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  • Tea Party Update: CNN in Chicago


    Posted in Ongoing Priorities [slideshow_deploy]

    41 Responses to Tea Party Update: CNN in Chicago

    1. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Typical leftist media propaganda. They're not interested in hearing what Americans have to say about the Beltway demagogues destructive wasteful spending spree. CNN's reporter and anchor apparently find more pleasure in mockery of the Tea Party's participants.

    2. Marilyn Nehring, Oca says:

      Why is CNN trying to discredit honest American's who are having a peaceful protest against unfair taxation and government intervention in the lives of its citizens? She was combative with the gentleman and needs to leave — not because the content is unfit for family viewing, but because she is biased in her reporting.

    3. Michael in O.C. says:

      As if there were any doubt, more proof that CNN tilts to the left, completely dismissing and mis-characterizing the people and the protest at the tea party. What a bunch of elite idiots.

    4. patricia kulasik pal says:

      I was at the Chicago Tea Party today, April 15, and saw nothing like this happen. Obviously, this left winger needed something to patch back to CNN, so she shouted in this man's face who is trying to explain that Lincoln's stance that he was working for the people is definitely NOT what Obama is about. Where does this broad get the idea this is only about taxes. Increased out of control taxes and spending with no representation is part of big government. If we are going to address big taxes, we also have to address big government. I wish CNN had stayed home. The only person worth watching is Lou Dobbs.

    5. patricia kulasik pal says:

      Where does this reporter get the idea this is only about taxes. I was very impressed with the behavior at the Chicago Tea Party today. If this is any indicator of CNN's behavior, they should not report. Definitely was not unbiased.

    6. Craig, Chicago, IL says:

      "Did you know that the Land Of Lincoln gets $50 Billion out of the stimulus?"

      How is that the point lady? What good is $50 Billion dollars when you turn on the printing presses and create money out of thin air? What good is this money to Illinois when you have politicians like Daley who privatize public property like parking meters for huge sums of money? What good is it when Daley and Cook County in particular can't be troubled to fix potholes that the IOC won't see and that didn't want to spend money to plow side streets during the Winter?

      Chicago and the State of Illinois take plenty of money in every year. The problem is, they have machine politicians that squander the money and then cry broke. Take a lesson on the way things REALLY work in Illinois lady.

    7. Dee, Idaho says:

      CNN doesn't tilt to the left, they ARE the left. The way that reporter behaved–and the silly woman who followed her–proves that they have no desire to honestly hear people and their concerns, but to merely set them up to further their own agenda. The left loves freedom of speech—until they disagree with it!

    8. Barb -mn says:


    9. sonny bruce/memphis says:

      Maybe the CNN reporter would have been more interested in an anti bush rally.Their bias is showing again….

    10. sonny bruce/memphis says:

      Maybe the CNN reporter would have been more interested in an anti bush rally.Their bias is showing again….She also seems to be busy telling him about the bribe for his state and can't understand why he can't be bought…..????

    11. juandos says:

      Did anyone else find the reporters statement that the state of Lincoln was getting some many millions of stimulus dollars just incredibly inane?

      I mean where does that supposed reporter think that money comes from?

    12. freedomwanted,atlant says:

      I am very appreciative of Fox news. They were not bias and did what the news should do: report the news. Kudos to Fox. Also, thank you to all the true Americans that attended the Tea parties! Use our right to freedom of speach before it is taken away, too.

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    14. di-lee, jacksonville says:

      It was the mocking, demeaning media attitude toward the TEA Parties that motivated me off my lazy behind to actually attend the one in JAX, FL. Having participated in it, and finding it very patriotic, peaceful, and welcoming, I am utterly shocked at the way CNN portrayed them. I've never before been involved in politics outside of voting, but now I'll definitely be attending every TEA Party in my area. I look forward to seeing if more generally complacent folks like me will be jolted off the couch.

    15. Denise, IL says:

      I was appalled at CNN's coverage, wrote them a note to that effect (not that they care) and advised them to change their name to Pravda2. It'd be more fitting for them.

    16. Ron Thompson says:

      The CNN in report reflects the caliber of reporter the main stream media now employees! Arrogant, coolaid drinking, purely bias and short on any intellectual thinking or reason. Oh ya! self serving also! And we are supposed to believe what they are reporting! Even standing there they can't get it right!

    17. Steve NH says:

      I was at a tea party and it was made up of All walks of life nothing like what the main stream media portrayed. This was a first for me and I too found it extremly peaceful, Friendly and Uplifitng that is what the left hates the most that it did not turn Violent as they predicted or hope it would. Unlike how the left protest it's always angry and mean. Kudos to all thos AMERICANS who stood up for our rights don't let it stop here

    18. rae, Pittsburgh, P says:

      I was under the impression reporters are supposed to REPORT the news, not create or be a part of it. Perhaps CNN should review Journalism 101.

