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  • Court Cancels Offshore Drilling

    It’s been a particularly bad day on the energy front. Much of the news has surrounded the Environmental Protection Agency issuing an endangerment finding, saying that global warming and climate change pose a serious threat to public health and safety and thus almost anything that emits carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases could be regulated under the Clean Air Act.

    But very quietly,

    A program to expand oil and gas drilling off the Alaska coast has been canceled by a federal appeals court because of environmental concerns.

    A three-judge panel in the District of Columbia says the Bush administration’s Interior Department failed to consider the offshore environmental impact and marine life before approving an oil and gas leasing program in the Beaufort, Bering, and Chukchi (CHOOK-chee) seas.”

    The American Petroleum Institute weighed in, saying,

    It would be a disservice to all Americans – and a devastating blow to the economy – if this decision were to delay further the development of vital oil and natural gas resources.

    America’s oil and natural gas industry is the backbone of the economy. Development in federal waters off the nation’s coast provides thousands of well-paying jobs, government revenues and the fuel needed to run America’s cars and factories, heat our homes and the feedstock needed to make the materials we use every day.”

    More jobs and lower energy costs. Not to mention these jobs would come at no cost to the taxpayer, unlike the “green jobs” created under a federally-subsidized program.  Furthermore, all new drilling would be subject to strict safeguards and would require state-of-the-art technology with a proven track record for limiting the risk of spills. Rules should be put in place to allow for safe exploration and to ensure leases are not slowed by years of red tape and litigation.

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    30 Responses to Court Cancels Offshore Drilling

    1. Victoria Todd, NC says:


    2. Barb -mn says:

      What are they doing to stop the oil spills on the ocean floors? The government does nothing when the citizens voice concern in avoidance to danger to the public. The government WAITS until that danger reveals itself. Where is the serious threat to PUBLIC HEALTH? NO WHERE! What's going to happen when we stop using natural resources? The ocean floors will continue to spew out oil and hmm, what if there is more OIL then water? Or more OIL spillage killing the ocean creatures? NO EVIDENCE OF MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING! THE GOVERNMENT WILL DESTROY THE EARTH!

    3. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      The only way the insane energy policies can be made to turn around is for all the companies in oil, gas, coal and nuclear industries simply shut down everything saying that they will not reopen until Congress must enact legislation making it against the national security and interest to stand in the way of any of those forms of energy production, exploration and freeze the environmental requirements. Where is John Galt?

      The government will attempt to take over the industries but will fail. People will be on the streets demanding that the present government must resign.

    4. Ana says:

      Well unfortunately we knew they were going to do that as soon as the election was over. Especially in cover of darkness. Makes me very angry.

    5. Chris, Western Wi. says:

      Just another step taken by the far left lunatic's in this government to destroy the prosperity of this nation.

      These natural resources are ours-all of OURS!!!

      I'm certainly becoming very upset and angered with all the anti-american decisions being made by this government; from top to bottom!

    6. Gary, Kansas says:

      I've worked on the Beaufort Sea doing seismic exploration back in 1999. They already have some of the toughest EPA restrictions to prevent even a small car oil leak, so imagine how strict they are on drilling rigs. If they got any tougher they'd have to shut down the north slope for drilling.

    7. John A.Jeanis New Br says:

      It looks like the EPA will win,again ! The BS about "green house gas" is going to put many people out of work and many in the "poor house"! I'm a professional truck driver (owner/operator) and 99.9% of my business is oil/gas field related.Sense December I've worked very little.That's because of the democrates taking seige of D.C. and the U.S.A. In the past near four years I've "invested" over $50K in my truck.Just this past month $30K for a new factory rebuilt engine. I may get to use it this coming week for a drilling company job,which may last 2 or 3 days. Then I suspect I will be sitting for a while wondering how to pay for that engine. I haven't recieved one penny of that so called "stemulous" money the Obama gang is sending out. I will quit driving before I spend a dime on my truck to meet EPA "standards"!

      I will be most happy when election time comes around again and the voters of America wake up and get rid of the librals and put common sense conservatives in charge.People that will govern according to the Constitution and addhear to the Bill of Rights ! Thank You !

    8. Troy Faulkner says:

      Thank God for this org. the people of this country are fed up with all that the gov. is trying to do to us.Well some of us. Then we have the ones who want all they can get for free. They don't realize nothing is free. And the Green people are one of the worst.

      So much of the world believes all this. They can not see this is just gov. control.

      I want to thank this org. for all that you do. You have my support.

      Troy Faulkner

    9. Chris, United States says:

      Business a usual out of Washington, D.C.: The Courts, Congress, and Con Man.

