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  • Obama’s Missile Defense Conundrum

    A ground-based interceptor lifts off from Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif., Dec. 5, 2008. The launch is a test of the ground-based midcourse defense element of the Ballistic Missile Defense System, which successfully intercepted a long-range target launched from Kodiak, Alaska.

    What would you do if an enemy tested a weapon that could kill millions of your fellow citizens? According to Heritage Foundation vice president Kim Holmes, the logical response would be to build up a missile defense system capable of knocking a ballistic missile out of the sky. Unfortunately, the Obama Administration’s recent announcement to cut missile defense isn’t exactly logical. In fact it is downright puzzling. Holmes discusses this confusion in his recent op-ed in the Washington Times.

    While North Korea tested a long-range missile, the Pentagon announced a $1.4 billion cut in missile defense spending–the very programs that would protect the U.S. in the event of a rogue ballistic missile attack. Holmes reminds readers that the Administration will continue our short-range missile programs, of little consolation as we watch North Korea and Iran further their nuclear goals. Holmes argues that it is essential to protect both our troops on the battlefield and the U.S. homeland from missile attacks.

    One of the major missile defense programs on the chopping block is the Airborne Laser (ABL) system. This energy directed weapon is used to shoot down a long-range missile shortly after launch–the point at which a missile is most vulnerable. Another casualty looks to be the Ground-Based Interceptor (GBI) program. Holmes asserts that this is completely counterintuitive, since GBIs are the only operational defense capable of destroying a North Korean Taepo Dong-2 missiles heading for the U.S. mainland. Holmes asks, why is the Administration indifferent to protecting the homeland?

    The Administration argues that the cuts are out of economic necessity, but nothing could be further from the truth. The $1.4 billion cut from missile defense comprises 0.04 percent of the overall proposed federal budget, which Holmes compares to “a rounding error in an Obama bailout.” In the grand scheme of things, it is a miniscule amount to pay for the protection of all Americans. It’s time for the Administration to wake up and smell the rocket fuel. Our missile defense system has been progressing rapidly, and it is not the cause of our economic woes. Indeed, if America was hit by a rogue missile, the discomfort caused by today’s economic crisis would pale in comparison to the destruction.

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    25 Responses to Obama’s Missile Defense Conundrum

    1. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      One of the main reasons for the existence of the federal government is common defense of the United States. This type of willful negligence citing cost should be an impeachable offense. Obama administration is engaging in economic activities not recognized by our Constitution and yet, they claim that they can not spend the money to protect the citizens of the US. When are the people going to wake up? I am afraid not until a missile strikes somewhere on the soil of United States.

    2. Chris, Western Wi. says:

      This "pretend" President hates this country and the fine folks who have died for the freedoms we enjoy. That freedom is the direct result of a strong military and cutting edge equipment. Obama's inexperience in every aspect of the presidency is scary! This incapable, community organizing joker needs to go!

    3. jr., Michigan says:

      nothing the great pretender does is logical. why don't we just hand america over to the terrorists? it seems that that's what the messiah and his minions want, but is safe for our country? no. i cannot believe how many morons voted for this nut. god help us.

    4. Michael, Michigan says:

      This is what Bill Clinton did during his Presidentcy. Cut defence and inteligence spending look what that got us 911. Now the world continues to be more and more dangerous with Iran and North Korea determined to create their own nukes and we are governed by liberal screwballs who think it is a good idea to bow down to these people. Ask them to please be our friends. Look we'll get rid of all our weapons just don't hurt us please!

      Tell me someone how can the majority of the voters be so stupid ?

    5. Jim, Evensville Tenn says:

      I just hope the 69,000,000 million Americans who voted for him are upset. Seems to me they are not upset yet. He is alos thinking of not installing the missile defense system in Poland, after the US signed an agreement to do so. The Poles have backed the US in Iraq and other places.

      But the bottom line is the defense of the US, with the Gates cuts etc. we will be more vulnerable to attack in the near future. We will be a nanny state soon with this kind of Administrative action. We will be defenseless. So keep your 2nd amendment rights.

    6. capps.b,Va says:

      I wonder what the left wing media will say after we get hit by a nuke… they will probably just ignore it. No, wait.. they will blame it on Bush.

    7. M.G. Florida says:

      Living 71 years, I have seen the Dems cut our defence spending several times. I have also seen the Repubs build up our defence after getting back into office. This time, it is as if the

      Dems have gone crazy. The far left has robbed the

      Democratic Party of their common sense. As a vet,I

      know the horror of war, the death and carnage. It seems that the left is setting us up to the place

      where our entire Nation will experience what we have so far avoided, war,death and carnage on our

      Homeland. Where will all of the Obama voters be then?

