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  • Morning Bell: The Tea Party Movement

    Today in more than 500 locations in all 50 states, American taxpayers will hold ‘Tea Party’ rallies to protest exploding government spending and the inevitable higher taxes that will be needed to pay for it. We wish we could direct you to one website that had a comprehensive list of all the events and a clear mission statement for the movement, but none exists. The defenders of big government desperately want to dismiss today’s rallies as a top down corporate funded campaign, but they can’t even get their conspiracy theories straight. The Center for American Progress says former Majority Leader Dick Armey is to blame for the whole thing while Paul Krugman tries to blame Tom DeLay and Rush Limbaugh.

    The truth is the tea parties are a completely grassroots movement with no specific leader or origin. Some point to CNBC analyst Rick Santelli’s February 16 on-air criticism of President Barack Obama’s housing bailout plan as the start but Presidential candidate Ron Paul has been raising money with Tea Party rhetoric since 2007. There are many established conservative groups that are supportive of the movement’s limited government message, including the Heritage Foundation, but no one is taking orders from Newt Gingrich’s American Solutions, Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform, or even Armey’s Freedom Works.

    Instead the movement has been growing and coordinating through online upstarts like Tax Day Tea Party, TCOT Report, Smart Girl Politics, and Tea Party Revolution … just to name a few. More importantly the movement is not partisan. A Chicago tea party group reportedly denied RNC chair Michael Steel’s request to speak at their event and the Knoxville tea party organizers said no “professional politicians” were going to be allowed to speak at their event. Now this does not mean that no Republicans will be speaking at any events: As Instapundit explains, “there are no national rules and organizers of each protest are doing things the way they want.

    What does unite the protesting taxpayers is the unprecedented expansion of federal government power and spending that has taken place over the last 14 months. Starting with President Bush’s $168 billion economic stimulus, through the 2008 housing bailout, TARP I, TARP II, President Obama’s trillion dollar stimulus, the auto bailout, etc. Americans have grown more and more wary of the ever expanding size and scope of the federal government.

    The front page of the USA Today has a headline “Most Americans OK with Big Government, at least for now” and reports that even though many Americans are supportive of what President Obama has done so far “by 55% to 32% Americans still say they worry more about Big Government.” Lee Heffner of Temple, PA, who supported Obama’s bailout of the auto industry, told USA Today: “it seems we’re on the trend of nationalization for a lot of things. Once the government gets into something, it’s very seldom they back out of it.” Unless things change in Washington soon, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Lee at the next Tea Party protest.

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    66 Responses to Morning Bell: The Tea Party Movement

    1. L Bailey, Conover, N says:

      Actually there are sites with info on the various Tea Parties across the country. The one that helped me find my local party is http://www.taxdayteaparty.com.

      See you at the party!

    2. Poindexter, Illinois says:

      Where was your outrage when Dubya was "exploding government spending"?

      This stupid astroturf teabagging silliness orchestrated by FOXNews and other employees of the oligarchs will explode in your faces just like everything else you dimwits have done lately. You frauds do not even understand what the original Boston Tea Party was protesting.

      History has moved on and your "Heritage" is growing more irrelevant by the day.


    3. Richard Ewell says:

      keep up the excellant work

    4. Mary says:

      Will this really help? Too bad if we have a job we can't attend! What ticks me off is the "card check" thing. If you have a vote whether to unionize or not, you are watched to see how you voted? How can forcing a company to have a union help their business?! Those companies have to move overseas to profit!

      None of this makes sense.

    5. Jim@Redding,CA says:

      Tea party protests and other types of dem-

      onstrations under our 1st Amendment rights

      are all well and good. But they will all

      be downplayed and publicly ignored by a

      fawning and Godless media who believe they

      can continue to promote evil by demonizing

      and ridiculing honest Americans. The real

      battle here is between God and Satan as our establishment as "one nation under God" has been left behind in favor of "do

      your own thing"… I don't know about you, but the members of my church are in

      constant prayer for revival and spiritual

      awakening throughout this country. We need to recognize there is NO HUMAN POWER

      that can overcome the evil we face in the

      world today – ONLY God can (and WILL) take

      action to remedy the situation.

    6. joe, corvallis , ore says:

      the reason why the economy is in the toilet is because the GOP and their greedy followers were too dumb to rule for the last 8 years. the protesters should blame themselves for the mess were in.I think the GOP should be abolish and replaced with educated people who won't lie, cheat, blame as the present GOP politicians lack these qualities.

      tea parties are only another GOP way of dividing the country and promote chaos a la rush.

    7. Ken Krul, Long Beach says:

      You wrote:

      "We wish we could direct you to one website that had a comprehensive list of all the events and a clear mission statement for the movement, but none exists."



    8. Cynthia Barnett, Flo says:

      It was nearly two years ago that I wrote Cornyn, Hutchinson, and Burgess to tell them that a "Tea Party" was inevitable because of the runaway tax and spend in Washington. No, it was not Dick Army, Tom Delay or Paul Krugman nor Rush Limbaugh that organized the Tea Parties, it was patriotic Americans that are sick and tired of being sick in tired of the way ALL of Washington is quick to spend our money and give themselves payraises for the deplorable job they have done!!!

