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  • Tea Party 101: Prepare for Tax Day

    Tomorrow, thousands of Americans across the country will organize on Tax Day to protest the tax, borrow, spend and bailout policies of Washington. Whether large or small, these demonstrations will all have one message in common: Enough! Over the past three months, Americans have seen an already out-of-control government spend their borrowed dollars as if a trillion dollars is a drop in the bucket.

    After the bailouts that put the White House at the head of a number of major corporations; after a stimulus bill that the Congressional Budget Office said would lower our nation’s GDP at the cost of a trillion dollars, rebuild the welfare state and create few if any jobs; after an omnibus spending bill which combined with the stimulus bill raised discretionary spending nearly 80%; and now with a budget that increases spending by another trillion dollars, doubles our debt and plans an Energy tax that will hurt every American household; Americans are saying: Enough!

    The President’s War on the American Dream doesn’t end there. After expanding the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) to include wealthy adults; after making a significant down payment on a government controlled national health care plan; after attempting to pass legislation that would take the secret ballot away from workers, that would allow bankruptcy judges to renegotiate your neighbor’s mortgage capital and interest at your expense, that would allow the U.S. Government to set wage and labor controls for every small business in America, Americans are saying: Enough!

    So if you want to join your fellow Americans in a grassroots effort that started with nothing more than a few concerned citizens and a rallying cry, we have the information below for you to find them. As Fox News put it: “Conservatives may be catching up with their liberal counterparts in building a Web-driven, grassroots campaign to push their agenda.”

    Liberals are going to dismiss this effort, and the media isn’t going to cover it. Leslie Marshall, a nationally syndicated radio host said “the mainstream media are not covering them because they’re not worthy of coverage…Last time I checked, Obama’s not taxing you to death — he is spending to stimulate the economy and he is an elected official.”

    So, Leslie wants American voters to be quiet and take their tax hikes and spending and borrowing and bailing out, and accept that this is the America we now live in. After all, Obama is an elected official! Despite Leslie, and other members of the media elite who will try and ignore this groundswell, viral media organizations like Pajamas TV, Twitter and Facebook will allow everyone to have the power to say to the Leslie Marshall’s of the country: Enough!

    Where to Find Your Local Tea Party:

    Tax Day Tea Party: This site lists hundreds of events, including an interactive Google map, email contacts, facebook groups and local websites. It also has state-by-state sites to help get you to the event closest to your home.

    TCOT Report: This site dedicated to the Top Conservatives on Twitter was one of the several driving forces of this movement and a great site for news on your local tea parties.

    Smart Girl Politics: This conservative women’s network is supporting many Tea Party events, including the Washington, DC rally at Lafayette Park and the Treasury Building, where the President won’t be able to miss the American voices. Their site has a handy calendar and lots of local groups and information.

    Tea Party Revolution: This site has tips on how to throw your local tea party, an events listing, and other resources.

    Pajamas TV: This video site has tons of Tea Party resources including live coverage of tomorrow’s events.

    Also Check Out:

    Stop Spending Our Future: Watch the videos, in particular “Understanding the Crisis.” And, be sure to enter the video competition – maybe even using Tea Party footage. The $500 prize may even offset some of these new taxes!

    AskHeritage.org: This site will give you all the goods on Heritage,  direct you towards ordering your free copy of the Constitution, and is currently giving away a free trip to see Rush Limbaugh at the Heritage Foundation President’s Club meeting in Washington on May 4.

    Our “War on the American Dream” and “Tea Party Talking Points” Fact Sheets, easy-to-print and distribute at your local event.

    Our Twitter: @Heritage is a great home for conservative updates.

    Our Facebook Page: Over 12,000 fans and growing! Thanks everyone.

    And if anyone has any other tips or information, feel free to leave a comment below for your fellow readers. Happy Tax Day!

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    34 Responses to Tea Party 101: Prepare for Tax Day

    1. Jim Eilert, Wooster, says:

      Sorry, our recently elected President is only partly responsible for the mess the US is currently experiencing. Each & every Senator & Congressman has contributed and needs to be held accountable for their un-Constitutional interference in the taxpayer/citizen's life & liberty.

