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  • Morning Bell: Big Government Backlash Brewing

    3,000 in Hartford, CT. 8,000 in Madison, WI. 2,000 in Jacksonville, FL. 2,500 in Boise, ID. 5,000 in Sacramento, CA. And many, many more. If turnout is your metric for success, then the nation wide Tea Party protests held yesterday were wildly successful. Establishment left organizations like the Center for American Progress and mainstream media CNN (like Susan Roesgen) tried their best to portray the protesting taxpayers as corporate shills, but a new Gallup poll released yesterday should give the left some pause before they start believing their own press releases.

    CAP even cites the poll in their anti-Tea Party tirade, noting that a “Gallup poll found that Americans’ views of income taxes are among the most positive since 1956.” This factoid is true but it ignores two things: 1) the poll’s other findings on American’s appetite for big government; and 2) the universal understanding that Americans will soon see their tax bills sky rocket to pay for the Obama administration’s big government plans. When asked by Gallup if they approved of the government’s new expanded role in the economy, 44% said no, 39% said yes but “want it reduced when the crisis is over”, while a mere 13% of Americans said they wanted Obama’s government expansion to be permanent. Just 13%.

    And make no mistake; there is nothing temporary about the Obama administration’s push to expand government spending and power. Just ask White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel who echoed his previous “never let a serious crisis go to waste” sentiment when he told USA Today:

    Every time in a period of crisis — look at the time of World War II or the Depression, look at the Civil War — people have reinterpreted what the government can and should do. We’re in that moment of time now. Crises create that.

    And who is going to pay for President Obama’s reinterpretation of “what the government can and should do”? American taxpayers. And not just the rich. As The Hill reported earlier this week: “Many economists, including some who voted for Obama, do not believe that he can indefinitely avoid imposing tax increases much further down the income scale — on the middle class.” The Washington Post editorial board concurs: “But there is a limit to how much the tippy top should bear. President Obama has promised that taxes will not be increased for families making under $250,000. That is a promise that will probably have to be dropped down the road.”

    President Obama has already signaled he will allow his stimulus tax cuts to expire in just two years. And he wants to raise taxes on small businesses, on corporations, and on investors. Not to mention his plan to enact a trillion dollar energy tax on all Americans. Oh and states are also moving to approve major tax hikes too. So the left should enjoy Americans’ brief ambivalence with their tax burden while it lasts. The backlash is already brewing.

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    48 Responses to Morning Bell: Big Government Backlash Brewing

    1. Grace, Florida says:

      Yesterday was an awesome day. It was really great to see so many Americans stand up for what we believe it and pay homage to our Founding Fathers. It's about time. I'm sick of the Liberals trying to change the Constitution. I couldn't believe the arrogance of the mainstream media. The reporter from CNN should be fired! Boycott CNN! Don't need them anyway. Let's keep it up America – we can get our country out of the hands of these Socialists!

    2. Duane, Clarksville, says:

      With all the focus on anticipated higher taxes, don't forget the anticipated "tax-like" effect of printing money to finance government programs. The expected inflation will also reduce the value of the dollars not directly taken by the government, futher reducing the average families purchasing power.

    3. Jeff, Florida says:

      All of you people who voted in this so called Government had better pay your taxes because 21 million illegal aliens are depending on you! What a ship of fools and a disgrace to America you all are!

    4. Anita Dutton, Birmin says:

      I was glad to see the number of people at Tea Parties. I think we should realize many (including myself) would have been at a Tea Party but had church responsibilities and could not attend. I'm sure the numbers would have been much higher if done on another day of the week. I am happy to do what I can to participate in this movement and others that are for Constitutionally limited government.

    5. Suring, WI says:

      We the people have spoken!!! We have spoken with tea parties. We must keep this until we run the anti-Americans out of OUR country!!

    6. Jim@Redding,CA says:

      We need some SERIOUS plan to get rid of the current administration who are true

      traitors to all this country was founded

      upon! Ending their ability to "rule" with

      impunity by imposing the TERM LIMIT idea

      is all well and good, but, in reality, not

      practical in terms of TIMELINESS. Which is why we have the IMPEACHMENT PROCESS, folks. Aren't there any good lawyers out

      there who can draw up the necessary doc-

      uments to file charges of criminal and un-

      lawful acts perpetrated by Obama, Pelosi,

      Reid, Cochran, Byrd, and others who have

      betrayed the trust of the people? Or is

      my use of the words "good lawyer" just

      another oxymoron???