    9. tucanofulano, Calif. says:

      The link to a piece touted as "illegal immigration on the decline…" led to a less-than-honest piece published in the L.A. Times, to which the following advice was sent – "be advised the term "illegal immigrant" is a contradiction of terms.

      "Illegal Alien" properly refers to a foreign national illegally in the USA, a criminal by definition.

      "Immigrant" refers to a legal resident of the USA in the process of becoming a naturalized citizen.

    10. Ben C, Ann Arbor, MI says:

      What saddens me is that many people continue to believe the rhetoric of Obama condeming the Bush administration. The problems started long before either Bush and there is blame to lay on both sides of the isle. For the most part, it is the slow trend to the "nanny state" fosterd by well intentioned people who do not have a clue about human nature and not realize that social engineering never works.

      Clearly the illinformed have not studied the past and continue to try and reinvent the wheel only to make the same mistakes of the past:

      "The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance." – Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 B.C.)

    11. American Woman says:

      This "movement" is co-sponsored by Fox News and Dick Armey. It is a joke. None of the people protesting understand what they are protesting against. It is merely an excuse for anti Obama rallies. The Republicans are angry that they are out of power. That is all there is to it. It's a a bunch of old, white Fox news watchers who are out of touch with modern America.

    12. michael hutchings says:



























    13. Joe, Phila, PA says:

      Funny how people keep referring to this as a GOP plot, but yet the article specifically states several times that its non partisan. Both sides of the aisle have concerns and to me this is as neutral of a protest as it gets….on my way over to the philly rally now….I just got crushed on my taxes, and the 4% philly wage tax doesnt help either.

    14. BMG, New Jersey says:

      Go to http://www.americansforprosperity.org/032409-new-
      you'll find all the location and times and places

    15. BMG, New Jersey says:

      Go to http://www.americansforprosperity.org/032409-new-
      find list of locations, times, and places

    16. Dwana Townsend says:

      EVERY DAY IS TAX DAY!!! Wouldn't it be nice if we had 3 days a year where we could buy goods with NO taxes. Tax free days. Do you think people would buy that car, or new washer and dryer, new TV, would it encourage purchases that ppl are reluctant to do at this time?

      I think all of our politicians need to step from behind their desks and go out and visit with their constituants and get their view. Hold town hall meetings. I don't see this happening though, I think they might be afraid of what they might hear.

      I wonder just how much each American actually spends on taxes each year (not including any payroll taxes)? Taxes on food, gas, electricity, phones, goods and services. We are taxed to death and will be taxed even more over the next few years.

      This is getting to be insane. We will not be able to sustain let alone grow our economy with more spending and taxing. We need tax relief and more jobs immediately. We need to stop supporting other countries economies by importing goods and food that we can supply for ourselves. We pay our farmers not to produce (how stupid is that?) We support oil rich nations like Saudi Arabia and bow to the king, instead of producing our own fuel and keeping good jobs here in the USA. We tax corporations and manufacturers so much that they move their operations overseas. We are cutting our spending on defense to support pet pork projects that have no stimulating effect on our economy. Most politicians don't vote with thier contsituants in mind, they vote for plans and projects of organizations that put them in office. THESE ARE THE THINGS I THINK AMERICANS ARE STARTING TO WAKE UP TO AND FRANKLY AREN'T GOING TO STAND FOR ANYMORE!!! We will be watching, voting, and expressing our views, at some point we will take our country back from the control of the government and corrupt politicians!!!

    17. David; Solvang, CA says:

      The Tea Parties respond to growing disgust at:

      trying to spend our way out of a recession

      using economic turmoil to advance the 'progressive agenda'

      continued avoidance of enforcing immigration laws which has led to much of the economic problems

      The Sons of Liberty knew that we must trust in God, but keep close watch on the government.

    18. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      "The truth is the tea parties are a completely grassroots movement with no specific leader or origin"


      This whole thing is being staged by


      Fox News

      The Heritage Foundation

      and Rush – THE LEADER OF THE GOP

    19. Folklight, OH says:

      It is amusing to witness the powers that be (TPTB)

      attempt to polarize this grassroots movement.

      This shows that they recognize the potential of focused middle-class power. We are still the majority, which is why we're targeted (via taxes)

      to support a growing dependent voting block.

      Certainly some will come merely to protest BO and his administration however I believe the vast majority will attend as Americans fed up with being ignored by elected public 'servants'(sic).

      TPTB demonstrate they know this in documents like this from The Liberty Papers:

      Obviously these 'tea-parties' reflect the rejection of ongoing taxation without representation in DC. It has been 'brewing' for a long time and it's ready to be served…….



      Bumpersticker on a Limousine enroute to a tea party:

      “Socialism is workable only in heaven where it isn't needed, and in hell where they've got it”

      Bumper Sticker on a VW van enroute to a tea party:

      "The big problem with Socialism is ………..

      you eventually run out of other peoples money"

    20. Keith, California says:

      You Libs:

      You need to study history. Bush didn't help, but these problems started years ago. The Dems had years to fix the tax code, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, immigration, etc. Obama is trying to lead this country to Socialism. If he isn't stopped, we'll be like the DDR.