      We must not forget that Congress controls the purse strings! And, we voters bear the burden of responsibility for continuing to elect those same irresponsible Senators & Congressmen.

      Tax Day Tea Party is merely the 'first shot' in taxpayer/citizen's outrage. We must take back our Country and place in office only those who will follow the solid Values & Principles expressed by the Founding Fathers.

    2. Jerome Zacny says:

      JIm Eilert, of Wooster, OH, has it right. Tea Parties are a good first step, but the most effective way to get the attention of every politician in the country will present itself in the elections of 2010.

      We need to keep in mind the name of every one in Congress and the Senate who created and voted for the most irresponsible spending legislation and budget in U.S. history.

    3. Rick, Plano, TX says:

      Jim Eilert – Dude, you are preaching to the choir. Congress is out of control with their drunken irresponsible spending. They are the target. They work for US – and we ARE keeping score.

    4. Becka Huckabee, Chap says:

      Jim from Ohio is so right. We have additional responsibilites, however. We must all find the time, passion, and energy it will require to stay truly informed, make the calls, write the letters(emails) and some of us will have to show the level of committment to run for local, state, and even national office. Take the responsibility in your homes to teach your children and grandchildren what this country has looked like and what we have stood and died for. I can assure you they are not being taught those things in the local schools. Actually, get the free copy of the constitution, read with them, and give them first hand knowledge of what are their rights. We have all been amazed and a little frightened at the speed exercised in "redoing" our country. We might not have as large a window as we would hope to stop this process and alter the direction. Be diligent.

    5. Carolyn Lee Dick Boi says:

      Please made an additional site for the kids.(If you have one I have not seen it. Our young are

      asking questions and are getting WRONG answers in

      school and the like. Let get started RE Training

      are youth. I have two grandsons One 8 one 11 and

      they talk politics and ask question about things

      they are being taught in school. Lets not let them be KOOL AIDE VOTERS……………

    6. Don Carriker Chadw says:

      The Tea Parties SHOULD serve as a warning bell to our elected officials; telling them that a great many citizens are aroused to action. Knowing we are aroused those officials SHOULD change their ways. If the Tea Party "bell" isn't loud enough, if our officials continue the tax and spend orgy, OUR next step should be a "Stay At Home and Relax" day – If all of we who attend a Tea Party plus those who support us but cannot attend a party, simply stayed home from work on one given day – the same day for all – that would ring a much larger bell. Let them see how well the country will operate without the Conservative work force.

    7. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      The Bailouts started under BuSh.

      WHY didn't you all have a tea party then?

    8. Richard, Jacksonvill says:

      Some people are being very creative with theirs signs. They are using the Obama Campaign sign (the blue and red circle) to replace the letter “O” on every word. For instance, one word “ARROGANCE”, where the O is replaced by the Obama campaign sign. I found this to be very creative. The same car had the saying: “One hOuse, twO mOrtgages” Funny, but effective. I found this to an effective way to associate the situation with current policies.

    9. Judith Bisso, Sprin says:

      The Bush/Paulson bailout was three pages long. Then Nancy "H.pylori" Pelosi, and "Dingy" Harry Reed got ahold of it. Shazaam, it increased to 400+ pages of PORKULUS. Unfortunately many of the republicans had their piece of bacon in it too.

      A POX on all of those who are a slimy bunch of liars, control freaks, & thieves, stealing our hard earned money. Get used to it, the Speech Maker in Chief has a lot more surprises for us.

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    11. Jerome Zacny says:

      To Mr. Jarvis, Las Vegas, I would respond that "W" was on his way out of the White House by the time Paulson convinced him to bail out the banks. There was no recourse that could be taken against Bush.

      Mr. Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are just getting started squandering our money and a heck of a lot more of it than "W" has done. Blaming George Bush for all of this country's ills may make you feel good, but it isn't going to restore the 401k balances or solve the issues of bank liquidity, unemployment and continued lay-offs.

      Our government leadership(?) has put us in an economic 'death spiral', their questionable corrective actions only serve to make matters worse. Increasing taxes on American businesses and entrepreneurs will only serve to increase layoffs and unemployment. Americans who have lost their jobs, or who are afraid of losing their jobs, will not spend money on anything but the bare essentials. They will not invest in the stock market; they will not buy homes, or new cars, or major appliances, or go on vacations, or or spend money on entertainment, all of which will negatively impact businesses and further increase unemployment, leading to a further erosion of the economy.

