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  • Tea Party Update: Olympia, WA

    Here is a picture of the crowd in Olympia, Washington courtesy of Trent England.  Not small.olympiawa

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    25 Responses to Tea Party Update: Olympia, WA

    1. Nancy, Puyallup says:

      Wow great job everyone, wish I could have joined you

    2. Marcia Becker says:

      The Olympia Tea Party was fantastic!! Great speakers. Thanks to everyone who organized or sponsored this rally. It was an inspiration to keep our representatives feet to the fire. WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN! NO MORE PORK!

    3. Trent England, Olymp says:

      Our Washington State Patrol tells us we had about 5,000 people. A long-time state worker quoted in one of the news reports suggested this may have been the biggest political rally ever held on our capitol steps.

    4. Hardstarboard says:

      Nancy, that picture must have been taken early.

      We had a WA State Patrolman that wandered by at the height of the Tea Party and estimated the

      crowd at between 3000 and 3500. His partner looked around and silently indicated "More" with

      a thumbs up.

      It was a great event. Very upbeat crowd. Sorry you missed it. The politicians got a big message today!!

    5. Randy Lake Tapps says:

      Not even as big as a small Obama ralley

    6. Randy Lake Tapps says:

      Not nearly the size of Obamma events. It seems childish to attack all taxes across the board. Is there any that are offensive ? I belive that better planning and a better plot than tea bags.. I know Obamma is going to outlaw any more automatic weapons.

      Maybe we should show our guns to everyone !

    7. Andrea, Puyallup says:

      I was there and it was AWESOME!!! Speak up and be heard!!!!

    8. Tristan Benz says:

      We were there – our sign read: "Remember Your OATH?! To Protect and Defend the CONSTITUTION."

      T-shirt read, "YOU our Public Servants have solemnly sworn to Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America."

      Incredible – 5,000 for sure! This isn't just about what we're spending NOW – it's about what our CHILDREN UNBORN are spending, tomorrow. This is a Non-Partisan issue – R & D does not make us American – and the Constitution is NONPARTISAN.

      See my blog post – VERY PROUD of Idaho Public Servants! http://tristansepinion.blogspot.com/2009/04/our-w

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    10. Darrell Wenzek, Whid says:

      I keep hearing from liberals that these tea rallies are just a bunch of unpatriotic winers crying out about paying their taxes. For me and many I know, this is not ther case. We are crying out about our abusive, irresponsible, tyrannical government that has ceased to listen to we the people.

    11. Kathleen Newberry, E says:

      Keep the faith and do NOT give up! We CAN make a difference! Perhaps a "March on Washington" 4th of July???

    12. Jerome Zacny says:

      To Randy, Lake Tapps – I hope you are a beer drinker, Randy. Washington State is going to increase the tax on a barrel of beer by 1,900%. That's right, one-thousand and nine-hundred percent.

      Do your patriotic duty, drink up and pay those taxes. Us whiners are all depending on you.

    13. Art, Olympia says:

      The only rally I've ever been to and, certainly, an enlightining experience. To me, this wasn't just a gathering of like minded people expressing their concern about taxes going out of sight, it was about the power people have to make changes in government when the power of government gets, out of hand. Wake up America! Our constitution, our soverinty, is at more risk today then in any other time in our great nations history

    14. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Taxation without representation! That is what the first tea party was about, and that is what this one was about.

      It seems that we have all forgotten that all those people we have elcted to go to Washington D.C. are no more intelligent than you nor no moe clued in than you. Just ordinary everyday Americans like you and I, who just happened to want to run for an office, on the promise of representing you, your wants, needs and desires. Seems that they all forget once they get there!

      They forget that this is a Republic and not a Democracy. They think that they know what is best for you even if it is contrary to your needs. They explain away broken promises with practiced words until you almost believe you did not need what you asked for in the first place.

      They explain themselves so well that we keep re-electing them year after year, and expect differnt results. Who's at fault? We are, and we have to stop. Yesterday was a good start, and it needs to keep rolling. "They work for us!"


    15. Larry , Gig Harbor says:

      Great Job Everyone! Keep up the momentum..

      Send all the lawmakers a tea bag!!

      This is a grassroots movement! Its not that taxes are evil, its just that no one seems to be monitoring where the tax dollars go. The excessive life style of elected officials is out of control. They love the power and the pork, its like an addiction! They can't stop using tax money for their own purposes..

      We have to communicate with them in a dramatic way, and tea parties seem to be a great method!

    16. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      This is the People speaking to any Politicians that want to Tax and Enlarge Government!We will

      be there!

    17. Barb -mn says:

      These tea parties, Randy, were not run by corruption. Nor cost us anything we didn't have the freedom to choose to pay. The people that were there, were there for sincere common interest of mankind. Unlike Obama and his misleading, exaggerating events… Everybody understood every word spoken.

      Nothing coded like Obama's "hope and change." No game playing like Obama's reluctancy to tell the truth. Happy to steal needlessly. Let's not forgot the one, most important requirement he failed to possess… his original birth certificate. An important requirement necessary to keep this country under the leadership of people who know and respect the principles and the strength of her people. Those responsible to confirm his original birth certificate, failed to do their job while still collecting a pay check.

      Arrests to be made…

    18. Jeff, Spokane, WA says:

      See pics from Spokane Tea Party here
      Thank you all for your support for Liberty!

    19. evelyn, lebanon, ore says:

      Way to go everyone!!!

    20. Maddie Sager-Wasilla says:

      It's so encouraging to hear about the tea parties all over the USA! Our tea party in Wasilla(Sarah Palin's home town) was awesome. We had about 1500 people there. What a patriotic gathering of people. It was more than protesting of high taxes . It was about freedom of speech, and the fundamental principles that our forefathers understood.It is against tyranny and despotism and for freedoms that were paid for dearly by our service men and women.-sincerely, Madeline Sager

    21. Tony, Federal Way says:

      I was at the Olympia rally; it was great! I can't wait for the next one!

    22. Barbara, South Dakot says:

      To Randy- It is apparent that you went to school in the National Government Education system. Check your second email for spelling with Mr. Webster.

    23. Josh, Fort Worth, Te says:

      Can't make it to Washington, DC? Join us downtown Fort Worth, Texas on Sept 12, 2009 as we exercise our right to peaceably assemble and redress our griefs against the federal government. The keynote speaker for the 912 March & Rally is Judge Andrew Napolitano. We're are hoping to make this the largest march / rally on Sept 12, second to the one in Washington, DC. Find out more at http://912ftw.org/march.

    24. Robert L. Crocker Ch says:

      Thanks for your great coverage of the Olympia Tea party.

      Just wanted to let you know that we are now on

      Twitter @olympiateaparty

      Facebook Group "Olympia Tea party"


      wordpress "http://olympiateaparty.wordpress.com

      Let's stay in touch.

    25. terry mason says:

      To all Political Parties:

      I have looked at the bill to finance Armed forces and how can you people look at yourself and say that you support the troops in the military fighting for our freedom for our safety and security and yet you tax on all these garbage things that you push through.

      If anybody votes for this bill to pass, they are pulling the biggest con on american people since the health care bill.

      Thank you,

      Terry L. Mason

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