    21. Jeff, Florida says:

      Dear Mr. President, Patriotic retirement:

      There are about 40 million people over 50 in the work force – Pay them $1 million apiece severance with the following stipulations:

      1. They retire immediately. Forty million job openings – Unemployment fixed.

      2. They buy NEW American cars. Forty million cars ordered – Auto Industry fixed.

      3. They either buy a house or pay off their mortgage – Housing Crisis fixed. It can't get any easier than that!

      P.S. If more money is needed, have all members in Congress and their

      constituents pay their taxes…

    22. Richard cancemi says:

      I am so pleased to see the idiot leftists squealing like stuck pigs! I hope this is the beginning of a unity among the people in this country who respect the Constitution, want a return of small Government and less spending to effect less taxes!

      The "Land of the Free" has been enslaved by Liberals>Progressives>Fascists>Socialists>Obama "Monarchy".

      We need our Bill of Rights to be upheld and respected by those who are supposed to serve us.

      And after they swear to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution,they should be impeached and/or prosecuted when they break that Oath!

    23. Moose, Spring TX says:

      I think POINDEXTER is mad because Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton haven't bussed in any protestors.

    24. John Rosina, Bordent says:

      Mary writes:

      …….”What ticks me off is the “card check” thing. If you have a vote whether to unionize or not, you are watched to see how you voted? How can forcing a company to have a union help their business?! Those companies have to move overseas to profit!

      None of this makes sense.”

      It makes no sense, Mary – because today’s issues are at least 40 years in the making and brought to you by Global Capitalism devoid of National concern!

      There is zero US patriotism, constitutionalism, or political allegiance in Global Capitalism. The only thing that the 1% super-wealthy requires of you and I, is our military prowess and a few of our son’s and daughters. As a Vietnam Veteran – I was offered up for Domino’s! If that doesn’t ring a bell – continue to read and perhaps learn why.

      If we fail to learn from history, we are bound to repeat the past failures. …or, if we don’t or won’t understand the underlying problem we will be trapped into a cycle of ignorance. We will not even know which questions to ask, let alone any solutions. Stupidity is the stealth assassin in America.

      After WWII, returning GI’s brought a huge pent-up demand for housing, cars and all sorts of durable goods. We made it here, bought it here and exported the surplus to the rest of the world.

      Soon we were at market saturation levels in autos, housing and TV’s, etc. Hence, I give you the onset of unfettered Globalist, supply side Economics and your Answer.

      1. Those companies moved overseas to capitalize on the emerging markets found there – NOT BECAUSE OF THE UNIONS.

      2. They paid all original offshore startup costs with billions of US Corporate profits made predominately by the labor of the WWII generation.

      3. They began multi-national corporate projects to enable them to capitalize on the cheaper labor found there.

      4. They successfully further disemboweled former US operations by exporting cheaper cost offshore goods back to us.

      5. This resulted in less good paying jobs left in the US, robust middle class expansion in the host countries, built off of our former prime US industries. Once growth was gained in that country, 3rd and 4th wave corporate and industry movements occurred to even less wealthy 3rd world nations.

      6. The cheaper goods we once Exported were now being exported to “US” at cheaper cost, giving the illusion we were still affording healthy a middle class growth – when in fact our real income after adjustment for inflation has fallen 14% over the last 35 years. Google wealth growth among the super-rich!!!

      7. These globalist wealth usurpers gain on both sides of the Oceans! We do not!

      THIS IS YOUR QUESTION: “How can the US profit from Global Capitalism in a manner that does not continue to usurp the US Economic Wealth while depleting the hopes and aspirations of our next generation of citizens?”

      I supported Ron Paul and asked that question on his blog site and, to my knowledge, have not received his response. I would really like to hear his take on this if any of you have connection to him.

      All American’s should ask that question of all our politicians and business leaders. Freedom is not Free nor easy. We need to stop allowing corporate paid infotainment heads on TV and Radio make this into a political party distraction.

    25. Nelia, Fountain Hill says:

      Those who ignore history's mistakes are doomed to repeat them. The failure of Free Enterprise began with T. Roosevelt (R) and Wilson (D). But the current rush to reinvent our government without carefully thinking through the consequences is madness, as is discarding the Constitution and rule of law in order to empower the Federal Government.

    26. Ron, Derry NH says:

      This is supposed to be OUR country, not the DEMs and not the REPUBLICANS.

      This is not supposed to be whose team you support but the shape of the country you are defending.

      Our country is supposed to be about us being defended by our leaders so we may lead life's of liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Communism does not support that and any one saying otherwise missed History 101 and is a complete and utter intellectual fraud.

      Last I checked free speech was a right once adored and embraced by free thinking people. I don't gather why it is so unclear to liberals that when they lash out at free thinkers, advocates of free speech, and protesters against the government take over of the private sector for increasing taxation to enslave more than one generation to its will, they are threatening liberty and promoting communism.

      I see the message; Communism is coming so obey now and get used to it. Well thanks but no thanks. I gave up that college moronic puppet like mimicking of my superior's causes along time ago, when I decided to grow up and take responsibility for my own life.

      Long live the Tea Party!

      No Heil Obame

    27. Norris Hall says:

      Let's get together and cut the bloated military budget.

      This year's budget runs about 500 billion dollars…that's 20 times more than the entire military budget of China…a growing economic power with 3 times the population of the US.

      Just the cost overruns and pentagon waste would be enough to finance their entire military budget.