    7. Richard cancemi says:

      I attended a tea party in Arlington texas and was energized and encouraged that true "Hope" was not dead; that true positive "Change" was still possible.

      The Tea Party groups were vilified by various leftist media and adherents of Obama. It proved how frightened they are of having awakened a sleeping giant – The Silent Majority!

      I was proud to be among Americans who truly care for America and its Founding Principles.

      "Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow".

    8. Jean/ Bridgewater, C says:

      It is amazing that reporters (right and left) do not really report. Susan Roesgen went with an agenda and when she did not get the answer she "wanted" she went on the attack. Right from the beginning her voice was "attacking." This does happen all of the time. Reporters and talk shows want "their" answer in 10 words or less. You don't give it to them, "time's up baby!" She certainly could have had a response from a Tea Party advocate and from an Anti-Tea Party advocate–they were all there.

      She (CNN) was not any better than MSNBC in the use of their descriptive terminology of the Tea Parties attendees.

    9. daniel says:

      we strongly reject big government

    10. MAS1916 - Denver, CO says:

      The CNN 'shills' only did the movement a favor. By so blatantly exposing their bias, they devalued any shred of balance they had remaining. Anderson Cooper – in making a really poor joke about tea-bagging – embarrassed himself, the network and the gentleman he was interviewing. This explains why CNN is in last place.

      What was really interesting yesterday, was that the Tea Party protesters were truly amateurs. These folks had probably never been to a protest before and were incredibly polite and respectful. Nobody burned a car or trampled so much as a daisy. In this instance, the dissent was intense but fully respectful. Isn't this what America is supposed to be?


    11. Cindy, St. Louis says:

      I attended the St. Louis Tea Party yesterday evening and it was a huge success. It was GREAT to be among at least 7,000 like minded citizens exercising their right to protest. Everyone was respectful and calm, yet spirited. I was disappointed though this morning when one of our local TV stations (KSDK) kept referring to it as the "so-called Tea Party" and said that there were around 1,000 people, when there 7 times that amount. They definitely underplayed it but I was not surprised and all of there know the truth and will tell everyone we know!!

    12. Ron, Derry says:

      It is more an attitude change from the government than by the people.

      At one time the government reluctantly funded its proposals and change, for fear they would disrupt too much of the system in place. Now they have become comfortable in become the peoples adversary, in aiming society by government decree and no longer have a concern for us.

      Welcome to Fascism.

      We are lost.

      Once statements that the government is throwing around get ignored or even applauded when they defy the liberty of the individual and ignore constitutional rights in favor of forced government compliance with no avenue of retreat we are conquered.

      Look in the mirror.

      Communism is here to stay and servitude to the state imposed debt has no escape. This is not your Fathers country any more. Welcome to the worlds newest fascist government.

      What colleges have taught these people to reshape a liberty seeking and freedom defending America into a socialist enclave?

      The world should be terrified.

      As a once conscientious government with a moderate leash and fearful of the peoples will, we are now no longer restrained by morality or laws. We are onto dictatorial compliance that in the hands of any one is dangerous, let alone a fascist dictatorship that thinks its a democracy.

      Its like the statement in "When Harry met Sally".

      The only thing worse than a high maintenance women is a women who is high maintenance but thinks she low maintenance.

      The only thing worse than a socialistic fascist regime, is one that thinks its a democracy, and quotes the will of the people statements as it trounces their liberties int o submission.

      Debt is servitude, debt created by government is oppression.

    13. Robert Taylor, Horse says:

      The "tea parties" are good, but, unless more and more individuals(the smallest minority in the world)are willing to make a radical change in their philosophy, especially in the area of "ethics", and only vote for "conservatives" which only brought MORE spending and regulation…nothing will change. Individuals have to learn that the evil concept of "altruism" is what energizes the Washington and state governments. As long as individuals are willing to sacrifice their values and money to the concept of "I am my brother's keeper"…nothing will change.