    8. Intelligent Thinker- says:

      this may be harsh – but obama is likely to have our USA scorched to the ground while he is not here, then come 'home' and re-claim and truly 'change' it, and dictate it to the way he desires it.

      Not unlike Sherman burnt Atlanta, and started anew. Not a great similarity … but you may get the point.

    9. Tim AZ says:

      Unfortunately M.G. the Obummer voters will be willing acomplices in the america's genocide. Hopefully we can avoid that.

    10. Fred Cincinnati says:

      If B.O. 's defence policy dosn't cause our colapse his economic policies will. As long as we colapse! That is his desire.

      Elections have consequences, we are seeing the result of our weak public education system.

    11. B.A. Luke says:

      Basically, we're being set up an invasion. Laugh if you want, but mark my words, 19 April 1775 & July 4, 1776, I've said enough.

    12. Mike Hilliard, Rock says:

      Spiritof76, New Hampshire said:

      "One of the main reasons for the existence of the federal government is common defense of the United States. This type of willful negligence citing cost should be an impeachable offense. Obama administration is engaging in economic activities not recognized by our Constitution and yet, they claim that they can not spend the money to protect the citizens of the US. When are the people going to wake up? I am afraid not until a missile strikes somewhere on the soil of United States."

      To which I say the first duty any serving president and his or her administration is obligated to perform is to enforce by all means available to ensure the "common defense of the United States" is intact and effective…

      I appreciate Spiritof76's approach but the constitution clearly states this duty…

      What the hell are people thinking? Where are the true heros of our generation? Please do more than wake up – put out the call to arms if need be but save our nation. Take action now before it's too late.

    13. Jennifer, TN says:

      Unfortunately, I have to agree with everyone; however, I believe that Obama is owned not by the liberal Dems or even the ultra left wingers, but by foreign entities too scary to consider. Everything that has happened has been orchestrated first to get him elected and now to completely cripple our country. He's an empty suit with an even emptier head. Our enemies have successfully installed a puppet as the leader of our country! It is time for the citizens to rally. We need to start calling for the impeachment of Obama and most of congress. After all, this loser won't even let us see his birth certificate to prove he was even qualified to run for president. Like I said, orchestrated!!!!

    14. Ben C, Ann Arbor, MI says:

      The Ann Arbor News had a letter to the editor yesterday that read something like this:

      I was in Ann Arbor recently and could not find any yard signs reading; "Stop the War – Impeach Obama." Seems to me the self righeous are more concerned about Bush and less concerned about the war.

      Clearly Obama is on a mission to undue whatever Bush did during his administration. What Obama hasn't done is read the book "Unveiling Islam." If he did he would realize what is happening in Islam and take a far more cautious approach – unless of course he wants Shira(sp?)Law for the US. We are in very dangerous times my friends – both from the outside and within.

    15. ronald says:

      Obama is a fraud and his handlers have positioned him so as to destroy our republic. It is obvious that he is being orchestrated and will say anything he thinks people want to hear or what will maintain his rock star status. I believe the likes of Soros and his close associates who push for globalism and hate the USA have and are still providing funds for his organization as well as such potentially brown shirt organizations such as Acorn to help destroy our nattion. Blocking expenditures for missle defense is but one. The current fraudulent hype on the comback to profitability is another example of the scams he is perpetuating. Everyone knows that the large banks could not possibly have a positive quarter without creative accounting. The Obama gang is orchestrating this and probably blackmailing the bank executives to go along. There is no end to the fraud, lies and corruption of which he is guilty. He needs to be impeached. We need to get such a movement underway. His collaborating with out greatest enemies alone is enough to get the ball rolling. May God Bless and keep this Great Country and preserve Capitalism-it may be our only hope.

    16. Mira, NV says:

      I agree! I've been saying this for a long time now, when are we going to impeach this guy!! He's not stupid, he's been systematically setting up our country for destruction since day one; crippling our economy, setting terrorists free, refusing to protect our borders, giving illegal aliens legal status, cutting our missile defenses while other countries are building up their nuclear weapons. I don't think anything he has done is puzzling, it makes perfect sense when you ask yourself what are the steps someone in power would take to weaken a country enough to overthrow it!!

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    18. Impeach the Presiden says:

      As a legal American, I propoise that enough is enough. The President & his Congressional supporters should be impeached now.

    19. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      To Ben

      Obama has read extenively any Books that would give him the ability to dismantle this Great Country and turn it in to part of a World Order!

