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  • Tea Party Update: Rush Limbaugh


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    43 Responses to Tea Party Update: Rush Limbaugh

    1. Findlay, Ohio says:

      We had a great turnout despite the rain and cold weather. We had between 300 and 400 patriots show up for The tea party.

    2. Barb -mn says:

      Rush is an inspiration to freedom. And the work it takes to achieve the American Dream without his hand being held. They audit him discriminatively so you know he pays his taxes. He's a law abiding citizen who speaks truth. Something the government refuses to comprehend or speak. Rush is awesome! We love you, Rush!

    3. Conni, Abilene Texas says:

      Our tea party was a huge success! We had a little over 1000 people at our evening rally. We also had about 200 at our noon rally. People are fired up!

    4. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      The Left is afraid of a three hour, five day a week radio program? Why? What can Rush do to them? He has no vote in Congress or The Senate! He cannot filibuster bills or put forth proposals on the Hill! He is a radio celebrity not The President! All of these people in Power (the power the WE give them) are afraid of private citizen?

      This just shows you that those in Power are scared of their jobs! They know that people like Rush tell us what is REALLY happening and leave it to us to look for ourselves. They know that people like Rush have the concept of what the Republic of America is really about and he explains that to people every day! This scares the Left because WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DEPENDANT ON THEM AND NOT OURSELVES!

      The Tea Parties showed the Left that The People are not in favor of the present ideas and policies and that is very, VERY upsetting to the Left! Be careful though, for when you scare an animal, they do strange things! Let's see what the Left has to say in response to The People's outrage!

    5. PAULA SNOW says:


    6. Michael, Fort Myers, says:

      We had 3000 in Fort Myers and another 1500 in Naples, Fl. People really don't know just how large the tea parties were yesterday.

    7. Steve, Rutherford NJ says:

      The fact that these Tea Partys were individually organized and followed their own local format puts the lie to any "right-wing organization". I attended yesterday's event in Morristown, NJ, and I'm sure that it was unlike the 500 or so others around the country. Turnout was about 500 people carrying many signs of discontent.

    8. Sharon, Lubbock, TX says:

      We had approx 1500 in attendance at the Lubbock Tea Party! Nationwide the numbers must be huge! We the people are tired of government excess. Let's not lose the energy of the moment!

    9. Alan, Augusta, GA says:

      2,000 in our little city of Augusta. How cool to be surrounded by so many Americans that actually care about our country!!

    10. Woodbridge, Virginia says:

      As usual, RUSH IS RIGHT!!

    11. Karen, Vero Beach Fl says:

      we had 3,000+ and then in St Lucie County- a roadside demonstration added up to 70+

      Americans gathering to display discontent with our govt!! Hooray for the Constitution and our VETERANS ! WE are proud -not arrogant!!

    12. Lori, Boise, Idaho says:

      We had 2500+ in Boise. Pulled my kids out of school to take them to the tea party and pork lunch. People are fed up with the over reaching government and out of control spending (printing of money) and ignoring the constitution.

    13. Carol Trenton NJ says:

      My husband and I were at the Tea Party in Trenton NJ. The crowed was enthusiastic and attentive to all the speakers. There were all ages represented. It was bitterly cold and raining. Obviously many people are concerned about the direction in which this country is being taken. Hopefully this day will inspire more to pay attention and contact their representatives and let them know we expect them to act on the behalf of desires of the people they serve.

    14. Richard Phoenix AZ says:

      There was a sizable turnout my guess would be in the thousands at the State Capitol in Phoenix. Interestingly was covered by all the media but they were very quiet about the location and time prior to the actual event. Will be interesting to see the comments.

    15. Kathleen Newberry, E says:

      I attended a "Tea Party" in Annpolis, Maryland. It was cold & rainy, but our spirits were high! We had AT LEAST 1500 people, but the local media didn't cover it. There were many other tea parties throughout Maryland, but they, too weren't covered OR down-played by the media. Pathetic. We need to let the media know what we think of them, too! Keep the faith! This is JUST THE BEGINNING of TAKING BACK OUR BELOVED COUNTRY! Perhaps a "March on Washington" 4th of July???

    16. Morris; Texas says:

      I attened the TEA party in Austin, Texas yesterday. We had over 5000 in attendance. The TEA party met on the South steps of the capitol and then marched eleven blocks down Congress Ave. to the river and reenacted the Boston Tea party.

    17. Gail, MD says:

      This is just the beginning, we will not be stiffled. We are will to stay the way.

      I couldn't believe my ear when I heard the left media slashing our returning Vetrans, Rush, what can we do about that.