      If the economy is to be jump-started back into good health, we have start implementing practices and policies that will have the opposite effect of what's being done today. Taxes on businesses need to be cut to levels which are competitive with the taxes other countries impose on their businesses. This will allow American business to produce their goods and services at prices equivalent to foreign competition. We need to cut capital gains taxes back to 15% so that people will once again invest in the stock markets. In conjunction with this, we need to have stringent rules imposed on banking practices, stock trading practices, strong financial auditing practices to prevent the mistakes and excesses that created our current problems. These practices and policies will increase confidence among businesses, investors and the American public freeing them from the paralyzing fear of spending.

      Mr. Jarvis, get over it. George Bush is history. If we don't come to grips with the problems of today, we aren't going to have a future.

    12. Elaine F. May says:


      I went to Tea Party in Green Bay WI. it was not covered very well. The local paper said that there were hundreds of people but it was more like 1,500.00 to 1,200.00. April 15th I am going to the Madison Tea Party-taking a charted bus. Or should I say Moscow West Madison. People are worning me that it might be dangerous, I say no guts no glory. Small business person, we pay tax to Wi plus four other states we pay more than our share. We all need to protest Tax's can't do it much longer.

      Over Taxed American hard worker

    13. DANA (New Mexico) says:


    14. Jim Rector, Fayettev says:

      Mrs, Boise you are so right we must start teaching our children, the schools are not doing the job. Childrens books, cartoons etc, we must stop this generational theft.

    15. Jim Rector, Fayettev says:

      Mrs. Boise you are so right we must start teaching our children, public schools are not doing the job (History and the Constitution) books, cartoons etc, we must stop this generational theft.

    16. Eric Reeder, Oregon says:

      Facinating that there are no statesmen/women in our country – that are visible. Shame that we continue to ignore that antitrade and antimonopoly laws have been left unenforced – there should be no firms too big to fail — this would be good for basic capitalism and for 99% of the Americans. Congress has not done anything for the 99% and protect the 1% that is greedy. Capitalism married to altruism, morals can be very good. Capitalism married to greed -very bad.

      It would be nice to go back to our roots as a republic == get rid of the Blind of AIG 165 Billion that was passed through to the Feds and Congressional friends. What a Ponzi scheme that was – makes the Madoff $65 billion look like chump change.

      Oh well — hoping to get rid of the greed, the poor congress that is inept and lacking of Statesmen/women — who know that there is something more important than themselves.

      Cheers to Ron Paul and people that want a smaller responsible government and responsible citizens.

    17. Saucy in Dallas, TX says:

      2010 elections are coming up and I can't wait to cast my vote for fiscal conservative issues!

    18. Dianne, LaPorte, Ind says:

      Ken Jarvis asks a legitimate question…. about the bailouts starting during Bush's administration and where were the tea parties…

      My answer: there are plenty of conservatives who were furious with the Republicans' spending spree over the last eight years… this is not a pity party over who won the election… this is years of frustration with our Congressmen/women spending more money than we can possibly send to them.

    19. C Goral East Troy says:

      The tea party I will be attending tomorrow appears to be morphing into a republican party rally.I believe many conservitive republican legislators are feeling inspired by this wave of fiduciary expectation however, there are a bunch of republicans inspired by self preservation who would like to insert themselves into this movement. We can not afford to let the GOP dominate this movement. We must make it clear to all of our representatives on every level that they will be held accountable. No more free passes for party affiliation.

    20. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Join the "Tea Party" and let us all look forward to the 'Challanges' ahead. Remember too, that the next election is 2010, closer everyday. Write to your elected officials not only at the Federal level, but at the State and local also. The emphasis being on WRITE AND WRITE OFTEN! Vote not for the Party nor the person, but for the one that echos most your true feelings about your most dearest of this Nation's needs.


    21. Jeff, NY says:

      There's so much I could say to Leslie Marshall, but suffice it to say I never heard of her before that stint with Cavuto and I hope I never have to put up with her lying, socialist mouth ever again.