      They talk a lot about change for the better, but continue making America worse for Americans, while fattening their own wallets.

      Alaska has oil. America needs oil. Alaska wants to drill. Fedzilla says no! What gives?

    10. Dee says:

      The people should have the say as to whether we drill or not! This is still a democracy.

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    12. Barb -mn says:

      And if we don't extract oil from the earth it seems likely to cause the waters to rise! Use the same philosophy with natural gas and nuclear. Potential could be more damage by neglecting to use the natural resources in QUESTION, as there is simply no truth to environmental, man-made global warming. Let us live, like nature intended.

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    14. Dennis Card, Lansing says:

      We will never as a nation be energy independent from foreign oil until we break the back of political contributions going to self serving politicians from special interest groups particularly the environmental lobby.

    15. Scott Snyder, Lompoc says:

      I live in Santa Barbara county and we have some of the heaviest natural oil seeps in the country. Drilling would relieve the pressure that causes these seeps and produce much needed oil while producing amazing tax dollars which are also much needed. Unfortunately our county is also home to some of the most liberal environmentalists in the country so the rediculous seeps continue to polute our "pristine" environment. Wake up people!!

    16. viralnexus, Leavenwo says:

      While I find this story bothersome to say the least and I fully believe that 99% of government regulation is unnecessary, I do have to say something about oil, gas, and nuclear resources. The whole idea behind using oil and gas as a energy source is antiquated and needs to be done away with. There is a lot of speculation into how our energy needs are a matter of national security and I full-heartedly agree. That is exactly why we should be RUNNING away as fast as possible from non-renewable energy sources.

      This country has access to a highly efficient reserves of natural, renewable, resources that could quickly move us away from most of our foreign oil consumption and nearly eliminate our domestic needs. The Midwest has a massive wind corridor that we should tap for wind energy that could provide the majority of our power needs. The East Coast and the Gulf region have access to tidal and ocean currents that could be used for a large portion of their energy needs. The West coast has access to all of the above plus geo-thermal and prime solar harvesting areas. The only thing we really lack is the expedience of technology development necessary to fully exploit these resources. This is something the government impeeds because of all of their regulations and free market interferences despite what they may believe.

      My point is that we need to get away from arcane technologies that will one day provide a serious threat to our national security and our country as a whole. I know these resources seem plentiful but that are not renewable and one day, maybe even in my lifetime, we will see a global struggle over dwindling supplies. The country that doesn't have to struggle with nonrenewable resources will be the one that comes out on top and unscathed. I just hope people in this country have the foresight and judgement to allow us to become that country.

    17. Andy, Buffalo says:

      Perhaps if the Bush admin had regulated CO2 as Bush had promised in the 2000 election, instead of reneging on its promise in 2001, a policy that meets environmental needs and still caters to industry would have long since been in place.

    18. Barb - PA says:

      1. Not one drop of oil was spilled from 2,000 drills in the Gulf of Mexico during Hurricane Katrina. The oil companies have developed sophisticated equipment. The oil in the Alaska Natl. Wilderness Reserve (ANWR) could be removed from an area less than 1/2 mile in size from an overall area of thousands of uninhabitable acres. And, there is horizontal drilling now available. The Chinese have applied for a permit to drill off of the coast of Cuba. They will be drilling 45 miles off of our shoreline by utilizing horizontal drilling. We have approx. 1.3 trillion barrels of oil available from one oil deposit in several western states. And, try this experiment == collect leaves in the fall and place them in a large planter, cover with soil and let that stay in place for a few months. Uncover the leaves which will be slightly decomposed and notice the oil residue that accumulates. Have the oil residue analyzed, it is the basic version of the oil that is drilled out of the ground. Oil is a renewable source of energy, it is formed all of the time by decomposing matter, under pressure and with enough heat.

      2. The idea that 3 Judges at a lower level in the judicial system can overturn a law voted on by Congress and signed by the President happens far too often. Judges are not authorized to legislate from the bench. The executive and legislative branches are authorized by the Constitution to pass laws. Judges are only authorized to administer laws. And, law enforcement enforces laws passed by the legislature and signed by the executive — the President. What these three judges did was unlawful and they know it. If you as a citizen don't like a law, complain to your legislative representative. Your taxes pay for the salary and the benefits that your legislative representative receive. You are their boss! Do you know what your employee is doing? You are paying for them, are they listening to you, protecting your freedom? Or, is your representative taking your money and passing more and more laws making your life more and more difficult.