    18. Jamie says:

      Here in Salem, Oregon we had expected at least 900 people but our estimates from the pictures we took and the sign in sheets we had there, we had around 3,500 people come to the Capital, while our representatives were in session. They opened the windows to listen to our speakers and the crowd we had was really enthusiastic! We left the place clean and tidy, better than it was when we came. We left with more supporters that had been driving by, honking and screaming support, some who found parking and walked back to join up. It was exhilerating and fantastic! Portland saw thousands as well, and other smaller communities around Oregon that had turn out that surprised even the organizers that had little to no time to get this off the ground. Thanks for all those that showed up and stood shoulder to shoulder yesterday! Welcome back America!

    19. Debbie, Ukiah CA (1 says:

      Good Morning……I love in a town of 15,000+ people. We were thrilled to have 100+ people come downtown in from of our local courthouse. We had LOTS of support from passing cars. I'll have to take back what I've said in the 24 years we have lived here "We live in the land where Liberals reign supreme". Glenn is right, we are NOT alone, even here. The crowd was respectful and so were the passers-by. The signs were direct but tasteful. Someone brought a huge brown box made with slats and put the word "Tea" on one side. Even folks who had moved away from here, came back to be here for the event. It was an exhilarating. We had "God Bless the USA" and "God Bless America" playing on a CD player. It felt more productive than voting. It made you feel "heard". The conversation with all the other folks was refreshing. Stay motivated everyone!!! God Bless us all as we move forward!

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    21. rich, st louis mo says:

      Here in St Louis the park service estimated us at between 6000to7000. NO politicians were allowed to speak and we had no national figures on hand. The middle of America can change the world. No violence, not a single broken window,Just our common sense and the power of the vote. We can do this

    22. Chass, New Orleans says:

      The initial tea parties for New Orleans (held in Metairie) had over 3,000 people and nearby Covington, LA, a town of 7,000 had over 1,000 people attend. Interestingly, the democratic mayor of Covington had the bathrooms and power turned off at the site so organizers had to bring in generators to power the PA system and band.

      This is a true grassroots movement and I urge everyone to continue to participate.

    23. shadowwarrior says:

      There is no room for doubt or reservation, the left, beginning at the white house and to each elected leftist offical and the co conspiritor media made every effort to trash the Tea Party concept and those of us who use our liberty to oppose the rise of socialism and hostile take over of our nation. We donot mind paying our fair share, but we the middle class carry the load for the free loaders. Enough is enough and enough is too much.

      Those who oppose what obama and his radical agenda of change and vocalize their opposition are now tag with being right wing extremists. Even lableing our veterans as the same. This is evidnce of their desire to silence all who oppose their agenda.

      Rush, Hannity and Levin are right on.

    24. Jan in Westland Mich says:

      I attended the Tea Party in Lansing, Michigan with two friends.

      Michigan is a liberal state but at this one Tea Party it is

      reported 4000 to 5000 attended. There were others through out

      the state but I am unable to locate the attendance.

      It was awesome!! People were patient, kind, great signs and

      lots of flags. Upon leaving with many cars filling the streets

      there was again, patience and consideration, allowing other

      cars to merge into traffic. Even a semi-truck pulled onto the

      shoulder on the road to allow the long stream of cars to merge.

    25. Kathryn in Colleyvil says:

      Our local meetup group in DFW mid city area attended Dallas Tea Party. 100 of our members took the train into Dallas while the rest attended in Arlington, Fort Worth, and Southlake. Phillip did a great job organizing Dallas. Around 4000-5000 attendees according to police estimate. Wow! Power to the Peole!

    26. Gina, Blue Ridge, GA says:

      Blue Ridge is a small community in the N. GA mountains. Approximately 100 people turned out for our Tea Party, which is great considering this was pulled together only 3 days before. Think what we could have done with more notice. We are planning another for Memorial Day and possibly Flag Day and the 4th of July. We can't lose the momentum if we are to be taken seriously.

    27. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      The importance of yesterday’s “Tea Party” is that it not become yesterday’s news. The momentum must keep going, Memmorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Presidents Day, and at every opportunity! And more needs to be added to it, any and all ideas.

    28. Jacki, Pacific Grove says:

      Go to youtube and type in Monterey Tea Party…..it was absolutely the best breath of air I've had since the horrific spending spree started. We are not alone Rush. And the come back is so arrogant and smug from the left. Many Americans can see that clearly on this little video. We will be heard.

