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  • What Did Arne Duncan Know and When Did He Know It?

    As audacious as Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s decision to take scholarship money away from low-income families is, the bigger story may be what exactly did Duncan know about the Department of Education’s Opportunity Scholarship study and when did he know it?

    The Wall Street Journal reported last week:

    Voucher recipients were tested last spring. The scores were analyzed in the late summer and early fall, and in November preliminary results were presented to a team of advisers who work with the Education Department to produce the annual evaluation. Since Education officials are intimately involved in this process, they had to know what was in this evaluation even as Democrats passed (and Mr. Obama signed) language that ends the program after next year.

    Mr. Duncan’s office spurned our repeated calls and emails asking what and when he and his aides knew about these results. We do know the Administration prohibited anyone involved with the evaluation from discussing it publicly. You’d think we were talking about nuclear secrets, not about a taxpayer-funded pilot program.

    The Denver Post’s David Harsanyi then followed up:

    When I had the chance to ask Duncan — at a meeting of the Denver Post editorial board on Tuesday — whether he was alerted to this study before Congress eradicated the D.C. program, he offered an unequivocal “no.” He then called the WSJ editorial “fundamentally dishonest” and maintained that no one had even tried to contact him, despite the newspaper’s contention that it did, repeatedly.

    When I called the Wall Street Journal, I discovered a different — that is, meticulously sourced and exceedingly convincing — story, including documented e-mail conversations between the author and higher-ups in Duncan’s office. The voucher study — which showed progress compounding yearly — had been around since November and its existence is mandated by law. So at best, Duncan was willfully ignorant.

    These stories beg the question: When it comes to the proven success of the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program, what did Secretary Duncan know and when did he know it?

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    17 Responses to What Did Arne Duncan Know and When Did He Know It?

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    2. Kathleen Ohio says:

      You mean, Arne Flunken!

    3. gp,nj says:

      Why haven't we asked for this man’s resignation? This is appalling, oh I forgot – Obama owes the teachers unions along with other unions for their support in getting this fool elected. I am so frustrated. If this was a Republican administration he would have already had to resign under a media deluge. What a bad joke we have become.

    4. Dirty Harry , AZ says:

      It is amazing to me how the left can freely spin anything they wish through the lapdog media. Maybe the conservatives should be making the effort to take over the media while stock prices are depressed. Then perhaps we could see some real change in politics !

    5. Tim AZ says:

      Yes this is a pay back to the unions. It also serves another purpose. It sends a message to private schools. If you want Govt. money in the form of a scholarship we're gonna need a percentage of it back in the form of campaign contributions. And election endorcements of the Demoncat party.

    6. Mike McLean, VA says:

      Obama is just another "Chicago Politician" locked into the unions! A union is like your appendix. It hasn't served a useful purpose in a long time, at best it will leave you alone and at worst . . . it will kill you!

    7. Wit, Newport News VA says:

      Amen to Dirty Harry's comment. Great idea to buy media outlets.

    8. Don Ballew Elk City, says:

      The teacher's union gave Obama $50 million dollars for his campaign. He has to do their bidding, which is to get rid of vouchers, even if it in a place where they are most needed.

    9. Barb -mn says:

      No one knows like Obama knows!

    10. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      How can one comment on the obvious? Did anyone expect anything different from this gang of "Brown Shirts?"


    11. Old Hoss, Georgia says:

      I keep thinking, surely there are some honest democrats out there who will help us put a stop to some of this madness………….but, maybe not.

      Remember, "A mind (brain) is a terrible thing to waste.".

    12. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      The story for obama is I did not know. This applies to all his people, deny, deny. They will not accept any blame for anything, they had rather blame the republicans and Bush.

    13. sharon J says:

      This is outrages that obama is taking this education away from these kids that really want to make something of themselves. Every speech obama makes always talks about how important college is. After reading "case against obama" I understand everything obama is doing,because he is on a mission. He didn't do anything for the schools in Chicago. Tho he talked big, yes he is in bed with the unions and to hell with the kids and education. arnie is as corrupt as the rest!

    14. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      Look at this Picture of a terrified individual

      giving a Speech!

    15. Ross, Bradenton, Flo says:

      …Or Arne Duncan is another habitual liar like the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Today's Democrats are socialist, socialist are watered-down communist, and communist believe lying is an acceptable act IF it will further their cause like any other despicable use of civilized morals or mores. A socialist Democrat who is also a habitual liar? All the better!

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