disagree with the liberal left, they become angry and resort to name calling instead of using constructive discussions to make their argument. And, in the end, just agree to disagree and let majority public opinion (the vote) decide the future.

    13. Israel, Illinois says:

      Thank God for this young lady. She is a breath of fresh air in a country that is politically correct. Miss California did not win the crown, but she won where it really matters. She stayed true to her beliefs and convictions and told it like it is, not like someone would like it to be. She is the definition of what a 'role-model' should be. Thank you, Miss Prejean!



    15. Diane, Alabama says:

      Well, Perez got his high fives in the press and the blogosphere. I hope he is enjoying it. He's gotten his reward. Miss Prejean will get her reward at a later time. Thank-you Miss Prejean for standing up for the truth. And everyone else who agrees with her had better stand up too, before it's too late.

    16. Marvin Alaska says:

      Isn't her answer almost identical to Obama's answer to Rick Warren on marriage? "I believe marriage is the union between a man and a woman." His exact quote. Then why aren't they attacking Obama for his answer? What a bunch of hypocrites!

      Maybe she should have prefaced her answer with "I believe the same as our President…"? Thank you Kristen for standing up and being strong.

    17. gp,nj says:

      When are we as conservatives going to learn that we have the power to make people like Perez Hilton pay for their actions. Boycott TV shows, mags and anything else he's involved in or anyone else who doesn't believe in the constitution. This person is a fool and that he is taken seriously as a journalist says a lot about journalism today. We need people like Carrie to speak what’s in their hearts with passion and beat back the lib’s at every turn. It’s time we take back our country. The tea parties are just the start of the second American Revolution.

    18. ron hansing says:

      Not only was she insulted, but the first place winner too was insulted. She will go through the rest of her life wondering if she won fairly, or due to a hateful man.

      This is just another example of power used by men to diminish and downgrade women.

      Even Fredrick Douglas, a slave, denied and argued that the vote should only be for men… not also women.

      ron hansing, proud father of a daughter 4.22.9

    19. Paul Hoffman,Centerv says:

      At this point what else do we expect from the mainstream media and the culture that it adores and promotes. It is called mainstream because so many Americans act like lemmings and watch the banal garbage which for the most part fills the airways. Here is a crazy idea, unplug your television and read books, especially non fiction and particularly history. Inform yourself so that you may persuasively argue for that which we hold dear. We empower these folks by watching. If they had no ratings they would have no money and if they had no money they would have no power. Miss California stood up for what is right in a tough situation. Kudos

    20. Charles-Odessa, Texa says:

      Who is Perez Hilton?

      Who chose him to be any kind of expert on picking the best contestant?

      Who are the sponsors of Miss America that condone this type of programming to further sell the integrity of their product?

      This lady is bigger in statute than any of them.

    21. Jason Dayton OH says:

      Miss California is stronger and more classy than the left. She proudly stood up and conveyed what she believes in.

      This is for the left:

      Our great country, the United States of America, prides itself on empowering ALL of its citizens to express themselves and also allowing for thsoe who do not agree to express their opinion as well. This is a big problem for liberals, they will say they believe in free speech, and that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The truth is you're only entitled to this if you agree with what they say. If you don't, you are made out to be a bigot, or a hate-monger. This is true when expressing views on minorities, gays, abortion, war, and anything else the left does not like.

      Kudos to Miss Prejean!–She is a class act…

    22. Shirll says:

      Thank God for people who stand up for what they believe…Mr. Hilton does, so why can anyone else, I agree, if he didn't want the truth, he should have kept his mouth shut…

      We all have to live in this world together, we all have different opinions, why shouldn't she give hers, he ask!

      God Bless people who stand up for the Word we have been taught…

    23. Nancy, Cincinnati says:

      I think that Donald Trump is the owner of the Miss USA Pageant. He should be on the hot seat for this one……….and should have "FIRED" PHilton on the spot!

    24. Nancy, Wisconsin says:

      Miss America pagent should be ashamed of the actions of this judge Perez Hilton…do they have a clause in the judges contract that they can not slander and impugn the character of the contestants.

      Sue him!

    25. catherine deanni Kea says:

      Is free speech only for the some people? What made our country great was people with different opinions and beliefs. When we demand that we must believe in one point of view we will lose our democracy.

    26. Jeff, OH says:

      Who is Perez Hilton anyways? Why should I care what he thinks! Sounds like he is in need of the so-called "Diversity training" the left wing liberal are trying to force on to every one else. Drop him from the pagent. Congrats to Miss California for sticking to what she believes in and not caving in to the un-moral minority.

    27. Dirty Harry , AZ says:

      What do you expect from the left, if things don't change our economic system will not be the only thing going back in time. We may find ourselves reliving the 1860's.