      It's people like her I'm fighting against. What her and her counterpart media has done lately is beyond criminal.

      The Leslie's in life are NOT the American majority and soon she and her ilk can go find another country to boss around because we're taking this one back!

    22. Reaganite Republican says:

      It’s not out-of-the-question that the 2009 Tea Party participants could someday be regarded by history as patriots who made a difference- same as 1773. This sort of public outrage might be just what’s needed to break through the media’s manufactured reality.

      And you can believe that Obama and the left are plenty scared of the TEA party movement- how else to explain the dubious timing of his "everything is under control" speech on the economy, and (on the same day before the protests) the DHS report warning of "right-wing" radicals and their propensity to violence?

      Barack Obama is rapidly liquidating everything that made this country great… and needs to be put back-on-his-heels with a major embarrassment that puts an end to the myth that everybody just loves Barack and his wacked-out agenda… because millions of us DON’T.


    23. Greg,Ohio says:

      It has been said that George W. Bush was a devisive president. Is it possible for a president to be more devisive than Obama? It would seem that every policy proposal considered by the current administration is geared toward antagonizing American patriots and conservatives. I for one will never accept the mindless drivel spewed forth by the tax cheating criminals currently in control of our government. It almost seems as though this whole scenario has been carefully thought out and implemented by ???? It is heartbreaking to see what has become of this once great country. History has shown that all great civilizations decay from within. Clear thinking Americans must unite to stop this accelerating decay.

    24. Valerie, IN says:

      I'm with Mrs.Boise, our education system should be renamed "Indoctrination System". It has gotten to the point that the liberal-socialist agenda in this "Indoctrination System" has brain washed our youth that it's apparent they don't even think it's wrong that their future has been hijacked! They are made to feel so bad and guilty about their selves as Americans and for even wanting the "American Dream" that it's their duty to just lay down and roll over, and assume the "illegal guilt" the socialist have brainwashed them with for the last 30+ years.

      I have worked overtime to educate and counter this socialist agenda since my children entered public school. That was/is my responsibility! They can now at least think for their selves and filter out what is truth about our great country and feel proud to be American and know the reasons why it is the greatest country that everyone still wants to come to!

      As for the Conservative Movement, we have to vote out the RHINOs in 2010 or we will remain ineffective and obsolete! RHINOs had their opportunity with all of us supporting them, THAT has to be the CHANGE to derail the "SOCIALIST TRAIN". Move over RHINOs Conservative Party is on the move!!

    25. Christopher m Guljas says:

      god bless america, we have got a good thing going people and we cant ever let up untill goverment gets it right.

    26. Al, The Villages, Fl says:

      It doesn't take a rocket scientist (or an economist) to figure out that the admin budget will bankrupt this nation. We are doing the same thing that was tried by Hoover/Roosevelt and that resulted in a depressed decade. The tea party protests show that we are not alone in our concern about the spending and taxation facing us if we don't do something. We may get a little bump in the economy but after 2010, it will get grim. Vote out the democrats and vote in people that will stop this budget in it's tracks. It wouldn't hurt to vote in people that respect life as we can use all the help we can get from the Almighty. I seriously doubt He is in a giving mood with the anti-life, progressive Obama administration. Keep supporting conservative values. Take back our country and reinstate the constitution.

    27. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      The "Tea Party" has already happened, and it was a great success! No leaders. No political affiliations. Just "Taxpaying" Americans fed up with having to buy everyone elses lunch!


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    29. Sam Kendall, Wiscons says:

      Fortunately, the "Mainstream Media" did cover it, unfortunately, they covered according to their political agenda. I think the next major Tea Party should be against not the government, but the "Mainstream Media". After all, it's thanks to their "fair" coverage, that we're in this mess.

    30. paul says:

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    31. paul says:

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    33. Caroline@Sippin Drin says:

      Just continue to pray for our Nation!

    34. Bryan@Turbotax says:

      I noticed that the Facebook founder is working with Obama to try and fix our fed budget problems. But I have no idea how that would work unless he is willing to personally pay our taxes? However, if the creators of tax preparation software wanted to create a better economy, they would also join in protesting higher taxes. People will eventually not be able to afford to pay other people to prepare their taxes and they will have to do it themselves.

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