    19. deedee, santa cruz, says:

      Santa Cruz, one of the most liberal towns in the USA, had a surprisingly large Tea Party turnout of Democrats, Republicans and Independents. And quite a lot people driving by who were in agreement with our signs.

    20. Bob Loro Chicago says:

      What a rude uniformed narrow minded moron. Her parents obviously never taught her not to interupt people who are talking. Shame on them! I was there along with part of the other 10 % of the people that pay 73% of all the taxes in this country. This paranoid liberal media person should just go away. Why isn't she reporting on all the Obama administration truths. Probably because that would make main stream media look like the hoofs that they are.

    21. Jerome Zacny says:

      If there was ever a doubt of media bias in reporting, one need look no further that the hatchet job that CNN "reporter" Susan Roesgen tried to do on a Tea Party participant yesterday. Before the man could complete a sentence of his response to her question of "Why are you here today", she interrupted the man shouting repeatedly shouting "What has that got to do with taxes?". She wouldn't let the man respond to the question and kept trying to talk over him. Ultimately, she retreated from that 'interview', turned to her camera man and reported to the world that this was definitely an anti-government, anti-CNN crowd of right wing extremists.

      She didn't like the man's answer, so she shouts him down and turns away to defend the poor government and poor CNN (the real victims here)

      and attacks the protesters as a bunch of extremist


      If not for Fox News, coverage of these protests across the country would have been minimal and dismissed.

      Most impressive was the cross section of individuals in these groups. These weren't just Republicans or 'right-wingers'. There were Democrats, Libertarians, Independents and Republicans, men, women, kids, whites, blacks, browns and those of all nationalities in attendance. They weren't violent, destructive or unruly and they weren't blaming each other for the current situation. They were expressing their common resentment of big government, big spending, the irresponsibility of passing extremely serious and expensive legislation without having read it and the ever increasing intrusion of government into their lives.

      I wish I could say that I don't understood why the same media that constantly encourages the public to "get involved", "get out and vote" and "write to your representatives" is trying to marginalize and dismiss these protests across the country, but I unfortunately, I do understand. The majority of the media only want people to get involved, vote and write their Congressmen in support of the position the media itself has taken. When people take opposing positions, well you can see for yourself how the media treats them.

    22. Keith Schnell, India says:

      CNN is not worth watching. Listen up advertiser's of CNN. Sure Illinois is getting $50 billion in stimulas money. Who is going to pay that back. The middle income tax payers! Just wait and see if we don't stop it now.

    23. okiejim Oklahoma says:

      CNN, you just don't get it. We are fed up with the stimulus being used to buy more liberal votes from the uneducated who have no concept of personal responsibility, democracy, freedon of choice, or what this great country is all about.

      If that microphone had been shoved in my face by a rude CNN reporter, it would now be located where the sun does not shine.

    24. Kathleen Newberry, E says:

      I was not surprised when I saw this pathetic so-called reporter. I attended a Tea Party in Annapolis, Maryland and it was very peaceful, respectful and patriotic. We are fed up with out of control spending & taxation. We are fed up with bills being passed without being read. WE THE PEOPLE voiced our concerns in the cold pouring rain, using our RIGHTS to do so. It was done in a very classy fashion. Too bad the 'left' doesn't know how to do the same. There were several tea parties throughout Maryland. Annapolis was not covered in our local news & there were close to 2,000 in attendance AND our capital! Keep the faith and this is ONLY THE BEGINNING OF TAKING BACK OUR COUNTRY! Perhaps a "March on Washington" 4th of July???

    25. Country Connie, Illi says:

      Thank goodness we are not receiving and paying for CNN Cable (news?).

    26. Swamps of South Jers says:

      How unprofessional. This so-called reported needs to go back to school to learn how to be a Journalist, which is to simply report news and events without any personal persuasion tainting the occurrence/situation. It is obvious that she wanted to down play/demean the gentleman's point of view and add unnecessary drama to what she considers to be objective reporting.

    27. Bill, Forney, TX says:

      I don't even know where CNN is on my satellite directory. I stopped watching anything THAT media outlet broadcast (it fails the test of being a news network) in the mid-90's when it became the Clinton News Network. CNN is creating the same style grave that the New York Times has been working on by forgetting what reporters are supposed to do. I'm not sure I could trust a weather report they would do!

    28. Charl526 Staten Isla says:

      I have tried to watch various news channels to keep informed and found that you simply cannot do that anymore. There is no unbiased reporting going on anywhere. I now watch only Fox, at least I can rely on them for all the news. In my opinion, the next event should be a march on Independence Day, that is, if we still have any of our rights left by then!

    29. D Smith, Colorado Sp says:

      Ya know, maybe what these protests need is a little roudiness. Obviously these political hacks that call themselves reporters would get that. Maybe our so called leadership like Nancy 'the moroon' Pelosi would understand also that Americans have had it. Folks I've never been an advocate of violence with regard to civil protest. But I'm beginning to think that maybe that will be the only way of getting our voices heard. Without Fox News, this righteous show of civil protest to demonstrate our dissatisfaction of our gov't would have been a none-event.

