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  • "100 Meellllion Dollars!"

    Remember that scene in Austin Powers when Dr. Evil decides to hold the world ransom for “One million dollars!” and #2 looks around with his one good eye all confused? The Vice President wasn’t in this video, but we think even he might have raised an eyebrow over President Obama’s grand proposal to trim $100 million from the budgets of his cabinet secretaries.

    As Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said yesterday:

    Cutting $100 million in waste is good. But let’s put it in context. We’ll spend about that much every single day just on the interest payments for the Stimulus bill that Congress passed earlier this year.


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    12 Responses to "100 Meellllion Dollars!"

    1. Gary says:

      Reducing the proposed budget by 100M amounts to a reduction of 0.0026%. A fly could not land on it. If you reduced the price of your $200,000 house by the same, it would be discounted about 5 bucks.

    2. Tim, california says:

      what I heard obama say was "cut $100 million so we can use the money in other areas". this is the same type of cut the magician uses during a card trick

    3. Esmatullah Paracha, says:

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    4. Barb -mn says:

      Obama cuts 100 million in waste, yet wastes trillions of dollars more. Doesn't cut it, Mr. President. Add to your 100 million dismissal of government amenities, and perks and cut the government wages, as this is waste also!

    5. Sandra, Texas says:

      Must be a joke or a typo. $100M?? This isn't even a half-hearted effort to cut the deficit/spending. Shouldn't it be $100B?? Add this announcement to the long list of insults to the intelligence of the American people by the Obama administration.

    6. Grace, Florida says:

      It is a joke – why don't Obama stay put for more than three or four days and stop spending so much $ flying all over the place. That would really help since we put two planes in the air every time he flys somwhere. Hypocrite!

    7. mary genovese capacc says:

      let's see, he's got about 1300 more days in office…the idiots running up fuel, making all of these roadtrips..to muster up votes for 2012..lol..he should have been a rock star. it has to be a bad dream. obama has destroyed our economy, bad mouthed us all over the world, making pals with dictators, put us into debt for life, run up our energy costs, plummetted the housing market, gave billions to banks, that won't write mortgages, anyway or lend to small businesses…all this and more in ONLY 100 days. the asses that voted for him deserve him. The republicans better get with it…according to the BEST FOUNDATION:the millennial generation..ages 6-25..about 80 million young people..will shape much of this century. they are quite diverse, with racial and ethnic minorities. they grew up with being connected 24/7, multitasking using internet and electronics..media is their middle name. 1/4 are experienced online producers, creating blogs, online spaces and commenting on public websites at least 3x per week…the republicans better sculpt their message to reach this young, diverse generation, otherwise we will always lose and remain the minority party.. they view values slightly different than the mainstream, old world republicans…..better get "with it" or we are doomed to socialism. bend but don't break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Metalchemist... Cali says:

      Since Tyrannysaurous Obama Rex has gotten into office,he's managed to

      1)Fill his cabinet with corruptible political appointees.

      2)Turn the people against each other.(the great unifier)

      3)Hasten the Bankruptcy of this country.

      4)Tax the Citizens into Oblivion. With more to follow.

      5)Label those with the intestinal fortitude to speak up against

      this outrage as Radical Right Wing Extremist's as well as insult those that served in the Military, labeling them also.

      6)ERODE the rights of the American People, "silently"

      7)Taken over the media in effort to politically spin "The news"

      8)Piss off a good part of the American People.

      9)Talk allot of smack about this country.

      10)Kissy Kissy Hug Hug brand of Foreign Relations.

      11)About to grant mass amnesty to obtain more voters to further the destruction of this country, via A Second Term.

      All with out giving a thought to those Americans out of work and the economic cilmate facing America TODAY!

      12)On and on and on……..

      ————————-GET THE POINT————————-

      I'm tired of Seeing His Face Everywhere.

      WE know what he look's like.

      Guess he LOVES the cameras though.

      Gotta love the R.R.W.E. badge though!


    9. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Does he really beleive that America is that stupid? He was elected, after all, so which of you fools did that?

      Doesn't really matter now that the Truth about the man is being revealed in his actions. What we all must do is to keep writing to our Legislatures and our Senators and reminding them that we, America, are not happy, and that Elections are coming up in less than two years for half of them!


    10. Dwana Townsend says:

      Why not cut all of the pork projects he just signed off on? Why can't the public see just what is in the Federal Budget (full disclosure)? I agree with Mary that if we don't take our country back now and use technology to teach the benefits of conservatism, and capitalism that our young people will be totally brainwashed.

      We need to teach them to think for themselves and be able to see through all of the propaganda that is currently brainwashing them.

      We need to be more outspoken against all of these proposals. I am happy to have a voice here at the Heritage Foundation, but where does it go from here?

      Every conservative needs to speak up and speak loud. I have never been afraid of government always thinking they had our countries best interest at heart, but I find myself very fearful of this administration and the fraud they are committing on their own citizens and the freedoms they are taking away slowly but surely until they have full control over everything we say and do. This country is in jeapordy of loosing Freedom of Speech, The Right to Bear Arms, Free Enterprize will also be a thing of the past as government looks to be able to take over any business it sees fit that they deem will have far reaching effects on the economy.

      It's hard to believe that more people aren't outraged by recent actions of the President and his choices for cabinet memebers whom he has chosen to defend such as the case of Giethner the tax cheat and Chris Dodd and the AIG scandle, not to mention the bow to the Saudi king, and the acceptance of such a shameful gift from Chavez, which in my opinion was a slap in the face of all Americans especially the President himself. Chavez must have earned lots of points with his allies for doing such a thing.

      Then he opens the doors to investigate the prior administration for our interrogation methods when in all actuallity he is going after former Pres. Bush himself. If he opens that pandoras box he better be careful of everything he has ever done in his past and now the future. Let's have a look at his birth certificate and his college thesis (I bet that would be an eye opener!!!)

      WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! We are being taken over by our very own government!!!

    11. Richard, Spring, TX says:

      The Federal government spends $100M every 13 minutes. Great job Obama!

    12. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      While the Public Watches the Dog,Wife or other

      such Distraction as this one,something is going on behind our Backs!

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