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  • EPA Threatens Our Economy by Officially Announcing Global Warming is a Threat

    We knew it was coming, but rather than being cliché and waiting until Earth Day next week, the Environmental Protection Agency has issued an endangerment finding, saying that global warming and climate change pose a serious threat to public health and safety and thus almost anything that emits carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases could be regulated under the Clean Air Act. This is the first official action taken by the federal government to regulate carbon dioxide. Arbitrary restrictions and regulations in the name of curbing global warming do nothing but promise extraordinary perils for the American economy – all for little, if any, environmental benefit. The Associated Press reports:

    “The Environmental Protection Agency has concluded that carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases are a danger to public health and welfare, taking the first step to regulating pollution linked to climate change, The Associated Press has learned.

    Such regulation would have widespread economic and social impact, from requiring more fuel efficient automobiles to limiting carbon dioxide emissions from power plants and industrial sources, changing the way the nation produces energy.

    The EPA has concluded that the science pointing to man-made pollution as a cause of global warming is “compelling and overwhelming.” The blame goes mainly to carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels.”

    The endangerment finding is the first step in a long regulatory process that could lead to EPA requiring different regulations and units of emissions requirements for each gadget that emits carbon dioxide. The first target would be automobiles, but the EPA’s Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR) suggested regulations of almost everything that moves, including new regulations for smaller items such lawnmowers and forklifts.

    We’ve often cited studies and conclusions from credible scientists arguing the global warming debate is anything but compelling and overwhelming. See, for instance:

    Addressing Drastic Sea Level Rises
    Natural Forces Slow Warming
    Tropical Cyclone Activity
    Warming and Cooling in the North Pacific
    Climate Change Modeling and the Sun’s Effect on Global Temperature
    Climate Engineering and the Fallacies in the EPA’s ANPR
    Anthropogenic Effects on Global Warming
    Global Warming is Irreversible
    Scientists Make Anti-Global Warming Case

    Perhaps the most chilling information associated with global warming regulations are the staggering costs associated with them. The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis found the economic costs of EPA regulations to be:

    • Cumulative gross domestic product (GDP) losses are nearly $7 trillion by 2029 (in inflation adjusted 2008 dollars)
    • Single-year GDP losses exceed $600 billion (in inflation-adjusted 2008 dollars).
    • Annual job losses exceed 800,000 for several years.
    • Some industries will see job losses that exceed 50 percent.

    The EPA’s official announcement kicks off a 60-day comment period before issuing a final ruling. When the agency announced its plan to micromanage the economy with global warming regulations, 14,461 of you went to www.stopepa.com to express your dissent to the EPA about the invasive new energy tax on businesses and individuals. We look forward to hearing your voice again.

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    24 Responses to EPA Threatens Our Economy by Officially Announcing Global Warming is a Threat

    1. Matt, Cleveland OH says:

      I emit carbon dioxide when I exhale. Are they going to regulate my breathing? Will I have to wear a filter over my mouth?

    2. Franklin's Lock says:

      At this point, Congress needs to pass legislation to contain the EPA. This agency completely out of control. By regulating these gases on a factless based threat has threatened our economy and our personal freedoms.


    3. Robert, Baton Rouge, says:

      This is absurd. Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant but an essential ingredient and enabler of life on earth. Climate is beyond the control of mankind and it has always been. Very large natural climate variations have occurred throughout history. Life has always flourished when it was warm and perished during ice ages. It is plain folly to try to stimulate the economy with money we do not have while killing it at the same time by a bureaucratic fiat.

      Granted, we need to increasingly supplement the energy balance to make up for finite fossil fuel. But this must not in the name of a fraud called Anthropogenic Global Warming.

    4. Barb -mn says:


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    6. Derek Crane, NY,NY says:

      These new laws curtailing CO2 emissions in the US should be called the China and India Development Acts. The EPA will drive the cost of doing business in the US so high as to force businesses to relocate to the East. Look at China and India to be the new US while the US becomes the old Europe.

    7. jr., Michigan says:

      someone should threaten the epa with common sense. global warming is a lie! the earth goes through cycles of warming and cooling. has done that for millions of years. thanks ozone al, now go suck on a tailpipe, you environazi nut.

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    9. Bill Johnson Ohio says:

      We need to cut off funding to the EPA before these tyrants control our every breath!

    10. dennis florida says:

      when i was in school, they taught us that trees took in carbon dioxide and gave off oxygen. we took in oxygen and gave off carbon dioxide,and so forth.i have been in masonry for over 30 years. the summers are still hot and the winters are still cold

    11. Tim AZ says:

      The EPA's announcement is a clear indicator that the socialist cancer in our government has metastasized. Our only hope is to elect Congressmen and Senators who are not lawyers or have attended Ivey League Schools. These two are the main petri dishes that have been growing and spreading the socialist cancer that is now threatening the American people. With great prejudice we can elect Congressmen and Senators who will cut funding to the cancer that still remains in the various segments of govt. until the cancer can be removed. Of course the old media will engage in subterfuge once again attempting to inlfuence who gets nominated in each party. This can only work if people listen to their bilge. The number of people listening to the old media is shrinking daily. Thats why they are now begging for a bail out from their Messiah Maobama.