    14. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:


      The President went through the

      tax changes enacted just in these past few months, including:

      "1) The Making Work Pay credit for 95% of American families;

      2) allowing small businesses to

      offset their losses during this downturn

      against the income they’ve earned

      over the last five years;

      3) a $2,500 tax credit for all four years of college;

      4) the $8,000 for credit for first-time home buyers.

      He also made clear that while the tax code is being made right, the federal government will also do its part to tighten its belt, reiterating that his Administration has identified two trillion dollars in deficit-reductions over the next decade:

      "That’s why

      we’re cutting programs that don’t work,

      contracts that aren’t fair, and

      spending that we don’t need."


      We've made a clear promise

      that families that


      less than $250,000 a year

      will not see their taxes increase by a single dime.

      And we have kept to those promises that were made during the campaign.

      We've given tax relief

      to the Americans who need it and

      the workers who have earned it.

      And we're helping more Americans move towards their American Dream by

      going to school,

      owning a home,

      keeping their business and

      raising their family."

    15. Charles,Texas says:

      Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the local Tea Party. But my heart & prayers were and are with those who did. I guess I'm a Right Wing Extremist, since I believe in GOD,Family,the Constitution & I'm a vet. What the elite in D.C. don't get is that it "ISN'T THEIR MONEY" & we don't have a feudal system. I work to support my family, not to pay taxes. It's frustrating to no end to see people on the local news waiting for government assistance, complaining how tough things are, while obviously are eating better than most & have huge flat panel TV's or fingers laden with jewelry & need a translator. How many of us have continually worked way in excess of 40 hours a week & have seen the extra earnings disappear. To those who think that I didn't try to attend a Tea Party, I do medical field service & my service area is larger than most New England states. Don't get me started on healthcare!

    16. jim smith new york says:

      If Republican leadership ever awakens from its "fear coma", then real Americans who have attended Tea Parties, will have a basis for deposing this administration. We will all learn that this president really means to permanently separate many of us from our liberty and our money. Mainstream America is now under siege by its own government. You may be part of a group that our president views as extremist. Be careful.

    17. Dave, Ohio says:

      It is heart warming to see Obama's left wing extremists in the Dept of Homeland security show their true colors by accusing all the sectors of the U.S. society that are actively preserving the rule of Constitutional law and life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of being susceptible candidates for extreme right wing extreme violence. (Shades of Clinton accusing talk radio of producing the bomber Timothy McVeigh!) Of course no shred of supporting evidence was presented for such an outrageous accusation.

    18. Dorothy O'Neal, says:

      I am hopeful that Atlas is finally shrugging. The tea parties give me hope that finally altruism is finally being recognized for a philosophy that is fatally flawed and if followed can only bring destruction to our beloved nation. Our founding fathers were not altruists but believed in the indivual and his control over his own life, a far cry from our government now that wants to control every facet of our lives. Long live the tea parties and those with courage to try and retake our country from the socialist thugs now running it.

    19. mary genovese capacc says:

      our hands are tied. the only thing now aside from writing congress and voicing our frustration on blogs is to vote these bastards out in 2010.

    20. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      Mr. Taylor, you are correct in much of your statement, however, it was not Conservatives that instilled regulation and spending. Regulation is done by injecting the Government into something to control it. Conservatives do not want more Government, we want less. Conservatives deal with spending similar to how you budget your home; "If it is not there, you cannot have it!". Think of Conservatives more what the Founders were. They wanted a free People and a Government to protect them from adversaries. That is why they limited Government in the Constitution, not the People.

      Republicans, on the other hand, DO spend like water and agree with Government regulations and interference. What is unfortunate is most Conservatives are Republicans – there really is no other choice for us at this time.

      And the greatest change that every American can make RIGHT NOW is stop depending on the Government for what WE OURSELVES should be providing!

    21. johnna , Florida says:

      I thought the response of the "main-stream" media and the current administration was pretty clear,

      "Let them eat cake."

      For me it just highlights one of the main points of these tea-parties and that is that Washington is not listening. I hope what comes from this first round of demonstrations is the awakening of more and more democrats who will see for themselves the bias that exsists and ask themselves, "Why are they so afraid of reporting the news?" The answer will hopefully wake them up and rally more support for this movement.

