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  • Morning Bell: The President Set the Tone on Spending

    Yesterday, President Barack Obama ordered his cabinet to identify and shave a collective $100 million in administrative costs from their budgets. This is the same President Barack Obama who berated conservatives earlier this year at a House Democrat resort retreat for not supporting his $787 billion stimulus package incredulously asking, “What do you think a stimulus is? It’s spending — that’s the whole point! Seriously.” Seriously Mr. President. You can’t have it both ways. Either massive government deficit spending is our only economic salvation or it isn’t. Consider the list of cuts the White House was touting yesterday.

    The Department of Veterans Affairs canceled or delayed 26 conferences (lost jobs for the airline, rental car, food service, and hotel industries). The Education Department is no longer allowing employees to have both laptop and desktop computers (lost jobs for retail and technology manufacturing companies). The Agriculture Department is terminating leases and doing more to verify the income of recipients of farm subsidies (lost jobs for agriculture). And the Department of Homeland Security is going to start buying its office supplies in bulk (lost jobs for Office Depot).

    Don’t get us wrong: we do not believe government deficit spending is the answer for our economic crisis. But the Obama administration clearly does. In their three short months in office the Obama administration has pushed through an unprecedented explosion of government spending. The President’s $787 billion stimulus package is so large it even included $84 million alone for a recovery.gov website that is likely to fail to meet transparency expectations. Government agencies simply are not equipped or staffed to handle the rapid and massive explosion in spending mandated by the stimulus. As a result, the man Obama appointed to oversee stimulus spending, Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board (RAT board) Inspector General Earl Devaney, noted that the inevitable fraud and waste from spending so much money so fast would cost taxpayers $55 billion: “The first time I took a pencil and figured that out, I was horrified to see it was $55 billion,” Devaney said.

    And we haven’t covered the omnibus spending bill Obama signed. A bill that raised discretionary spending by 8%, contained 9,287 pork projects costing $13 billion, and spent $123 billion on programs for which government auditors can find no evidence of success. And then there is Obama’s budget which increases spending by $1 trillion over the next decade, likely leads to a 12 percent increase in discretion­ary spending, and leaves permanent deficits averaging $600 billion even after the economy recovers.

    Defending his “budget cutting” record yesterday, President Obama said, “cumulatively they make an extraordinary difference because they start setting a tone.” The Obama administration has definitely set a tone, but fiscal responsibility is not it. The new tone in Washington is clear: unprecedented explosions in government deficit spending with the inevitable tax hikes not far behind.

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    35 Responses to Morning Bell: The President Set the Tone on Spending

    1. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      Simply put, if you are spending $7 trillion on one hand and cutting $4 billion on the other hand, what are you saving?

    2. Dennis Logan, Round says:

      Another spit in the eye of the American Taxpayer from the Fraud, Liar, and Gangster in Charge.

    3. Dave Knox, Westford, says:

      Poor editorial for "President Setting the Tone". I think the point should have been that not enough cutting in waste. Rarely in private sector does an employee get a desktop and a laptop. Why does government. Delaying 26 conferences. Why do we need conferences. Government buying in bulk. Even small business buy smart. THIS IS THE POINT. NOT AN INANE ARGUEMENT THAT JOBS ARE LOST WITH CUTS IN GOVERNMENT SPENDING. The point is eliminate the waste and you can reduce spending and still get the benefits.

    4. ella quinn kinston n says:

      Obama make up your mine,spend or not spend.We know he will spend all our money away.He is doing wrong to visit with chavez,and bow down to saudi arabain king. This is isane.

    5. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      HF logic -

      "Seriously Mr. President. You can’t have it both ways."

      The "$100 million in administrative costs from their budgets."

      "from their budgets."


      Got it?

      The Stimulus LOAN package is something else.

      Since Rush started writing your stuff


    6. Doc Bob, Houston, Te says:

      Summary: Submit a budget with massive increase in spending, then order a cut in the inflated budget and bingo: 'savings'. How dumb do they think we are?

    7. Jonathan - Williamsb says:

      Face it. We elected a man from Chicago, Illinois, as our President. If you are surprised at the way he is holding his office, you are asleep at the wheel. Next time we hold an election for this office, maybe voters will examine his deeds and compare them to his words, regardless of how well he speaks.

    8. Robert, AZ says:

      I agree with Dave Knox. Losing jobs to cost cutting only supports Obama's big government approach and misses the point that all Obama is doing is playing politics which highlights his agenda to enslave us all under massive governmnent. This is clearly a ruse.

