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  • Stop Spending Our Future!


    This cartoon from the 1934 Chicago Tribune has appeared more than once in our inbox. Hopefully, unlike 1934, we have already endured the worst of new federal government central planning in the U.S. economy. By 1934 the Depression had already lasted five years, but would still go on for another eight. In that time the left would go on to establish such monstrosities as the Works Progress Administration, the Fair Labor Standards, the Wagner Act, the Tennesse Valley Authority, and Fannie Mae.

    In 1939 President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau Jr. would admitto less influential Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee:

    We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work. … I say after eight years of this Administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started. … And an enormous debt to boot.

    In just the last few months, the last two administrations have managed to spend more than $3 trillion of your dollars. This video helps put those numbers in context:


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    8 Responses to Stop Spending Our Future!

    1. Louise, Grants Pass, says:

      Great video – simple & to the point. Would like a template of the swimmer for a Tea Party poster with vibrant list of these main points!

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    3. mary capaccio says:

      It does.nt matter what party you belong to…stop spending and we will hsve lower taxes…that's what the tea party is all about..government should stop infringing on my liberities…my republican party is guilty of that also.government has its place but not when it comes to my individual liberties as set down by the constitution..just don'tread on me.

    4. Tami, Nashville says:

      I was just working at home and listening to Fox News–Stu Varney was interviewing the editor of Op-ed (didn't catch his name)– This guy feels that the Teaparties scheduled for Apr 15 "are a sham-they are not a grassroots movement." I am completely insulted. He accuses the Repub party with starting this…so! Most of us who will be there protesting are protesting the entire government…I would see them all removed from their elected offices. This just goes along with the rest of the government blowing us all off…we don't have enough sense to see and know what is happening to us. The more I hear people buying into this "commonsense approach to correcting the economic crisis," the more I scratch my head at this pretzel logic and these crackbrain/harebrain ideas. Otherwise intelligent individuals have lost their collective minds. This includes many in my own family.

    5. Jerome Zacny says:

      Mr. Obama and his colleagues in the Democrat controlled House and Senate are not going to stop spending unless and until there is an overwhelming negative reaction from the voters.

      Right now, the majority of the voting public are still of the opinion that what Mr. Obama and his friends are doing will somehow get the economy back on an even keel. They are still hoping that somehow, Mr. Obama's policies and actions will cause the stock market will rebound and restore the 50% loss in their 401k plans; create millions of new jobs that will replace those lost; extend employment benefits to the jobless; provide homes for the homeless; and forestall creditors from collecting debts from those who can't pay, all the while cutting taxes for 95% of all Americans.

      Well, people who are drowning will grab at straws, and who can blame them. But does that mean that ships at sea should replace life boats and flotation devices with piles of straw?

      What the Obama true believers will have to experience for themselves is that all the promises, all the speaches, all the big grins and appearances on Jay Leno will not restore their 401k losses, their lost jobs, their ability to buy a home, or their ability to pay for college tuition.

      With capitol gains taxes increasing, investment in the stock market will diminish and investment earnings for retirement plans and educations plans will be minimal. With taxes increasing on entrepreneurs, both small and large businesses will decrease hiring and increase firing; prices for products and services will be increased and passed on to customers; and more business will be lost to foreign competition, further increasing unemployment.

      When the promises go unfulfilled, when the unemployment checks no longer arrive, and when the higher taxes begin to appear not only on paystubs, but on everything we must buy to survive, perhaps then, the true believers, will no longer care about pointing the finger of blame at a prior administration, and may begin to become doubters, then angry disbelievers.

      Until the true believers, experience this over a long enough period of time, they will cling to their "hope" like the drowning man to his piece of straw.

    6. Tom McKinney says:

      What does the National Active and Retired Federal Employees (NARFE) think of this!!!

      Tom McKinney, Dunwoody, Georgia

    7. Tami,Nashville says:

      I truly believe that his ultimately failed economic policies are smoke and mirrors to what he really intends and is doing behind the scenes. Behind that "big grin" lurks the heart of a monster who is following his Marxist agenda to infiltrate every facet of our lives. What frightens me most is his plans to destroy our underpinnings (the Constitution and Republic). He and his minions are very busy every minute pulling the twigs from the nest dismantling all that America is. Selling out to N Korea, China, Russia, Iran, Cuba….just to name a few. It is horrifying what is happening and we seem doomed from stopping it. Get us to 2010! These mice are busy chewing the fabric to pieces!

    8. jimi rice- kentucky says:

      The 2009 progressives are still extolling the virture of the 1930's progressives. Can anyone show a working model in any time in history? I feel the basic flaw is in the government decision to pay to make the poor comfortable in poverty. These welfare policies have resulted in a class of dependency that has no interest in personal betterment except though government services. This is a revolving door without grease. We are now beggining to see the cash that greased this machine coming to a halt. I hope the feds have the sence to get out of the welfare business before we experience forced revolution.

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