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  • Another U.N. Scandal

    What does the U.S. Agency for International Development get for a $25 million grant to two United Nations agencies working in Afghanistan? How about “a central bank without electricity and a bridge at risk of ‘life threatening’ collapse”? According to a USA Today story on the USAID inspector general report, “The U.N. delivered shoddy work, diverted money to other countries and then stonewalled U.S. efforts to figure out what happened.” Unsurprisingly, one of the two UN agencies involved in the scandal is the UN Development Program (the other culprit in this case is UN Office for Project Services or UNOPS) which conclusively violated UN rules and regulations in North Korea.

    According to the USAID report, “Due to the refusal of the United Nations to cooperate with this investigation, questions remain unanswered.” No wonder! The USAID report is a litany of mismanagement, corruption, willful violation of contracted obligations, and refusal to cooperate and provide documentary evidence.

    Of course, now that the issue has reached the press, Ad Melkert, UNDP’s acting administrator, has “pledged UNDP’s full cooperation with USAID in reforming UNDP’s project management practices, improving financial accountability and in recovering any missing funds.” This should be a matter of course and it is a travesty that only exceptional problems elicit this type of cooperation. Congress should immediately demand that all U.N. bodies or activities receiving U.S. funds agree to fully cooperate with any U.S. inspector general inquiry or face of losing U.S. contributions.

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    20 Responses to Another U.N. Scandal

    1. Stbdtac, Clearwater, says:

      Why aren't these funds being administered by US personal?

      Allow US collages & universities to receive the funding as grants. This would be a great way for graduate & under-graduate students to gain valuable experience in the real world. Students across a broad spectrum of studies could be utilized, covering the gamut from engineering & finance to language & anthropology.

      Fraud, hopefully, would be reduced to a insignificant amount.

      I'm sure the entrenched US, UN bureaucrats, would fight this tooth & nail since it would greatly hinder their supplemental

      retirement funding.

    2. Von Goom says:

      Closing the barn door after the horses have fled?

      Now comes an expensive "investigation" which takes years to complete, and does nothing but cost another few million bucks. "Change" would be getting us OUT of the U.N., Mr President.

    3. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Von Goom hit the mark dead on. I fully agree.

    4. Arnie Rosner, Founta says:

      why should we be so surprised? Is our government not equally corrupt?

    5. Tim AZ says:

      I have the solution. The UN building in New York should be condemned since in fact it does not meet any of the current building codes and they have refused to comply for years. Then we arrest and load all of the UN members that are not US citizens as they are forced from the building onto a cargo ship headed for the coast of Somalia. The building could then be demolished and we could build in its place a monument of the constitution.

    6. PM Dooling says:

      It is time to unite as a people with common beliefs and goals. We must use our powers of voting to eliminate all those who do not adhere to the guidelines of the constitution and to eliminate all others who are driven by their own agendas and special ear marks and referendums. " WE ARE "WE THE PEOPLE". It is always, to little, to late.

    7. Marcia Picou, Baton says:

      I am not surprised by the level of corruption. "Free" money always seems to be misused. I am in favor of the United States withdrawal from the UN, and sending the UN headquarters out of the USA. We spend way too much money on the UN and our tax-dollars could be used more wisely elsewhere. I also think that the ultimate goal of the UN bureaucracy is to overtake US sovereignty – that it's rules will supercede our own constitutional laws, if we do not stop them. What makes me think this? Things like a plan called the Global UN Tax (which, of course, would hit the US tax-payer the hardest), and plans to have our navy become subservient to the UN, and plans to have our military personnel follow military leaders who are not US leaders, etc. Wake up, America!

    8. Moose, Spring TX says:

      I hate to say it but it's time to get the United Stgates out of the United Nations and get the United Nations out of the United States. The United States provides good money to UN organizations that do nothing more then critize the USA and our allies. The UN has been unable or unwilling to stop geneciode in Africa and Asia, feed the worlds poor or provide healthcare. What good do they do? I don't believe that providing a forum for sexual deviation is proper or promoting women's right only in countries that already permit it.