    22. James W. Patterson, says:

      How is it the media ignores the fact that wealthy people are not ignorant? When most wealthy people are wealthy because they are highly educated, successful, and "smart"… how is it the media and Obama as well, assume the wealthy will simply assume financial responsibility for America? Rather than move their wealth and themselves offshore? How many have already vacated, or are about to… including Donald Trump?

    23. Adrienne, FL says:

      Those of us who are committed to sending a clear and constant message to the present administration and all those in government and in the liberal media who believe it is their right to control us through unfair and unjust "tax, borrow and spend" policies are ready to take the next steps. This is just the beginning of a huge grassroots movement to overwhelm big government and its media "stoolies". Just as the Civil Rights Movement, under the leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King, protested for freedom, we, the free citizens of the U.S. under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, will do the same. A "Million American Citizen Freedom March" on the Washington, D.C. Mall is one of our goals. We WILL OVERCOME AND WE WILL PREVAIL.

    24. Bob R Geologist, Tuc says:

      The "Tea Party" restored my wilting faith in American judgement. If Obama's party doesn't do an immediate 180 degree turn, we must have a special election to undo the harm our boobs created in last November's election.

    25. Ma'at Thoth, US says:

      "Tea Partyer's" TAKE NOTE:

      JULY 4TH 2009







    26. Joyce Nash, Magnolia says:

      My husband & I attended a "Tea Party" in El Dorado Arkansas. Amazingly, about 500 people showed up; some blue dog Dems, some Elephants,some independants. But all were voters and all were angry. Paul Begalla calling us "Whiners & radicals" while Office of Homeland Security had branded us possible terrorists for being white and Christian. Most folks knew about Cap & Trade, and health care reform and all were against spending any more dollars. I was impressed with the maturity, sanity( lacking nuerosis) that most people showed. Many business people, retired and church folks. I was sorry to hear this morning that the President was "unaware"of the events.

    27. Rabbett - Kailua, Ha says:

      Honolulu's Tea Party did pretty well. Probably a couple thousand folks during the 3 hour event. Tough place having it at the State Capitol during rush hour. Very little parking close by. I parked a mile away at the Blaisdell Center and walked down.

      I posted some photos here

    28. Nelia, Fountain Hill says:

      It would seem apathy may no longer be a condition of the silent majority. A sleeping giant has wakened thanks to the populace finally realizing their freedoms are gradually being eroded while the Federal government uses a financial downswing to empower themselves. Tea Parties are only the beginning of taking back our Constitutional rights. How long will it take for the Supreme Court to finally get involved?

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    30. Dwana Townsend says:

      In 1789 James Madison wrote:

      First, that there be prefixed to the constitution a declaration, that all power is originally rested in, and consequently derived from, the people.

      That Government is instituted and ought to be exercised for the benefit of the people; which consists in the enjoyment of life and liberty, with the right of acquiring and using property, and generally of pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety.

      That the people have an indubitable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to reform or change their Government, whenever it be found adverse or inadequate to the purposes of its institution

      In general this states that the power is with the people!! That its the governments responsibily to provide each individual the right to life, liberty (freedom), and safety!! The government is to work for the people!!! It clearly states that if WE THE PEOPLE find our government inadequate that we have every right to reform or change our present government.

      While I ponder these statements directly from our Bill of Rights, I do not believe in derailing our current constitution but instead using it as ammunition against the current administration for some of the statements, laws, bills being introduced, spending, and taxation as abuses of their power.

      The tea parties were a great success. Too bad the leftist media either ignored us or made fun of us. This is no laughing matter and frankly I am tired of being ignored. I have written many congressmen/women, as well as Senators, govenors, and the president himself and have only received 2 responses.

      So now the question is how do we keep the momentum going?? Is there a way to reform our current government by holding special congressional hearings by the people? What do we do now? 2010 elections are around the corner, but do we have time to wait. Do you think this has energized our Republican Party any? Should we form a new Party?

