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  • Greenies Already Taxing Your Power Bill

    Neither the EPA’s carbon regulations nor Congress’ cap and trade plan have become law, but already American consumers are feeling the pain of the left’s environmental policies in their pocket books. USA Today reports:

    Clean energy has a dirty secret.

    It isn’t cheap.

    Consumers already are starting to feel at least a modest pinch in their electric bills. The impact is expected to grow in the next few years as utilities accelerate their investments to meet state quotas requiring a portion of clean energy in their generation mix.

    Until recently, clean energy didn’t noticeably affect rates because it accounts for just 3% of U.S. power generation. That’s changing as utilities scramble to meet state quotas, says Standard & Poor’s analyst Anne Selting. Among rate increases:

    • In Arizona, Tucson Electric Power in January raised rates 6%, or $4.29 a month for an average customer, to fund new solar power to meet state quotas. Solar is pricey, costing more than twice as much as natural-gas-fired electricity. And since Arizona has surplus natural-gas power, the solar energy is not replacing generators that would be built otherwise, says the utility’s Joe Salkowski.
    • In Oregon, Portland General Electric is seeking a 2.3% rate increase to raise the annual $41.3 million needed to fund construction of a big wind farm.
    • In Texas, the prices Austin Energy pays for wind power more than doubled recently. The reasons: strict state renewable quotas that drive up demand and high costs to deliver wind energy from West Texas, says General Manager Roger Duncan. Customer charges could rise next year, he says.
    • California has among the highest electric rates, partly because it requires 20% clean energy by 2010, Makovich says. And with the most accessible green power tapped, Southern California Edison is spending $2 billion to build lines to deliver wind energy from remote areas, says utility executive Pedro Pizarro. It’s also developing expensive solar power.
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    19 Responses to Greenies Already Taxing Your Power Bill

    1. DON IN ALASKA says:


    2. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      The other dirty little secret is another form of renewable energy is being dismantled increasingly due to never-ending environmental concerns. That power source is the conventional hydro-power. Dams erected on the rivers are deemed altering flow, temperature of water and oxygen levels.

      The bankrupt California dismantled about 30% of power generated by hydro-power in 2008. California is model of failure.

    3. Evan in MO says:

      I'm so tired of hearing about "going green". This is nothing but a big scam to get more money away from the true taxpayers of our great country. Its just another way for the members of Congress, both sides of the aisle, to set up more regulations, more bureaucracy, and more revenue pumped into the never-ending, federal money hole. Solar, wind power, and other alternative sources of energy are so much more expensive to utilize than using coal, nuclear, or drilling for oil. I don't know which one the Democrats want to be, the pot or the kettle, because the way I see it they are tied in with the EPA and GE for alternative sources for real, just as they claim the Republicans are tied in with big oil.

    4. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      Who in their right mind wants to listen to these

      People? California continually creates their own

      Rules and should be left to their own Fate!

    5. Jim@Redding,CA says:

      The only solution for this mess is to get

      off OUR rears and PROTEST RATE INCREASES


      means we actually must go outside our homes to attend CITY, COUNTY, and STATE -

      even FEDERAL gatherings and actually speak

      at these events to voice our displeasure.

      Unfortunately, after years (64) of seeing

      the relatively lazy character of American

      society, I seriously doubt many (if ANY)

      will actually embrace the "tea party men-

      tality" by participating in such a move-


    6. Betty Hanicke, Kansa says:

      We have plenty of oil and coal to provide the energy that has made our country great and productive. It would provide plenty of jobs and get our economy going again. We would not have to depend on the middle east or anyone else for at least the next 100 years or longer.

    7. judy crawford in atl says:

      I too am tired of this scam— in fact it is my pleasure to use as much plastic- and reuse it several times, of course, —to counter act the lunies on the left everytime I go the the grocery in the city of Atlanta–which is very left-

      I also feel it is my civic duty to complain and site my love of my freedom daily to the senators and congressman across America -not just Georgia.

    8. Paul Kizer Beckley, says:

      Our power cost here in West Virginia is only $5.11 per kilowatt hour and in New York it is $14.54. We dont need the Greenie Weenies interfering with our way of life. But we have to remember they are lining their pockets with funds given to them by the liberals in Washington. Our Tax Dollars at work. Go away leave West Virginia. We will remember the liberals during the 2010 and 2012 elections.

    9. Linda in Texas says:

      My hat is off to Judy in Atlanta. That is the America I grew up in and loved it. We have gone mad in this country. Why are the lefties running us? We need to get off our butts and fire these people in all areas. Can't wait for 2010. I think they will find the real America voting this time.

    10. Jerome Zacny says:

      I believe that to the extent "global warming" exists, it is a natural occurance. I can remember back in the late 1970s that there were magazine articles about how all the scientists were predicting the coming of another ice age. I have read about global climate changes that have been going on for eons; they are natural occurances, not made made. When the ice age ended, the glaciers retreated back to the polar regions. That wasn't caused by man, any more than climate changes today are caused by man.