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    29. christopher g scott says:

      IN RESPONSE TO MR. JARVIS Sir your anger shows how the left responds to any criticism towards this administration, when in fact these tea parties are a response to all political parties and abuse of their powers. And the arrogance this administation shows towards its citizens to think these PEACEFUL demonstrations are just about them shows the true paranoia and hatred that is imbeded in your democratic party Sir.

    30. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      Both the historically old and repeated governing elitist "top, down" attitude and approach of the Left and their "conspiracy theorists" in the U.S, so revealing of their duplicitously misleading "bottom, up" false pretense demagoguing and pandering, and their desperate "grabbing at nothing", such as now in this case of the "Tax day (15 April) Tea Party" protests; combined with their state of denial efforts like proverbial "ostriches sticking their heads in the sand as if it ain't so", all remind of predictably and thusfar historically repeated warnings against freedom, prosperity, and security-killing government elitism, such as:

      "Let the camel's nose in the tent, and the camel will BE (as in destructively supplant) the tent!"

      Indeed the antics and machinations of the Left, such as in this case of their determined and desperate effort to have "the camel (government)" BE "the tent" as described above, and their desperately "grabbing at nothing", as in this case, to make it so, brings to mind a picture of the Left's actually "top, down" government elitist "camel" so moving to overwhelm "the tent", with the assistance of a bunch of actually like-minded "top, down" government elitist accomplices and those who dependently and otherwise follow them.

      Yet the facts remain and show that such as today's "Tax Day (15 April) Tea Parties" are a genuine, "grassroots", "from the bottom, up" effort by those of us whom our Constitution identifies as "We, the People".

      Thus we have in fact been driven yet again, such as now, by an overbearing, overreaching Federal government, which is burying both us and subsequent generations under an oppressive, freedom and prosperity-robbing explosion, as never before in the U.S, of government control over even our individual lives and businesses, and out of control spending, deficits, and debt, all of which is such that neither we nor subsequent generations can afford to sit quietly and idly by without saying and doing anything about it…such as today's "Tax Day (15 April) Tea Party" protests.

      In short, exactly because "Experience has shown that as government grows, liberty decreases" (Thomas Jefferson), "The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first" (Thomas Jefferson), and "What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?", we, the people, certainly must now act, including through today's "Tax Day (15 April) Tea Party" protests!

    31. ella quinn kinston n says:

      Some of you are wrong about fox news and the tea parties.The american people are smarter than you think. We do have a brain to know when the goverment is taxes us to much.The rest of you had better wake up or suffer at the hands of obama.

    32. christopher g scott says:

      IN RESPONSE TO POINDEXTER ILINOIS; THE Heritage Foundation will be fine Sir, In fact Heritage will grow stronger because of the actions of the Obama adminisrations blind ambitions to take this country and move it towards socialism and against what our founding fathers envisioned for this great Nation . Hey Poindexter I just joined The Heritage Foundations Presidents Club after I read your angry tyrade. thank you I hope to be working with Heritage for many years to come.

    33. David Sayers, NC says:

      I did put my two cents in but it seems HF doesn't have the backbone to print it.

    34. John Rosina, Bordent says:

      Nelia, Fountain Hills AZ writes:

      Those who ignore history’s mistakes are doomed to repeat them. The failure of Free Enterprise began with T. Roosevelt (R) and Wilson (D). But the current rush to reinvent our government without carefully thinking through the consequences is madness, as is discarding the Constitution and rule of law in order to empower the Federal Government.

      I agree with your observation, there are so many observations to be made in such a complex world. Answers – not so much!

      My question still remains: “How can the US profit from Global Capitalism in a manner that does not continue to usurp the US Economic Wealth while depleting the hopes and aspirations of our next generation of citizens?”

      Next time 6 of those multi-billion dollar annual salaried CEO's of Hedge Funds testify before Congress – try and get a reading on their "Constitutional or Patriotic" barometers. Then we can talk "Hasty Profit" vs. "Hasty whatever else"! Meanwhile – pray your kids aren't military age – those guys may decide to spend them also!

      Ron, Derry NH writes:

      I gave up that college moronic puppet like mimicking of my superior’s causes along time ago, when I decided to grow up and take responsibility for my own life.

      Long live the Tea Party!

      No Heil Obame

      If you are truly anti-Dem or Repub and just onto a good cause here, then lose the WWII Hitler crap in juxtaposaition to the US President – it does not help the cause you purport to be rugged enough of an individual to support.

      Best wishes

    35. Sipe, Jeffrey S.; I says:

      "Fine speech … but what do we do now" from Braveheart the Movie. "Be yourselves!" is the response! But what does it mean to be yourselves in the 21st Century? Does it mean we should find a model citizenry to "modele upon" or morph into what we think we want to be, or what makes us the most money … or is there some American tradition yet to be cultured? Is it a version of American Socialism, which we seem to have been gaming for quite some time? Or is it American Capitalism, which we all hear from the news has passed away, yet maybe it was never quite really here or allowed to fully envelop our souls. Yes, Americans have souls! Yes, Americans we have banks. But are banks like us, do they have souls? Do they have money earned or money created? Something Jefferson said about Hamilton's idea of the First National Bank of America? What did we do for centuries in America before 1790 without them? If they are so good, so honest, and so needed … why the 20-year license? Was Jefferson probing the inevitably of monolpies in power and its stronghold "nobility"?