    19. Robert C.. Maynard I says:

      Well when are we going to quit re-electing these people to run our government. Anybody who has no more sense then to believe this "Global Warming" retoric has no business holding any public office and living off the taxpayers wellfare system for government officials. I am one Patriot who is a veteran from a long line of veterans that is mad as heck and I will not vote for any incumbent in the next elections and will not vote for anyone whom voted at anytime for any of these stimulas bills.

    20. mark elder texarkana says:

      The trick is to strangle the ameircan people with no energy or excessively expensive energy and then with all of that in play the every day things we need in life will be to expensive or held hostage by our marxist government. Push has come to shove and they have made their assault on our freedoms it is only a matter of time before they really start getting mean. I am glad I live in Texas Sam Houston would sure look good on a republic of Texas 100 dollar bill! We are like a whole other country!Dont Mess With Texas!!!!!!!!

    21. ETB CT says:

      The first Oil Spill I can remember was Amaco Cadiz off the coast of France. It was supposed to ruin the coast line forever. The Exxon tanker that spilled it's cargo in Prince William Sound was supposed to ruin that area for fifty years. Both areas were sweet and clean in less than than 5 to 10 years. Petroleum is a natural product of Nature and Nature has ways of careing for itself. among There are microbes living in the sea that "eat" oil. It is there food.

    22. Catherine, Houston, says:

      While everyone agrees we should develop renewable energy resources, there are major problems with solar and wind both requiring way too much land and redundant systems. They are net losses for at least 40 years! No one even mentions nuclear because of the enviromentalists, but really folks, if the French can recycle their nuclear waste surely we can figure it out! In the meantime if we don't drill we'll be paying $8 a gallon for gas this summer and we are still just one plant shutdown away from disaster! There will be riots!

    23. Wilson...Nv says:

      **R.C. Maynard III asked: Well, when are we going to quit re-electing these people to run our government?**

      "We" didn't.

      "They" did. And they don't know from nothing, or don't care.

      Or, they do know and still don't care.

      Either way, the Nightmare on Mainstreet is coming soon to a theater near you.

    24. Mary,Cleveland, OH says:

      It is interesting that countries like Saudi Arabia, China, Iran and Venezuela probably can care less about global warming and preserving animal species. What makes this administration think that they are just as concerned as the USA about these environmental issues? Why should the USA take the brunt of these issues, by doing these enoumous regulations from the EPA?

    25. Barb -mn says:

      Natural oil spills. When the oil bubbles up from the ground with no help. There will be more and more if we aren't going to keep control of it. And why can't this be a reason the ocean's are increasing in size? Lack of utilizing earthly natural resources.

      Wind is not efficient source of energy. Wind is inconsistent and what you get out of it is nothing to what is needed. All this run-around work isn't worth it. It is wasting millions.

      Manufacturing materials to convert causes pollution and according to the epa and government, fits the factor cause of global warming. Plus, their manufactured in India and shipped over hear. It's a waste all the way!

      I wonder how far all those wind turbines go and how much death and damage they will cause when they're destroyed by hurricanes and sunomis? Tornadoes? Could wind turbines increase the size? change the direction of a tornado? Or collapse by the strength of a tornado. It really seems to be a make-work issue that will endanger human life more then help. It will result in non-productive wastes of millions. This and Ethanol.

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    28. Dwana Townsend Louis says:

      I have said it before, we continue to support foreign economies and don't seem to care about our own. Banning drilling and taxing energy will cost America approximately 900,000 jobs by most analyists. Our oil industry (just as the auto industry) has far reaching effects on other related industries.

      Not only will it cost us jobs, but relying on foreign oil keeps us reliant on nations like Saudi Arabia, Vensualla, Iran, and Qwait. Do you really think these countries like Americans?

      We don't even produce our own food anymore. We pay our farmers not to produce as per EPA restrictions.

      Whats going to happen in 2 yrs when inflation is at an all time high, energy is being taxed, unemployment is well over double didgets, and gas is $8 a gallon, a bellpepper cost $4.00, a gallon of milk $10, and the tax rebates expire in 2010 and the $250,000 household income tax increase changes to the household that make over $150,000 annually. If we tax energy (electric bills) just imagine the electric bills that stores like Wallmart, or Bestbuy have. Imagine what it takes to have goods delivered to their stores. WHERE do you think they will get the money to pay for such increases??????? The answer YOU and ME!!!

      Our elected officials don't really care, do you really think they will be paying their taxes??? Most of them make well over $250,000 or do you think they will pass a law that exempts all members of Congress, the Senate, or any public servant?

    29. Barb -mn says:

      Please read Spiritof76's comment above. It's harsh but an excellent idea!

    30. Kaiser-CA says:

      Heh heh. Everybody should strike against the government.

      “Who is John Galt?”

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