      Reforms I would like to see:






      I am sure many of you could add to this list. Strength is in numbers. Lets pass this around see what response we get. What do others want in the way of reform that will be beneficial to the welfare and sovereignty of our people, states, and country?

    31. Randy, Houston TX says:

      Barrack=Bad Business

    32. ella quinn kinston n says:

      I am proud of all of us who attended the tea parties, and also the ones who couldnot but were with us in spirit.We are all making a difference.We are all fed up with obama and his adiministration.I am looking forward to july 4th for the next one.Let us pray and be to one then.God wants us to stand up for our country.

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    34. Arnie Rosner, Founta says:

      Obama plan – A radical plan run by radicals

      Not in any essential order

      Create/expand an illusion of crisis

      Implement "emergency" measures

      Accelerate consolidation of power

      Government abuse – ignore the Constitution

      Immigration abuse – automatic insures majority

      Apply Alinsky’s rules for radicals

      Stifle free speech

      Ridicule and minimize dissent

      Expect selective IRS activities

      Fleece the sheep

      Redistribute the wool

      Bankrupt the country

      Place a yoke of burden on current and future citizens

      Insures continuation of government power

      Insure dependency on government

      Break the back of free will

      We are being duped


    35. P. J., Dayton, OH says:

      The Dayton Ohio tea party was great. Two speakers in particular brought tears to my eyes because they brought it home why we were there and why we have to fight on. We live in the greatest nation on Earth and we are losing its greatness because of the power that politicians so desperately desire. If there is greed in this country the worst of it is in the career politicians. And this feeling is only going to grow because the political machine in motion is going to try harder and harder to stop us.

    36. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      At the tea party that I attended, the most creative sign was awarded a small prize. The award winning poster sign was:"If I print money when I am out of it, it is counterfeit. If the federal govt. prints money when it is out of it, it is called stimulus"

    37. Howard Kingsbury, Se says:

      For the record and to all the liars out there who have said the folks behind the Tea Parties are bad people, big business, the rich, anarchists, dangerous veterans etc. We had a Tea Party and lots of folks who attended other Tea Parties have visited us since. This local Tea Party was inspired by a guest from the Concord Coalition on Knoxville’s AM talk show host Halloran Hilton Hill. They spoke of our nation’s debt of $11 Trillion and after a question stated the debt is already about $450,000 per working/tax paying household (to be doubled in the next 6-8 years). That was the catalyst for this low income, hopeful small business owner to organize an April 15 Tea Party. The people who came out and supported us prior, during and since are ordinary everyday people such as retired policemen, a seamstress, a South Korean Immigrant to knows and fears collectivism/socialism/communism and dictators, a housewife, an insurance agent, helicopter pilot, restaurant servers, elected officials, public service active and retired, retired military, photographer, retired Chaplin, and lots I’m forgetting or don’t know about. They drove used and very ordinary cars and trucks. Common bonds are they work or worked hard and long, pay taxes and are in the U.S. legally. They all prayed for and care about our nation, its people (all responsible Americans regardless of status) and our collective future. Only liars say Tea Party organizers and participants are anything but ordinary American Citizens fed up with being enslaved by government, criminals and the irresponsible. Wake up America. Don’t sit by idle while this once great nation is destroyed.

    38. duelles, Santa Fe, N says:

      I just listened to and watched the Links for tea parties. These were wonderful and I certainly would have been to the one here in Santa Fe, NM, the "city different" that makes San Francisco look Moderate, I f did not have work to go to. I have picked up a part time job in my retirement and thought it better to honor that commitment than than to express with Americans my disgust with the Gov't taxing and spending, about which I may be more passionate.

      Thank you to all who went out to participate. You made my day!

    39. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      In response to “Big Government Backlash Brewing”:

      Notice how, whether intentionally or unintentionally, “…the universal understanding that Americans will soon see their tax bills sky rocket to pay for the Obama administration’s big government plans" just happens to truly make no distinction between us taxpaying (U.S.) Americans on the basis of certain monetary income levels.

      Then there is the question, and the real world answer which truly answers it for every taxpayer, including “the rich”: "And who is going to pay for President Obama’s reinterpretation of ‘what the government can and should do’? American taxpayers. And not just the rich".