      The second thing I noticed was that the cities that had their T-Party's after the normal work day seemed to have much larger crowds. I'm sorry but when you have to work to put food on the table because of the over taxation we are experienceing it doesn't make a lot of sense to have a protest when so many that would like to attend simply can't because they can't afford to take off from work.

      The final comment I have is for consideration the next time we have such a demonstration is we need to put out our own security to keep the biased left networks at bay. There are many ways of doing this and should they manage to get in then make it so difficult for them to report that they can't. This woman from CNN was nothing more than a sham. It shows the level of intelligence of the network to send someone so insensitive, so biased and so stupid that she couldn't figure out what the gentleman she initiated the interview with was talking about. She was a moroon.

    30. Margaret McCarthy says:

      My husband and I (in our 70's) were at the Chicago Event. The nice man with the child had been standing next to us. Just a normal guy whom the reporter singled out and then was extremely rude to him.

      The group assembled was a joyful, patriotic — we were just angry at the spending by Congress (Democrats were the votes for the abominations) and scared by the actions and statements by Obama to diminish our freedoms, prosperity, and security from attacks by our enemies.

      The Silent Majority (or are we now a Minority due to the two decades of socialist teaching in our schools?) cannot afford to be silent any longer.

      By the time of the 2010 election, vote fraud due to ACORN's billions of stimulus money, the corruption of the census and resulting redistricting, amnesty, and the influx of immigrants, our opportunity to change the government may disappear.

    31. Sherry Britton,Hasle says:

      I was outraged to see how the reporter handeled

      the interview. I miss investigative reporting

      where the facts were reported and the opinions of the reporter were left out. Since the advent of 24 hr. news shows it seems that we have lost the objective reporting of the news. So much seems to be propaganda.

    32. Alanw157 says:

      That's it for me. I will not turn to CNN for any news or buy any products of its sponsors. They have shown their lack of respect for the public they claim to serve. This "journalist" demonstrated there attitude toward the TRUTH when it does not support their agenda-why would a news organization employ people like this?

    33. La Garr Hattiesburg, says:

      Okay many have griped, but how many have contacted CNN and told them how you really feel. Not that CNN is worth anything any how, but they need to know they really suck!! Tell them!! It's like so many people grip and complain on forums about what is going on in our country, but have they griped to their reps??? To the President????

      While you are at it, you may want to watch this video… "The Obama Deception"


      Copy and paste to your browser.

    34. Barb -mn says:


    35. Sharon Johnson says:

      I think it is time to start contacting the sponsors on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CBS and tell them if they continue to advertise then we will boycott their products. The Revolution has started and We the People need to keep it going and the first thing we need to do is get rid of the lap dogs of Obama and get real journalist who tell the truth. Then we vote every incumbent out of office and start over while doing that pass term limits. Have it put on the ballot of each stated and vote term limits

    36. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      This is the perfect example of where Journalism

      has fallen!

    37. Adam Dayton Ohio says:

      The only thing CNN could have done to make the reporting more ludicrous was to have Obamas buddy Bill Ayers doing the interviewing

    38. GG,Myrtle Beach says:

      Word on the street is a protest is gonna be right at CNN News in Atlanta. Bloggers all over the net are furious about their so called reporter Susan Roesgen . Does she not know the pandora's box she just opened? Get ready CNN Susan Roesgen has just caused you to loose the rest of your viewing to Fox News. Glad Glen Beck left, now no reason to ever watch CNN again.

    39. Pat Vero Beach FL says:

      This "reporter" is not just biased and dismissive, she's got accomplices trying to provoke an angry reaction from the guy with the baby during the interview. Notice the old guy with the yellow flag that walks into the interview, puts his hand on the interviewee's baby, and says "sir, sir, sir…" over and over as the interviewee is trying to finish his statement in spite of interruptions from the reporter. Who was that flag guy? And why did CNN's reporter and camera guy try to block the shot of him? The reporter even turns her back to the camera to block him. Then another accomplice taps out "flag guy", the interview ends, and the reporter steps in front of the tap guy who does his best to keep the yellow flag from waving on the reporter while posing as a protester. The flag guy and the tap guy are CNN staff; I'll bet on it. And if the interviewee had reacted as many might have, with anger, when a stranger walks up, puts a hand on his baby, and tries to disrupt the interview, then the scripted comment "not for family viewing" might have made sense.

    40. Richard White, Austi says:

      It turns out that Roesgen has an axe to grind with Fox. This link (http://gawker.com/5216313/fox+bashing-cnn-reporter-applied-for-a-job-at-fox) reveals that she tried not once, but twice, to get a job at Fox back in 2005. They turned her down (one wonders why) both times.

      Hell hath no fury . . .

    41. Barb -mn says:

      The reporter admittedly stated: CNN IS NOT FOR FAMILY VIEWING… as if we can't figure this out for ourselves…thanks for the admittance.

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