      And when the "nobles" of America, begin to hear our screams of "freedom" and see our passion for the just and true America, do you think they will head our calls for fair-play and equality? Why, if a bank can have "free interest" money from the Fed then why can't you or I get these same terms? Interest free money? Humm …

      Yes, Humm … el …s…town! A place to which men and women ponder their fate. Also, a place were I was went to school.

      Yes, we have them, Nobles that is. And you do see them in the news, and in the magazines, sure some of them are the movie stars, the obvious choices via an art of motion and big-screens. But are you so sure they are "who they are" becuase of time and place … or because big-business needs hawkers?

      And most of our Nobles are famous and powerful through brand recognition and postion politics. Our American Nobles and the "new vogue riche" are portrayed to be on our side 100%, not backdoor dealings, and never hedging their votes or their placements of bets, as if to say, why would one pharmacy build on the south street side, and another build on the North? Common sense in business says one will defeat the other, unless, our common sense in business has been swayed by monopolistic developments … were as in Disney owns the main street. Are we so sure, the developments, the politics, the banks, the Wall Streets, are not the same form?




      Towns and Townships!

      Citizens and Visitors!

      The Boston Tea Party, the original hollywood big-screen bash, was not so much about the dumping of "rotted" tea that the Brit Developers, the monopolies, could not sell or even give away to post-colonists, as much as, it was about the "freedom" to trade with our powers, other sources who could deliver "fresh" products and quality goods at fair prices.

      "What would you trade" says William Wallace, "from this day (where you might die in battle) to that {day} where you will die in bed?"

      What would you trade? For an American system of government that is noticeably smaller, a foreign debt that is greatly diminished, and commercial products that are made … better, more durable, and made maybe once again, made here?

      Now in the time before, William Wallace's clan fought for Scotland's civil right to exist, they were used to trading their "wife's, sons and daughters" to an English Monoploy. They squandered landed rights, and their sense of history, for just that "a footnote".

      In our time, William Wallace and members of his clan, would suggest, that America has lost her place in the World of Historical Consequence and that Lady Liberty, once looking East to greet the new foundlings of freedom, the immigrants, that built this country upon stone foundations of hardwrok, human passion, and personal freedom … he would say Lady Liberty is no longer a welcoming figure. But torch wielding searcher in the dark of modern milaise, peering for remnants of the past, and a fragment present.

      And as you ride to your next Tea Party, think back on Wallace's words, "they can take the things we love most, our wives {in the 13thC case), bu they can never take our freedom!

      Are you ready for a war?

      No one, I suspect ever really is ready for a war, a battle, or even a hard fought game!

      Remember, in the movie, like life, the nobles, the power brokers, stacked the deck, before the battle even was organized, let alone, the fields taken. The deal-deals were decided, and the grant of lands, titles, and research patents … yes "patents" were signed, sealed, and delivered upon this country long before, a religious group ever set eyes upon the "great meodow" where I am from, and to where my grandfather's clan hunted and gathered, along the Susquehanna "river between two poles"

      But who do we blame for our current crisis?

      Who did Lincoln blame? The cotton monopolies? The South? Who or what owned the South? What allowed for a new political party to accidently allow a commoner as President? Where was the Congress in the run-up to Civil War?

      Who did Jefferson blame? The cotton-pickin Nobility? The King? What owned the King? Was there really a King, in the traditional sense … or figurative monarchy? Where was the parliament? Was Franklin the only American Character to have an "alias" to communicate "free-speech"? So, if America was so free in 1785, and nobles such as Washington, Jefferson, and Madison ruled … why did the authors of the Federlist Papers, publish in New York, and still hide their true names?


      In what we buy;

      In what we read;

      In what we think;

      Leads to … "I can't speak it"

      His name was Moses!

      Time to Leave!

    36. Kenny T. says:

      Woah check out these pictures I found of various tea parties going on across the country. people rally together to show their disgust with taxes on tax day. Pretty cool photos!


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    39. John Rosina, Bordent says:

      Sipe, Jeffrey S.; Indianapolis writes:

      "And when the “nobles” of America, begin to hear our screams of “freedom” and see our passion for the just and true America, do you think they will heed our calls for fair-play and equality? Why, if a bank can have “free interest” money from the Fed then why can’t you or I get these same terms? Interest free money? Humm …

      Yes, Humm … el …s…town! A place to which men and women ponder their fate. Also, a place were I was went to school."

      Jeff: In my quest to get one question answered you supply a wonderful philosophical palate of unending questions. I admit I loved you piece – and found myself wondering if you were from Hummelstown, Pa.

      If so, My great ancestor Rosina Hummel of 1762 would advise thusly when pointing a simple thing out: "I ate a tomato. It was red."

      Thanks for encouraging us to think.


      "Hummelstown was founded as Frederickstown in 1762 when two Germans, Frederick and Rosina Hummel, bought the land for 200 pounds sterling."

      Tea, American's do coffee! (laughs for us all, we need them)

      And I'm fabricating the "Rosina" connection – but I do wonder, now! I am not Italian, so maybe???

    40. Tracie Sharp, Oaklan says:

      Just returned from Oakland, CA Tax Day Tea Party. Local FOX NEWS affiliate covered it and Oakland Tribune sent photographer. Private security tried to run us off, but we were in Jack London Square (public domain). Larger Tea Parties in Sacramento and Pleasanton today.