      This is his Mission!

    20. Ross, Bradenton, Flo says:

      As an American citizen, I would like to thank the following for working so hard to destroy the American dream of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness:

      1. To the Teacher's union who have "dumbed-down" the voter in the name of equality through the stifling of academic competition through social promotion. Now we have generations who can't do the standard 3R's of education or think for themselves.

      2. To the many college and universities who(under the protection of tenure) have openly attack the morales, mores and history of this nation in the name of tolerance and enlightenment. Your labors have produced the bitter fruit or social darkness and intolerance needed for a free people.

      3. To the hired hands(our elected officials) who have sold their soul to enslave the divine right of individual liberties instead of protecting it.

      4. To the 'press' who are now nothing more than stenographers. American jounalism is dead thanks to our "enlightened and tolerant" universities and college and you. The guardians of liberty are almost nonexistent in the press. You are the bitter fruit of social darkness and intolerance.

      5. To the entertainment industry, you have been place, unworthily on a hero pedestal to be worshipped by the ignorant masses. You prove it with your liberal views, silly causes, and ridicules lifestyles. Where have all the uplifting, character building, civil and social values entertainment of the western civilization gone? To history's graveyards.

      Thank you all! Through your efforts over the years, you have produced the bitter fruit of apathy, ignorance, social degradation of the masses. Through their vote, we now have an inept national leadership who's goals for America is not mine nor my ancestors who fought to secure the opportunity for our individual life, our individual liberties, and the our individual pursuit of happiness. Now we can enjoy the era of "change" for America. You have insured that we have earned it.

      Nothing like being in the front row seat for a reality show of incoming ICBM's! It's going to be a blast!

    21. J. L. VERONA, MO. says:

      Cut missle defense? Maybe will help replace the elite in W.D.C.! Hope they have good aim as would not wish to hurt any of the "Radical" individuals.

    22. Sandy says:

      Obama shows blatant stupidity in this most basic of his responsibilities:national defense. There is NO COMMON GROUND between an ideology that despises Western culture seeking it's destruction and peaceful coexistence with global neighbors. No amount of Obamic charisma will breach that divide.

      Hasn't this guy done enough to be impeached yet? Are we waiting for the signal to change colors or what?

      It's green, already!!

    23. The voice of reason says:

      The comments above are all logical concerns!

      I just wonder what can be done to get them addressed.

      No doubt It seems we are living In the last day's and man

      has failed. God bless America for he Is the only one that

      can save us! Read the bible especially revelations…

    24. PUMAPACNC08 says:

      This Is The In-Stability That Has Sent Our Country To The Brink Of Destruction,Thanks To Closet Idiots Like Mr Obama And TheseHigh School,& College Kids ,I Guess 69 Million Americans Who Voted For This Fruitcake Can Now Help With The Destruction Of The US.Who,How Many Past Presidents Has Spent A Whopping Half Billion Dollars Just To Obtain A Job That Pays Less Than Our Athletes Make In A Years Time Or A Job That He Will Make A Lot Less Than,What He Paid For (Half-Billion Dollars)Throew In The Other Dems It Sky-Rocketed To Well Over A Billion Dollars That The Dems Has Paid In Full,& Now We Are At The Mercy Of This Lunatics ,For God Sakes The Man Has A Muslim Name What Other Proof Does The Americans Need To Understand That We Are Destined For Descruction,And For What A President That Our High School,& College Kids Has Left Us Standing With,How Could 69 Million People Who Knew What They Were Getting,Because He Were Expoised From The Very First Day When He Lied And Stated That He Were Not Interested In Being The President,Only What Needs To Be Done In His(US,& State Senate Job (WHAT SENATE JOB,THE ONE HE SPENT THE LAST TWO YEARS COVETING)…………This Man Is Very Scarrrrryyy

    25. Cincinnatus83, Newar says:

      Obama's foolish decision, I sense, is based upon either his own naive view of the world, his ultra liberal tendencies, and or his extreme arrogance in his own abilities to save the world. All of these unfortunately are coming together to present a crisis for this country. Electric Magnetic Pulse, the reaction of a thermo nuclear weapon detonating and essentially frying all electronics, is a very dangerous consequence of a failure to build a missle defense shield. One to three such weapons detonating hundreds of miles above the US could cause up to 90% casualties within a year due to starvation, exposure and the lack of medical supplies. This is a realistic scenario depicted in the book One Second After by William Forstchen. I urge you to read this book then contact your Senator and or Representative. Suddenly a North Korea or Iran can effectively end the US, that is of course assuming Obama doesn't beat them to it.

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