    28. Stuart A. Reynolds, says:

      Miss Prejean: With honesty and forthrightness, one may leave onself open to the loss of a battle, but ultimately you will win the war.

    29. Kathy, Meridian, MS says:

      He should have never been allowed to ask a question like that. There are so many young women who look up to these ladies. He thinks he got the last laugh..guess what? He didn’t. He showed what a fool he is. Why on earth would she give up her heavenly riches for an earthly crown? These questions should be written by someone who is not a member of the judges panel. She spoke her convictions. GOOD FOR HER.

      Keep standing on the rock hon. We all know where you are going at the end of your life.

    30. Ben Franklin, Kendal says:

      I think we should name Carrie Prejean "Miss Heritage 2009" and provide her a full ride scholarship to the college of her choice (hopefully she will choose a real education at a real institution of higher learning, like Pepperdine, or Hillsdale, or Harding – but I digress), and then send her on a whirlwind tour of the USA and the World as a shining example of standing up for what is right. I wonder if she's also pro-life – my guess is she is. Look out Sarah, here comes the next conservative female governor?

    31. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      Congratulations to Miss. California for an excellent answer. This clearly shows who the thugs are. Who the hell is this guy Perez Hilton and what qualifies him to be a judge?

      I think people that have similar views to those expressed by Miss. Carrie Prejean must speak up and work actively to get rid of intolerant Perez from any public sphere. Publicizing mugging of good people for speaking their views is the first step.

    32. Anthony Lachica Bagh says:

      I would also like to agree with Mr.Ben Franklin, Kendallville IN . I would happily donate to that cause.

    33. K K Savage, Texas says:

      “tolerance & diversity” This something I keep hearing from the the left..why don't they show us how it works. They are intolerant of everyone that thinks different from the way they think. I have no problem with gay people. many of my friends are gay. but to rake a women across the coals for speaking her mind is elitist b.s..ever heard of freedom of speech? if you want “tolerance & diversity” then you need to practice what you preach. The word "hypocrite" mean anything to you Mr. Hilton?

      If you want to accepted then you need get off the drama Queen stuff just to get you name in the paper. You make your living "outing" people and degrading anyone that thinks different that you..shame on you

      Stepping off my soap box now…

      K K Savage

    34. Al, The Villages, Fl says:

      Perez Hilton demonstrated that he is not qualified to be a judge. Miss Prejean's answer was politically correct in that she acknowledged some believe in same-sex marriage even though she believes in traditional marriage. She also demonstrated that she is smart and a woman of character. Mr. Hilton proved to be a hateful, inappropriately mannered liberal who could not even express himself in civil,adult terminology. I would expect that he will not be seen judging another beauty contest.

    35. Gikas katy tx. says:

      Bravo!!!!!Miss Prejean you elagant. smart wise

      and honest. You answer the way you felt .

      you stay true to you bilieves and famaly principles and values.

      thank you……..

      Miss Prejean

    36. BETTY --LEAVENWORTH,KS says:


    37. David; Solvang, CA says:

      Any pretense that Perez Hilton could be an impartial judge of anything left with his dignity. I'm honored to have Miss Prejean represent California. Homosexuals continue to dig themselves a deeper hole while shreeking for 'hate crime' legislation and 'anti-bullying' school indoctrination programs to further their agenda. Free speech and the freedom of religion are under assault, period, long break.

    38. Eugene Hoffman, Hous says:

      This is another example of political correctness run amok; where is the tolerance? Where is the compassion for anyone who goes against the Government run Media Complex? God bless this Woman for standing up for her beliefs, for her stating a core belief that is inherently individual. This is true freedom of speech. Shame on the Media. Freedom of Speech, Individualism, and our norms and mores as a Judeo-Christian Nation with it roots and basic freedoms taken from the Constitution, the Magna Carta and the example of the Ancient Greek City-State is under attack: be aware, these type incidences are going to escalate.

    39. Arnie Rosner, Founta says:

      For those so inclined you may wish to express your sentiments to those responsible.

      Here are the sponsors


      * > Venue

      * > Hosts / Judges

      * > Performances

      * > Become the Next Miss USA

      * > Calendar of Events

      Miss Universe Organization

      * > Corporate History

      * > Staff

      * > Request Miss USA Appearance

      * > Charitable Alliances

      * > FAQ

      * > Contact Us


      The Miss Universe Organization

      1370 Avenue of the Americas, 16th Floor

      New York, NY 10019

      (212) 373-4999


      To inquire about becoming a National Director in your country

      please contact: Annette Cammer at acammer@missuniverse.com

      To inquire about becoming a State Director please contact:

      Tricia Langa at tricial@missuniverse.com

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    41. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      The Pageant let this guy Participate! No Brainer!