    41. John Katzka, Cedarbu says:

      Frankly, I would have been happier if Heritage and conservatives had objected to the dismal behavior of W and the Republican House and Senate in the post-Iraq invasion period when they reintroduced the LBJ "guns and butter" era.

      The tea parties may be spontaneous, but the credibility of fiscal conservatives is in question. As we proceed, we will be judged by our actions because our words are wrapped up in the ramifications of the last six years.

    42. rebecca kaminski says:

      Where were the teabaggers the past eight years?

      Yeah, real intelligent there.

      What do you expect with pundits like Ann Coulter backing it?

      Speaks volumes of how insubstantial and whiny the tooled of the wealthy can sink.

    43. mike baker Dallas Ce says:

      I went to the Des Moines Tea Party today and it was packed with the nicest aware and sincere folks Iowa grows. You sure get a different kind of mob when it's made of mind-my-own-business types.

    44. Nancy, OKC says:

      Oklahoma City had a great TEA PARTY with between 4000-5000 present. Lets make our next move to Washington so that they can't ignore us like they are trying to.

    45. Glen S., Atlanta says:

      Today's tea parties were a huge success. Now it is time to take it to the next level. I'm calling for the ultimate tea party in Washington DC on July 4, 2009. I'll see you there.

    46. Richard Morales, Cal says:

      I’ve counted dozens of commentrs from you hyper-excited “patriots” comparing the so-called “grass roots anti-tax movement” to the original Boston Tea Party. No fan of taxes myself, I’d like to apply a dose of reality to all you T-Party Patriots. Your nerve at comparing yourselves to true patriots who risked hanging for treason is exceeded only by the silliness your “movement” represents. I’d suggest you study some history of what a TRUE movement is, and come back when you are ready and willing to risk something of significance for your cause. I’d like to know of all T-Party attendees, how many actually are willing to risk prison by NOT paying taxes! I’d say very few, if any – you would rather gather at your hyper-excited, gripe sessions and call it a movement. Doing so however, does not make it so. Second, I’d really like to know what exactly you want: an end to ALL taxes; an end to excessive taxes; a new system of taxing (i.e. “fair tax”). The reality is that your “movement” won’t be anything but a novelty until you get together and decide. Until then, I wish you happy bellyaching … but say good-bye to the power you hoped you would gain over taxation, because you certainly didn’t gain any this time around.

    47. Steve Cross, Midwest says:

      I watched the news coverage of the "Tea Party" events this evening and was astounded at the rhetorical mimicry of the majority of the participants. Did all the participants receive the same talking points handout? The major themes as presented in the coverage were "no new taxes,take back government and get rid of the big government spenders." Where was this concern when the past administration's spending was occurring that precipitated the huge national debt the current new administration inherited. Where was the concern when banks and lending institutions were not being monitored becuase their budgets were curtailed so money could be spent elsewhere? Why is it OK to go into debt for a foreign entanglement of the type the founding fathers warned government about, but not OK to find a way to recover from the arrogant disregard for the people's money as shown by the last eight years. I am not a Democrat, a liberal, or even that political. But I can still recognize an attempt to regain lost power and authority by a party and political structure that couldn't manage it when they did have it.

    48. John Rosina, Bordent says:

      Jim@Redding,CA writes:

      "We need to recognize there is NO HUMAN POWER

      that can overcome the evil we face in the

      world today – ONLY God can (and WILL) take

      action to remedy the situation"

      Jim from CA. – My Mother always reminded me that the Good Lord never promised us an easy life and also that"the Lord helps those who help themselves."

      I assure you that those fellas that landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day were praying as hard as they could, but they also put one foot in front of the massacred other and finally took that beach.

      Result, you are not required to speak German and we are free to worship as we choose.

      One Vietnam Vet to another, finish your prayers and step up to the plate, you and I are up!

      Amen and best wishes, John from Jersey!

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    50. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      Conservatives have to take a stand to keep this country free. It is well past time that tea parties were started and must be kept up as the dems are determined to make this country into a socialist state. America was found on the principles of a free society, all men created equal under God. The liberals have taken God out of everything and denied the freedom of religion under the political correct doctrine. The clinton's {dems} are the founder of this doctrine and obama is carrying the doctrine forward. The republicans have some blame in this too, but the spending thing is strictly a dem thing, after all who was in charge in the senate for the last two years. It was not the republicans.

    51. Tami,Nashville says:

      The Nashville Tennessean this morning has begun reporting (at least it was on the front page…better than the NY Times) that "nearly 3000 showed up at the Tea Party in Nashville". I was there and the Capitol police reported 10,000 (9996 to be exact). They further reported this was "one of dozens across the state" and later in the article "forty". There was fifty across this great state. They further report that "30,000 showed up nationwide." I could further blow holes in this journalist's rant about Fox News and the Republican movement to organize this, but you already know the hogwash they have degenerated into…Our local radio host, Phil Valentine, was taken out of context (imagine!) saying he "hated socialism, people stealing my money and blowing it." They left out the part whereby he was responding to Napolitano and her alerts as regards "right-wing terrorists and that we are considered hate-mongers and that the tea partiers were hate-filled." He responded with, "yes, I hate politicians that say one thing during a campaign and then go to D.C. and do another. I hate people who steal from the American people." I paraphrase, but you get my drift. There were people/plants there from ACORN and other left-wing radicals attempting to break us up and start violent fights. I don't think we are the hate-mongers. Take note of the front page of this paper…many smiling, happy faces. We were proud and pleased to stand up. Hate-mongers…bah! This was an incredible grassroots movement that ignited passion and unity of purpose in the American people! What I witnessed was an outpouring of love for this country and the people who were there. Hope sprang eternal in all the folks that were there. I was deeply moved by what I witnessed and what I later saw in the rest of the country! Godspeed to this great country. We are alive and well and ready to continue to the next phase of taking our country and government back.