    12. Henry -Michigan says:

      Please do not publish the fact that I am a judge(see email, which I also ask you not to publish) as ethical restrictions constrain my public comments. But, to my friends at the Heritage Foundation, I would say this. Extremists in the environmental movement, have used litigation to block construction of power plants, nuclear plants etc.This has caused significant harm to our energy sector. Perhaps rather than simply lamenting the destruction of our economy in this vital sector, a litigation strategy should be prepared to stop those who misuse "science" to advance their agenda. Simple persuasion in the public arena of ideas will not be effective when the primary influence makers(media, academia, hollywood etc) preach the religion of man made global warming rather than examine the facts. Indeed,as we have seen, sadly, contrary opinions are reasons to fire people from jobs and exclude them from university campus.The Left simply does not want debate and they will stigmatize anyone who expreses a contrary opinion. This is a real fight for free market capitalism and effective measures must be taken and opponents of this voodoo science must litigate in the best interests of our country. Sadly, this may be the only method of stopping wrong-headed policy.

      Sorry for the length of this message, but I do feel this is very important. Thank you.

    13. Robert Lott, Mississ says:

      All in the name of global warming now "climate change". These morons want to charge us for something they think they own — carbon dioxide. Money for nothin and chicks for free. All life is carbon based — what nonsense to think that someday even our flatulence and exhalations could be taxed based on the food we eat and the resulting gases we might emit. The threat comes from all the liberals that have their investments in "green" technologies that the environmentalist will never let be developed at the expense of some "3 inch fish" and deprive water to a much needed agriculture industry and more importantly, from the "illegal alien" in the fields, but the "illegal immigrants" will get a pat on the back, a check, a house, a doctor, a teacher, and a president — I don't understand how an alien to our country, illegally, is given more rights than the "natural born" citizen. Their goal is to raise energy prices such that we will lose our ability to move about freely throughout the country. We will be rationed in how much energy we can use in our homes We will be forced into submission by the price increases expected. We will become pawns of the intellectuals that want to have their chance at experimenting with social engineering in the name of economic and social justice and redistributing the wealth right into their pockets, not the destination they claimed, the people — it has never succeded. The administration and Congress have no interest in letting us continue in our lavish lifestyles — that is reserved for the elite. The rich will be taxed down to middle class, the middle class will become the working poor and the working poor will be reduced to slaves of the system and people with enough common sense will pray to God for "climate change". He is the only being I am sure of for "hope and change". Just remember every time man has gotten to big for his britches, God has smacked man down.

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    15. Al, Dayton says:

      For those of us old enough to remember, in the '70's the fear was global ice age. Idiots will always be idiots. Unfortunately, idiocy seems to be a pre-requisite for government employment. But, then again, what idiots keep re-electing the idiots?

    16. len hrica bannock oh says:

      you and i will pay for the absurdities brought upon us by the intelligentsia(idiots)idiots at the helm of our sinking ship….mostly they are liberals who really want to be socialists..who despise america and her greatness…uva65

    17. Fran, Riverside, Rho says:

      To Matt in Cleveland I'd like to say, regulate your breathing? Hell, they'll kill you. People are only a mishap on this earth, only the enlightened elitists will be allowed to grace the earth while the rest of us unclean are taxed to death for the mere fact that we exist.

      Global warming? Climate change? It's all a charade for the left to destroy this country with.

    18. Ken St Louis says:


      George Bush senior created/authorized the EPA & now were paying for it! There is no global warming, anybody who can manage to go outside can confrim this! When you create a monster ( any federal agency ) it will come back to consume you. Good book to read is: Unstoppable Global warming by S. Fred Singer & Dennis T. Avery. A little boring, and too technical, but the historical data and info is compelling. To bad we have a do nothing congress full of morons and dolts!

    19. Ross, Bradenton, Flo says:

      How arrogant can these idiots be! This is nothing more than a power grab in the name of junk science. It's just a vehicle being used to take away our life, liberty, and pursue of happiness. When the next volcano erupts, all their gains(sic) will be erased. Would this mean the EPA tighten regulation even more on the American people? The American people will truly reap what we as a people, have sown.

    20. Ed Bradford says:

      Junk science and the Church of Human Induced Global Warming combined. Here's my brief analysis of the actual document:

    21. marsha, Louisville,M says:

      The EPA has gone too far. These damned liberals are just too stupid for words. All that money they are spending is going to run out quick once they adopt this.

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    23. ROBERT LOTT OCALA FL says:

      I found this site while searching the web. It is the most like-minded site I have ever seen! Is there not a scientist or engineer in the group? The following are some of the basics.

      · The sun does not heat the air – very little of the suns energy is absorbed by the air.

      · The sun heats the ground and the ground heats the air through conduction.

      · The ground also radiates energy in the low (infrared) frequency range.

      · Little of this energy can be absorbed by oxygen or nitrogen in the atmosphere, but can be absorbed by other gases in the atmosphere (water vapor, methane, CO2, nitrous oxide, and some manmade gases).

      · The concentration of these gases control the temperature of the earth.

      · If the concentrations of the (so-called) greenhouse gases are low the planet is much colder and if the concentrations are large the temperature of the earth increases. This is seen in the historical records as capture by the ice caps and reveled form analysis of ice cores.

      · Man is increasing the concentrations of methane, CO2, nitrous oxide, and other manmade greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The planet is warming, which increases the concentration of water vapor.

      · Also, large quantities of methane and CO2 have been sequestered in the oceans and the frozen tundra. As the earth warms these gases will be liberated and we will eventually reach a tipping point and little could be done to reverse the process.

      Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

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