      I have no problem with moving to cleaner forms of energy, with fewer carbon emissions. I believe than a conversion to natural gas, as an automobile fuel, would be the easiest and best way to go. Remember a few months back? Mr. T. Boone Pickens was telling us that natural gas is about 40% cheaper than gasoline and that the we had more of it than anyone else.

      So why hasn't our Congress drafted legislation requiring a conversion from gasoline to natural gas over the next three to five years? Auto and truck engines can run quite efficiently on natural gas. Converting fuel tanks, fuel lines and carburators to accomodate natural gas is a relatively easy process. Getting gas stations to convert their fuel supplies from gasoline to natural gas could also be accomplised without too much difficulty. It certainly wouldn't require any technology that we don't currently have. The conversion would stimulate a lot of new jobs and clean up the air at the same time.

      I'm sure critics will say that it can't be done because it would be too expensive, or that it's too simplistic an approach that hasn't been thought through. The most common complaint of critics is "it's easy to criticize; where are your solutions". Well, I've given you mine.

    11. Wayne Holbrook, Flor says:

      The saddest thing of all is that this is unnecessary. Even the IPCC admitted in the peer reviewed journal Nature, on May 1, 2008 that its models were wrong and that the Earth is now cooling. Even sadder is the fact that the NASA satellites have been showing cooling for eight years.

    12. mlokowich, mn says:

      … Contained within the 600-plus pages of the Waxman-Markey global warming/cap-and-trade bill that was recently introduced in the House is language making it legal to sue the federal government and private companies if you "suffer" from “Global Warming.”

      I'm looking for a REAL good lawyer to sue IF this gets passed. For harm suffered by attempts to mitigate AGW!

    13. Frank Florida says:

      The world may run out of oil

      The world may run out of water

      We may someday even run out of Air

      But this world will never, ever, ever


    14. thomas gray, SC says:

      No plan B ?, here's plan B.

      We are currently producing enough bio fuel to provide fuel for millions of, small low HP + low cost battery assist bio diesel ''''' VEHICLE'S ''''' ,,,,, complaints? give me your real and workable plan B. mine is not scalable but a goal to look at.

      '''Anyone''' that rejects any source of energy, can leave the U.S.A and go live in a country that does not depend on the very large amounts that we use here, foremost transportation energy. and secondly electricity, many countries have very little of both go and live in one of those countries.

      Pick your energy winners and losers in one of those countries not mine.

      Bio fuel does not have to be grown in the U.S.A. there are many very good places to grow bio fuel, you people will understand as the cost of oil rises plants not only grow for free but are sustainable, just becouse bio fuel is no cleaner than oil does not mean it's not usefull as a TRANSPORTATION fuel.

      Energy Invested On Energy Returned,,,, means nothing when there is no other energy source obtainable, ATOM power can refine all the bio fuel we can grow for a pittance,,,,if these socialist activist people don't come down off the deadly and anti energy green horse of not using our energy resources we have available we are in big trouble because there are time lags as to how quickly known resources can be put into service.

      Plan A can easily become unaffordable as we already know, we have no control of the price of oil.

      Plan B at the moment is to build windmills and repair our road system while we wait for plan A to fail.

      It seems that there is plenty of oil at the moment but the price rise of gasoline was because the world demand for oil became greater than supply, this is no longer the case because of the economic downturn, the bad news here is as oil supplies continues to decline we will soon be back on the road to unaffordable ' [ transportation ] ' energy supplies.

      NOTHING is getting done on this problem while the'''' whoever's''''' are willfully trying to increase the cost of operating our electric power grid, as we are currently losing our nuclear powered electricity generating plants and they are going off line due to age limits,

      and no new plants can be built because of the ''''' whoever's''''' protests and law suits and envirowacko lobby in Washington.and la la land EPA.

      It's a shame that some people feel that there is no place on all the face of the earth to create a place to store the byproducts of electricity generated with atom power.

      So we are currently increasing the use and the demand of natural ''''gas and oil'''' to make electricity and oil is also the primary fuel used for transportation, this is the current road we are on and is doomed to fail because it is plan A.

      Finite resources;- as they deplete force change,,,,,''' WITH OR WITHOUT''' plan B.

    15. will ND says:

      There is only one reason that we must contend with a president Obama etal. Some of our more enlightened members of the Republican party decided to throw conservative values under the bus by picking John McCain as the republican candidate. There is a reason the media has pretended to like him (he is no threat to any liberal that runs) Even now the media runs to McCain trying to make him the spokesman for the party.

    16. FeFe, Balto says:

      I pray for party leaders who will stand and say this nonsense will end and they will get rid of it. What would a govt budget look like with just the "have to" funding?

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    18. Olathe, KS says:

      Another way to keep Gore and his friends with a salary.


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