    52. Mandy Lynn says:

      wow those picture are pretty crazy from the parties yesterday! everyone should see them, talk about getting together to spread the word!!


    53. Dave Schraub,Indiana says:

      My question is, if the tea parties were so insignificate, why did the liberal media try to discredit the tea parties before the events even started? What are they afraid of if they don't matter? I went because, I'm tired of this great nation being destroyed by the corruption and greed of the elected officials. I'm upset with all of the political parties, for putting the party above the american people.

    54. May 30 - March on DC says:

      Prior to April 15th tea party day, a very old fascist tactic was tried and it failed.

      Janet Napolitano and Obama conspired to make a preemptive strike by declaring

      that anyone who opposes the federal government is most certainly a terrorist

      or at least, prone to terrorism and was to be feared and reviled.

      Oops so tell us, how did that work out for you? With 10,000 people gathered

      in raucous but peaceful protests everywhere, and not one incident of violence,

      I think these two have been made to look like the fools they are.

      When the terrorist smear tactic does not work, never fear.

      Along comes the "feigning ignorance" tactic.

      This tactic of the left is being used on the local level all the way up to our

      commander-in-thief himself, in concert with the sycophantic fake media,

      to pretended the event, or situation, in this case the existence of widespread

      dissatisfaction, does not exist.

      If more people could understand what just happened at the G20 I think they would

      be less willing to take $400 from the government in return for giving up their

      economic sovereignty for generations to come.

      The truth is Poindexter, there are no oligarchs supporting tea parties. The truth is,

      many people are waking up to who the Federal Reserve really is and does and that

      our own president is a puppet for these foreign bankers. He in fact just handed us back to

      the oligarchs a few weeks ago. Please educate yourself on what he did at the

      G20 before you spout off in total ignorance.

      He is a mere tool and puppet and his handlers made billions on this phony crisis —

      Nazi sympathizer George Soros and Henry Kissinger are loving it because this crisis will help promote their

      one-world agenda. Soros made $1.2Billion last week alone.

      And sheep like you are quelled by a $400 refund that is being taken from

      out of nowhere. And you have a nerve to call hard-working Americans 'greedy'?


      American Woman, your talking points are old cliches. I am not old and white.

      I do not know who Dick Armey is. FOX merely reported the event as it should.

      The movement was not engineered by anyone. And it is people like YOU

      who don't know what they are supporting to the detriment of YOUR OWN SELF.

      Please know who your real enemies are. Ranting about tea party participants as

      being 'old and white' is a bigoted and racist approach. The 'rich' is not your neighbor who

      worked hard and has something to show for it, but this adminstration has

      fired up such hatred and class envy against anyone who has more than you, it's shameful.

      Instead, appreciate that this person is not sucking from the public trough.

      The talking points and cliches you have been given for dismissing protests by thousands as

      'astroturfing' by FOX and 'oligarchs' are just false. These Obama puppet-masters know it,

      and this is their last resort desperate attempt to control the masses.

      I'd say judging from the success of the tea parties, it just FAILED.

      The spewing of hatred from this fascist administration is NOT WORKING.

      The word is out about who controls the money, and now food and medicine will be next.

      The good people of this country, at least half of them, understand what is

      coming and are NOT going to take it. And with the massive buyer's remorse settling in,

      more and more are waking up to the idea they have been duped.

      We are NOT subjects of the Queen of England or a tool for the bankers.

      The left is panicked. And it's fun to watch.

      The next move: Washington DC on May 30, 2009

    55. Katrina Duquemin, At says:

      I am a 25 year old healthy and intelligent female, and I feel like CNN's coverage of the tea parties have raised my blood pressure and pushed me closer to a heart attack. If nothing else, it has certainly stressed me out.

      Being college educated, yet still eager to learn and explore this life, I have declared myself an Independent in the last two elections. It is hard to have a comment on taxes when you receive a tax refund every year because your sole job has been a server, or another moderate-paying sales job. That is just my opinion though.

      However, I have opted to go Democrat and voted for both John Kerry (the morning after his defeat, you would have seen me crying), as well as Barack Obama…

      I have gone against my whole Republican family, one of which was a General for the United States Army following Vietnam, in stating my opinions about helping those who are less fortunate.

      Throughout coverage of both of the past two elections, I was a fervent viewer of CNN. And let's not forget the fact that I live less than a mile from the CNN center and jog pass there at least 3 times a week with my 2 dogs (ironically, my dog had an accident right at the front of your parking deck two days ago… don't worry, though, I came equipped with a bag and did my good-clean-citizen duty of bending over to pick it up).