    9. Sandy McAllister Fif says:

      Can someone explain to me just what part of ILLEGAL, does Janet Napolitano not understand!!!!

      Crossing the border without proper papers, is illegal, plain and simple.

    10. Don Naeve says:

      Our debt interest is staggering so when we use numbers, why don't we use the true numbers including INTEREST since we have to pay that too? And who is the interest paid to? How much of it goes to the Federal Reserve?

    11. William Cole - Texas says:

      MARK MY WORDS….The DHS is leading the charge for this administration and the Marxist controlled Congress to naturalize all illigal immigrants. This will be yet another excuse to rob from those that have a little left and give it to those that do not all the while substantially increasing the voter base for the Marxist party.

    12. Lugoff, SC says:

      Obama says something and the next week he does a 180. Maybe he needs professinal help. You know, seriously, he is in over his head and was right from the very start. He oversold himself.


    13. C. Adli,NV says:

      President Obama's 100 milliom dollar spending reductions is disingenious , and says to the public: "I have the power and I can do anything I want".

    14. Eric, NC says:

      In business, if you task an organization with minor, incremental savings or improvement, that is what you get. If you task them with a 50% target, you get a new way of doing business – perhaps you don't get the full 50%, but you get a lot more than you would by incrementalizing.

      In private business, every year you have to double output while reducing costs 20-30%. That's called doing your job. In government, if you aren't growing your budget at the rate of inflation, it's a budget cut.

      Pres. Obama is clearly demonstrating his complete lack of any previous experience running an actual enterprise (other than his campaign spending machine). Anyone who has run a business knows that the first three priorities are cash, cash, and cash. And by that I mean generating and protecting it. The proposed budget further demonstrates his lack of business experience.

      With all his spending, regulatory and union programs, we have shifted from business-friendly government to government-friendly business.

      Lord help us all.

    15. jjay - Louisville, K says:

      You're absolutely right. You cannot have it both ways.

      You cannot propose a budget and include no numbers.

      You cannot spend your way through two administrations into the largest deficit in history and ignore it like it is not yours.

      You cannot blame an administration who willingly inherits a mess of two illegal wars and occupations, torture memos, illegal wire tapping, political firings and appointments to the justice department, over one thousand laws changed in the privacy of the oval office with "signing statements" AFTER "the decider" signed them publicly into law – giving the trusting public one message and doing something entirely different.

      No, you cannot have it both ways. Glad you have finally realized this and are NOW insisting that EVERYONE ELSE learn YOUR LESSON.

    16. Ron, Derry Nh says:

      listen, there is no need to consider Obama's ventriloquism unique. Many a politician can speak out of both sides of their mouth, and many have stooped to speaking from another orifice that speaks loudly and with tonal substance and many a time stench, but never with more than a grunt so to speak.

      I think where he deserves credit is his talent lies in his multilateral abilities to speak not just from both sides of his mouth but out the orifice of excrement with simultaneous and profound dexterity seldom match before by even Barney Frank!

      Obama is more than a fluent mesmerizer, he is a master at spewing effluents.

      Any one partaking of his dogma at this point has a profound desire to enjoy things only a dog or a cat would do because they lack the convenience of sanitary napkins.

      How many more college puppies are going to get Daddies store and run it into the ground with proven ignorant methodology, playboy expense accounts and dung for their sales pitch as they mainline the accounts and destroy the reputation and flow of business, while forcing their childish ideological experiments upon a weary public to please their egocentric whims?

      Validated at Harvard, confirmed by America, we have a child impishly slaughtering all that is decent, while perpetuating the stench of corruption, lies and false promises, upon a world that has found it favorable to wield authority against reason, and perpetuate the myth that having no experience has a bankable value.

    17. Jake LHC says:

      Reid, Peloski, Schummmmmer, Dodd, Frank, Rangel and the rest of the Democrat Lemmings should be real proud of their ignorance to shove the ARRA America Rape and Reaping ACT in the dark of the night. They along with obama are prime examples of "The Peter Principle". Folks it time to clean house.

      In no uncertain terms we need 80,000,000,000 out on the 4th of July PROTESTING obama and the Senators and Congressman that voted for the Rape of the hardworking middle class taxpayers.

      Why does obama and the democrats hate hardworking middle class taxpayers?????

