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  • A Defense Budget Only a Pirate Could Love

    Undeterred by their failure to ransom a U.S. flagged cargo ship, Somali pirates have since brazenly hijacked four more ships in the Gulf of Aden. Heritage has been studying maritime security for years, first issuing a report in 2005. Our latest 2008 report, Securing the High Seas: America’s Global Maritime Constabulary Power, recommended:

    • Doubling the U.S. Coast Guard’s active and reserve end strength over the next decade and accelerating Coast Guard modernization;
    • Expanding the Navy’s stated goal of 313 ships by an additional 37 ships (the preponderance of which should be nuclear powered, including additional nuclear-powered submarines) and focusing Navy operations more on sea control and assured access and less on maritime engagement and security missions; and
    • Establishing a Common Maritime Security Fleet Fund to bolster modernization.

    Contrast these policies with the Obama administration’s proposed defense budget which orders the Navy to delay investments in next-generation destroyers and aircraft carriers.

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    7 Responses to A Defense Budget Only a Pirate Could Love

    1. Harry Snyder Michiga says:

      As a member of the Air Force Association I am aware of the condition of the U.S. Military. The proposed Obama Defense budget would give China (not to mention Russia and Iran) at least a 15% advantage over us in the coming year. re the USAF we have the F22 5th generation fighter in production, but the world is striving to emulate it. Our Airlift capability is at risk, with obsolescent, even worn-out airlifters. The B-52 is old and there few B-1's to fill out the need for long range bombers. The Obama Administration seems to be trying deliberately to gut the USAF and the entire U.S. military at a time of increasing peril.

    2. Keith somewhere in t says:

      How can Obama fund his social programs to win votes for the next election if we fund a strong military? Besides, the beneficiaries/voters of these bailouts/handouts from socialist "Big Brother" love him for it.

    3. Larry in Texas says:

      All that "modernization" will cost us money we don't have to spend! Why isn't it obvious to folks of the unarmed realm of the netherworld that these "AMERICAN" sailors have the unalienable right to defend themselves, their loved ones, and their comrades! Anywhere that an American has a fair and reasonable right to gather or to BE, they have the right to feel and BE reasonably SAFE in "THAT PLACE"-wherever IT is!!That goes for being safe at doing their job, which in this case is on the HIGH SEAS,and these sailors should have the right to KEEP, AND BEAR arms against those who would do them harm. It's very simple really. Allow these souls to defend THEMSELVES, and we as a Nation would quite likely never be called to action in an attempt to then free them from captors or kidnappers.Obviously the same argument holds true in these instances, as anywhere else that is Sovereign American soil or property- "Don't tread on ME"! When criminals know, and can expect, that any offensive act or threat on their part will be met with due force and extreme prejudice,these attacks will end! Let the fleet owners and sailors defend themselves. If the fleet owners are too Liberal or weak knee to support their American workers, then the United States should act against the owners of the fleets for putting American sailors into harms way with no means of DEFENSE!

    4. Tim AZ says:

      Look Obummer made a speach during his campaign to a private group stating he would dissarm America. He has shown his contempt for the US military when he directed home land security to write a report Stating that veterans as well as conservatives pose a grave danger to his socialist dreams. I think he's just acting in his own best intrests. He's smart enough to know that the US Military is in no way his allie. Few people are aware that when Joe Biden visited a military base recently all arms were locked down the day before and the day of his visit. That speaks volumes to me.

    5. Bob Applegate, Murri says:

      I hope everyone took note that just to handle the Obummer World Tour, we had to use private cargo planes to resupply our troops in the battlefield. I am very concerned the our previous President didn't do more to improve our ability to haul war materials and troops around the globe. Only going to get worse now and God help us if something happens when the Traveling President is on the road with 500 or so of his closest friends.

    6. charles, wyoming.usa says:

      liberal socialists hate the military period, it's the uncontrolled part cause they're not party members (national I.D) and if even they were, uncle joe showed'em what to do until everyone gets into the correct step. our imperial leader and savior will put it all straight.

    7. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      See what happens when the inmates run the asylum? Now we all know the meaning of 'Bedlam.' Sure enjoyed the "Tea Parties" today! America has had enough, and God help them all if the people in D.C can't see it!


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