      This is all beside the point though; just a sort of preface to what I am getting at… No longer will I be watching your news channel. Your derogatory reporting of the tea party was demeaning to the people who participating (I, being one of them), as well as incorrect: This is not an issue of Republicans versus Democrats.

      It is not that. I am not right-winged. In fact, I 100%, (no for emphasis purposes I will say 150%) am more of a Democrat. It is just that this bailing out of companies has got to stop. We cannot have this much debt if we wish to continue being a country that others look up to.

      After all, what kind of intelligent person acquires masses of debt and expects everyone else to bail them out? Heck, I have $5000 in credit card debt and I don't expect my boyfriend to bail me out regardless of how much money he makes (and, being in the field of law, he is successful).

      To conclude, I will say that I was laid off from one of the companies that is being assisted heavily. I got in the wrong industry after college (mortgage, if you are pondering). But you know what, it is ok. I am taking other actions to move forward in other markets. This is a metaphor for what the companies who messed up need to do. They invested in a shady industry with pooled loans, and they reaped the benefits for a while (as I did with mortgages).

      But the party is over and it is time to move on. File bankruptcy or shut your doors, lay people off, whatever. But don't expect the taxpayers to bail you out.

      Government, please don't spend future generations' money. That is not fair to them. And, if you do, well, the notion of becoming an immigrant myself is all the more attractive. Living in a country that is always warm may just be my way to go. At least in those countries, politicians do not deny their corruption.

    56. christopher g scott says:

      Our Founding Fathers would be very proud over the demonstrations that had taken place yesterday throughout our great Nation,it shows that freedom is so much of what makes the United States great. All of our brave young men and women who have served and our still serving us today in our armed services THANK YOU. because without all of you and your families sacrifices we would not enjoy the freedoms we take for granted each day.

    57. John Adams. Kansas C says:

      Our tea party at the Liberty Memorial was amazing. While there, they were handing out copies of the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution of the United States. I wished that I could have gotten more for my family and friends. I am a member of the Heritage Foundation, and I would like to get more, what must I do.

      Respectfully, John R. Adams

      7000 East 85th Terrace

      Kansas City, Missouri 64138

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    60. mac tx says:




    61. Howard Kingsbury, Se says:

      To all the deceivers who have said Tea Parties folks are bad people, big business, the rich, anarchists, dangerous veterans etc. Our Tea Party was inspired by a guest from Concord Coalition on Knoxville’s AM talk show host Halloran Hilton Hill. They spoke of our nation’s debt of $11 Trillion and stated the debt is already about $450,000 per working/tax paying household (to be doubled in the next 6-8 years). That was the catalyst for this low income, hopeful small business owner to organize an April 15 Tea Party. The people who came out are everyday people such as retired policemen, a seamstress, a South Korean Immigrant to knows and fears collectivism/socialism/communism and dictators, a housewife, an insurance agent, helicopter pilot, restaurant servers, elected officials, public service active and retired, retired military, photographer, retired Chaplin, and lots many others. Common bonds are they work or worked hard and long, pay taxes and are in the U.S. legally. They all prayed for and care about our nation, its people (all responsible Americans regardless of status) and our collective future. Only deceivers say Tea Party organizers and participants are anything but ordinary American Citizens fed up with being enslaved by government, criminals and the irresponsible. Wake up America. Don’t sit by idle while this once great nation is destroyed.

    62. Hope says:

      Unfortunately, I am not with you in my homeland right now, and I am in a third world country on business. Here, a Tea Party would be cause for public executions.

      It's high time people were active and lifting up their voices. Even if people disagree, at least we're communicating!

      I just want to say that no matter who you support, whatever you think of our President at this most difficult juncture in our history, why did we not have Tea Parties when Bush was around? I think at least in President Obama's tenure, at least there is a sense that we do have a voice. Didn't he say in his winning speech "I want to hear from you, ESPECIALLY when we disagree?"

      The problems we are facing are devastating. But democracy and freedom to speak – especially to communicate, has been so hard-won, and is priceless. It does my heart good to see it in action!

    63. Melissa, Houston says:

      The Tea Party in Houston was awesome! We have a lot a great things planned to keep people involved and to help make a difference.

      I was extremely offended by the way MSNBC and CNN attacked the participants and organizers of the Tea Party Movement.

      I was also extremely offended by the letter that got our of Janet Napolitano's Homeland Security Office. We are not terrorists. We love our country and are deeply concerned for her future as well as the debt that is being piled on future generations.

      It is my hope and prayer that as Conservatives, we will take our obligation to get involved more seriously. I heard someone say recently that Conservatives have think tanks and aren't used to getting involved in politics like liberals do. We must change our ways immediately or we will be solely responsible for the policies that are counter to our beliefs.

      God bless America!

      For more information on Houston's Tea Party go to Houston Tea Party Society. Org.

      Frioman has also reported on the Houston Tea Party at Politicafe.com.

    64. rhonda g. parker says:

      it,s about time more people are getting involved and paying attention to what is going on right in front of our eyes if i can help send me an e-mail ,happy to be of service for a good cause.

    65. cy , washington says:

      For years our government has been acting like the wizard from the wizard of oz, you know "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain", but thanks to the tparty the viel is being removed.God bless america and our constitution and with that lets get back to what our country was based on FREEDOM AND LIBERTY FOR ALL!!!!!

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