    18. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      Taxes are coming to those of us that continue to work. Soon we will be working not for our benefit but for the benefit of those that are on the government dole. When are we going to wake up and tell congress that this must stop, and get the socialist markist obama out of the whit house.

    19. David Sayers, NC says:

      Chairman Obama is a pretender. He pretends to be a world leader, he pretends to be a team leader with that bunch he calls a cabinet and he pretends to be the man in charge of this country. Fact is, he is no leader of any sort. He insults us with a cabinet meeting that was just a photo-op

      pretending he wants to cut cost while he continues to borrow,print and spend more money that anyone has done in the history of this country or the world. Each and everday the layers of this pretender are slowly being peeled back and the true socialist/marxist will fully be revealed. I seem to remember a Soviet leader once said "we will bury you from within", and this guy just might the one to pull it off with a little help from the ACLU and the Justice Dept. As Eric from NC stated "Lord help us all" remember the Lord helps those who helps themselves. Please keep calling your representatives, state and federal, encouraging them to grow a backbone and stand up for what is right.

    20. Sliver Wisconsin says:

      Jake, you know the answer, they hate individuals that aren't looking to the government for their well being, they want to control our every move ie 1984, the Kremlin has to be cleaned out completely and I mean completely including all the state Kremlins. July 4th can't come soon enough.

    21. Nelia, Fountain Hill says:

      If ever anyone was underqualified for a job, Obama appears to prove this point on a daily basis…from his actions, speeches and choice of cabinet members.

    22. Ireland says:

      Ken, please just shut up. I certainly hope you don't work with power tools, you might hurt yourself.

      Wise up and change the channel, do you really wanted to be stupid your whole life? Put down the kool-aid and try some wholesome milk, it might help. I'm sure your waiting for your Obama check, but what happens when it doesn't arrive? What will you do then? Call your Senator Harry Reid and ask where is my check?

      Stupid is as stupid does. Your pathetic.

    23. Richard, Spring, TX says:

      In 1977, a the Department of Energy was established to lessen our dependence on foreign oil. Look at the job they have done; a complete failure. In 2008 they had a budget of $24 Billion; why don't we get rid of this failed bureaucracy? $24 Billion is a lot more then $100 Million.

    24. Barb -mn says:

      TOO MUCH DECEPTION…KEN. Ireland posted you right on!

    25. ella quinn kinston n says:

      Ireland you had me laughing about your comment to ken.

    26. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      "The President Set the Tone on Spending", alright!

      Forget "Heil Hitler!", and his “National” Socialists!

      Heil Comrade Obama, and his Leftist Socialist Comrades and accomplices!

      Ah, but is that the way for the United States of America to go?

      Only if you're of the Socialist Left, such as Obama, his Comrades, those of their ilk, their flunky accomplices, and their dependant supporters, who demonstrate how (quote) "under the name of 'liberalism ('Progressivism', etc), they will adopt every part of the Socialist program until one day America is a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened", exactly as Norman Thomas (Socialist candidate for President) said, other Leftist/Socialists around the world (including in the U.S.) have in some way coconcered, and continue to concur to this day, and, unfortunately, our history, particularly in the last 100 years but even more especially since 1933, continues to show and prove to this day.

      So indeed, that "sucking sound" you should be hearing, and that "suckering" you're witnessing and suffering the consequences of, is the Left sucking away our (U.S.) American freedoms, prosperity, and security, and suckering too many people into the Black Hole of government elitism and statism (including Communism/Socialism), all of which already has and continues to repeatedly subjugate and fail the people everywhere around the world (including in the U.S.), and all of which is also making America cease to be "the last, best hope of mankind" and instead "become a Socialist nation without knowing how it happened".

      That is and will be so unless we throw government elitists and statists, including the Left, out of power, which we must do in order to save what remains of our freedoms, resources, and security, and thus also our place as "the last, best hope of mankind", and restore America (the U.S.) to our founding principles and documents, including our Constitutional principles and protection of limited government under the control of free private individuals and people, instead of sitting and watching "as government grows, liberty decreases" exactly as Thomas Jefferson said.