      After that comes: “But there is a limit to how much the tippy top should bear". No kidding! Especially since the top two percentages (10% and less) of wage-earners already pay a combined total of about 70% or more of such as the income tax bill

      Then comes such as the following: "President Obama has promised that taxes will not be increased for families making under $250,000. That is a promise that will probably have to be dropped down the road.”. Woops! "Down the road"!? All of us taxpaying (U.S.) Americans in the real world already know that not only have Obama and his accomplices and supporters moved their "no tax increase" number all over the place as it suits them, including significantly below "$250,000", but we in the real world already know that taxes are increasing against all Americans. Oh except, of course, the rather huge bottom percentage of Americans who, (thanks to the Left's Socialist "re-distributionism" and etc), already don't end-up paying income tax, or will end-up paying no income tax, including those who already do, or will, get so-called “checks from the government” which are not in fact paid by the government but are in fact paid for by the other percentages of us who do pay income tax, including the top two combined percentages of wage-earners who already pay 70% or more of the income tax bill!

      Beyond that there’s: "President Obama has already signaled that he will allow his stimulus tax cuts to expire in just two years". Hey! What "stimulus tax cuts"? The "dirty little secret" is that us taxpayers in the real world already know, or at least should, that we don't and won't see or get such truly “economy stimulating" so-called "tax cuts", exactly because the facts, all the way from families to the nation, will again reveal that another “Liberal” Administration and Congress, this time the Leftist Obama Administration and his Leftist Comrades controlling Congress have hatched another plan for so-called “tax cuts” designed to manipulate and mislead, very much like a mirage in the desert which may even be claimed as if it is real but is instead a false and misleading illusion.

      Finally there is: “He (Obama) wants to raise taxes on small businesses, on corporations, and on investors. Not to mention his plan to enact a Trillion dollar energy tax on all Americans"…Yeah…Never mind that the overwhelming majority of employers are small businesses; never mind that both large corporations (which are the minority of private businesses and present the minority of jobs compared to small businesses and corporations) and small corporations (which are among the majority of employers which are small businesses and present both the rest of real job creation and the overwhelming majority of jobs) are also the ones which generate the jobs, incomes, and tax receipts; plus, never mind that we are all "investors", including the ones who take the risks to invest in businesses, both large and small, and thus also help launch and support private businesses of all sizes, which are the ones which generate the revenues (including government tax receipts), which generate the real jobs, which also in turn generate real, sustainable growth, all of which also in turn generates incomes (including, again, more government tax receipts, and it goes on from there, ad infinitum.

      Oh, and as for: “Not to mention his (Obama’s) energy tax on all Americans”. That includes “the poor” who can least afford it and will be hurt the most by it, in terms of not only such lost income which they can afford to lose less than anybody else, but also, even worse, in terms of consequential losses of businesses, jobs, and opportunities for employment, all also as a consequence of such a certifiably economy damaging tax which is of misleading, at best, benefit to “the environment”.

      The continually historically repeated and proven fact is that increasing taxes against businesses (whether large or small), corporations, and investors, altogether has been, is, and will be a disincentive against businesses and jobs, with negative effects on everybody and everything, including economic activity; businesses and jobs; business and job creation, and thus has, does, and will also decrease instead of increase government tax receipts. Even President John F. Kennedy understood this as he said that significantly cutting tax rates has the effect of increasing rather than decreasing government revenue receipts”, and, for neither the first nor the last time since then, the tax cuts of 1964 proceeded to prove him right.

      Oh but of course now the Left is dedicated to denying, twisting and turning such facts in order for them to demagogue and pander, denounce and villainize, both any and all real tax cuts, and anyone who supports them, as if they’re only tax cuts for (quote) “the rich”, our Constitutional freedoms and free enterprise private employers, and alternately deny or make excuses, as it suits their agenda, for their antics and machinations which cause, through their increasing taxes, etc, the adverse effects and disincentives as those described above.

      Indeed the fact is that all such antics and machinations by the Left are, as a consequence, a root cause of both current and foreseeable future loss of both private businesses and private jobs, and even more massive increases in government employment, and thus also dependence upon politicians and bureaucrats for government employment, which is exactly what such politicians and bureaucrats want!

