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  • God Bless the Seals!

    Last night, thanks to the efforts of dozens of Navy SEALs, Capt. Richard Phillips was rescued from Somali pirates. Piracy in the Gulf of Aden is not news to our analysts. Jena Baker McNeill wrote back in November:

    These modern pirates are not unlike their swash-buckling predecessors. Much like searching for treasure, their primary goals are economic. Piracy is easy money–pirates take over a ship, seize a few hostages and millions of dollars in cargo, and wait for the shipping company to eventually pony up the money.

    There is growing concern that these pirate groups could team with terrorist and radical Islamist groups–such as al-Qaeda–that may seek to harm the United States. Furthermore, the U.S. is a maritime nation and does have an interest in ensuring that other nations can protect their own supply chains, disruption of which can impact the global markets. And there is a need to develop, through mutual cooperation between the U.S. Coast Guard and Navy, maritime constabulary power–America’s ability to use law enforcement and military capabilities to maintain law and order at sea.

    Heritage also recently hosted a panel discussion entitled Pirates of the Gulf of Aden: How Piracy Plunders Maritime Security. You can view video from that hour long event here.

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    20 Responses to God Bless the Seals!

    1. Iris Hemenway, SLC, says:

      Amen and thank God for the USA.

    2. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      We should all give thanks for the efforts of our brave men in uniform. Here is a perfect example of how they put themselves at risk to keep us free – God Bless Them!

    3. jr., Michigan says:

      god bless the seals, boo for nobama. what took so long, o….too busy on the "i'm sorry" tour? vote stupidity out in 2010/2012…..vote republican!

    4. Barb -mn says:


    5. John,Vancouver WA. says:

      Good Job NAVY Keeping Our People Free!

    6. Jerome Zacny says:

      3 shots – 3 kills. Negotiations concluded.

      Way to go Seals.

    7. Wit, Newport News VA says:

      Seals rock! Seals bag more kills than pirates bag ships. God bless you, precious Seals.

    8. mike baker Dallas Ce says:

      Damn glad they're on our side. S. Decatur would be proud. Thanks guys. mb

    9. Andrea; Ohio says:

      God Bless the SEALs!

    10. Kevin (Rochester) says:

      The Navy had a bumper sticker out, which did not get enough visibility, but it is great:


    11. Carol in az says:

      Pleaae put them on our borders ASAP!

      It is amazing what non-political team work will accomoplish.

    12. Jeanette Grayeb-Miha says:

      Bravo to the Navy Seals for your outstanding performance under exceedingly difficult circumstances. Thanks also to the Commander of the naval ship and his sailors. You all make us proud to be American.

      This heroism should be splashed all over every newspaper in America to remind everyone how fragile our freedoms are in a world which does not respect freedom. We owe our military nothing less.

    13. Morris; Texas says:


      Thank God the seals were allowed to do their job without interference. Thanks to the seal team involved.


    14. Tami,Nashville says:

      Obama sure had to take the attention off his sorry self with the speech at Georgetown today…I was getting pretty sick and tired of the hoopla around the Obama glory as commander in chief who ordered the Seals to take the pirates out. This was a military operation. All his legal mumbogumbo was pure garbage and ficticious hogwash…being legally covered and bound to order their execution. Glory be to the Navy Seals…you guys are awesome! We love you and praise you to the Lord! You guys prove to the world what AMERICA IS REALLY MADE OF!!!! We are so proud of you!

    15. John R. Graham, San says:

      Yes, God bless the SEALS. However, when I first read the headline in Heritage's "Morning Bell" in my in-box, it read "seals" not "SEALS", so I thought you'd gone all green and environmental on us!

    16. Henry in Maine says:

      High marks to the Seals, and to the Commander and crew of the Bainbridge. And now we ought to build on what the Navy did: Hammer out a multi-force, uniform policy for dealing with pirates, including boarding, interdiction, and the use of lethal force at the discretion of the on-site Commander. Australian, U.S., New Zealand, British, French, Canadian naval units to act as one. Politics, as always, muddies the water, so let's keep it simple: If you're a pirate, you will be confronted by any allied naval unit, no matter whose vessel you threaten. If you're a pirate, you're toast.

    17. Kent, Virginia says:

      Amen! And Amen!

    18. Lloyd Bright says:

      God Bless our SEALS and all of our troops for giving so much for us. Keep up the excellant work troops.

    19. C Goral East Troy says:

      SEALS 3 -pirates 0 …..Seriously, what were they thinking?

    20. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      I knew if the President would just get off his sorry butt, the Navy and SEALS would do their job. Successfully.

      I'm only suprised that our President did not apollogize to the Pirates!


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