    27. Dave Schraub, Indian says:

      Kudos to Ireland, I've been reading Ken's retoric for a month, and he has yet to make a valid point. Maybe we have a new kool-aid drinker, JJay in Ky. Two illegal wars and occupations, if he knew anything about history, he would know the U.S. military, never conquers nations, we only liberate nations. Torture memos, I don't care how you get the info, if it saves american lives, that's all that matters. I'm sure if your but was on the line you might feel the same. Political firings, obviously, you missed that year in school, when they taught government class, or it might be, that you learned what the government schools wanted you to learn. Read a book. Now having said all that, after 911, President Bush, kept this country safe, for 6 more years,why do you think that President Obama hasn't changed any of bush's military strategies? I am a conserative republican because of philosphy. President Bush was no conservative. I didn't agree with the war strategy, nor his immigration policy. The worst thing he did was the stimulus package. That opened the door for king obama, and the socialist congress, to drive this country into economic chaos.

    28. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      I am almost beyond commenting, I'm not sure where to begin but here goes:

      The utter triviality displayed by BO and his minions over this $100M excercixe in frugality is so very indicative of just how shallow this man and his administration is. This is absolutly the epitomy of disdainful behaivior by a child.

      I guess I have to retreat to a cliche, this man does not have a clue. His recent European and South American forays can only be decribed as farcical and dangerous beyond words.

      What in the hell was he thinking of when "HE" invited Turkey into the European Union. What on earth was his motivation to bow to a murderer and a thief. How can he in any way justify the lifting of a petty, big mouthed South American tyrant to a totally unheard of heights by seeking this nitwit out and "embracing" him. Chech and french leadership are appalled and I have to believe that Putin is just biding his time. Really, really scary business Mr "O".

      The truly incredible part of this is that his "halo" has not been tarnished by all of this. It has in fact, according to our drooling media been polished to a new sheen. "Projectile Vomiting" is the only appropriate response to such as Olbermann, Mathews, Couric et al.

      A final question: does anybody in this very dangerous and very real world really give a damn about the "make up" of Michelle O's arms.

      PC is Thought Control


    29. Mike, Texas says:

      I only hope some one is watching the other hand. They've proven that none of them have an ounce of integrity(tax cheats) and it is obvious that they are money hungry power mongars. It just makes me SICK when posers point fingers accusing others of the very crimes they are committing. God help us.

    30. Ron Thompson, Albuq says:

      Eye wash is all this pathetic attempt at showing budget cuts. Please, buying in bulk and other frivolous gestures. Why doesn't the President ask the congress and senate to cut their pay. How about the states paying for their own representatives and senator! If you are going to cut spending in the government make it worth while, not convenient. the basic reason for this attempt was to appease those comments and feeling coming from the Tea parties. This administration really thinks that American's as a whole are stupid and can be easily appeased. The problem is it is close to the truth! sad huh!

    31. Chris, Western Wi. says:

      Inexperience and incompetence at work…America's finest? I'm so full of this pretend president; I need to sit on the throne and flush an Obama log down the toilet!

    32. catherine deanni Kea says:

      What people need to understand is that to control a country you need millions of poor, who will do anything to get free benefits and of course a few rich people who will control these benefits. That is why the rich want open borders & citizenship so they can add another 30% to our already 40% poor. This will give them the power they need to keep control of our nation.

    33. Adrienne, FL says:

      If Mr. Obama continues to have his way, that is if he continues to tax, spend and borrow, he will succeed in bankrupting us as a country and as individuals. What, you ask, would be the benefit of such a plan? Before I answer the question, I will say that both he and his administration continue to blame our country's woes entirely on the past administration but if we take a closer look, it becomes intuitively obvious that he has,in my opinion, a far more sinister plan. Anyone familiar with past history, even recent past history, knows that if a beloved leader, through legislation and regulation, taxes his constituents into oblivion, and at the same time insidiously takes away guaranteed rights and freedoms by stating that "these are unprecedented bad times" and then systematically replaces these rights and freedoms with new and more stringent laws, etc., these constituents, you and I, become more and more incapable of living independently of government and more and more like the rest of the world: poor and under government

      control. "Poor" is the operative word here because if we are poor, we cannot fight back; we become impotent. So, the answer to the question becomes evident: If Mr. Obama can make us all poor, he has the power to control us. Although I am not a follower of Rush Limbaugh, et.al, I think he was right when he stated that he wants Mr. Obama to fail because if he succeeds, WE FAIL.

    34. Domonu,Idaho says:

      according to nsnbc and they never make false assertions his highness has a IQ of 125 which would barely qualifty for ocs in the army so we've got 2nd Lt butter bars trying to lead,no wonder his college grades are a state secert!

    35. Curtis, NV. says:

      I voted for this "fraud" only now to see what he really stands for. Isn't it time that we begin to think about impeaching this joke.

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