    29. claire pope says:

      I live in a small town in Florida and we had atleast 3000 there. I think that over a 2000 tea parties were held on the 15th and more are planned. WE HAVE ONLY JUST THE BEGGINING

    30. Ireland says:

      We had about 10,000 and as it started getting darker another 3,000 to 5,000 were added. Thanks to all of you who came out to protect our Country from the career politicians in both parties who believe they own this Country. They Don't! We do and their gonna get their pink slips soon and know what it's like being on the unemployment line. Nancy can get another facelift because her frown left wrinkles around the mouth.

    31. Al, The Villages, Fl says:

      We are, indeed, not alone. The tea parties were a hugh success. They were organized by ordinary people, without a central organization or Geo Soros funding sponsor. This was America, most likely the silent majority/middle class folks of America. It won't end here. President Obama and his administration, along with the dems in congress, have tried to force a progressive government down our throats for power and "damn the concerns of debt ahead". The people will not stand for it. Enough will vote the dems out, starting in 2010 to stop the Obama express. If the repubicans stand up for conservative values and put together a credible plan to address job creation, tax code, illegal immigration, energy and how to get the economy going again, they will regain the congress. To be successful, they will have to emphasize traditional values and what they see ahead for health care & fixing social security as well. This means they have to do some thinking and be prepared to provide plain speaking to counter the left propaganda but the people will listen to common sense, plain speaking. There are plenty of ideas out there and support from Newt and the Herritage Foundation to get it done. Put together a good plan and let the Limbaugh,Hannity,Boortz et al get the word out and start the debates. Truth and a plan that is looking out for the people will drown out the left propaganda.

    32. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      I can envision this happening at every Holiday for

      the rest of the Year,thus allowing for Political

      Targeting of Many Incumbents!

      We have written these people and they talk down to us and continue to vote for more Spending and

      their own Agenda's!They have no credibility and

      are annoyed by our Questioning of their motives

      to allow Amnesty,Special pet projects like Gun

      Registration,giving People that Pay no Taxes a

      Tax Credit,Spreading Our Wealth to those that do

      nothing for the Country or Economy!

      Allowing Welfare back in without Restrictions or

      little Rules!These people will never leave it un-

      less we give them the Incentive to Join the Work-


      Politicians that Speak badly of America need to be Charged Deriliction of Duty,while in office

      and removed from the Position they took an Oath

      to serve!These people are Public Servants that

      have forgotten where they came from!If you doubt

      what I say, listen to Nancy Pelosi,Reid and Barney

      Frank!These people are very Rude and Evasive!Is

      this what we want in Government?

      Levin and Stabenow are two Party liners who have

      done Great damage to Our Country!

      We should be compiling lists of these people who

      have turned on America!

    33. LN Shapely, Seattle says:

      1200 in Seattle (embarrassing for a city of this size…very PC liberal…)

      1200 in NEW BERN, NC reported by the New Bern SunJournal

      (a town of 23,000!)

      4-5000 in Olympia, WA , the state's capitol

    34. candyrose ny says:

      I attended the TEA PARTY in upstate new york and I am very glad I did. A couple of thousand people were there. It was very emotional, love and pride for our wondefull country the USA. We have to bring it back. WE the conservatives, the ones that love AMERICA THE GREAT have to continue to participate in the rescue, for many want to destroy it and they are moving very fast. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS AND HELP US

    35. Paul TN says:

      I have been a die-hard Republican since Eisenhower, and I know what our party stands for as well as anybody else. Our platform has never required that to be a good member, I must spit out insults, half-truths and flat-out lies. That Bullfrog Limbug and that snotty Coulter woman do NOT speak for me. Tell me the name of any respected, patriotic Republican who has ever exhibited such acid-tongue word-peddling.

      Paul in TN

    36. Paul TN says:

      Coulter and Limbug sure do not speak for this old Republican (since Eisenhower). I do not need to be told what to think !!


    37. Sarah, Iowa says:

      Went to the Dubuque, IA Tax Day Tea Party both at noon and after 3pm and for a town full of Democrats, there were approx. 200 total. Let me say that we were NOT all conservatives or republicans attending. There were also democrats, libertarians, and independents. It was a beautiful spring day, and the speakers were excellent! Most encouraging were the busy streets of traffic surrounding the park where SO MANY drivers (who couldn't get off work) honked their horns in support. Yes, this movement will grow.

    38. Earl, Queens, NY says:

      I did attend the tea party in NYC on 4/15/09 at City Hall, although I did not stay late enough to hear Newt Gingrich. Tea parties are great!! But why just on April 15th? Why not more frequently, especially as we approach elections? American voters need to be informed – that elections have consequences, and the 2010 and 2012 elections are our best hope of correcting the big mistakes made in the 2006 and 2008 elections. Likewise, the theme should go beyond “Taxed Enough Already”. I.e., with the democraps in power, our 1st and 2nd amendment rights are in jeopardy. Not to mention the threat to our economy and freedom from the global warming scammers. One of the signs I’m working on is bilingual: “Solo diga que ‘ NO’ a los chiflados ambientalistas” / “Just say no to the environmentalist wackos”.