      It's time to say goodbye!

    9. Carolyn, Illinois says:

      Well, I don't hate to say it!! Who stands still for rampant corruption?, only the USA. Everyone else connected is in on the dole.

      We are uniting. Take a look at Project912. It is just starting but over 525,000 people have joined within 5 weeks. We are letting the government know we don't like what is happening with the UN among other things. The US does far more to help other nations without the UN.

      The UN must go.

    10. Violet,Nazareth,Pa. says:

      We are the biggest contributor of the U.N..Yet they complain we don`t give enough

      We do need to let them move out of the U.S.A.maybe in Saudi Arabia..

      They certainly aren`t our friendsThey actualy hate us.

      They want to run our country,put our soldiers in the UN uniform, steal our country`s sovereinty

    11. Buffoon says:

      I wonder how much more of Obama and the UN we'll have to take before we do what must be done?


    12. charles, wyoming.usa says:

      typical united nothing actions with other peoples money, just another picture of what is happening here in the USSA with the current regime. this will continue as long as they (united nothings) are handed free money by us.

    13. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Just like Donavan said, "The United Nations ain't really united." We all, as Americans should be demanding of our people who represent and work for us, to withdraw from the United Nations! Next, Americans in every State need to take these employees of ours out behind the 'wood shed' for a "Come to Jesus" meeting, and explain to them just what their job is and what the Constitution is and what a Republic is! And if they can't handle it, get someone who can.


    14. Mistee,VA says:

      Out with the "un", where do I sign the Project 912 list?

    15. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      The un is not something that the United States needs to be a part of. They are corrupt and need to be done away with. Guess this will never happen as crooks need crooks to suceed.

    16. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      As has been said many times,he who controls the

      Money is in Control!

    17. Ross, Bradenton, Flo says:

      The USA(or what's left off it…USSA)needs to resign from the "Brotherhood of Nations", then evict the UN from our shores.

      The USSA should at least, offer to build a new HQ possibly in Haiti, the Gaza Strip, Somalia, or maybe even North Korea. That would put these "American bashers" and "peacemakers" closer to "the fruits of their labors".

    18. FixingAmerica says:

      Honestly folks, you don't get the point here! I can't stop reading "UN away from USA", "UN too corrupt", "UN wants the control of America"! What you people forget is that WE (usa) control the UN. And its because of that control that USA won't leave UN. The american goverment wins way to much money thanks to de UN (and yes, thanks to the so called "peacemakers") Somalia, Gaza, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Angola, Congo and now Syria. How many times has US army fought for a moral issue since WW2?

    19. Fixing America says:

      None! All the problems that where happening in Africa, all the genocides! UN soldiers had the order not to rescue, participate or defend citizens other than european an american. Why? Because it allows the biggest bussines in USA to make profit, weapons! When a country is in conflict our goverment profitizes to the maximum the possibilities of creating a market from a genocide! Rebels need weapons, some need protection! Nothing that the US cant provide! Because our goverment (USA) has the contol of UN, it can send troops from the UN to any country to "solve" (or take profit) of a war situation without filthiing their name.

    20. Fixing America says:

      Afghanistan was a failure, twice! Somalia, failure! Angola, failure! None of those countries who recieved "help' from UN and USA are now in a stable situation where everything is solved. Before critizising other gouverments and bureaucrates, lets analize what goes wrong in our system! Our goverment is one of the most corrupt, patriotic-blind, powerful and the most dangerous in the world! Europe is now in a ecnomical crisis because our guys in Wall street dont know how to do their job efficiently! All the economical difficulties we are expieriencing around the world is there because of us! So maybe, next time, instead of saying that UN isnt useful, and that it draws america to the bottom, maybe we should think about it from another point of view. A human point of view, and not an american point of view! ;)

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