    40. PJ, Mississippi says:

      I was saddened by the coverage that CNN aired. By trying to make us out to be the boogeyman, she showed the nation the blantant media bias that is going on in this country, but what upset me the most was that our Speaker of the House was also derisive and dismissive of this movement. The Left believes that big money conservatives are paying for this and they got it so wrong. This is a true movement one built on a common cause, Standing up for our principles and values of limited government, free markets, and the Liberty of the people. Big government stagnates the growth of a country where as free markets promote growth. yes there are many people who are frauds and we have come to expect that. But that is what the SEC, The Fed, the Treasury and the FDIC are for. And these groups dropped the ball. If they were enforcing the laws already on the books, this would have never come to fruition. The congress had to go and repeal the Glass Stegall Act and that led to out of control borrowing. People got into situations that they could not afford. Both parties need to wise up. The media needs to wise up and come July 4th the biggest tea party in the nation will occur in a peaceful, well thought out protest that any family will be able to bring their children and grandchildren do. I was so appreciative of the coverage that Fox did on this and I just loved the fact that they noticed that our little babies, toddlers, and children were so well behaved. I am proud to call myself an American and for this news agency to point out that our children are so well behaved just shows how the parents of these children know where they stand on their values and principles.

      Getting our children involved in their government and what our country is about is the key thing to saving this country. We must seek to dispel the induction of the liberal teachings that our schools seek to brainwash our children with. We must teach them to seek truth and not opinion and to be able to back up thoughts with facts.

      May all of you have a great weekend and keep up the good work. You all make me proud to live in this great country.

    41. michael hutchings says:






    42. tom coal valley,il says:

      it is interesting that this grass roots movement is being attacked by the left as nothing but a bunch malcontents against the government. they are right and we need to keep the ball rolling against this government of the government by the government for the government. another thing this viscious attack by Napilantano and home land security should not be tolerated by the people of this country. the veterans of this country have sacrificed greatly for this country only to be attacked by the america hating barack obama and his socialist shills.

    43. Mike, Hickory, NC says:

      "vote our 'republicrats', they go over the side first, they are massive frauds".

      Close, but not quite on target.

      First of all, yes, the Republicans who won back Congress in '94, then promptly "took a dive" (a fight term meaning "lost the fight on purpose") in the first round of name-calling in '95 by the Left, and stayed there, terrified of being called names, whenever they weren't spending like drunken Sailorcrats trying to stop the Left's calling them names (as if we're supposed to never mind that wouldn't and didn't work)…which is exactly what got them "fired" practically en-masse and the Democrat Left back in control of Congress.

      However! Now there are not enough Republicans, whether "Leftist" or "Conservative", to stop the Democrat Left anyway, and both we and the Left know it.

      At the same time, for too long now both the Democrat Party and the Republican Party are both controlled by government elitists/statists, all of whom must be recalled now or voted out of office as soon as possible, and their Leftist accomplices and flunkies overwhelmed and stopped, by those of us whom the Constitution identifies as "We, the People".

      So, the first priority is to get both the Democrat Left out of control of Congress, and any remaining turncoat so-called "Progressive/Liberal" and so-called "Moderate Middle-of-the-road (Roadkill)" Republicans "out on their ear" with them, so that we can then proceed to save from the committed Socialist Left what remains of our freedoms, resources, and security.

    44. Barb -mn says:

      We had a great time at our tea party. Picture this: thousands in front of our state capitol. A helicopter circling the area. The spokes person, Sue Jeffers tells everyone to turn around and wave! WE DID!! I picture it to be absolutely hysterical. There was a showing from the helicopter on local media, not this part! hahahaaha. The media doesn't want to show how peaceful and fun-loving we are. hahhahahahaha

      Sue Jeffers is a wonderful conservative person who ran for governor a while back. Had I known her like I know her today, she would've definitely had gotten all the votes from our household!

    45. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      The mainstream media are trying to make fools of us all. Vote with your Dollars. Do not Buy ANYTHING that advertizes on media that insist on telling lies.

    46. Roy Reed, Las Vegas says:


    47. Roy Reed, Las Vegas says:


    48. Ieslzdbn says:

      mgJQWC comment2 ,

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