    39. Ekim Burlington, Ill says:

      I am so discouraged by our nation's descent into government of/by/for the bureaucrats, idealogues and authoritarian power-seekers, plus people too easily distracted by bread-and-circus frivolity.

      Even so, I am encouraged by what the tea parties represent. People are waking up. Let's pray it's not too late.

      I have yard signs and other ideas – not just for tea parties, but

      to get the message out in a memorable way. http :www.teaandliberty.com

      Pray for God's grace on America. We'll need it. Those who went to such heroic, faithful and selfless lengths to build this great nation deserve our best effort to preserve it.

    40. Tom Seay says:

      Now that the 4th has come and gone, let's not forget we have Labor Day on Sept. 7th, a perfect day for another Tea Party. While I live in South Carolina, I hope people all over the U.S. will plan and participate in Tea parties throughout the nation on Labor Day.

    41. Eric Epifano says:

      This is an open letter to all “Taxed Enough Already” Tea Party organizations across America. I come to you with a unifying solution from the mouths of our Founding Fathers. These historic visionaries purposely made revolution exceedingly simple to achieve. No blood, no guns, just a unified people armed with a simple directive to remove all incumbents from the House of Representatives – in one election.

      The Federalist Papers establish the mechanism that is clearly explained by the authors of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. A mechanism made available by our Founders to correct a disastrous situation on a single day. It’s what we have all been talking about – a “complete dissolution” of the United States House of Representatives in “one election” as a cure for “the diseases of faction”.

      The 21st Century American Patriot is a recently published book that provides the specific instructions to employ this method as detailed by Alexander Hamilton. It is a quick read (104 pages), clearly written and currently available on Amazon.com. No political point is made here (other than a call for fiscal responsibility) and the words democrat, republican, liberal and conservative appear nowhere in the book as it is purposely non-partisan.

      The recent national convention has once again placed the spotlight on the Tea Party movement and now the movement must focus its aim and solidify its message. We will lean on our Founding Fathers for constitutional legitimacy and dare those who question our motives to contradict these great men.

      This Tea Party movement has brought Americans together like never before to combat the corrupting effects of the power concentrated in Washington D.C. that has pilfered our nation’s wealth. We must seize our moment in history and create nationwide unity by establishing a manual to coordinate and synchronize the message. The massive broadcast media structure and smarter-than-you political pundits are licking their collective chops waiting for this movement to falter and splinter from within. Do not give them the satisfaction – our time is now and we can take the offensive by coming together behind a clearly articulated directive – as our Founders intended.

      The 21st Century American Patriot will answer all the questions, provide all the reasons and give specific instructions for the masses to execute this constitutionally based provision to preserve the blessings of liberty. This book was written to serve this purpose for this movement and I promise that you will completely agree with what is written on every single page (unless you work for the government).


    42. Bob Logan, New York, says:

      Get the "yes" wimps out of Congress. I have the support of my friends to do the following in the November PRIMARY ELECTIONS. All of the Independents and Republicans will declare themselves as Democrats. They will know which Democrat voted YES and vote for their oppenent in the Democratic Primary. The 'YES" voters will not win the primary and will not run in the General Election.


      If this is read and reviewed I would like to hear from you. I am pusuing this and will be contacting other sympathic organizations, of course if you do this I can just deal with the local wimpy "YES" representatives.

    43. Geoff, Allentown, Pe says:

      I am amazed how often George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are cited on talk radio when clearly they and most of our other founding fathers would be disgusted by the neanderthal rhetoric that's being passed off in their names. Lies, half-truths, arguments ad hominem and the like were not their style, and in fact, in their day, they suffered from a fair bit of that themselves. I also believe they would be delighted to meet people like John McCain, Barrack Obama, Ronald Reagan, Ron Paul, and among others, Arlen Specter, but wouldn't give the time of day to Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, or their for-lack-of-a-more-viable-poster-child, Sarah Palin. Of course, I have no problem with anyone listening to these windbags, but hope that listeners would also seek out some opposing opinions. A good place to start: governmentisgood.com. The idea that government is bad, in my view, is part of a nihilistic political ploy intended to destroy people's confidence in all institutions and with that all sense of security and civility. Our families and churches are important, absolutely. So too is our society.

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