    42. Brenda,SC says:

      I applaud Miss California Carrie Prejean for her courage and honesty. She will go far in this life and the next for standing up to the warped individuals who chastise her for having morals and a belief system based on her Christian beliefs. Why was P Hilton a judge of a women's beauty pageant, what would he know about womanly beauty? He showed his true colors with his rude,crude, disgusting remarks concerning Carrie's answer. Why would he or anyone ask this question of a lady who went to & graduated from a Christian college on a basketball scholarship or did he just miss that part of her resume? Again, I am very proud of her and her stand for what has every right to believe in.

    43. Haidyn of Melbourne says:

      As a human being first and a gay man second, I am very proud of how Miss California said what she had to say. What a darling to be so polite yet so frank. Good on her for stating her beliefs. I don't agree but I completely respect her answer. There are a lot of gay people who feel the same. That disgusting excuse for a man Perez Hilton never will and never did represent us or some "left-wing elite". It's not fair to judge us all harshly by the immature rants of someone who does not deserve their celebrity status. Miss California, I don't agree with you but I applaud your integrity. Thank you for stating your beliefs in such a beautiful, thoughtful and considerate manner.

    44. Jay in Texas says:

      I do not watch pagents or award shows, however I must admit that all the comotion over Ms. California's statement and Mr. Hilton's response did catch my attention. He displayed a characteristic that i have long recognized that those who scream the loudest for tolerance are they themselves the least tolerant of all. With the assault on the 1st, 2nd, and 10th amendmants going on, taking this nation ever closer and closer to socialism or even facism, you must realize that your freedom of speech and assembly and expression will be greatly limited or allowed depending on whether it is in support of or in condemnation of those who are in power. If you support them, the you have freedom of speech, if you are a detractor, them you will probably be subject to spending time in a "re-education" facility. Although we are not there yet, it seems like that is where we are heading. I applaud Ms. California for taking a stand on her principles. I believe that Thomas Jefferson said "The best deterent to tyranny is a well armed populace." He was speaking in terms of armament, but if we arm ourselves with knowledge and understanding, and don't sit idlely by but speak out in civil discourse, then tyranny will be held at bay. Of course, Mr. Hilton has already proved that he is not capable of civil discourse. I also noted in someone's comment about a boycott of the sponsor of the pagent, that is probably the best way to get your point across. Remember the Dixie Chicks? One must never mistake celebrity for virtue.

    45. Matt, California says:

      As a gay man I am not on the side of Mr. Hilton. Although, I disagree with Miss. California, I respect her right to speak her mind. Isn't this what America is all about? Mr. Hilton is not speaking for the gay community, and in my humble opinion I think he is making a fool of himself.

    46. ellen cohen, albany says:

      I'm so happy to find people talking about this, and apparently as angry as I am. Up front, I must say I'm not a Christian, and I think two people who love each other and want to marry, should. That said, what happened to Carrie Prejean was obscene…what it was not, really, was political: not left vs right; not conservative vs liberal…it was purely human–ego and donald trump's idea of "i know how to get our numbers up for this loss leader show." If Hilton passed his question by the powers that be beforehand, as he claims, then all agreed to blindside this young girl they KNEW was a Christian school person.

      Whatever else happened, for sure this: not left vs right…rather, one who grew up (rather nicely, too, don't you think?) vs one in whose home growing up was apparently just not a requirement…

      this world is hungry for role models that aren't in comic books, carrie. I don't need to agree with your conclusions to find your expression of them in the moment to be genuinely heroic.

    47. Robert Madison, WI says:

      I am a Christian and opposed very much to gay marriage. I even learned not too long ago from another blogger, that the Christian rescue mission he gives to has ties to a group that supports gay and lesbian issues, including gay marriage. This appauls me. The company they use for fund raising is called Omnicon and they support a group called FH Out Front that focuses on all gay issues and promotion, especially gay marriage. Watch where you money goes.

    48. R Taken says:

      I think that Miss California should have won. She really embodies what America is about. Standing up and defending her morals without imposing them on others. I really respect her. I hope she can feel the support coming from all of us.

    49. Ron, Noblesville, IN says:

      How come only the Liberals are the ones considered right anymore: Miss Californias question was a " Gotcha" question from the get go… Damn shame we FREE Americans have to fear anything we say will be used against us, if we're right of center & stand up for what we believe or think…Wake Up America "your" ship is sinking…

    50. dennis florida says:

      i believe they knew ms.california's christian background.therefor she was set up. however. i believe if we look deeper we might see that GOD allowed this to happen as a test to see which way she would go with her answer. would she compromise for the sake of the crown? or stand for what she knew was right. i believe she will be rewarded.

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    52. Elle says:

      talk about bullying!!
      this is out and out communism!
      agree with me – do, say and see as I do – or suffer the wrath!

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